Senior Women

Coach: Callan Marshall-Hart

Team Manager: Anita Kerr

Training: Thursday 6 to 7.30pm @ Mylor

Match Reports 2019

11th August – Hahndorf  0 v 2 Metro United

Hahndorf travelled down to Lindblom Park to face a strong Metro United side for the round 16 fixture of the FFSA women’s division 4 competition on Sunday 11th August. The visitors started with a full 11 side thanks to some new recruits and after hard fought game, only went down 0-2 to the second top side. 
The starting line up consisted of regular Keeper Nicola Lieff guarding the goals, and Jess McPherson, Charlotte Nielsen, Matilda Shotton, and Lucy Winter as the defence line. Hahndorf had the kick off and started strong, but with new faces and players in unfamiliar positions the defence line wavered and allowed Metro to open up the middle and open the score card half way into the first half. 
To provide some stability Captain Claudia Kerr was moved into centre back as well as Jozzie Pitt joining the back line, allowing McPherson and Winter to move forward. New comer Maayan Goldstein combined well with Angelina Bottin and Sarah Mansfield in the middle to create some great chances for Brianna Neeson and Winter up front. Hahndorf settled and held strong until the last ten seconds of the first half when Metro forward Kat Drayton snuck through and curled the ball through Lieff’s hands into the net. This left Hahndorf down 0-2 at the half time whistle. 
A few more changes were made during the break as Bottin left for work leaving the side down to 10. Pitt and Shotton moved to midfield and McPherson and Goldstein back to defence. The game restarted and while the ball was mostly in Hahndorf’s defensive half, the Dorf girls worked tirelessly to deflect Metros never ending shots. 
Neeson, Shotton and Winter made occasional exciting runs through into the forward half keeping the hope alive for the Hahndorf side to get on the scorecard, however were unsuccessful. Lieff made save after save to keep the result the same at the final whistle, 0-2. 
Hahndorf are set to play a catch up game against Flinders Uni at 10am on the 18th of August away.
Next Saturday there are a full day of fixtures at Pine Avenue and teams are encouraged to come for the day. Starting with Under 9 White and Under 10 Black at 9am, then the two Under 12 teams play each other (Black v White) at 10am, followed by Under 14s at 11.30am and Under 16s at 1.30pm before the Men’s top-of-the-table clash at 3pm. 

4th August – Hahndorf  0 v 3 Salisbury Inter

The Hahndorf women went down to Salisbury Inter 0-3 on Sunday for the FFSA Div 4 game at Pine Avenue. The game was played in high spirits despite Hahndorf again being unable to field a full team. 
Keeper Nicola Lieff managed to save several shots by Salisbury, then clearing the ball out to Serena Swithenbank and Claire Gillespie in defence. Hahndorf were able to make attacking moves out wide through midfield’s Sarah Mansfield and Angelina Bottin, only to be shut down by Salisbury.
The second half began on a positive note, with the down hill slope and Brianna Neeson providing opportunities up front. Unfortunately not able to capitalise on the through balls from Jess McPherson, Hahndorf persevered until the final whistle. 
The women now have the remaining three games away to Metro Utd, Flinders Flames and Noarlunga Utd, before celebrating an entertaining season at the Club Presentation Dinner on Friday 20th September at the Hahndorf Old Mill.

14th July – Hahndorf  1 v 2 Modbury Jets

Hahndorf Div 4 Senior Women had a clash against the Modbury Jets for Round 13 at Pine Ave. The game was another big challenge for Hahndorf with only nine players against the Jets team of 14!
Defenders Jess McPherson, Claudia Kerr, Tilly Shotton, and Claire Gillespie held strong against a barrage of attempts on goal, working back through Sarah Mansfield and Rachel Cope in midfield, to send the ball into the Hahndorf forward line. The Jets managed to break though to score the first goal of the match.
Hahndorf’s forward, Lucy Winter may be new to the game of soccer, but she proved invaluable, working with Cope to help guide the ball forward. After several attacking moves, Angie Bottin gained the upper hand, gathering Mansfield’s pass and slotting the ball into the back of the net. Now the scores were even.
As the players battled in constant misty rain at the start of the second half, Hahndorf also had the contend with the uphill factor. The ball was worked forward through McPherson, Kerr and Shotton, to Mansfield and Cope, leaving Cope to deliver the ball in from the right. Unfortunately the undermanned team was unable to capitalise on their opportunities. Hahndorf keeper Lynley Driver directed play and worked tirelessly to protect the goals. 
Late in the second half the Jets broke away and chipped the ball over the keepers head to take the lead, winning the match 2-1.

23rd June – Hahndorf  0 v 0 Stirling Districts

For the young female players of both Hahndorf and Stirling Districts, round 11 played out to be a tense 80 minutes of football. Starting with 10 players, Hahndorf was forced to work hard from the moment the first whistle blew. With Jessica McPherson, Matilda Shotton, Serena Swithenbank, and Claire Gillespie holding the backline, and Nicola Lieff starting off wearing the keeper’s jersey, play was shot forward via Rachel Cope.

As the game began to intensify, with neither team being able to break forward, Claudia Kerr continued to work back to provide Sarah Mansfield and Lynley Driver opportunities to push forward towards goal. As the clocked ticked on, and both teams were unable to score, the defence stayed strong, with Shotton cleanly sweeping the ball through to the waiting speed of Charlotte Nielson on Hahndorf’s right wing.

Shots fired towards Nieff, and Stirling were gifted a corner that shot wide of the goal posts. Play reset, and goals continued to stay at the fingertips of Stirling’s front line. Swithenbank deflected an oncoming shot, sending it through to the midfield, where Cope and Mansfield worked together to create a lovely ball sent along to Nielson. A further shot by Stirling was met by Nieff and the half ended with free kick for Hahndorf prompted by a solid knock on Mansfield. As players left the field for their halftime break, the score still remained 0-0.

With only a swap of positions for Mansfield and Nielson, Hahndorf’s 10-man side started the second half determined. Facing the onslaught of the strong Stirling side, Nieff displayed confidence in the box, leaving her line to clear the ball. As Hahndorf continued to defend well, Nielson gathered the ball wide and played it through to Kerr in the box, who was stopped by Stirling’s defence. As Stirling performed a fast counter-attack, they just missed the net, with the ball bouncing off the near post.

Each team fought to keep the ball forward, and Swithenbank worked back to defend her keeper, injuring her ankle to stop a shot of the Stirling attack. As she left the field, leaving her team with 9 players, Kerr jumped into the backline and Driver moved to the wing. Play continued, and the ball moved through both halves, as each team created opportunities. With Swithenbank returning to the field, and Kerr and Driver maintaining their previous positions, Cope and Driver combined on the right side to slot a ball into the box. This was followed by another quick turnaround by Stirling, but Nieff again ended the attempt to score. The ball went end to end; Kerr and Nielson helped Hahndorf resume their attack, with Shotton throwing the ball back into play each time Stirling sent it out.

Despite the constant effort of attack from Mansfield, Nielson and Kerr, the score-line remained unchanged and Gillespie and McPherson worked hard in Hahndorf’s defence, with Swithenbank and Shotton continuing to deflect oncoming shots.

As the final whistle blew, Hahndorf celebrated what felt like a win, despite the 0-0 score-line. 

16th June – Hahndorf  0 v 2 Northern Wolves

Hahndorf began the Div 4 Round 10 game, against Northen Wolves, determined despite only having 10 players. The Magpies played downhill first, facing the sunshine, and taking advantage of the slight decline with Erin Peacock playing through balls to Brianna Claire and Claudia Kerr on the wings. Each using their pace to catch the ball and link in with midfielders Rachel Cope, Sarah Mansfield and Julie Lauritsen. 
Assisting Peacock, Amy-Lee and Matilda Shotton, along with Jessica McPherson, held a strong defensive line with keeper Lynley Driver directing play and preventing Northern Wolves from scoring. Peacock was injured towards the end of the first half, having to be carried from the pitch on a stretcher, and leaving Hahndorf with 9 players. Both teams fought hard in the first half leaving the score at 0-0 at the break.
Shortly into the second half there was a flurry of players in the visitors box, where Northern Wolves capitilised and slotted the ball into the back of the net. Hahndorf maintained their determination to win the ball, keeping the passes strong and to players feet. Mansfield, Cope and Lauritsen pressed forward in midfield and provided wide balls to Neesen and the opportunity to show her speed on the right wing. Later Cope was injured during a tackle and came off the field, leaving Hahndorf with 8 players. 
Despite loosing two players, Hahndorf displayed some gutsy moves and where determined not give up. Driver produced numerous saves and sent the ball forward, giving Hahndorf some opportunities up front. Northern Wolves had the players and were able to outnumber the Magpies in the final stages of the game. Despite a courageous effort, Hahndorf were unable to stop the Wolves second goal. Final score Hahndorf 0 v Northern Wolves 2. 

