Senior Men

Coach: Graham Phillips

Assistant Coach: Michael Driver and Armin Mayer

Team Manager: Lynley Driver

Training: Thursday 6.30 to 8pm @ Mylor

**** Match Reports 2019 ****

14th September – Hahndorf 0 v 1 Monarchs

Final game of the 2019 season
Hahndorf senior men travelled to Grange on Saturday 15th September, for their final game of the 2019 season against Monarchs. The game seemed evenly matched, possibly due to Monarchs having a few new players in tight 0-1 game. Captain Michael Driver was assisted on the sideline by Armin Mayer, substituting players when needed and the fine weather made for a much anticipated final game. The Magpies were asked to wear their bright yellow kit, due to a clash in strips, making them clearly visible.
Play was very end to end in the first half with both teams trying to gain the upper hand.  Hahndorf keeper Joshua Miller was ably supported by the strong backline of  Richard Epstein, Adam Barrera, Mitchell Foley, Graham Phillips and Jacob Kemp repelling the attacks out wide. The first goal however went to Monarch’s about 30 minutes in after a strong passage of play.
The Hahndorf midfield also played a hard game, with Nathan Roennfeldt, Joshua How, Damon Epstein, Jacob Kemp and Lachlan Traeger trying the win the ball and send it forward. Under constant pressure to win the midfield, giving support in defence and attacking when needed.

Half time score was 0-1.

Second half continued to show how intense this game was, with Hahndorf pressing forward and providing opportunities for  forwards Michael Driver, Ben Harris, Callum Vickers and Robert Murphy to kick the equaliser. The Magpies however, clearly struggled to cleanly finish their chances. An opportunity came late in the second half with a run down the wing from Roennfeldt, only for his shot on goal to go straight to the keepers hands.  

Final whistle blew leaving Hahndorf with a 0-1 defeat. 

7th September – Hahndorf 1 v 2 Gleeson
The Hahndorf Magpies celebrated the return of a number of players as they pulled up to Lindblom Park to play third placed Gleeson in the second to last match of the SAASL Div 7 2019 season. Hahndorf started well with Callum Vickers and Ben Harris using the gusty wind to get behind the Gleeson defence. Lachlan Trager and Damon Epstein gave strong support from the wings and a few handy chances were being carved out. Unfortunately, the Gleeson keeper had an impressive day and denied Hahndorf an early breakthrough.

The defence with Nathan Roennfeldt, Sam Lamey, Ganesh Westbury and Mitchell Foley stood firm despite some fast Gleeson attacks, but they could not keep out a thunderous strike from the Gleeson Captain, which went top corner, inside of the post. Hahndorf then had another scare with a good Gleeson counter attack just a minute later hitting the inside of the post but thankfully staying out this time. A couple of Armin Mayer corners and a great Traeger cross saw Hahndorf go close but the equaliser didn’t materialise. Josh How, Josh Miller, Rob Murphy and Graham Phillips brought new energy into the team and Hahndorf finished the half with slight advantages in play, but 1-0 down on the scoreboard.

At the start of the second half Damon Epstein found Harris with an awesome through ball, but the star striker’s thunderous shot was well saved by the Gleeson keeper.

Michael Driver fought hard, but was forced out of the game after a crunching tackle. Jack Farrimond had another outstanding game and it was his wonder strike after a short defensive punch from a corner which brought the equaliser. Now Hahndorf threw everything at Gleeson, determined to turn the game. Despite all their efforts and chances the Magpies couldn’t find a winner. Keeper Mark de Lange saved all that could be saved and appreciated Foley’s help when the young star defender scraped another ball off the line to keep the scores level.

With five minutes to go it was Gleeson that found the winner with a powerful header from a well taken corner. Hahndorf rallied one more time, however a miracle was not forthcoming. The loss now has the Magpies hoping for external assistance to keep their championship dreams alive in the last round of the season, away to Monarchs next Saturday.

31st August – Hahndorf 5 v 0 Adelaide Uni

Hahndorf’s hard work and changed backline helped seal a 5-0 win against Adelaide University in the Div 7 game on Saturday. 
Player-Coach Michael Driver surprised the home crowd at Pine Stadium with a new look backline. Ganesh Westbury and Nathan Roennfeldt combined in the centre to cover for the absence of Sam Lamey and Richard Epstein. This turned out to be a stroke of genius as the duo gobbled up 95% of all through balls and were always able to turn defence into a swift counter attack.
Adelaide Uni came to the league leaders with renewed confidence after a run of recent wins and the start of the game was a nervous affair with a lot of big boots and over hit passes. However Hahndorf did dominate possession and soon chances from great runs by Lachlan Traeger and Jacob Kemp saw Callum Vickers and Ben Harris threaten the goals for the first time. There was however a feeling that this might not be Hahndorf’s day as Driver’s shot hit the underside of the bar and stayed out,  Vickers’ had a ball cleared off the line and had the follow up judged to be a hand ball, Armin Mayer’s shot was well saved by the keeper and another ten amazing chances somehow stayed out. To make it worse, star defender Adam Barrera injured his back after a great 20 minutes and was forced out of the game.
Fortunately, goal machine Ben Harris hadn’t read the script. When another panic ball into the box, ended up sticking between his feet, he pulled out the hammer, sent the thing into the far corner and no one was going to keep that one out. Hahndorf continued to threaten with Damon Epstein and Josh How having a big impact as well, but there were no more goals until half time. The local Magpies playing in yellow were thankful for the lead but knew there was much more work to be done as Uni continued their disciplined defensive work.
In the second half it was a similar story. Hahndorf dominated but the ball didn’t want to to go in the net. Josh Miller, Nick Lamey and Graham Phillips worked furiously to clear the wings and Ben Stewart continued to draw players into the centre to open up space for the forwards with his amazing ability to win and hold the ballJacob Kemp had an outstanding day on the wing and the ball was virtually glued to him when he tanked through four defenders and crossed perfectly to Ben Harris whose classy header finally settled the Magpies nerves. Kemp and Harris did it again 5 minutes later. This time it was a cool finish by foot from the hat-trick hero. Then Damon Epstein showed all his class and worked his way through on the right and found the hard working Callum Vickers who made it four with a well taken effort.
Mark “The Panther” De Lange kept a clean sheet and was made to work for it with an expert one on one save as Uni pressed for a consolation goal. Then Roennfeldt and Westbury shut up shop for Uni and continued to turn defence into attackIn the end all of Hahndorf’s misfortunes in front of goal were balanced out by Mayer’s lucky strike seven minutes from the end. His half-paced inside of the foot shot was set to miss the right goal post and the keeper was well behind it, but as it hit the little mound before the six yard box it got the spin and bounce Nathan Lyon could have used to win the last Ashes test. It went over the diving keeper, caught the post just at the right spot and deflected into the goal.

Now the Magpies are hungry for the big clash against Gleeson next week. This title race will go right down to the wire.

24th August – Hahndorf 2 v 1 Pitbulls

An Old School contest greeted the Hahndorf away fans at Thomas Moore Stadium with the Pitbulls in no mood to hand over anything to the visiting Magpies.

Fortunately midfield legend Ben Stewart settled the Hahndorf nerves ten minutes in when he perfectly controlled a well weighted Jacob Kemp cross in the box and volleyed expertly into the far corner leaving the keeper no chance. A wonderful goal, which was of immense importance to the contest as the Magpies ran into the blustering wind.

Captain Richard Epstein organised a revamped defence with the usual foresight and efficiency and his men where soon sorely tested as the Pitbulls began to dominate more of the midfield and started to pressure the Hahndorf goal. Studs scraped flesh, a few bone crunching tackles and in the middle of it all Nathan Roennfeldt always found time and space to assert himself, Lachlan Traeger displayed an unbelievable amount of tackling stamina and forward drive and Callum Vickers combined beautifully with Josh How and later Lawrence Kyambadde to relieve the pressure on the defence.

Unfortunately, for the Dorf, the Pitbulls strongest phase in the game resulted in a well headed equaliser and the teams were level at the break.

However, in the second half the whole squad once again exemplified what is great about Hahndorf in 2019: Positive talk, constant support for each other and a playing group where everyone works for the team. Blake Horton, Adam Barrera (split lip and all), and Joshua Miller churned through the kilometres, as their second and third efforts ensured the Pitbulls could rarely settle on the ball.

Armin Mayer was back in the centre after missing for a few weeks and helped to reclaim some aerial dominance for the Dorf. Roennfeldt, now in the centre as well, began to trouble the Pitbulls’ defence and Hahndorf began to carve out more chances. However, with Pitbulls holding firm it became clear that another touch of real class was needed to split the teams. Enter Ganesh Westbury who had been terrorising the opposition down the wing and through the middle with his sublime ball control. 20 minutes from the end another panic ball had dropped in the Pitbulls box. Five players were madly scrambling for the ball, but Westbury was quicker. A quick two touches ensured he had the space to slot the ball perfectly into the far corner. If you have ever seen an equally stunning finish it must have been while you were playing FIFA 19 on your console.

Westbury wasn’t finished yet. He controlled the ball on the right wing five minutes later, sized up the situation and played the most brilliantly weighted through ball for Callum Vickers. The Maggies star striker drove straight for the goal and then had the presence of mind to slide it across to the instinctive run of Damon Epstein. D Epstein then displayed all his class as he stopped the ball dead and calmly slotted home to all but seal the victory.

In the last ten minutes there were plenty more heroics from goalkeeper Mark de Lange and the ever reliable Jack Farrimond to keep the last Pitbulls attack at bay. Joshua Miller withstood three players as the last defender and somehow threw out a leg to block the shot.

When the final whistle came the Maggies were exhausted, but keen to celebrate a well deserved victory.

Team Manager Lynley Driver, whose invaluable organisational skills have made this team a well oiled machine was pleased to note that the Magpies are still slightly ahead in this exciting three way struggle for the title.

17th August – Hahndorf 2 v 1 Salisbury Sharks

Celebrating their 40 years the Hahndorf Soccer Club encouraged members to support all games played at Pine Ave this weekend and next. Games commenced at 9am with the Under 9 and Under 10s and was capped off with the Hahndorf senior men hosting the Round 17 game against Salisbury Sharks. It was wonderful having everyone out to support teams of all age groups.
The senior men didn’t disappoint with a strong display winning 2-1 and securing top spot in the SAASL Div 4 competition.
Mark De Lange made a return the the keeper position and directed play well from the back line and stopping shots on goal. Hahndorf produced the first goal with Nathan Roennfeldt heading the ball in after a beautiful cross from Ganesh Westbury. Such a strong start to the game! Soon after Michael Driver scored the second goal after a marauding run by Mitchell Foley through the midfield, beating 3 defenders to set up Driver for the finish. What a kick!
Near the end of the first half the Sharks were fighting back. A clearing kick got picked up by the wind and just made it over the keeper, scoring their first goal. The first half did not disappoint. Half time score was 2-1
During second half the Magpies had more shots at goal with the forwards settling into their positions well. Both teams defence were on point continuously stopping the shots on goals. This half was very back and forth and resulted in neither team scoring any more goals.

Finally, Magpies were VICTORIOUS winning 2-1. Such a special win, securing top spot on the ladder for another week.

10th August – Hahndorf 2 v 3 One Tree Hill

Today Saturday 10th of August, Hahndorf senior men where matched up against the One Tree Hill. Kick off was at 11:30am. With a very windy match ahead and small amounts of rain the men had a battle on their hands. A minute of silence took place at the beginning of the game to pay respect to one of the oppositions family members.

Joshua Miller was in goals and did a fantastic job stopping shots on goal, truly some spectacular saves!

First half was very intense with One Tree hill kicking the first goal only two minutes into the game. Setting the scene for an intense game ahead. First goal kicked by the maggies was by Michael Driver our team captain! Both teams had many attempts on goals, pushing the defenders to the limits in the harsh weather.

Half time score was 1-1.

Second half continued to provide a hard battle for both teams, with continuous attempts on both goals. Second goal scored by the Maggies was by Samuel Lamey with a chip over the keeper. Second half Maggies applied the pressure to One Tree Hill. With the match drawing closer to time all the Magpies supporters were on the edge of their seats hoping for time to be called. Unfortunately, One Tree Hill scored again at 12:50 and another at 12:55.

Finally, after a hard game. The score was 2-3. One Tree Hill was victorious today. The Maggies despite their defeat showed wonderful sportsman ship and resilience despite the actions of One Tree Hill.

3rd August – Hahndorf 4 v 0 PAC

Pine Hill Stadium’s near capacity crowd saw the Magpies take on an unpredictable PAC squad who were determined to leave no obvious holes in their defence. 

Captain Richard Epstein and Samuel Lamey continued their formidable partnership with Lamey also becoming an attacking threat throughout the game. Mitchell Foley was once again everywhere, his speed and desire for the ball proving often too much to handle for the PAC midfield. Adam Barrera expertly managed to get his body in front or his foot to the ball and with this starting formation in defence PAC found it difficult to create any clear chances which could have threatened the goal of Joshua Miller, whose safe hands and calm demeanour impressed the crowd.

About three minutes in someone flicked the switch on winger Lachlan Traeger and he went up another level of intensity, harassing the PAC defence with well timed runs, solid tackles and constant support and second efforts. 

Slowly the pressure began to build on PAC with strikers Ben Harris and Callum Vickers, getting into good positions and Jacob Kemp delivering a number of promising crosses into the box. One went through the keeper and dribbled along the line, but no one was there to turn it in. 

Ben Stewart and Jack Farrimond dominated the midfield for Hahndorf, but all the promising build-up play was too often blocked by one determined PAC leg. Just as the fans were getting a little frustrated, Callum Vickers stood up to take a free-kick 20 metres out. Forget Messi, this Baby curled nicely and dipped under the bar and the stadium was alight.

Ganesh Westbury and Damon Epstein also made the wings their own. Josh How had a great shot just go wide. The ball movement and positioning from Hahndorf was strong throughout and more pressure resulted in a penalty for the Magpies, which was unfortunately not converted.

Nevertheless the team took a 1-0 lead into the break. In the second half, Foley, Damon Epstein, Westbury and Kemp got the fireworks happening down the right wing. Stewart kept winning the ball and pushed forward while Farrimond made about 100 headers his own.

Corners, crosses, shots and always bodies in the way, it seemed the ball was determined to evade the elusive net. Fortunately for Hahndorf, Traeger had brought his Thor powers, which included the hammer he unpacked in the 55th minute to thunder a volley into the small gap between the keeper and the post. What an emphatic strike to give his team the reward it so richly deserved.

Five minutes later he added his second with a well placed low shot from the edge of the box and crowned a magnificent performance with the decider. But the Magpies were still hungry. With Lamey in the box winning headers and Westbury and Traeger always finding the ball to create more chances, Vickers showed his poacher’s instinct when he pounced on another loose ball and made it 4-0. Fill-in player coach Armin Mayer then subbed himself on discovered he really wasn’t fully match fit and took himself off after a few nice tackles. 

Captain Richard Epstein played the perfect game ordering his hard working defence and presenting himself always in the right place at the right time.

The final whistle marked the end to a fair and engaging contest with both sides never letting up. The fans were happy and the three points could see the Magpies rise to the top of the ladder if the other results go their way.

20th July – Hahndorf 3 v 0 Gleeson

Today Saturday 20th of July, Hahndorf senior men where matched up against Gleeson. Some would say today’s match was a clash of the titans with Gleeson top of the ladder and Maggies sitting on 3rd. It was a game not to be missed.

The weather had finally cleared up and there was plenty of sunshine. In goals today, we had Joshua Miller, whom as always did a fantastic job stopping shots on goal.

First half was very intense with both teams wanting victory! During the first half the Maggies had more possession of the ball and the game stayed the midfield. Robert Murphy had the first kick at goals but was unable to make it past Gleeson’s keeper. As the first half continued Hahndorf had many attempts on goal but were unable to get them into the back of the net. Ganesh Westbury set up a beautiful play finished Nathan Roennfeldt for the first goal of the match for Hahndorf.

Half time score was 1-0. The Maggies had plenty of support on their home ground. There were many kids barracking for the home side. Chants to support their parents and families in such a tight game. Even players who weren’t playing came down to cheer their team to victory. All this created the perfect atmosphere for a win.

Second half continued to show the intensity of the game, with continuous attempts on goals from both teams. Hahndorf and Gleeson showed resilience in this high paced game. Shortly after the start of the second half, a beautiful play from Nathan down the right wing set Michael Driver up to slide through 3 defenders and slot a goal passed the Gleeson keeper, who had started coming out from goals. This was the second goal for Hahndorf! As the game went on frustraton was building for Gleeson who were still hunting their first goal. This lead to a penalty for Hahndorf to be taken by the cool and calm Ganesh Westbury. Unfortunately the nerves got to him and he launched the ball over the cross bar. Close to the end of the game Nathan scored his second goal for the match, giving Hahndorf a 3-0 lead.

Finally, Maggies were VICTORIOUS winning 3-0. Big thanks to Gleeson for coming out and their contributions in producing a great game.

13th July – Hahndorf 3 v 0 Adelaide Uni

Hahndorf’s senior men where matched up against the Adelaide Uni for their Round 12 kick off at 11:30 am.
The unfavourable conditions of strong winds and persistent rain added a difficult element to the game. Keeper Joshua Miller was well assisted in defence by the dominant combination of Richard Epstein, Blake Horton, Mitchell Foley and Adam Barrera. Hahndorf’s first goal came midway into the first half with Callum Vickers capitalising on the penalty kick.
Second half continued to show how intense the game was with continuous attempts on goals from both teams. Miller blocked several shots from a desperate Uni hoping the equalise, but it was Hahndorf’s Ben Harris who scored Hahndorf’s second.  Small glimmers of sun shone through onto the fast-paced game. As the clock wound down Damon Epstein swiftly slotted in Hahndorfs third goal!!
Finally, Maggies were VICTORIOUS winning 3-0.

22nd June – Hahndorf 5 v 2 One Tree Hill

Back from a two week bye, the Magpies were keen to continue on their winning ways and make it three in a row as they took on One Tree Hill at Pine Hill Stadium. The first meeting had ended in a 2-0 win to the OTH boys and so Hahndorf Captain Michael Driver demanded a solid start from his squad.

He wasn’t to be disappointed with Callum Vickers creating trouble from the outset, heading just wide from a Driver corner. Hahndorf had the early pressure but were fortunate not to go behind after a One Tree Hill counter attack. The shot was well saved by Mark “Panther” De Lange.