2nd May – Hahndorf  1 v 10 Noarlunga

The scoreline doesn’t reflect the effort by Hahndorf’s Women against a strong Noarlunga United, in their 10 – 1 loss on Sunday morning of the FFSA Div 4 game. 
Kick off at Pine Ave saw Noarlunga United begin attacking straight away with their first goal finding the net within the first 2 minutes of the game. The Noarlunga team took possession of the ball very early on in the game and delivered strong passing shots to their forwards. United’s second goal was just out of the reach of Hahndorf keeper’s, Nicola Leiff, finger tips and gave the visitors a 2 nil lead early in the first half. Hahndorfs defence, Claire Gillespie, Sarah Mansfield, Matilda Shotton and Amy-Lee Shotton were under constant pressure, trying to maintain a strong line against the skilful forwards. 
Lynley Driver, Angelina Bottin and Erin Peacock, in midfield, worked back for support and did a great job at communicating with each other and supporting each other when needed. Rarely did the ball find is way over the centre line, leaving the Home side looking for answers at the half time break, down 5-0. Coach Callan Marshall-Hart called for the Hahndorf women to ‘want’ the ball more, the press the visitors and maintain possession.
With renewed hunger for the ball, Hahndorf pushed down hill into their attacking zone to find forwards, Brianna Neeson, Claudia Kerr and Serena Swithenbank. Hahndorf was rewarded for their efforts when Jessica McPherson slotted the ball past the United keeper after a string of passes and constant pressure by M Shotton and Neeson.

United’s score could of easily doubled if not for the fantastic saves by the Hahndorf defence,including youngster Charlotte Nielsen, and keeper, Lieff. At no point in the game did the Hahndorf women allow the scoreline to influence their confidence and positive mindset, continuing to strive for possession and to play a great game.

The Women look forward to their next game (after the long weekend),  on Sunday 16th June at Home against Northern Wolves, 10am.

19th May – Hahndorf  0 v 5 Metro United

Sunday,19th May, saw Hahndorf host Metro United at Pine Avenue for round 7, with a 10:00am kick off. After a bye for Hahndorf last weekend it was evident Hahndorf were fired up and ready to run despite having no substitutions. The captains were called, and the down pour started! 
Metro won the toss and elected to start up hill. They pressed early with eagerness and won a corner within the first 5 minutes. Hahndorf won the ball back with a combination from Rachel Cope and Claire Gillespie in the middle, pushing it up the right wing onto Angelina Bottin, who managed to get a corner for the Magpies. The corner was deflected early by Metro which unfortunately didn’t help with a goal for the Magpies. Chances were for the taking on both sides but Metro, with their strong pressure and determination on Hahndorf’s keeper, Nicola Leiff, managed to get the ball just over the line opening the score 0- 1.
Hahndorf weren’t ready to give up. The defence line, staying strong with the 4 players, Gillespie, Matilda Shotton, Lynley Driver and Erin Peacock, managing to work the ball forward with the help from Claudia Kerr and Sarah Mansfield to the midfield. Cope taking control of the ball sent an excellent pass down the wing to meet Bottin’s feet, resulting in another corner. Unfortunately the corner again was deflected my Metro. 
Shotton, from the defence line, managed a long throw down the wing to meet Kerr, who had some great opportunities. Metro, with their pressure and strong kicks,only it have it disallowed when the linesman called offside. Hahndorf were awarded a free kick, only to kick it into the Metros wall but the midfield stepped up. Cope sent the ball wide, straight to Brianna Neeson who had a shot on goal, only to have to met by the Metros keeper. The whistle was called, leaving the score at 0-1 at the half time break.
For the second half Hahndorf’s Bottin was moved to the midfield with Cope and Neeson move to striker, up front Jessica McPherson on the left wing and Kerr on the right. An early hand ball by Hahndorf gave Metro a free kick at the edge of the box, which went straight to Leiff, Hahndorf’s keeper. A wayward kick by Hahndorf saw another goal scoring opportunity for Metro, only to have Leiff save it, pouncing with her hands and feet straight onto the ball with a dive. 
The rain was getting heavier but both teams weren’t giving up. Great pressure from Hahndorf saw Kerr kick a great pass onto Neeson who went just wide of the goal. Driver, Hahndorf’s strong defender, collided an attacking Metro player, which meant she retired from the game with a nasty cut below the eye, leaving Hahndorf with only 10 players.
It was now 20 mins into the second half and Hahndorf were starting to tire. Metro, with regular substitutions were still fired up and keen to take advantage. Metro produced a fantastic shot from outside the penalty area, sending it to the the top of the net, right over Leiff’s head. Leiff was not giving up and was constantly communicating with Shotton and Peacock on the defensive line. Again Metro were given a goal scoring opportunity with attacking play, running through Hahndorf’s defensive line and finishing with an excellent shot from 15 metres. The score was now 0-3 but Hahndorf were still determined, working extremely hard to fight back. Unfortunately for Hahndorf, a strong Metro player ran through the midfield and defence line and had a shot from 15 metres away resulting in another goal, seeing Hahndorf down by 4 goals. 
Hahndorf having little possession of the ball were staying strong in the defence line trying not to allow another goal past, sadly for Hahndorf, another Metro player sent a strong shot straight into the left corner of the goal. Further opportunities for both sides could not be converted into goals as the defence and keepers were staying strong under pressure. Final score: Hahndorf 0 v 5 Metro United. Thanks to Metro for a tough but good game. 

5th May – Hahndorf 1 v 2 Salisbury Inter

The Hahndorf women’s Division 4 team had a late start to their Round 6 game against Salisbury Inter. The fixtures had the game scheduled for an 11.30am kick off but the game didn’t start till 12pm, giving time for Hahndorf to field a full team in the hard fought contest, only for the Magpies to go down 2-1 in the away clash.
After last week’s game, Hahndorf were keen to get back out there and show their spectators what they are capable of. The game started off well, with strong determination from all players.  Hahndorf really found the drive after Salisbury’s first goal was shot and picked up the pace to fight harder. Keeper, Nicola Lieff saved some very good shots thrown at her in goals, while midfielders, Lynley Driver, Rachel Cope and Angelina Bottin, made good use of passing the ball over to the forward line. With a surprise positioning, Hahndorf’s Claudia Kerr was pushed up forward and shot their goal to level the score. The attacking team of Brianna Neeson, Julie Lauritsen and Jessica McPherson worked well together and created many opportunities for a shot at goals and were unlucky not to add to Hahndorf’s tally. Defenders, Matilda Shotton, Amy-Lee Shotton, Sarah Mansfield and Erin Peacock held tight and fought together to keep the score 1-1 at half time.
It was a challenging start to the second half with Salisbury scoring their second goal early on. Hahndorf did not hold back and were eager to get possession of the ball. Bottin made a speedy recovery from a tackle and was right back into the game, well supported by all. Hahndorf had one last shot for goals by Cope just before final whistle but sadly was saved by the Salisbury keeper. 
Hahndorf have no game next week, due to being knocked out of the Cup the previous round, but will be back Home again on 19th May at 10:00am against Metro United.  

28th April – Hahndorf 0 v 6 Flinders Flames

Sunday the 28th of April saw Hahndorf host Flinders Flames at Pine Avenue for Round 5 of the FFSA Women’s Div 4 Competition. After a break for Easter, Hahndorf were keen to keep the intensity high following their win the week before, but unfortunately this was not to be the case. An unsettled first half and clumsy mistakes found the magpies down 0-4 at half time, and while they fought hard and peppered the goals with shots in the second half, it was not to be with a final 0-6 result.

The line up saw Keeper Nicola Lieff return after injury plus Claire Gillespie, Lynley Driver, and sisters Matilda and Amy-Lee Shotton holding the line in defence. Flinders made use of the downhill advantage and began to fire away at the goals, Lieff made two great saves, but the third was the charm for the Flames, scoring early in the first half. Driver was then pushed into midfield and Sarah Mansfield was brought back into defence. After a 5-week absence due to injury, Captain Claudia Kerr was then brought on to replace Mansfield. The defence line started to settle, but Flinders were not holding back scoring their second not long after.