The fans were enjoying the contest, but were eager for the home side to break the deadlock. Cometh the hour cometh the Roennfeldt. A quick move down the wing, past his defender then finding the net to make it 1-0 and settle the nerves of player-coach Graham Phillips. The second followed quickly. A well taken goal kick bounced on for Vickers. His through ball found Rob Murphy in his first game back from injury, his first shot saved but he tucked away the rebound and sent a thousand black and white flags waving.
With the two goal advantage the Magpies took the foot off the pedal and were duly punished with two quick ones and the scores were level. Not what the Magpies had hoped for, but Callum Vickers who had already been in just about everything made it 3-2 with a clinical free kick to the bottom corner.

In the second half Mitchell Foley, Richard Epstein, Samuel Lamey, Mark deLange and Adam Barrera shut up shop and kept a clean sheet for the second half. Foley is starting a tradition of spectacular clearances in the six yard box and had another great moment putting out the enemy fire.

Lachlan Traeger, Ganesh Westbury and Damon Epstein continued to cause headaches with their speed and excellent passing. However, this half belonged to Josh Miller whose work rate has been impressive throughout the season. When the OTH keeper spilled a corner into the box, Miller reacted first to make it 4-2. Then Damon Epstein drew gasps from the crowd when his volley thundered against the bar. Graham Phillips, Lawrence Kyambadde and Josh How kept up the pressure on the visitors and made sure that the tide could not turn again. Miller struck again after his relentless pressure secured the ball and he beat two defenders to send the fat Magpie off singing into the sky. Another three points were in the bag against quality opposition. The Magpie Navy was in fine voice as the players stayed for a chat and a giggle with the fans. Next week they are set to do it all again against Salisbury Sharks, on their quest for the top perch.

1st June – Hahndorf 5 v 1 Prince Alfred College

Good teams back up good wins. So after last week’s stellar performance the Magpies travelled to the Adelaide
Parklands to meet an unpredictable PAC side for a chance to make it two from two.
With the Panther (Mark De Lange) back between the posts and goal machine Callum Vickers back from
England, Hahndorf brought an impressive squad to the city and the first five minutes proved that no matter
where you play, Nathan Roennfeldt is a handful for any opposition. Carving down the left like a strong blade
from the Hahndorf Knife shop, his crosses and runs established the Magpies’ early territorial advantage.
PAC had class in the midfield but struggled with the pace of Vickers and Lachlan Traeger. The first goal was
vintage Vickers. A long ball from Armin Mayer split the last two defenders and Vickers didn’t hesitate for a
second. At full pace he got to the ball first, slipped it around the last defender who lost his footing, steadied,
danced around the keeper and calmly slotted the ball home. It is one of the joys of amateur football that you
occasionally see Premier League quality for free. This effort from Vickers was straight from the top drawer.
The game then went into a bit of a stalemate, but the backline of Mitchell Foley, Samuel Lamey, Richard
Epstein and Blake Horton combined like a well oiled machine to extinguish spot fires at the edge of the sixteen
yard box. Mark De Lange also read the play well to collect long crosses and clear by foot when necessary.
The biggest threat came from a PAC corner which bounced around in the six yard box, before Foley cleared it
off the line with a desperate lunge. Hahndorf also had a few more chances as Nick Lamey and Joshua How
came in to produce a number of excellent short pass combinations.
In the end Hahndorf went into the break with their slender lead 0-1.
The fans were happy and hopeful. Both teams had their ten minutes of tactics, tips and oranges, but then
Lachlan Traeger only needed seven seconds to double Hahndorf’s lead. From the kick-off the ball came to Ben Harris
who paced his pass perfectly for Traeger on the inside left and his well measured champagne finish sent the Magpies
into the stratosphere. Michael Driver, who once again proved elusive to the defence, was then bundled over in the box, but the
keeper produced a brilliant save from Ben Harris’ well struck penalty.
Damon Epstein set the right wing alight and Hahndorf were using the ball well with Joshua Miller slotting in
nicely for Horton and like him often managed to turn defence into attack. In the end it was Traeger again who
popped up in the box, got his shot on target and watched as a PAC defender mishit a spiral into his own net.
3-0 to the Dorf and now a few PAC heads should have dropped, but they fought back to re-establish
themselves in the midfield.
Still Hahndorf remained dangerous upfront. Ganesh Westbury was unpacking his box of tricks and dropping in
fine crosses from the right. The ball was in the box again. Driver left it for Roennfeldt and he showed all his
class slotting the fourth into the left bottom corner. Then another Westbury cross eluded the entire defence as well
as the keeper but found Mayer who had snuck in on the far post. He had obviously made up his mind to header it
and as it dipped he went as low to the ground as Papa Smurf before delivering it into the empty net.
PAC deserved a goal and they got one from a nice chip five minutes from the end, but by then the fat Magpie
had already sung. The boys from the Hills had made it two in a row and will now continue to sneak up the
ladder in their bid for the top perch. Their next game at Home against One Tree Hill, Saturday 22 June @ 3pm.

25th May – Hahndorf 7 v 0 Monarchs

After last week’s disappointing loss to Sharks, Hahndorf Captain Michael Driver was keen to see his team bounce back against Monarchs at Grange last Saturday. The imagined 50,000 spectators welcomed the Magpies who were dazzling in their bright yellow away kit.

From the outset Hahndorf’s defence proved itself to be rock solid with central defenders Richard Epstein and Samuel Lamey presenting a formidable partnership which created an impenetrable fortress with the aid of speed machine Mitchell Foley and the relentless pressure from Adam Barrera.

Brave keeper Joshua Miller (still carrying a slight injury) kept the first clean sheet of the season and communicated brilliantly with the defence to secure long balls against and with the wind.

The first few minutes were tentative on both sides. The rain had stopped and players were matching up, but Hahndorf found their rhythm first with Nathan Roennfeldt proving to be an unstoppable force down the left wing for the duration of the game. After a few warning shots on both sides Kemp drew three players made his own space and timed his cross to perfection. Sailing into the box it was met by a stylish header from Driver who rocked the stadium like a Harry Kane and sent the ball into the top corner and Hahndorf into the lead.

A couple of minutes later Armin Mayer snuck past two down the same wing and his sugar coated cross was met by young star striker Ben Harris whose header also found the top corner and sent the away fans into raptures.

The quality of both goals had spectators questioning whether they should have paid more for their tickets. And well they should have, as it took only a few more minutes before Roennfeldt danced down the left wing again, dragging the entire Monarchs defence behind him. He cut inside, steadied and made it three with a quality low shot into the corner.

The scorer’s pencil then began to smoulder when Roennfeldt and Driver combined and the latter produced almost a carbon copy of his first goal to secure a 4-0 lead at half-time.

Hahndorf were determined not to relax and the quick combination play from quality midfielders Jacob Kemp, Ganesh Westbury and Damon Epstein together with Ben Stewart’s central dominance ensured that the resurging Monarchs couldn’t put too much pressure on the Magpies’ defence. Versatile striker Lawrence Kyambadde continued to cause headaches for the Monarchs. The fifth came when Driver reversed the order and found Roennfeldt steaming down the left and his low shot snuck under the Monarchs keeper, which was his only error in a good performance.

Now all the nails were in the coffin, but Hahndorf were determined to keep hammering on the lid.

Kyambadde rolled a perfect ball through to Roennfeldt and his low cross was met by the Ghost (Michael Driver) for his hat-trick. They call him the Ghost because you can’t see him and you can’t defend against him.

In the end Mayer found Harris one more time and in a classic “the defender’s got this, no he hasn’t” Harris hammered the ball into the far corner for the final score of Hahndorf 7 Monarchs 0.

Monarchs are certainly a better side than this score line and the game was played in an excellent spirit with the only low points being an injury to Damon Epstein and a Monarchs player. However, there are some days when they all go in and Michael Driver’s Captain’s Knock ensured that Hahndorf are back in the hunt for the title

18th May – Hahndorf 2 v 5 Salisbury Sharks

Hahndorf played host to the Salisbury Sharks in a rescheduled game on Saturday 18th May, due to the wedding duties of the Sharks players. The weather that had been great all week turned on one more start for the game before the forecast rain arrived.

From the whistle both teams were probing each other with a high tempo game and the Sharks had a few quick tricky players in their line up aiming to cause maximum disruption Hahndorf’s stable back line.

Early opportunities were not taken by either side. Hahndorf’s defensive line of Richard Epstein, Sam Lamey, Mitch Foley and Cody Ackland were up to the challenge, until a clash of players resulted in Ackland taking an early rest due to a foot injury. An adjustment saw Nathan Roennfeldt move to right back and Ganesh Westbury come off the bench to go into midfield next to Adam Barrera, Jacob Kemp and Lachlan Treager. Hahndorf applied pressure with Roennfeldt Foley overlapping wide on the left and right linking with Westbury and Treager.

Treager using his pace to blast past the Sharks defence, and speed on his side, to provide a decisive cut back. Roennfeldt’s cut backs provided more promise and found Westbury who turned on his player and slotted the ball past the Sharks keeper – Hahndorf 1 Sharks 0.

Michael Driver, in a forward position, turned his marker and powered toward goal, rounded the keeper then unfortunately sliced the ball wide. The Sharks also had their chances on goal, only to be denied by the outstretched hand of keepeer Mark deLange.

Hahndorf created several scoring opportunities, one were Westbury was one on one with the keeper but failed to score.

Sharks evened up the score after a quick ball movement and found a team mate with too much time to score from 12 metres. Both teams continued with the upbeat tempo and with 10 minutes left in the first half the Sharks won themselves a penalty which they converted to lead 2-1 at half time.