After a strong effort from Keeper Lieff, Hahndorf began to get the ball forward to midfielders Angelina Bottin and Erin Peacock. Combining passes with wingers Jessica McPherson and Brianna Neeson the ball eventually made its way to striker Serena Swithenbank unfortunately sending the ball just wide of the goals.

Leading into half time Flinders were putting the pressure on in the box and a shot on goal saw Lieff get fingers to the ball, but not enough to stop the ball rolling into the back of the net making it 0-3 to flinders. A great play by McPherson through to Swithenbank saw her carry the ball through Flinders defence line to be one-on-one with their keeper who came out hard, a little too hard earning herself a yellow card and awarding Hahndorf a penalty. Coach Callan Marshall-Hart shouted for Peacock to take the shot, unfortunately placing it just wide of the post. Flinders quickly countered sneaking in one more goal (0-4) before the half time break.

With A. Shotton leaving during the break, Peacock was moved back to the defence line and after a half time pep talk from Marshall-Hart, Hahndorf found their hunger for the ball. Play moved from end to end forcing both keepers to work hard to deflect any shots. Kerr moved down the wing to take a series of throw-ins into the box – Mansfield, McPherson, Bottin, and Swithenbank all working hard to score but it was not to be, with Flinders sneaking in another two goals leaving it at 0-6 for the final whistle.

The Hahndorf girls travel to Underdown Park to play Salisbury Inter next Sunday 5th May at 11:30am.

14th April – Hahndorf 1 v 0 Modbury Jets

Sunday, Hahndorf’s FFSA Div 4 Women travelled to Modbury for their Round 4 game against the Modbury Jets. Both teams had met a fortnight before in the Cup Round and Hahndorf were conscious of the 6-0 defeat. Again starting with only 10 players, due to work commitments and injuries, the girls were keen to prove themselves.
Coach, Callan Marshall-Hart, outlined the amended lineup making the most of each players abilities. With regular keeper Nicola Lieff on the injury list Marshall-Hart called upon reliable Lynley Driver to fulfil the role. From the first whistle Driver and her defensive line of Amy-Lee Shotton, Matilda Shotton, Erin Peacock and Claire Gillespie were holding firm to the Jets attack. This gave stability to Hahndorf’s midfield and opportunities for the forwards.
With long throw ins from M Shotton, the ball was worked into Hahndorf’s attacking zone and allowed Serena Swithenbank to weave her magic and pace around the Jets defence. Hahndorf were rewarded with a corner but the shot on goal went above the cross bar.
Jets fought back, taking the ball wide, making Hahndorf players Rachel Cope and Sarah Mansfield cover a lot of ground to maintain control in midfield. Constant plays forward by Hahndorf resulted in shots on goal, only to have them bundled up by the Jets keeper and 0-0 scoreline going into the half-time break.
Hahndorf were looking at the positives, having held the opposition from scoring during the first half and were keen to maintain possession in the second. Jets seemed to have the upper-hand initially with some fast movement down the right wing but Hahndorf’s defence held strong. M Shotton and Peacock distributed the ball out wide, allowing Cope and Mansfield to find the feet of Swithenbank, Jess McPherson and Bri Neeson up front.
Persistence paid off with Cope sending the ball out to McPherson, then a one two between Neeson and Swithenbank who slotted it into the back of the net, putting Hahndorf in the lead for the first time this season. With only minutes remaining, Hahndorf applied continued pressure to maintain control and clear any Jets attacks.
Final whistle gave the jubilant Hahndorf girls time to celebrate a hard fought win.

7th April – Hahndorf 1 v 5 Northern Demons

Round 3 of this year’s FFSA Division 4 season saw the Northern Demons traveling from Port Pirie to visit Hahndorf in the picturesque autumn setting of the Adelaide Hills. Due to injuries and work commitments, Hahndorf could only field 10 players but this did not keep them from going strong. Hahndorf going uphill in the first half. Chances to go for goal were on both sides with the Northern Demons having a few more chances going downhill. Long passes forward saw the Northern Demons number 10 breaking through the defence line a number of times. But Hahndorf’s defence with Erin Peacock, Lynley Driver, Matilda and Amy-Lee Shotten and especially the goalie Nicola Lieff could keep the Demons from getting through. 25 minutes into the game the Demons’ number 15 got a long ball from behind and broke through the defence – this time Lieff wasn’t able to get to the ball – resulting in the 1:0 for the Northern Demons.

A goal down Hahndorf kept attacking and brought the ball forward with Agelina Bottin and Julie Lauritsen fighting hard in the mid-field. The Demons had the numbers to get some fresh players on the field through substitution. Hahndorf was able to get the ball through the mid-field into the attack but Jessica McPherson, Brianna Neeson and Serena Swithenbank were stopped by the strong Demons defence line.

The first corner of the game was given to Hahndorf, Bottin brought the ball in but the Demons were able to deflect it straight into their own attack. Hahndorf’s defence fought hard and keeper Lieff saved the ball from going into goal multiple times. Close to half time and the Demons’ number 6 got through the defence line again, helped by going downhill and with an amazing shot the ball went half high to the left past the keeper and into the goal – 0:2 (36th minute). This did not stop Hahndorf from attacking. A long ball from Bottin provided Lauritsen with a scoaring opportunity but the Demons’ keeper got to the ball first, coming out of goal for a long way. That was half time…

Fresh out of the change rooms the evenly matched struggle went on in a fair but hard fought game. Hahndorf couldn’t capitalise on now having gravity on their side and playing towards the lower goal and soon the ball was in the nets for another Demons goal, 0:3, a straight shot on goal by the Ellie Todd for the Demons. Hahndorf kept fighting. Peacock now forward, Bottin and Neeson got into the 18 yard box but couldn’t get the ball over the line as too many Demons’ legs and feet were defending.

Another attack by the Demons and a 1 on 1 between keeper, Lieff and the Demons’ Jasmine Lloyd saw Lieff picking the ball out of the nets again, 0:4 after 48 minutes. The score does not quite reflect the game, Hahndorf fought hard but just couldn’t get the ball over the line. Another loss of the ball in Hahndorf’s mid-field gave the Demons a chance to go forward. Todd again got the ball and with a few turns around the Hahndorf defence and a great shot on goal half high into the right corner and the ball was in; no chance for the keeper to get to it; 0:5 after 56 minutes.

With no substitute players available, the Hahndorf team was now beginning to get tired. Another ball was lost in mid-field, resulting in a Demons attack. Lieff went down to get the ball – ball was saved but the keeper injured. Driver went into goal for Lieff. Hahndorf was down to 9 players now but they didn’t stop attacking. Peacock ran up the line on the right, went past two Demons defenders and brought the ball high to the penalty point. The Demons defended with a header but couldn’t get the ball out of the danger zone. The ball went to Lauritsen and a nice shot on goal over the keeper went in for a well deserved 1:5 consolation goal. A couple of further opportunities for both sides could not be converted into scores – both defences and keepers stood strong. Final score: Hahndorf 1 v 5 Northern Demons. Thanks to the Demons for a tough but fair game…

31st March – Cup Round – Hahndorf 0 v 6 Modbury Jets

Hahndorf hosted the Modbury Jets for Round 1 in the FFSA Div 4/5/6 Cup, in ideal cool conditions. The Hahndorf pitch is looking a picture given its new irrigation system and additional grass seeding providing a soft, green pitch all players would appreciate. The Modbury Jets won the toss and Hahndorf elected to kick uphill to maximise their run home in the second half.

For the first half of the game, the competition was very even with both sides in an attacking mood and Hahndorf forwards Brianna Neeson, Amy-Lee Shotton and Claire Gillespie providing targets up front. Modbury Jets however, opened the scoring with a lofty shot at goal from the right side of the box skimming out of reach over keeper, Lynley Driver’s fingertips, into the net. It was a cracking shot at goal and Hahndorf defence, Matilda Shotton, Sarah Mansfield and Erin Peacock had done no wrong but had to watch the shot sail into the back of the net. Boosted with confidence, Modbury Jets quickly added a second goal within two minutes, denting Hahndorfs enthusiasm heading into half time and not reflecting the match up so far.