The second half continued at the same speed and after consecutive corners Hahndorf took advantage of the pressure. The ball cleared nicely to the edge of the box ripe for a Westbury strike, low and hard through the crowded area and found the right hand corner of the net., levelling the score, 2 all.

Hahndorf, buoyed from their efforts to equalise, intended to tighten up and take the game away from the Sharks. A long clearance by the Sharks and an unexpected bounce, opened up the defensive line and a concerted effort by Hahndorf to cover could not prevent the goal, with 10 minutes left Hahndorf 2 Sharks 3.

Hahndorf continued to attack, as did the Sharks only with more success, tricky, quick ball movement created another opening for Sharks to score, down 4-2. Hahndorf were being pushed back and the Sharks, taking long range shot, deceived keeper deLange to end the scoring at Hahndorf 2 Sharks 5.

A hard fought game, closer than the score indicates.

11th May – Hahndorf 0 v 1 Gleeson

The Hahndorf men were up against Gleeson, the top side, for the Round 6 clash away.  The Magpies were keen to test themselves against the league leaders and were pleased with the hard fought 0-1 loss.

From the start, play went back and forth, end to end, with Hahndorf Keeper Josh Miller into the action early, stopping Gleeson’s shots on goal. The defensive line of Richard Epstein, Nathan Roennfeldt, Samuel Lamey and Blake Horton holding strong and deflecting away balls coming their way, leading them into the half time break with a clean slate.

The second half proved much the same, with the both teams managing the deflect the ball out of their defensive halves. Ganesh Westbury and Ben Stewart combined well in midfield, providing space and options for the forwards.

Gleeson managed to get the upper hand and slotted a goal in. With only 15 minutes remaining Hahndorf were unlucky not to equalise, but were satisfied with their strong performance.

Special thanks to Gleeson for a great game and their hospitality.

Next weekend sees the Magpies play a postponed game at Home at 3pm.

13th April – Hahndorf 3 v 1 Pitbulls

Today Saturday 27th of April, Hahndorf senior men where matched up against the Pitbulls. Kick off was at 11:30 am. Our captain today Michael Driver, started the team off by welcoming our new team member Ben Stewart. With that done the Senior Men were driven, and victory was soon to follow!

In goals today, Hahndorf had Mark De Lange whom did a wonderful job stopping shots on goal. The first goal came to Hahdorf, put in by Callum Vickers with the support of Richard Epstein at the 20-minute mark. Soon after the Pitbulls scored their first goal. The first half did not disappoint with the Magpies scoring a second goal! This time by Lachlan Traeger with assistance from Ganesh Westbury.

Half time score was 2-1

Second half showed us having more and more shots at goal with our attackers settling into their positions well.  Hahndorf’s third goal was scored by Ben Harris. For the remaining 10 minutes of the game the Pitbulls threw everything they had at the Hahndorf defence, but Michael Driver, Richard Epstein, Nathan Roennfeldt and Blake Horton kept that defence pressure on. The whole team dropped to support the tiring defence and outlasted the onslaught.

Finally, Maggies were VICTORIOUS winning 3-1. Special thanks to the Pitbulls for the great game and wonderful hospitality.

6th April– Hahndorf 0 v 2 One Tree Hill

Today Saturday 6th of April, Hahndorf senior men were matched up against One Tree Hill. Kick off was at 11:30 am, already the sun had a lot of bite, but thankfully there was a nice breeze. Our Captain for the day Armin Mayer, started the day off by welcoming our new team members; David Nye, Ganesh Westbury, Cody Ackland and Mitchell Foley. He followed by thanking all the players for coming out and had a few inspiring words.

In goals today, we had Cody Ackland who showed great sportsmanship assisting an opposition team member up off the ground and handling himself well when faced with adversity. Our defence was on fire in the first half with Nathen Roennfeldt showing great pace and keeping on the pressure. Despite all our efforts the opposition scored their first goal at 11:35, although we had multiple shots on goal ourselves, we were not successful.

Second half showed us having more and more shots on goal, with our attackers settling into their positions well. In midfield Armin had a great defensive header, allowing us to recover possession. Richard Epstein kept pressed the opposition hard, keeping the defensive pressure on, Mitchell Foley did some beautiful throw ins from the side line and Lachlan Traeger showed great resilience, after being hit by some harder tackles.

Although we played a great game which had you at the edge of your seat the entire time, we lost
0-2. Special mention to Lachlan Traeger’s father Stewart Traeger for coming out for us and running the line, Callum Vickers for bringing out the oranges, and our wonderful team manager Lynley Driver for all the hard work she has put in to organising everyone.

**** Match Reports 2018 ****

8th September – Hahndorf 3 v 6 McLaren Districts

Hahndorf travelled to McLaren Districts on a warm and sunny Saturday for their 3pm kick-off. The game started in an even fashion, with both sides finding it difficult to create any chances. The ball was exchanged between the sides in midfield, as neither team was able to have a sustained period of possession. Hahndorf began to find space and the ability to play a through ball to the likes of Scott Ayris, Jason Brinkworth and Ganesh Westbury, which caused trouble for the Districts’ defence. The Magpie’s midfield of Joshua Gurung, Hamish Vickers and Aidan Leith started to get a foothold in the match, whilst the defence of Nathan Roennfeldt, Nathan Litchfield, Steve Ness and Saxby Fisher did well to cut out Districts’ long balls.
Midway through the first half Hahndorf showed quality to play the ball from defence into midfield, only to find Westbury on the wing who squared to Ayris, his shot from the edge of the box finding the corner of the goal excellently. Districts were spurred on after the goal and minutes later equalised after Hahndorf couldn’t clear from a freekick, enabling the centre-forward to take his chance. Neither side could take control of possession and a pattern started as Hahndorf and Districts both tried to create opportunities with little forthcoming. Districts were beginning to find joy however through their long balls and they were joyful when Hahndorf were forced to give away a penalty after such a play. The Magpie’s keeper, Bodi Love almost managed to keep it out, but was unable to stop Districts from taking the lead. The first half ended with the second half promising to be as evenly matched.
The game resumed in frantic fashion as Districts scored after a cross from the right, the resulting shot nestling in the corner. Hahndorf’s task grew taller, but quickly after conceding the Magpie’s were awarded a freekick on the left. Westbury stepped up to sublimely curl the ball into the corner, in the process snatching back momentum for his side. Hahndorf were buoyed by this and continued to worry the Districts defence, although they were unable to find the net in quick succession. Unfortunately for the Magpie’s, a loose ball was controlled in midfield and the resulting through ball found a Districts’ player who was one on one with the keeper-he finished well to restore their two-goal lead.
Hahndorf continued to press but were unable to create many chances. It got worse for the visitors as a District’s corner was whipped in to find the head of their forward, who headed it beautifully in the corner. At 5-2 the game was running away from Hahndorf, yet they continued to play and managed to create chances. Midway through the second half the Magpie’s were awarded a penalty, which Brinkworth despatched well. Districts did well to stop Hahndorf from troubling them further, despite the visitor’s efforts. Minutes before the final whistle the home side added to their tally, the right midfielder finishing well after a freekick put him in a good position. The match finished 6-3, leaving Districts pleased after a good match, but Hahndorf disappointed after working hard.
Next Saturday, September 15, sees all three men’s games at Home for the final round of the season. The C’s kickoff at 11.30am against Strathalbyn, then the B’s and A’s play second placed Murray Bridge.
Following the games, the Club will be celebrating their 2018 season with the Senior Presentation Dinner at the Hahndorf Inn. The presentation for the Under 16s and Under 17Girls plus Men and Women, will recognise players for their efforts and outstanding performances.
The Junior Presentation is being held on Wednesday September 26 at the Hahndorf Bowling Club, with the AGM and end-of-season activities on Saturday October 20.

1st September – Hahndorf 4 v 1 Monarchs

Hahndorf’s A-Grade faced Monarchs on Saturday and the Magpies were eager to enforce some revenge after the first game against them earlier back in June. Hahndorf started well and maintained the ball in the early periods, restricting Monarchs to only a few early chances. The first goal of the game came in favor of the Magpies as midfielder Jack Foster was on hand at the top of the box to delicately finish a shot off the post and in. Hahndorf kept the momentum in the first half with Nathan Roennfeldt combining well on the left with Peter Atkinson, while Jason Brinkworth and Scott Ayris were constantly pressuring the Monarchs defense into making needless mistakes. In a blow to the structured Hahndorf defense, center back Ryan Douglas had to taken off with what was later revealed as a fractured ankle, after falling awkwardly. In a double blow to the Magpies, their defense was controversially pierced when defenders stopped to await an offside whistle that never came – the referee overruling the linesman’s decision to allow a goal to be tapped in. 1-1 at half time, but Hahndorf knew they had the edge and needed to take things to the next step in the second half.
They did exactly that, as hard working center back Jake “Nugget” Griffiths won himself a penalty after being man-handled on a corner. He dispatched his penalty cooly to restore the lead. Next up it was winger Peter Atkinson’s turn to celebrate, as his shot was saved by the Keeper but the spin on the bounce made it awkward for all, and Ayris cleverly guarded the ball as it bounced over the line to make it 3-1 to Hahndorf.  More chances went the way of the Magpies with Brinkworth, in striker, holding the ball up brilliantly for midfielders Hamish Vickers and Josh Gurung to attack. Monarchs remained a danger on the counter attack, but the defensive stocks of Griffiths, Litchfield, Roennfeldt and Saxby Fisher ensured no key chances fell to the Monarchs. Hahndorf wrapped things up with a 4th goal when the hard working Brinkworth got a deserved goal as he sent a low drive past the keeper from a cross –  his first ever A-Grade goal and it was also his first A-Grade start. It was well earned win for Hahndorf as the entire squad was up for it on the day, playing some of the better football they’ve played all year.