In the second half, the downhill advantage didn’t prove enough for Hahndorf. Playing the match with 10 players kept Hahndorf’s midfield Angelina Bottin, Rachel Cope and Jessica McPherson busy, pushing forward in attack and running back to defend when needed. The girls simply ran out of legs compared to Modbury Jets who had several subs and fresher legs. Modbury Jets converted a couple from excellent corners and ended up with six goals and keeping Hahndorf scoreless.

The Hahndorf team will benefit with match fitness and more time with ball at foot as the season progresses and the new group including several inexperienced players find form and structure. Next Sunday Hahndorf host the Northern Demons from Port Pirie at 1pm and will make a day of it, inviting the visitors to attend the A-League game at 4.30pm.

24th March – Hahndorf 0 v 4 Stirling Districts

Hahndorf women had a clash today, Sunday 24/3/19, against Stirling District at Bradbury Park. It was hard fought and the score, Stirling taking the win 4-0, did not reflect the evenly matched contest.

Stirling, scoring three goals in the first half, left Hahndorf struggling to find opportunities to shoot for goal. Forwards Brianna Nesson, Amy-lee Shotton, and Serena Swithenbank provided  options up front but were unable to capitalise when it counted. Matilda Shotton, Claudia Kerr, Erin Peacock and Claire Gillespie worked back tirelessly in defence. Towards the end of the first half, Kerr injured her knee and went off, forcing Coach Callan Marshall-Hart to move reliable Angelina Bottin into defence to cover her. Midfielders Jessica Mc Pherson and  Julie Lauritson worked hard providing leads forward, but were held back by Stirling’s strong defence. Stirling had many shots at goal, keeping Hahndorf keeper busy.

In the second half Hahndorf restructured the team moving Sarah Mansfield into defence. A reflex movement in Hahndorf’s box meant Stirling were awarded a penalty shot with keeper Lieff diving to save the goal. Hahndorf were able to hold Stirling to only one goal in the second half.
Next Sunday, Hahndorf host Modbury Jets at 10am in the first Round of the Cup.

17th March – Hahndorf 0 v 3 Northern Wolves

Round 1 FFSA Div 4 saw Hahndorf Soccer Club’s women’s team travel north for an early, rescheduled game. Due to the warm forecast the game against Northern Wolves was moved to start at 9.30am.
Hahndorf kicked off the season with new coach Callan Marshall-Hart encouraging the girls to enjoy their first game for 2019. The team saw many new players take to the pitch – Rachel Cope and Julie Lauritsen were new to the club while Jess McPherson and Claire Gillespie were new to the sport. This meant a quick introduction to the game and playing formation.
Team regulars Nicola Lieff, Claudia Kerr and Lynley Driver held the defence as Wolves pushed forward. Directing the ball wide when pressed. After a few quick attempts on goal the Wolves finally broke through, found some space and rocketed the ball into the net, out of keeper Lieff’s reach.
Hahndorf were keen to equalise, again moving the ball out wide to Bree Neeson on the left and McPherson on the right and ably supported in midfield by Cope, Lauritsen and Driver.
The referee called a drinks break on the 20 minute mark, allowing the players recover from the warm conditions. Coming out firing the Wolves scored their second after a misunderstanding in the Hahndorf box. Half time whistle blew with Hahndorf 2-0 down.
Marshall-Hart gave a pep talk in the shade at half time, asking the Hahndorf girls to focus on communication and playing into space.
With renewed vigour Hahndorf were keen to use their skills to move the ball around, producing some direct one-two passes and limit the running in the heat.
Due to work commitments, Gillespie left the ground 10 minutes into the second half, leaving 10 players to up their game and settle into a new rhythm. Youngsters Erin Peacock and Matilda Shotton kept the pressure on in the back line, forcing Wolves to send many shots wide or over the crossbar. Lieff also worked hard to repel the direct shots.
Sarah Mansfield provided opportunity up front and combined well with Cope and Neeson, giving Hahndorf hope of scoring a ‘lucky’ St Patrick’s Day goal. Unfortunately this was not to be, with Wolves breaking away and sealing their win with a late goal in the second half. Final score Wolves 3 v Hahndorf 0.
Round 2 sees Hahndorf take on Stirling Districts at Bradwood Park.

Match Reports 2018

2nd September – Hahndorf 0 v 10 Old Ignatians

On Sunday the 2nd of September, the Hahndorf women’s team travelled the short(er) distance down the hill to Glenunga to verse top team Old Ignatians in the last game of the season.

Being Father’s Day, the ‘Dorf side was depleted but this didn’t deter the girls from enjoying their last game. Coach ‘Dad’ James Kerr received extra Father’s Day love from the adopted daughters in the team.

Vice-Captain Amber Marwede lost the toss but consequently received the starting kick off. Hahndorf attacked the ball and had the possession for the first 5-10 minutes. Forward Nadia Maxwell was out chasing the ball right from the first whistle and the defence line held strong. Cacilia Ewenz was in goals and once Old Ignatians broke through she made several saves feeding the ball out to Sarah Mansfield, Matilda Shotton and Maxwell.

As usual Marwede was vital in chasing down the lose opposition players. Team work by Lynley Driver and Lily Dunford in the middle made tough work for the home side and continually found ways to get the ball through to Maxwell. Hahndorf nearly opened the scoresheet with Maxwell sending a shot just side of the left of the goals. This threat spurred the Old Ignatians team into action as they begun to pepper the goals keeping Marwede and Ewenz on their toes. Eventually the home team broke through scoring two goals in quick succession making it 2-0 to Old Ignatians 15 minutes in.

Hahndorf continued to defend their goals with Shotton, Ewenz and Charlotte Nielsen putting their bodies on the line and Nicola Lieff and Marwede clearing the ball. Maxwell continued to make runs at the goals up front and was supported by midfielders Mansfield and Jess Coombe. By half time Old Ignatians had score a couple more making it 5-0 at the break.

Not disheartened the ‘Dorf girls took to the pitch for their last half of the season. After a crisp hands in, the girls looked fierce and ready to attack. Old Ignatians broke through and Ewenz came out to meet the ball sliding in on the ground. Lieff defended the goals with a header out and Maxwell continued to fight through at the other end getting frustrated with their physical and swarming defence line.

Again Hahndorf held their own for the first 15 minutes of the second half, before Old Ignatians broke through scoring another two. ‘Keeper Ewenz was left one on one with a stray attacker and went to ground saving the ball. However she stayed down with an injured hamstring. Driver took the gloves and put herself in goals, with Ewenz coming off to the bench. Another player down Hahndorf had nothing to lose, and Maxwell and Coombe took it upon them selves to continue the fight forward with a beautiful run from defence all the way to the other end of the pitch by Maxwell crossing in to Coombe who was unlucky not to meet the ball in the goal mouth.

Driver made some excellent saves in goals and Marwede continued to work to keep the goal mouth clear although Old Ignatians refuses to let up, scoring another couple. Driver won a free which Marwede took sending the ball to Maxwell who made a great run unfortunately being stopped by their last defender.

While the final score eventually reached double digits, Hahndorf refused to give up battling through until the end. The final score being 10-0 to Old Ignatians. With the season now done and dusted the ‘Dorf girls look forward to the Senior Presentation on the 15th of September at Major Sponsor – The Hahndorf Inn.

26th August – Hahndorf 0 v 2 Salisbury Inter

On Sunday the 26th of August, Hahndorf hosted Salisbury Inter for the second to last game of the season in a fight for ladder position. After a dry week and a rolling by Club President Graham Phillips, the pitch at Pine Avenue was in better condition than the last couple of weeks. However, it was still soft underfoot and what grass was left was dusted with morning dew which all made for interesting conditions for both sides.
Hahndorf started with Nicola Lieff in goals, Charlotte Nielsen, Claudia Kerr, Amber Marwede, and Lauren Roennfeldt holding the defence line. Making play in the midfield was Lynley Driver with Sarah Mansfield and Jess Coombe and up front was Nadia Maxwell, Erin Peacock, and Brianna Neeson.
Both teams were evenly matched and made attacks on goals. Salisbury snuck through a goal at the 25 minute mark by overloading the Hahndorf defence. Only six minutes later they used the same tactic again to overrun the Hahndorf defenders and score their second making it a 0-2 Salisbury Inter lead into the half time break.
Hahndorf came out strong in the second half with several strong runs by Maxwell, Driver, and Neeson and the midfield worked hard to support them. The defence line learnt from its mistakes in the first half and drew strength from Peacock to fight of the Salisbury attacks. Lieff also worked hard to protect the goals and kept a clean sheet for the rest of the game. The final score being 0-2 – a win for Salisbury Inter and was a great game of football to watch.
Hahndorf have their last game for the season away versing Old Ignatians at 11am on Sunday the 2nd of September.

19th August – Hahndorf 3 v 0 West Adelaide

The Hahndorf girls arrived stiff and sore from the game the night before, however this did not dampen their keenness to play. Their excitement began to fade when it became apparent that the West Adelaide side were very light on numbers wise. Only having 6 players, the travellers realised they would have to forfeit, awarding Hahndorf with an automatic 3-0 win to Hahndorf.

In the spirit of the game, and for those girls who made the effort to travel up the Hill, Hahndorf, West Adelaide and the referee agreed to play a friendly 8-aside game modified style across the pitch. Hahndorf player Nadia Maxwell and Captain Claudia Kerr joined the six West Adelaide players to form the blue team – Maxwell as striker and Kerr as ‘keeper. The Hahndorf side was then made up of Nicola Lieff in goals, Eliza Stone, Charlotte Nielsen, Amber Marwede, Jess Coombe, Lynley Driver and Sarah Mansfield on the pitch with U17G player Erin Peacock making her debut in the Women’s team as well.

The light-hearted game was enjoyed by all and ended with a fair result of 1-1 – goals being scored by Maxwell (on the blue team) and Coombe from Hahndorf. A special mention to loyal supporters Jack Kinnear and Ganesh Westbury who supplied half-time hot chips for the Hahndorf girls, a much-needed energy boost and possibly a tradition in the making.

Next Sunday the 26th of August, Hahndorf play Salisbury Inter at home in Round 17 as the two sides battle it out for their position on the ladder.

18th August – Hahndorf 2 v 7 Modbury Jets

On Saturday the 19th of August, the Hahndorf girls once again made the trek north, this time to play Modbury Jets in a catch-up game from Round 2 of the season. The cool breeze of the night, the bright flood lights, and the fake grass under foot were unusual and unfamiliar conditions for the hills girls, yet as per usual, they were ready for the challenge. Fill in ‘keeper Cacilia Ewenz was back again and the core Hahndorf side was complemented with young gun junior Arwen dePree and sporty newcomer Alex Barrow. The solid back line of Lauren Roennfeldt, Claudia Kerr, Amber Marwede, and Nicola Lieff worked well together, as usual, but the speed of Modbury’s forwards caught them off guard. The Jets had three corners within the first few minutes and proved that the third time really is the charm curling the ball from the corner flag and into the back top corner of the goals putting the Jets in the lead 1-0.

Determined to return the favour a free-kick for Hahndorf saw Marwede send the ball long to speedy striker Nadia Maxwell down the wing supported by Eliza Stone on the left and Kali Amazon-Benveniste in the centre. The Jets swarmed blocking the ‘Dorf attack and countered leaving Marwede and Kerr to chase. A couple of quick maneouvers saw the Jets player break free and send a shot over Ewenz’s head to make it 2-0 to The Jets.

Modbury kept the pressure on, firing off again chasing a killer pass through Hahndorf’s defence line. Once more, Marwede was there to save the day chasing the loose player down with back up from Roennfeldt. Some excellent teamwork upfront from Stone and Maxwell saw them utilise the large pitch switching the play from left to right. Gradually drawing the Jets’ ‘keeper off her line, the girls opened up play for Lynley Driver to come into the box, steal the ball off the goalkeeper and volley the ball into top of the goals scoring the first goal of her football career and to put Hahndorf back in the game 2-1. The Jets were not impressed and immediately after the play resumed they scored their third making it 3-1. With the cold air getting to Lieff’s lungs, Stone came back to defence and Lieff went off allowing Barrow to debut in her first football game ever. A confusing jumble in the Hahndorf goal mouth saw the Referee award a penalty to Modbury Jets for a supposed hand ball which was taken expertly pushing The Jets further into the lead at 4-1. Modbury weren’t slowing down either, pushing through the defence line again forcing Ewenz out to attack the ball but the opposition were too quick slotting away their fifth for the game making it 5-1 as the half time whistle blew.

The second half began and this time Hahndorf were more prepared for the fast paced game. Amazon-Benveniste moved out to the right wing to escape the cluster of Jets defenders, while Maxwell moved into the middle with her speed. Youngster dePree and Sarah Mansfield were crucial in the middle opening up space when attacking, but still quick to shut down any chance The Jets got. Hahndorf were holding well and Barrow was thriving up front controlling the ball and sending it forward for Maxwell and dePree. Modbury found the ball and made another quick run, only Marwede managed to chase but again the Jets’ player slotted the ball away for their sixth. Modbury scored another only moments later after a free kick and Hahndorf not being able to clear the ball out of the box making it 7-1. Hahndorf refused to give up sending the ball forward through Mansfield and to Driver in the middle who passed the ball off to Amazon-Benveniste who scored in the final moments of the game leaving the final score at 7-2 to Modbury Jets.

And even though the game was over, the weekend was not for the Dorf girls as they prepared for another catch up game the following afternoon at home.

5th August – Hahndorf 3 v 0 Gawler

On Sunday the 5th of August the Hahndorf girls made the long trek out to Gawler to play ‘top of the table’ team for Round 15.
Due to some injuries and absences Hahndorf were prepared to take to the pitch with only 9 players. Some late recruiting of one of the players’ mums gave the girls more of a chance, yet still starting the game a man down.
Not only did the girls have to work hard to cover the extra player, but they had to fight the gale force winds sending the ball all over the place. New recruit Cacilia Ewenz took the position of ‘keeper and the defence line stood strong made up of Eliza Stone, Amber Marwede, Claudia Kerr, and Nicola Lieff working hard right from the first whistle. Gawler attacked early, but nothing was able to get through. Utilising the quick skills of Lieff and Stone, several plays were made up the left and right wing, to forwards Brianna Neeson and Nadia Maxwell.
Gawler had several corners sending the ball in from every angle, but nothing was getting through a very focused Ewenz. One run by Gawler at goals had the Hahndorf Keeper fully outstretched to deflect the ball away and some quick back up from daughter Lieff saved Hahndorf keeping the score line 0-0. There were only minutes left of the first half when Gawler made one last attempt making a quick break. Some confusion between the ref and the linesman about an offside call meant that Hahndorf stopped and Gawler charged though to score a goal. After discussion between the two officials, the controversial goal was allowed, putting the score at 1-0 heading into the break.
The second half saw Hahndorf determined to keep up the good work with midfielders Charlotte Nielsen, Lynley Driver, and Sarah Mansfield supporting the defence line and linking up well with the forwards. Young gun Maxwell turned on the rockets and made several runs through the Gawler defence, but struggled to find the net. Mean while down the other end of the pitch, Ewenz was again working hard, diving and stretching to save the ball deflecting several over the cross bar. Kerr and Marwede chased down any loose attackers making a run for goals, and Mansfield, Driver and Neilsen provided excellent cover.
Hahndorf continued right till the end, but their fatigue was now showing having to fight the wind and the extra player. Gawler scored two quick goals on the break before the Referee blew the whistle to signal the end of the game. The final score being 3-0 to Gawler. Even though the score line didn’t reflect it, Hahndorf played one of their best games and showed a lot of teamwork and determination.
Next weekend Hahndorf host West Adelaide at Pine Avenue at 10am.