25th August – Hahndorf 3 v 1 Elizabeth Downs

Hahndorf Senior Men’s A team played Elizabeth Downs at Argana Park on Saturday in Round 19 of the SAASL Div 3 . The sunny weather was a welcome relief from previous weeks but the warm conditions tested hydration and fitness. This didn’t prevent both sides running hard throughout the encounter.

Hahndorf’s Peter Atkinson and Scott Ayris were particularly quick in attack, weaving thought the Elizabeth Down’s defence to press forward and chase down long passes. They combined with Ganesh Westbury to have a number of opportunities to score but were consistently frustrated, the shots going wide or straight to the keeper.

In spite of having a quieter presence, it was Nathan Litchfield who scored first. He took advantage of a scrappy encounter in front of the Hahndorf goal five minutes into the game to dribble the ball past the keeper and put Hahndorf one up. Ryan Douglas and Nathan Roennfeldt were equally swift in pursuit, chasing down the Downs attack when they took the opportunity to break away. The Hahndorf defence provided solid support for keeper Bodi Love, who had a safe pair of hands for those balls that did make it through.

Captain Hamish Vickers was focussed in midfield, reading the play well and passing cleanly. He worked well with Josh Gurung and Jake Griffith to keep play in the Hahndorf forward half for much of the game.

However, it was Saxby Fisher on the wing who was the consistently dynamic presence in the game. His footwork, speed and tenacity challenged the Elizabeth Downs players throughout. Ten minutes into the game Fisher was instrumental in clearing a strong chance for Elizabeth Downs. Love got a hand to the shot to keep it out, but when the ball fell behind him it was Fisher who kicked it over the side line to neutralise the threat. Half an hour later Love made two saves in close succession before Fisher again put an end to the attack, ensuring that Hahndorf ended the first half one ahead.

Hahndorf started the second half with the aim of maintaining a clean sheet. However, when Elizabeth Downs made a flying attack a couple of minutes after the start of play, they left Hahndorf stranded in the midfield. Hahndorf’s speed and a valiant effort by Love could not prevent the score being levelled at one all. A few minutes later the Downs attacked again, this time with Roennfeldt, Douglas and Griffith in hot pursuit. In spite of the pressure exerted by Hahndorf, the shot, which ricocheted off the post, almost saw Elizabeth Downs pull ahead. It was a close call and appeared to galvanise Hahndorf into action. In comparison, Elizabeth Downs became increasingly frustrated.

With Hahndorf committed to building their score, it was Fisher who enabled them to regain the lead in the 25th minute of the second half. A strong attack resulted in the ball being cleared by Elizabeth Downs over the base line. Atkinson’s corner kick was beautifully placed, and Fisher made no mistake in heading the ball through the massed Elizabeth Downs defence to score Hahndorf’s second. A diving save by the Downs keeper two minutes later stopped Ayris from making it three. When Hahndorf was awarded a free shortly after, Atkinson made sure it counted. Kicking from the corner of the 18 yard box he looped the ball over the keeper into the top corner of the net to bring up Hahndorf’s third.

Even at two up Hahndorf did not get complacent and continued to press Elizabeth Downs. Jack Kinnear, Jason Brinkworth and Aidan Leith came on in the final 15 minutes of the game, adding a fresh burst of energy to the Hahndorf side and maintaining the pressure. While they were unable to add to the tally, they also assisted in preventing Elizabeth from scoring either, resulting in a final score line of three to one to Hahndorf. It was a well-deserved and loudly celebrated win for Hahndorf, who maintained their focus, communicated well and put in a consistent team effort.

18th August – Hahndorf 1 v 2 Adelaide Uni

Hahndorf Divison 3 Men’s As played Adelaide Uni in blustery conditions. The teams were well matched, resulting in an interesting and close game. Hahndorf started well with midfielder Jack Foster scoring in the ninth minute. However, after this early success Hahndorf were unable to capitilise in spite of having multiple opportunities throughout the game.

Foster, assisted by Nathan Litchfield and Jake Griffiths in midfield, played well throughout, sending the ball wide and into space for the forwards to run. The defence line of Nathan Roennfeldt, Hamish Vickers, Ryan Douglas and Saxby Fisher pressed well and passed cleanly and keeper Bodi Love held the attack, going into the break 1-nil up.

Hahndorf’s Peter Atkinson demonstrated great speed up front and while Jack Kinnear also had opportunities to add to his tally for the season, he was unable to finish. Ganesh Westbury frustrated the opposition in attack, providing movement in front of goals. Hahndorf, however, were unable to regain their early momentum allowing Adelaide Uni scored twice in the second half. The game concluded as a two to one loss, which was a disappointing outcome for the away team.

28th July – Hahndorf 4 v 5 Prince Alfred

Hahndorf travelled to the Eastern Adelaide parklands to take on Prince Alfred FC on Saturday. The magpies got off to the perfect start as a Hamish Vickers through ball found Peter Atkinson who drove the magpies into the lead. The perfect start was shattered however, as Prince Alfred showed their quality and quickly leveled the game, before adding 4 more in a flurry of attacks. During this collapse, Hahndorf lost center back Brad Seidel to injury, forcing a re-shuffle to the team. Rattled, Hahndorf went into half time knowing they had pride to play for in the 2nd half, as the Prince Alfred side were more than capable of adding another 5 to their tally. The second half saw Hahndorf start to play as they started the game, with structured passing and pressing, which soon earned them a free kick. Ganesh Westbury whipped it in from a crossing position and bursting runs by Jack Foster and Vickers meant the ball was deflected and the goalkeeper was unable to keep the ball from trickling over the line, taking the score to 2-5.

The game continued in a fast, even fashion and Hahndorf’s next best chance was created by Jake Griffiths, with the midfielder delivering a perfect cutting through ball onto Atkinson again, who finished for his second and Hahndorf’s 3rd of the game. These two second half goals tilted momentum as always, lifting Hahndorf and unsettling the Prince Alfred chemistry. Prince Alfred had their chance to put the game to bed but didn’t take it, meaning Hahndorf still had the chance to pull of the impossible. A quick throw in found an advanced Nathan Litchfield who came on into center-back, and the super-sub smashed in a “worldie” which landed in the top left corner, taking the score to 4-5. With the elusive equalizer only a goal away now, Hahndorf kept pushing with minimal energy left and were almost rewarded. A ball from the center found its way to Griffiths who battled with a defender and lifted the ball over the Prince Alfred keeper, but the effort unfortunately landed on the roof of the net. This was the last effort of the day for the Magpies as the referee blew to end the game. A proud fight back from the visitors, winning the 2nd half 3-0, but wasn’t enough with Prince Alfred winning the game 5-4.

14th July – Hahndorf 2 v 5 Pitballs

Hahndorf faced Pitbulls at their Pine Avenue home ground on Saturday, with the pitch looking about as good as the magpies played. They raced into the lead early against the impressive Pitbulls, with a Saxby Fisher ball finding Ganesh Westbury one on one with the keeper, and made no mistake, taking his tally to 9 goals for the season. It was looking decent for Hahndorf until Pitbulls knocked in a quick-fire double which left the magpies looking for answers. A tight affair was played out with Pitbulls having the control of the game, meaning Steve Ness, Brad Seidel, Nathan Roennfeldt and Fisher had their hands full constantly. When Hahndorf did have their chances, it was the likes of Westbury, Nathan Litchfield and Peter Atkinson that looked most likely – however the quality was missing, and Pitbulls scored their third before half time. Being 1-3 down at half time for the second week running, the home team needed a big half as they attacked “down the hill”.

It was an improved 2nd half as momentum swayed the way of the magpies, and they got their goal back when a Fisher corner landed in front of  unmarked captain Hamish Vickers, who was able to take a touch and finish with ease to bring it back to 2-3. With the referee informing that 30 minutes still remained, Hahndorf sensed another comeback and pushed towards it. Unfortunately the quality was again missing from Hahndorf and meaningful chances were not created. With constant Hahndorf attacks, it took Pitbulls just one long ball forward and their main striker ran away and slotted the all assuring winner. Hahndorf threw most men forward searching for anything, but nothing amounted and yet another long ball forward by Pitbulls found their marksman who slotted another against a depleted Hahndorf defense. The disappointing game finished 2-5 in favor of the Pitbulls, with Hahndorf next having a bye round which may be a blessing in disguise considering recent form.