22nd July – Hahndorf 0 v 0 Andrews Farm

On the 22nd of July the Hahndorf women’s team hosted Andrews Farm at Pine Avenue. Being gracious hosts and returning the favour from their last encounter with Andrews Farm, the ‘Dorf girls sported the bright yellow socks and shirts. The travellers one the toss and elected to play uphill in the first half. With a close game back in round 5, a 4-3 win, Hahndorf were keen to prove themselves once again and took to the field with determination.
The defence line up was back to normal with Nicola Lieff in goals, Lauren Roennfeldt, Amber Marwede, Miranda Bishop and returning captain Claudia Kerr in defence. Playing across the middle was Jess Coombe, Lynley Driver, and Charlotte Nielsen. Up front found Brianna Neeson, Nadia Maxwell, and Eliza Stone. Hahndorf also had some depth on the bench with Sarah Mansfield and Lily Dunford.
Within the first few minutes Coombe and Maxwell made several runs at goals, often ending up one on one with the keeper but with no success, resulting in a few corners. Marwede got close sending the ball in from the corner, receiving the rebound, and then unfortunately hitting the post. Hahndorf continued to work both in attack and working back to cover their goals. The fresh legs of Dunford and Mansfield came on for Coombe and Neeson and Hahndorf continued to pepper the goals with the ball only going wide or to the keeper. Half time came and even though there had been numerous occasions to score, the board still read 0-0.
Frustrated Coach James Kerr gave the girls a pep talk certain that Hahndorf should be several goals in front already, his words being, “don’t run it straight at the ‘keeper!” The ‘Dorf girls headed back out onto the pitch ready for some action though they mustn’t have heard Coach Kerr right seeming to only run the ball straight to the ‘keeper’s hands. There were runs in from the left wing and the right, there were killer passes through Andrews Farm’s defence line, there were more one on ones and open goals than one could count, and yet Hahndorf could not get the ball in the back of the net.
Andrews Farm made a quick break away and through the defence. Marwede gave chase, but it was Lieff’s determination to put her self between the ball and the goals that saved Hahndorf from falling behind. Hahndorf continued to create chances, but no matter what they tried, they couldn’t get a goal in. The final whistle blew with no score on the board and giving a point to each side, 0-0.
Next weekend Hahndorf have another break due to the cup and then they take on Gawler away on the 5th of August.

8th July – Hahndorf 3 v 0 Mt Barker

On the 8th of July, the Hahndorf Women’s Soccer team faced the challenge of playing the other local hills team, Mt Barker. Unlike last week, they had the advantage of having three players on the bench, whereas Mt Barker was short, with only having ten players on the pitch.

This week, the Hahndorf women were joined by a guest player, Kali Amazon-Benveniste, who assisted Nadia Maxwell and Lily Dunford in the attack line. Less than ten minutes after the whistle was blown, Dunford crossed the ball into the box near the penalty spot, with Amazon-Benveniste using her body to guide the ball out to the waiting Maxwell who was able to finish it off, sending it flying into the back of the net.

After another attack from Hahndorf, a corner was given in their favour after the Mt Barer defenders were forced to play it out. A well placed corner from centre defender, Amber Marwede, saw Hahndorf nearly score a second goal, after Dunford was able to get her foot to it, but it flew just over the cross bar.

Hahndorf’s midfield, Lynley Driver, Sarah Mansfield, Kiora Hemmings and Jess Coombe worked tirelessly to move the ball from the defence into the attack, occasionally having the opportunity to have shots on goal themselves. Mt Barker ran the ball towards Hahndorf’s goal, looking like they were going to have an opportunity to score but they were foiled by defenders, Lauren Roennfeldt, Marwede, Matilda Shotton and Miranda Bishop. Mt Barker took a nice corner but it went behind all of the players and was cleared out by the defence.

Hahndorf continued to push Mt Barker, with the ball often being in their half. Hahndorf’s keeper, Nicola Leiff, had quite an uneventful game, touching the ball less than a dozen times, due to Mt Barker’s limited numbers, and Hahndorf’s excellent passing and possession.

Half time came around, giving everyone a breather. The start of the second half saw Hahndorf have the majority of the possession, but they weren’t quite able to finish it off. Due to Mt Barker having one less player, Hahndorf was able to pass the ball around a lot, creating multiple passages of play.

A pass from Marwede to Coombe, to Maxwell saw a shot on goals which was unsuccessful, but Hemmings was able to collect it and finish it off, securing Hahndorf’s second goal. Jozzie Pitt had a good run in midfield, pushing the ball through to attack and working together with Brie Neeson on the right wing. Neeson worked hard in right attack to push through the mud and towards the goal. Later, Pitt was moved into centre defence where she worked well next to Marwede.

Amazon-Benveniste had a great shot on goal, but it unluckily hit the left post and the Mt Barker keeper was able to collect it before a Hahndorf attacker could strike. Dunford later took a corner who passed it short to Maxwell. Maxwell crossed it in, where Amazon-Benveniste was waiting and finished it off, making the score 3-0 in Hahndorf’s favour.

Hahndorf continued to keep pressuring Mt Barker and keep possession of the ball. To their credit, Mt Barker continued to push back, but exhaustion got the better of them, and they were unable to score. The result of the game was Hahndorf 3, Mt Barker 0.

The Hahndorf Women have a week off next Saturday due to a bye.

1st July – Hahndorf 3 v 6 Metro United

On the 1st of July, Hahndorf Women’s Soccer team faced the challenge of playing against Metro Untied. Hahndorf unfortunately only had ten players from the start, so before the first blow of the whistle they knew it was going to be tough.

The first 15 minutes saw Metro have a slight upper hand due to an extra player, giving Hahndorf goalkeeper, Nicola Lieff, and defenders, Brianna Neeson, Amber Marwede, Matilda Shotton, and Miranda Bishop an early workout.

Shortly after, the ball was pushed forward after a kick out from defence. This gave centre attacker, Nadia Maxwell an opportunity to use her speed to steal the ball away from Metro’s keeper, and put it into the back of the net, securing Hahndorf’s first goal. Metro then quickly attempted an attack on Hahndorf’s defence, but Lieff was too quick and grabbed the ball in front of the goal line.

Bishop displayed an excellent example of not giving up as she chased down a Metro attacker on the left wing. She was unluckily outrun, giving the Metro attacker the opportunity to cross the ball in to a centre player who lobbed it over keeper Lieff’s head, scoring Metro’s first goal.

Midfielders, Lynley Driver, Lily Dunford, and Sarah Mansfield, worked tirelessly through the middle of the pitch receiving the ball from the defenders and pushing it on to Maxwell, and Hahndorf’s other attacker, Jess Coombe.

Using her speed yet again, Maxwell pressured Metro’s last defender just inside the box as the keeper tried to grab the ball. Being too quick for her, Maxwell was able to get her foot to it first, crossing it into Coombe who was waiting in the middle, giving Hahndorf a 2-1 lead. Only minutes later, Metro was rewarded with a corner which managed to sneak its way into the back of the net from a scuffle right in front of goals, making the score even yet again.

Dunford had a great run down the centre of the pitch after receiving the ball from Maxwell. She passed it onto Coombe who tapped it in, past Metro’s keeper. The score was once again, in Hahndorf favour at 3-2.

Nevertheless, the ball was soon back up in Hahndorf’s defence and a corner was given to Metro after their attackers pressured Hahndorf’s defenders, forcing them to kick it out. Metro capitalised on this opportunity, scoring with a low ball that made its way through into the back of the net. Shortly after, the whistle blew for half time.

The first five minutes of the second half saw Hahndorf slip into a bit of confusion as Metro pressed the midfield and defence. Luckily, Hahndorf were able to hold them from getting through, even after a particularly close call after one of Metro’s shots hit the post.

Driver, Dunford and Mansfield were put through their paces, constantly running back and forth to ensure both the defence and attack had the support they needed. Dunford and Mansfield put great pressure on the opposition’s midfield and defence, whilst Driver played a more defensive position, lending a hand to Neeson, Marwede, Shotton and Bishop.

At this point in the game, the Hahndorf players were beginning to tire due to lack in numbers, but respectably, they persevered, giving Metro a run for their money. Metro had several players on the bench, giving their team fresh legs throughout the second half and allowing them to continue to press Hahndorf. This resulted in a couple of corners which Hahndorf managed to clear out.

In the last five minutes of the game, Metro was able to score three times, resulting in the score being Hahndorf 3, Metro 6.

24th June – Hahndorf 3 v 2 Modbury Jets

On Sunday the 24th of June Hahndorf Women’s team hosted Modbury Jets at Pine Avenue on a cold and foggy morning. With midfielder Jess Coombe returning from injury, the core Hahndorf team were settled and ready to go. Hahndorf won the toss and elected to play up hill for the first half. Modbury took the kick off and Hahndorf were straight in applying pressure from the first whistle. The ‘Dorf defence line was made as usual with Lauren Roennfeldt on the left, Miranda Bishop on the right, and Claudia Kerr and Amber Marwede in the centre with Nicola Lieff behind as goalkeeper.