7th July – Hahndorf 6 v 4 Flinders Uni

Hahndorf SAASL Division 3A side visited Flinders University’s temporary pitches and were met with arctic winds on Saturday 7th July. The first 5 minutes saw lots of goal-mouth action with Hahndorf narrowly missing chances, but it was Flinders University that took an early lead after a through ball to the winger. Hahndorf responded with considerable possession and the next 25 minutes was played in Flinders University’s half as Hahndorf continued to press and create chances. The attack of Ganesh Westbury, Jake Griffiths and Nathan Litchfield worked in a positive fashion as Hahndorf were coming close to equalising.
Flinders University were the beneficiaries of a mix up at the back, which saw them go 2-0 up and Hahndorf frustrated. The momentum was certainly with Flinders when, a minute later, an attacker volleyed an excellent shot into the top corner of the net from outside the box. Hahndorf had to dig in and fight to ensure that they didn’t loose heart. Hahndorf were rewarded for their endeavour when, with minutes until half-time, Jake Griffiths scored.
Hahndorf started the second half in a positivel mood and were buoyed by an active midfield consisting of ‘Hospitale” Hamish Vickers, Joshua Gurung and Jack Foster. The Magpies were desperate to score another and applied constant pressure on Flinders University, searching for more opportunities up front. In the 66th minute that goal came, as Vickers crossed to Litchfield, who finished. Hahndorf could feel an equaliser coming and after continued pressure, 2 minutes later, scored through Westbury. After a back pass to the Flinders University keeper, Westbury pressed and stole the ball, then putting the ball into an empty net from an angle. Hahndorf’s efforts were payed off in the 70th minute as Vickers flicked the ball over the line after a cross. They were delighted as it looked the comeback was complete.
Flinders University didn’t lie down and made it difficult for Hahndorf, who relied on the defence of Saxby Fisher, Stephen Ness, Bradley Seidel, Peter Atkinson and Ryan Douglas (who came on as a substitute) to keep their lead. The Magpies continued to make chances however and came close to scoring.
The 77th minute saw Flinders University equalise, after a spell of possession on the edge of the box, the striker found enough space from just within the box to score. Hahndorf were desperate to restore their lead, but were foiled by a resolute Flinders University. Just as time was looking to run out, in the 89th minute, substitute Aidan Leith played a ball through to Griffiths, who found himself 1-on-1 with the keeper and calmly finished. 4 minutes later, in extra time, substitute Jason Brinkworth fed a ball through to Griffiths who cut inside and shot past the keeper. Sparking great celebrations as not only did Hahndorf comeback to win, Griffiths scored a hat trick.
Hahndorf were delighted to come out with a win against a strong Flinders University side, with both sides fighting hard.
Next Saturday sees the three men’s team playing at Pine Ave from 11.30am.

30th June – Hahndorf 0 v 3 Murray Bridge

Hahndorf travelled to Murray Bridge determined to win and close the gap at the top of the table. Hahndorf started with good energy pressing in midfield, with Jake Griffiths getting involved in early play leading to Hahndorf winning multiple corners however, both were kept out by the Bridge keeper.

A midfield battle was developing with play being in the middle third of the ground. Bridge looked for a ball through, but Hahndorf defender Steve Ness cut it out and linked up with Jack Foster and Scott Ayris to counter attack but, the shot at goal was put wide. Left back Nathan Roennfeldt was linking up well with midfielder Josh Gurung creating good opportunities. Bridge started to play on the counter and had multiple opportunities that were ultimately pushed wide by the Hahndorf keeper Bodi Love or cut out by well-timed challenges from central defenders Ness and Brad Seidel.

Bridge missed a chance when Hahndorf’s keeper played the ball directly to the Bridge centre forward, the returning shot pushed wide and scores still 0-0. Bridge had a chance from an in-swinging corner but keeper Love stood tall and took a strong pack grab.

Hahndorf’s press upfront was working with left winger Peter Atkinson pressuring the Bridge keeper and getting a deflection which was cleared off the line. Soon after a corner for Hahndorf fell to midfielder Gurung who unfortunately mistimed the shot.

The game was end to end, a turnover in the midfield by Hahndorf lead to a Bridge counter where the ball was popped up for the Bridge left winger, on the edge of the box surrounded by defenders the Bridge player got a fortunate touch on the ball which chipped Hahndorf’s keeper.

Hahndorf kept positive and attacked well with a fantastic cross in from Ayris which picked out Ganesh Westbury’s head, the header missing left by the finest of margins. End of the first half, Bridge 1-0 up.

Hahndorf had a free kick early in the second half on the right edge of the Bridge box. Atkinson tried to bend it into the top left corner but, the shot was slightly high skimming over the cross bar. The game continued in its end to end fashion. Seidel was solid at half way defending the long goal kicks from the Bridge keeper while Hahndorf tried to play out from the back with Saxby Fisher and Roennfeldt combining well.

Bridge attempted a long throw into the box, where their centre midfielder skilfully hit the ball on the full and beat the Hahndorf keeper on the inside post. Hahndorf tried to play wide and attacked down the wings with Fisher playing dangerous crosses into the box. Westbury found himself with the ball on the edge of the 18 and had a shot, it was on target for the top right corner until the Bridge keeper, at full stretch, popped it over the crossbar.

Hahndorf were constantly attacking and introduced left winger Jack Kinnear, to replace Ayris, into the game but a midfield interception by Bridge left Hahndorf weak at the back. The Bridge winger was forced wide by Seidel but eventually whipped in a cross to the free centre striker who made no mistake.

Atkinson, looking for something, tried a long range shot that had good pace but the Bridge keeper easily gathered it. Bridge played hard until the end forcing Hahndorf to defend a barrage of long throws and corners. The game was now opening up but any further opportunities were stopped by the final whistle. After 90 minutes it was Bridge 3, Hahndorf 0. Both teams fought hard all game, but it was Bridge who were more clinical upfront. Hahndorf will be looking for payback when the teams meet at Hahndorf in round 22.

23rd June – Hahndorf 3 v 1 McLaren Districts

Hahndorf Senior Men’s As team took on McLaren Districts in Round 10 of the SAASL Division 3 Competition. The free-flowing game saw play moving swiftly up and down the pitch, with both teams evenly matched throughout. The resulting encounter was fast paced, physical and exciting.

Hahndorf went into the game missing some key players but came together well as a team. Peter Atkinson lead the team well in the absence of regular Captain Hamish Vickers. Nathan Roennfeldt put in a strong performance, making numerous runs, intercepting well and taking advantage of the opportunities, including having a couple of shots at goal.

It was an in-form Peter Atkinson, who has recently returned from injury, who scored first for Hahndorf. Having combined well with Saxby Fisher on a number of occasions, he picked up a pass from Fisher and, with all the time in the world, made sure that the ball found the back of the net 30 minutes into the game. An accurate free kick in the second half almost added to Hahndorf’s score, but was saved by an excellent dive by the Districts keeper.

Hahndorf’s Scott Ayris, also demonstrated great speed and skill in the field, ensured that the team lead by two nil at half time. Having missed a penalty kick early in the game, he redeemed himself, threading through the McLaren Districts defence to score in the 32nd minute. He had a number of other scoring opportunities during the game but was unable to finish.

Other regular Hahndorf scorers, Jack Foster and Ganesh Westbury, were also unable to add to their tallies. However, it was not for want of trying, with both testing the McLaren Districts defence. Westbury came close in the second half, but the shot was punched over the cross bar by the keeper.

In spite of the two nil lead at half time, play did not go all Hahndorf’s way. Stephen Ness, Roennfeldt and Brad Seidel were kept busy in defence, putting pressure on the McLaren Districts attack and ensuring that keeper Bodi Love was well supported. Love also put in a focused performance, with a great save 20 minutes into the game the highlight.

Jake Griffiths and Josh Gurung were also proactive, moving the ball well and feeding it forward. One run by Griffith early in the second half drew the keeper well out of the goal, the shot rebounding off a McLaren Districts defender to Ayris, who kicked high over the open goal.

As the second half progressed the play grew increasingly physical and at times scrappy. An incident of dissent resulted in a red card for McLaren Districts 20 minutes into the half. Five minutes later Hahndorf had brought their score to three, when a cross from Ayris found 17 year old Jack Kinnear, which he finished beautifully, drawing a shout of “he’s just a boy” from one delighted Hahndorf spectator.

Just when it looked like Hahndorf would finish the game with a three nil win, McLaren Districts had one last attacking run. When Love slipped in the box, they wasted no time in working their way around Ness, who was the only defender in range, to score their only goal. The remaining 10 minutes of the game were dominated by Hahndorf, who were unable to add to their score, making the final score three to one to secure the win for Hahndorf.

16th June – Hahndorf 1 v 6 Monarchs

Hahndorf travelled to Grange to play Monarchs for Round 9 of SAASL Division 3A competition. It was a very windy and cold day with rain threatening on the horizon, the weather would prove to be as disappointing as the final result with Hahndorf going down 6-1 to a team they had beaten convincingly in pre-season.

The game started with Hahndorf losing the toss and having to kick into the wind, which made it difficult for the back four of Saxby Fisher, Bradley Siedel, Jake Griffiths and Nathan Roennfeldt to get the ball clear of the defence, allow lots of pressure to be applied by Monarchs. After 10 minutes of back and forth with some last ditch defending from Hahndorf, the Monarchs pressure paid off with a long ball deceiving the keeper Thomas Cribb, allowing a Monarchs player to open the scoring. As the rain intensified, Scott Ayris and Matt Stenson from the B’s squad were withdrawn for the delayed Blake Malligan and Brandan Pizzato, who with Peter Atkinson formed a devastating Hahndorf attack. Hahndorf started to control the game more through the midfield of Jack Foster, Ganesh Westbury and Nathan Litchfield, allowing the forwards to apply more pressure on the Monarchs; however to Monarchs long ball tactics proved difficult to deal with, as they scored their second to make it 2-0. Hahndorf continued to push, with good play down the right hand side through Fisher and Malligan, providing an opportunity for Pizzato to score and make it 2-1. As halftime approached, Monarchs managed to score another goal from a corner, to make it 3-1 going into the break.