Some great plays were made by Hahndorf to start but the Jets were not here to mess around, flying through the strong defence line and scoring a goal in the 20th minute using their downhill advantage, making it 0-1. Hahndorf, taken aback by being a goal behind, fired up and began to string together a number of passes making the most of the space around them. Their first goal was a team effort starting with a lovely pass from Nadia Maxwell out to left forward Brianna Neeson who carried the ball up the wing and laid it off to Coombe. Coombe then cut the ball into the centre to Maxwell who was quickly surrounded by the opposition but not before she had the chance to nudge the ball to Lily Dunford who played the ball into the back of the net in the 27th minute making the score 1-1. Not to be out done, the Jets charged back making several runs at goals. However they were no match for the speed of Marwede and Kerr, the determination of Roennfeldt and Bishop or the capable hands of Lieff who fended off their attacks. The hard work by Lynley Driver in the middle provided an opportunity for Sarah Mansfield to carry the ball wide and take a shot which sailed past the ‘keeper’s hands for Hahndorf’s second goal putting the ‘Dorf girls in the lead 2-1. Hahndorf pushed on holding the lead up to the half time break.

Only minutes into the second half, Dunford made a run at goals only to be tripped by a Jet’s defender inside the box – earning Dunford a penalty. She stepped up to the challenge immediately and sent the ball right of the keeper, well out of reach upping the score to 3-1. Hahndorf utilised the downhill advantage and made many more goal scoring opportunities. Coombe and Neeson combined together to make several plays down the left wing, and Dunford and Mansfield worked the ball down the right. Driver fought hard in the middle and supported her team fiercely while centre forward Maxwell applied pressure with numerous one-on-ones with the ‘keeper leading to multiple corners. The Jets were not finished yet with a couple of runs up both sides of the pitch only to be shut down by Roennfeldt and Bishop. However, one Jets player snuck through to score a goal bumping the score up to 3-2. With renewed hope, Jets fired again powering a shot at goals. Lieff made an excellent save getting a hand to the ball sending it wide, where Marwede cleared the ball.

Hahndorf’s high level of fitness showed giving them the energy to run out the game and to come away with the win – a final score of 3-2. The 3 points were an excellent ‘going away’ present for Captain Kerr who misses the next game where Hahndorf host Metro United home at 10am.

17th June – Hahndorf 1 v 0 Mt Barker

The FFSA Div 4 Women’s local derby between Mount Barker and Hahndorf took place at Anembo Park on Sunday the 17th of June in cold and drizzly conditions. Hahndorf won the toss and with a full complement of substitutes waiting in the wings, the girls were enthusiastic to start strongly. With the usual defence line up of ‘Keeper Nicola Lieff, Miranda Bishop, Amber Marwede, Claudia Kerr, and Lauren Roennfeldt there was not much getting through. Only a few minutes in, a throw in around the half way line from Kerr found the head of centre forward Nadia Maxwell who turned onto the ball and took off down the right wing. Maxwell took her shot which deflected off of a Mt. Barker player and out for a corner. Marwede stepped up to take the kick, unfortunately clearing the players and the goal. Hahndorf kept the pressure up and held the ball in their attacking half with Bishop working well with Lily Dunford to pepper the ball back down the right wing to Maxwell and Kiora Hemmings in the front line.

Coach James Kerr substituted on some fresh legs with Eliza Stone on for Lynley Driver, and Brianna Neeson on for Dunford. A clearance from Marwede found Maxwell who was quickly and aggressively shut down by a Barker player resulting in a free kick just outside the box for Hahndorf. Marwede took the kick, but sadly the wind carried it over the cross bar. More fresh legs were brought on: Zoe Smith on for Hemmings, and Matilda Shotton on for Sarah Mansfield. Stone started an excellent play down the wing to Smith where Mount Barker stole the ball in the middle and countered heading straight for goals. Lieff made an excellent save and pushed the ball out for a corner. Hahndorf cleared the ball and then made several passes in the middle through Charlotte Nielsen, Shotton and Neeson. Another change was made before half time bringing on Driver for Nielsen, and Dunford on for Bishop. Again, a great play was started on the left wing by Stone who found the feet of Maxwell who was unlucky not to get a shot at goals. The half time whistle went signalling the break of a very intense, yet scoreless half.

The second half began and Hahndorf were straight to the ball from the get go. A play was started with Stone carrying the ball down the left wing and crossing it into Smith and Shotton in the middle. With some teamwork getting around players, Shotton eventually got a shot on goals, only to have the Barker ‘keeper catch the ball and block it’s path on goal. Driver, Mansfield and Nielsen worked tirelessly in the middle to maintain possession of the ball and distribute it through to the forwards. The sun appeared briefly to warm up the avid supporters on the sideline – Peter Atkinson calling it ‘delicious’. Mount Barker made a break for it, sending the ball sneakily though the wall of Hahndorf’s defence, however it was no match for Marwede’s speed who chased the Barker player down and cleared the ball out wide.

Neeson, Shotton and Stone combined together to pass the ball around Mt. Barker’s defence ramping up the intensity of the game and putting the pressure on their ‘keeper. Eventually Maxwell took charge and powered a ball in from just outside the box heading straight over the ‘keepers head. The Barker ‘keeper got hands to it but the force from Maxwell’s kick was just too much and the ‘keeper toppled back into the goal. Hahndorf went wild being 0-1 up!

Several more runs were made by Hemmings, Neeson, Smith, Shotton and Maxwell, though none could make it past the Mount Barker ‘keeper. A heavy fall from the Barker ‘keeper saw her leave the pitch, with a fill-in ‘keeper being brought on in her place. Hahndorf continued to press and use their bodies to get to the ball. They kept their feet and charged out the rest of the game unlucky not to score again. Happy to walk away with the three points, Dunford resurrected the team chant and led the winning song. Next Sunday the 24th of June Hahndorf host Modbury Jets at Pine Avenue with the kick off at 10am.

3rd June – Hahndorf 1 v 4 Old Ignatians

Round 9 of the FFSA Womens Div 4 saw Hahndorf host top of the table team Old Ignatians at Pine Avenue on Sunday the 3rd of June. With a full squad Hahndorf took to the field pumped and ready for the challenge ahead.

Both teams started strongly with Hahndorf straight to the ball and putting the pressure on right from the first whistle. Old Ignatians demonstrating exactly why they were top of the table with well organised plays and solid formation. Hahndorf’s starting defence line up was made from Miranda Bishop, Claudia Kerr, Amber Marwede, and Lauren Roennfeldt with Nicola Lieff in Goals. While the defence held off Ignatians’ attacks well, an aggressive play from Ignatians saw them receive a yellow card in the 12th minute. Their response was clear – they weren’t here to mess around and snuck through the defence in the 17th minute to place the ball just out of ‘Keeper Lieff’s hands. Old Ignatians kept the pressure on and scored another in the 20th minute.

Hahndorf, determined not to be steamrolled, pushed back sending the ball down the left to centre forward Nadia Maxwell who had a run at goals. Unfortunately she was stopped by Old Ignatians solid wall of defence. The midfield of Kiora Hemmings, Lynley Driver, and Sarah Mansfield worked hard to supply the ball to wingers Eliza Stone, and Matilda Shotton who also made several attempts at goals, but with no success. Fresh legs of Zoe Smith, Lily Dunford, and Brianna Neeson substituted on to give the midfield a needed rest until the half time whistle blew shortly leaving a score of 0-2

With some positive and inspiring words from Coach James Kerr, the ‘Dorf girls took to the pitch with a new intensity ready to prove themselves. Old Ignatians were fired up too and came out charging resulting in another yellow card for them in the 41st minute. A free was awarded on the right side just outside the 18 yard box, and level headed Marwede took the shot which cleared the wall and nearly cleared their ‘Keeper’s head too but the goalkeeper just managed to get hands on it keeping the ball out of the net. A few changes were made bringing Stone back to defence and resting centre mid Driver.

Old Ignatians snuck through in the 59th minute to score again. Hahndorf were not done yet, and pushed hard with several runs through from Shotton, Maxwell, and Hemmings who were all unlucky not to find the net. Hahndorf’s moment came in the 69th minute when the ball was crossed in from the right to several players all crowding the goal mouth. Maxwell fought her way to the ball and then guarded it past the ‘Keeper into the back of the net. Fired up, Hahndorf continued to use the downhill advantage and press hard, nearly resulting in two more goals, but neither team could get the ball past the strong ‘Keepers from either side. It wasn’t until the second minute of extra time when Old Ignatians scored the final goal and then the whistle blew ten seconds later signalling the end of the match. The final score was 1-4 for Old Ignatians.

Although the ‘Dorf girls didn’t walk away with the win, Coach Kerr was proud of their performance and intensity. Hahndorf have a break next weekend due to the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, but take on Mount Barker away on the 17th of June at 12pm at Anembo Park.