The second half begun with several chances from the likes of Malligan and Griffiths with none hitting the target, while Monarchs quick frontline proved more and more difficult for Hahndorf to deal with. The pace of Monarchs proved too much, with Hahndorf conceding two penalties in the space of minutes, which were converted to make the score 5-1. To avoid the chance of a comeback, Monarchs resorted to time wasting tactics, which reduced the momentum of Hahndorf with only sporadic chances from free kicks allowed. Hahndorf continued to push as much as they could to not avail, as a corner from Monarchs late in the game proved to be the nail in the coffin to make it 6-1. In a disappointing day for Hahndorf the team pushed throughout the game but the strength of Monarchs proved too great.

9th June – Hahndorf 3 v 2 Elizabeth Downs

Hahndorf met Elizabeth Downs on a seasonably mild day at Pine Avenue to win 3-2 in front of a Home crowd for Round 8 of the SAASL Div 3A clash. The game started in an even fashion, with both sides jostling for possession and trying to create chances. In the first ten minutes, the teams looked evenly matched and each had several corners. Despite no clear-cut dominance from either side, it was Hahndorf who took an early lead after Elizabeth Downs lost the ball deep into their own half-Nathan Litchfield cleverly seeing that the keeper was out of position and sublimely chipping him. Hahndorf grew in confidence and saw themselves narrowly miss a couple of chances. Elizabeth Downs, however, continued to make it hard for Hahndorf and fought to get back into the game. The game remained even, with no side asserting dominance. Hahndorf’s defence, consisting of Hamish Vickers, Nathan Roennfeldt, Bradley Seidel and Peter Atkinson, played well to ensure that Elizabeth were limited to a small number of opportunities. They were assisted by a strong midfield of Litchfield, Joshua Gurung and Jack Foster who had to work hard in the difficult opening minutes.

Hahndorf were delighted to score a second in the 24th minute. This goal, like the last, saw Foster win the ball in midfield and sublimely chip the keeper. Yet this did not deter Elizabeth, who rallied and found space to create chances, although their few shots were saved by Hahndorf’s keeper, Bodi Love. The game continued to be played in an even way, but 32 minutes into the first half Elizabeth scored after a long ball from the centre-back to the right-midfielder. Elizabeth continued to press but were unable to find the net. At half-time the score was 2-1.

The second half continued in the same vein as the first, with both sides struggling to get the upper-hand. Both had opportunities, but it was Hahndorf who started to have an advantage. The forward three of Brandan Pizzato, Matt Stenson and Ganesh Westbury were combining in a positive fashion. It was in the next 20 minutes that Hahndorf consistently created opportunities and were rewarded when Westbury passed to Pizzato, who scored. Elizabeth remained defiant, and 7 minutes later halved Hahndorf’s advantage after going one-on-one with the keeper. Hahndorf lifted their game after conceding and continued to make chances, whilst having the majority of possession.

The Magpies played well to resist Elizabeth’s pressure and despite many long balls forced into their half (which were propelled excellently by substitute Jake Griffiths) for the remainder of the game, Hahndorf attacked with pace and it was only by the tiniest of margins that they didn’t score again. They created many chances and continued to progress into the away team’s half, working very well to dispel Elizabeth’s attempts. Hahndorf ran out worthy winners but were made to fight consistently against a strong side.

2nd June – Hahndorf 4 v 3 Adelaide Uni

After the impressive win last week Hahndorf Senior Men’s As team were looking to follow up with another win this week. Opposition Adelaide University were equally keen to make this a challenge and had the ability to make it one, resulting in an exciting and physical game.

Hahndorf pressed Adelaide hard throughout. Play moved quickly up and down the pitch but tended to gravitate to the Hahndorf end as the game progressed. Great speed and ball skills allowed them to influence the play along the full length of the pitch, intercepting the Adelaide attack, sending the ball forward and creating numerous opportunities to score.

Hamish Vickers, Saxby Fisher, Nathan Roennfeldt and Brad Seidel were all active in defence as well as making opportunities to attack. They were joined in the second half by Peter Atkinson, Scott Ayris and Jake Griffith, who injected fresh energy and also took the opportunity to have a shot at goal whenever they could. Keeper Bodi Love was also instrumental in limiting the Adelaide score, starting in the first five minutes when he punched out a free kick. He continued to provide a strong last line of defence throughout, capably assisted by the defenders.

Josh Gurung, Jack Foster and Matt Stenson were proactive in midfield, also coming forward when the opportunity presented. Foster had the first real chance to score for Hahndorf in the 10th minute, but it was not to be, with the ball going high. Gurung also had a chance in the 18th minute but sent the ball straight to the keeper.

In spite of the early opportunities for Hahndorf, it was Adelaide first on the score board in the 20th minute, sending the ball decisively into the corner of the goal. This was followed up by strong attacking play, which was shut down by Vickers on one occasion with a magnificent clearance from the goal square, and soon after by Seidel, who sent the ball well into the midfield with a huge kick.

Blake Malligan, Ganesh Westbury and Brandon Pizzato led the Hahndorf attack, with strong support from the remainder of the team, who kept feeding them the ball. Westbury had a strong chance at half an hour in but couldn’t convert. However, Pizzato successfully equalised five minutes later with a cross that beat the keeper to find its way safely into the corner of the net. He tried to repeat the effort a few minutes later but the shot went wide.

At half time the score was one all, and Hahndorf were obviously keen to build on their score. Westbury opened the second half with two unsuccessful shots in the first five minutes, the first assisted by Seidel. Westbury passed to Pizzato soon after, to give him a chance to emulate his six goal haul from last week, but the shot was picked by the keeper. This was to be his last opportunity for the match, with an altercation sparked by a poor tackle on Stenson resulting in Pizzato being asked to leave the field of play and Hahndorf down to 10 men for the remainder of the game.

This could have been the turning point in the encounter, but Hahndorf were clearly not going to let this throw their game. When play restarted, Fisher immediately set an attacking tone for the Hahndorf team, with a powerful kick from midfield which collected the top bar.

The desire to take play up to the Adelaide team continued, even after Adelaide scored their second a minute late to pull ahead by one. Again it was Fisher who lead the charge, sending a beautifully placed long ball over the head of the keeper and into the top of the net to level at two all.

It was Hahndorf Captain Vickers who put them in the lead, placing himself perfectly to head the ball past the keeper off a Fisher corner. This brought the game to a temporary halt while the team celebrated enthusiastically on the sideline. Then it was back to the task of consolidating their score.

Malligan had an attempt, which ended with him toe to toe with the keeper in the goal square. Atkinson’s attempt shortly after was high. Fisher was next to have a go, putting the ball wide. Then Westbury passed to Vickers in front of goal, but he couldn’t quite get a foot to it. The concerted effort finally paid dividends when a Roennfeldt pass

found Ayris, who couldn’t finish but did find Westbury. In a display of lightning reflexes, Westbury did not waste the opportunity to score Hahndorf’s fourth with 10 minutes left to play.

From this point on Adelaide put all their energy into trying to get back in the game. They pressed the Hahndorf defence with increasing urgency, but continued to be frustrated. With five minutes left to play they drew three consecutive corners, which could have presented problems, but Hahndorf remained focused and saw off each challenge.

At the final whistle Hahndorf were able to celebrate a well earned four to three win. Adelaide had challenged them whenever possible but were not a match for an in-form and highly focused Hahndorf, who were excellently led by Vickers and were clearly the superior team on the day.

26th May – Hahndorf 13 v 1 Salisbury Sharks
The Hahndorf Senior Men As team treated spectators to a fantastic game of soccer on Saturday when they met the Salisbury Sharks. They put on a fabulous display of skill, speed and team work to the delight of the home crowd.

The game started slowly however, with the game stopped almost as soon as it began when the Shark’s keeper dislocated a finger in the first minute of the game saving an early Hahndorf attempt on goal. When the game resumed Hahndorf wasted no time in resuming the attack. From that point on play was focused in the Hahndorf forward half.

Hahndorf played a running game, outpacing and outmanoeuvring the opposition, who played their best and made use of whatever opportunities they would in spite of being without key players due to injury. The Hahndorf forwards pressed throughout the game, and scored freely. They were joined on a number of occasions by players from the midfield and defence, who also added to the tally.

The key scorer was Brandon Pizzato, putting away three in the first half and further three in the second. Pizzato was also instrumental in bringing the ball forward for others. He was well supported by Blake Malligan, who opened the scoring in the 8th minute of the game and went to to score two more. Nathan Roennfeldt and Jack Foster also scored in the first half, with Foster being denied further opportunities to score by the Shark’s keeper, who did what he could to minimise the onslaught.

Hahndorf’s keeper Bodi Love also had work to do, making a daring save in the 25th minute. Another strong chance for the Sharks was shut down by a coordinated effort by Hamish Vickers, Saxby Fisher and Brad Seidel. Later in the half Bodi was drawn out of goal by another Shark attack, but was well backed up by Fisher, who shut down the opportunity for the Sharks to get on the score board. An uncharacteristic error by Fisher on the half time whistle did just that, when he headed the ball past Love for an own goal, making the half time score six to one.

Ganesh Westbury added one to the score in the 53rd minute, when he twisted in the face of goal to put away a cross from Pizzato. This made up for a missed chance a few minutes earlier at the start of the second half, when Westbury aimed for the top of the net and the Shark’s keeper just got his finger tip to the ball to make the save.

Westbury continued to intercept and feed the ball forward but reminded on one, with a free kick going high over the end net to land in the trees behind the pitch. Foster also played an excellent game, displaying great ball skills and foot work and passing the ball forward consistently.

Josh Gurung was the other Hahndorf scorer. Having been active in midfield and frustrating the Sharks, he saw a chance to thread through the defence, where he received a cross from Fisher and put the ball away to score Hahndorf’s 11th goal.

The impressive goal haul was made possible by the efforts of the whole Hahndorf team, who maintained good shape and communicated well. Roennfeldt and Seidel used their height and reach to intercept and gain possession, and moved forward when the opportunity presented. Centre back Vickers was wherever he was needed, reading the play well, passing cleanly and pressing the Sharks throughout.

Fisher used his speed and agility to great effect to intercept and move the ball down the wing. Matt Stenson was also dynamic, moving freely up and down the pitch and making use of the opportunities that presented themselves to direct the play. Scott Ayris and Jason Brinkworth, who came on in the second half, brought fresh energy and made sure that the Hahndorf attack remained strong to the end.

Towards the end of the encounter Hahndorf were clearly enjoying themselves. Fisher scissored the ball out of goal, denying the Sharks a late chance to score. Malligan tried to increase the Hahndorf score soon after with a backward flick, but had to be content with entertaining the spectators.

This concerted and skillful effort was rewarded by a convincing thirteen to one win to the Hahndorf team. The Sharks played well in spite of being dogged by injuries, with three stoppages required during the game. However, in the end they were no match for an in form Hahndorf.

19th May – Hahndorf 2 v 4 Fizi

The Hahndorf Senior Mens A team put in a mixed performance in their game against Fizi. Game play was scrappy with the team increasingly unable to find its rhythm or shape as play progressed.

The game commenced with a beautiful run down the wing by Blake Malligan, who continued to apply pressure throughout the game. However this promising start by Hahndorf was soon countered by Fizi, with their attack skilfully bypassing the Hahndorf defence and drawing keeper Thomas Cribb out of goal, leaving it wide open. Luckily for Hahndorf Fizi were unable to take advantage of the situation.

However 20 minutes into the game Fizi scored off a corner. They managed to ricochet through the crowded Hahndorf defence and put the goal away, just beating Hamish Vickers as he slid in a last ditch effort to deflect the ball.

In response, Malligan and Jack Foster kept bringing the ball forward in a series of inspired runs but neither they nor Matt Stenson, Josh Gurung and Ganesh Westbury were unable to take advantage of the opportunities provided. In the end it was a flick from Westbury in front of goal that allowed Stenson to score Hahndorf’s first goal. A few minutes later Malligan’s hard work paid off when he passed to Ganesh who headed in the second, taking Hahndorf one ahead. Nathan Litchfield tried to close out the first half with a third goal but shot wide just before the whistle.

Hahndorf began the second half optimistically with another skilful run, this time by Westbury, who was eventually intercepted. Once again Fizi responded with their own attack, and after a miscommunication between Vickers and Cribb, were able to level the score at two a piece. Five minutes later Fizi were one ahead after a scrappy encounter in front of goal. Another 10 minutes into the second half and they were two up, when a decisive kick from outside the 18 yard box found the back of the net.

However, while Fizi frequently had the advantage, particularly in the second half, they did not have everything their way. Keeper Cribb read the play well and thwarted many Fizi opportuntities. Nathan Roennfeldt passed the ball off cleanly and demonstrated determination in gaining possession. Litchfield intercepted and tackled well to regain possession for Hahndorf, passed accurately and brought the ball forward. Vickers and Saxby Fisher were also quick to respond to the Fizi attack and made a number of excellent tackles and intercepts. Jake Griffiths and Jacob Streckeisen, who came on in the second half, played with great physicality and energy respectively.

Hahndorf’s game became increasingly risky during the second half as they tried to get back into the match. In the forward half, Scott Ayris set up a number of opportunities either to score himself or to assist others and showed great pace, as did Stenson. Westbury was skilful in gaining possession of the ball but was not able to finish with his usual precision. This inability to put the ball away proved costly.

In contrast Fizi continued to pass accurately and intercept theHahndorf play before they could seriously threaten the defence. They had at least two more serious opportunities to extend their lead towards the end of the game, but Cribbensured that this was not to be. In the end the score remained at Fizi 4 to Hahndorf 2, with Hahndorf’s inability to capitalise on their strengths costing them the game.

5th May – Hahndorf 3 v 3 Prince Alfred
The Hahndorf Senior Men’s A team had an exciting contest with Prince Alfred College. PAC got things started early, scoring the first goal of the match shortly after kick off by converting a penalty kick. Hahndorf’s Jack Foster soon evened the score with a decisive goal that he set up with a strong run from midfield. Ganesh Westbury scored five minutes later to draw ahead by one.

Keeper Bodi Love worked consistently throughout to shut down other attempts by PAC in the first half. He was saved from having to dive to prevent a PAC free kick when the player sent the ball wide of the goal.

Towards the end of the half Brandon Pizzato carried the ball forward in an attempt to consolidate Hahndorf’s lead. He displayed great speed but couldn’t control the finish. Blake Malligan took a corner kick on the half time whistle but the ball went straight to the keeper. Therefore, in spite of all their efforts Hahndorf were two goals to one at half time.

PAC opened the second half by sending the ball into the top corner of the goal, levelling the score at two all. In response Westbury and Malligan combined to have a number of attempts at scoring but were foiled by the PAC defence. Eventually Pizzato went for a run from midfield to beat the keeper and defender and scored, topping off the effort with a celebratory hand spring. The celebrations were short lived however, when PAC scored from a free kick into the bottom corner of the goal to level once again.

Nathan Litchfield played a dynamic game, intercepting well and setting up a number of opportunities with accurate passes forward. Nathan Roennfeldt was the best in defence, working well to shut down the PAC attack with his speed and physicality.

As the second half drew on Matt Stenson, Saxby Fisher and Jack Kinnear all tried to add to the Hahndorf score without success. As well as his own attempt at scoring Kinnear took a free kick, but there was no one to pick up his cross. Litchfield sent an accurate pass to Ayris, who kicked towards goal, finding Fisher, but unfortunately Fisher’s header went wide. This was the last serious chance for Hahndorf to pull ahead. In the end they had to content themselves with a three all draw, which was a fitting conclusion to a well matched game.

21st April – Hahndorf 10 v 1 Pitbulls

Hahndorf Senior Men’s A-grade had a fiery encounter with the Pitbulls at Thomas More College on Saturday. Hahndorf took control when Ganesh Westbury scored an early goal from a pass from Saxby Fisher. A scrappy encounter in front of the Pitbull goal almost saw them level, but Brad Seidel, Hamish Vickers, Fisher and keeper Bodi Love combined to prevent them from scoring. Fisher and Nathan Roennfeldt worked hard on the wings, while Vickers and Seidel in the centre chased down a number of strong runs by the Pitbulls, providing Love with valuable support. They made it 1 – 1 half an hour into the game, beating a disorganised Hahndorf defence. The Pitbulls had another strong attempt at goal when a cross connected with the side post, ricocheting across the face of the goal, but couldn’t finish. Love trapped a free kick shortly after to stop them pulling ahead.

Hahndorf continued to press, with Fisher, Jake Foster and Matthew Stenson feeding the ball forwards and Josh Gurung also tenacious in the midfield. Brandon Pizzato and Blake Malligan had early chances and Westbury outmanoeuvred the defence to also come close to scoring on several occasions. Their efforts were rewarded when Pizzato was fouled in the goal square resulting in a red card for the Pitbulls defender. Pizzato made sure that the penalty kick counted, scoring Hahndorf’s second and ensuring they were one ahead at half time.

The Pitbulls started strongly in the second half, with play concentrated in their forward half. However, it soon became all Hahndorf, with the Pitbulls struggling with 10 men in the heat. Their keeper made a number of excellent saves throughout the half but couldn’t stop another two goals early in the half from powerful kicks by Westbury from outside the 18 yard box.

Gurung was next to score when a cross from Malligan found him perfectly placed in front of the goal. Litchfield also scored soon after being subbed on, making a skilful run past the defenders and going on to beat the keeper. He continued to be dangerous until the end of the game, but it was Jack Kinnear who scored next. Also fresh, he brought the ball from the midfield to cross into the corner of the net for his first A-grade goal.

Pizzato came close to scoring a second, which was saved when the keeper dived, getting one hand to the ball to push it out. However, he couldn’t be prevented from scoring the eighth goal for Hahndorf soon after, with his superior fitness and ball skills carrying him past the tired Pitbulls defence.

Love received great support from the Hahndorf defence and kept his cool to keep the Pitbulls scoreless in the second half. Vickers, Fisher and Seidel were joined by Stenson to make a strong defensive line. Foster continued to be dynamic in the midfield throughout, gaining possession through tenacity and good observation of the play to feed the ball forward.

Malligan was kept busy with a frustrated Pitbulls defence, responding to their increasingly physical play by using his superior speed and ball skills to win the ball and create opportunities for Hahndorf to score. His consistent hard work was rewarded when he picked a pass by Pizzato, which Foster was unable to get to, and scored Hahndorf’s ninth.

The final