27th May – Hahndorf 0 v 7 Salisbury Inter

Sunday the 28th of May saw the Hahndorf girls head down the hill to play Salisbury Inter for Round 8. Hahndorf welcomed back ‘Keeper Nicola Lieff from being overseas for several weeks but with a different line up from last week, the ‘Dorf girls were unsettled and slow to start. Salisbury Inter were quick to the ball and expertly fed the ball though Hahndorf’s defence line of Lauren Roennfeldt, Claudia Kerr, Amber Marwede and Miranda Bishop to score goal within the first 5 minutes.

Hahndorf fought back with a few runs made up front by Sarah Mansfield, Nadia Maxwell and Brianna Neeson but with no reward. Inter stuck again with a cheeky shot from outside the 18 yard box which sailed over ‘Keeper Lieff’s head. Salisbury Inter refused to let up, scoring another two before halftime putting the score at 4-0 for Salisbury.

Hahndorf utilised the break and came back on firing. Eliza Stone worked hard to feed balls down the left wing to Mansfield and Maxwell pressing hard on the Salisbury defence line, but Hahndorf struggled to break through. Lynley Driver held the middle well and aided Marwede and Kerr in fending off the Inter attack. However, Salisbury found its way through to score three long range goals in the second half leaving the final score at 7-0.

Hahndorf return home next weekend to play Old Ignations at 10am next Sunday for Round 9.

20th May – Hahndorf 1 v 0 West Adelaide

On Sunday the 20th of May, Hahndorf travelled down the hill to play West Adelaide in Round 7.

Having not played the weekend before, the girls were keen to play and determined to win. However, the break in games showed as West Adelaide pushed hard straight away creating chaos through the middle and putting pressure on the Hahndorf defence line of Charlotte Nielsen, Amber Marwede, Claudia Kerr, and Eliza Stone. ‘Keeper Lynley Harris made some excellent saves, keeping Hahndorf in the game. Around 20 minutes into the game, The girls found their feet and settled passing the ball around through the midfield of Jozzie Pitt, Nadia Maxwell, and Kiora Hemmings and sending it down the line for Brianna Neeson to run on to. The break the girls needed came when Maxwell charged through the middle stealing the ball from West Adelaide and took off down the right wing stopping just in time to cross the ball back to Hemmings who was waiting in the goal mouth and placed the ball in the back of the net. Making it 0-1 to Hahndorf. The half time whistle came shortly after which gave the Hahndorf girls a much needed break.

In the second half the only change was to bring Sarah Mansfield in to the midfield and swap Maxwell into the forward line. Right from the whistle, Hahndorf were fast at the ball, and putting pressure on West Adelaide. The solid defence line kept the ball away from ‘Keeper Harris and in the attacking half for most of the second half. Several runs were made by Mansfield, Maxwell, Hemmings, and Neeson but Hahndorf could not find the net again before the whistle blew for the end of the game leaving the final score at 0-1 to Hahndorf.

Next weekend Hahndorf are away again against Salisbury Inter at 11:30am.

6th May – Hahndorf 1 v 9 Gawler

Sunday the 6th of May saw the Hahndorf Women’s team host top team of the league, Gawler, at Pine Avenue. Both sides started strongly putting up a fight for possession of the ball. Hahndorf’s forwards of Nadia Maxwell, Eliza Stone, and Brianna Neeson made several runs towards the goals, unlucky not to get the ball past Gawler’s talented ‘keeper.

Hahndorf’s defence line of Lauren Roennfeldt, Amber Marwede, Sarah Mansfield, and Miranda Bishop worked hard to keep the persistent attacks made by Gawler at bay, but still they found ways to slip through, scoring a number of goals putting the score at 0-4 at half time.

Hahndorf did not let this dampen their spirits and continued to work the ball through midfielders Jess Coombe, Matilda Shotton, and Lynley Driver eventually finding the feet of Coombe who beat the Gawler ‘keeper one on one and place the ball in the back of the net.

Eager to not let Hahndorf gain momentum, Gawler retaliated a few minutes later sending the ball out of reach of Hahndorf ‘Keeper Claudia Kerr. While Hahndorf continued to fight til the end, there was nothing the ‘Dorf girls could do to slow down the pace of the very skilled Gawler team leaving the final score 1-9

Hahndorf face Northern Wolves Div 6 away in Round 2 of the Women’s 4/5/6/CWL Cup next Sunday.

29th April – Hahndorf 4 v 3 Andrews Farm
On Sunday the 29th of April 2018, Hahndorf travelled down the hill and across Adelaide to Davoren Park to face Andrews Farm for Round 5 of the FFSA Women’s Div 4 league. The warm morning and long drive saw Hahndorf start the game slowly with Andrews Farm pressuring the defence line of Miranda Bishop, Amber Marwede, Lauren Marwede, and Lauren Roennfeldt early. Hahndorf struggled to find their feet which allowed The Farm to have several shots on goal, making fill-in ‘keeper Claudia Kerr work hard from the start. Once awake, Hahndorf settled and found their rhythm around the 20 minute mark passing the ball through the midfield and to centre forward Nadia Maxwell. Andrews Farm held a tight defensive line and were constantly pushing up to the half way line, catching Maxwell offside on several occasions. This did not dampen Hahndorf spirits and the midfield of Eliza Stone, Jess Coombe, and Lynley Harris worked hard to keep feeding balls through to right winger Charlotte Nielsen. Reward for their efforts came in the 32nd minute, when a pass found Maxwell’s feet and she expertly placed the ball just out of the ‘keeper’s reach to scoring the opening goal. The momentum produced another goal only three minutes later for Hahndorf by a through ball from Stone to left winger Brianna Claire who sent the ball into the back of the net. The ‘Dorf girls held strong until the half time whistle blew – Hahndorf two nil up.

The second half again started slowly yet again for Hahndorf keeping Kerr on her toes and holding strong in goals. Again Maxwell came to the rescue in the 50th minute to provide another goal to spur the ‘Dorf girls forward. Coombe made a fierce run down the right wing with the support of her team behind her and scored Hahndorf’s fourth in the 54th minute. With the game slipping away from Andrews Farm, the opposition began to get physical with late tackles and taunting remarks, causing frustration and retaliation in the Hahndorf side. The referee fought to get the game back under control issuing a number of yellow cards to both teams. Hahndorf began to lose their focus and Andrews Farm capitalised scoring three quick goals. A determined Hahndorf team refused to give up all their hard work and fought back with A. Marwede and Stone making several opportunities up front keeping the ball in the attacking third. The final whistle blew signalling the end of a hard fought battle leaving Hahndorf the well-deserved 3 points and a final score of 3-4.

Hahndorf play home for Round 6, taking on Gawler at 10am next Sunday the 6th of May.

14th April – Hahndorf 6 v 0 Barossa

Hahndorf (Div 4) hosted Barossa (Div 5) at Pine Avenue for Round 1 of the FFSA Women’s 4/5/6/CWL Cup on Sunday the 15th of April. Hahndorf were yet again plagued by illness, injury and vacation and even with some keen newcomers, were only able to field 10 players. It was apparent that the Barossa team were also in the same boat, playing one man down too. With the cooler weather a noticeable change from last weekend, the Hahndorf girls were energised and ready to go.

Right from the get go Hahndorf maintained possession of the ball, passing it around and feeding it through to the two new forwards Matilda Shotton and Skye Coulston. It was only a matter of time before a through ball from midfielder Nadia Maxwell found Shotton’s feet and she scored the opener at the 20 minute mark. Only six minutes later still pumped from her earlier assist, Maxwell slotted the ball past the Barossa ‘Keeper, making it 2-0 Hahndorf’s way. The defence line of Eliza Stone, Claudia Kerr, Amber Marwede, and Lauren Roennfeldt were a force to be reckoned with, letting nothing past, leaving Hahndorf Keeper Nicola Lieff not much to do. Hahndorf were still putting the forward pressure on with several runs through the midfield, but were unlucky not to score again before the half time whistle went.

After some encouraging words and a few minor changes to formation during the half time break by Coach James Kerr, the Hahndorf Girls were refreshed and ready to go. In the team huddle moments before the restart whistle, Captain Kerr suggested to play defensive and only attack on the break. As soon as the whistle blew, Jess Coombe had other ideas making a run down the right wing and scoring in the first minute of the second half. Not to be out done, Shotton replied with a run down the left wing tapping the ball in past the keeper only three minutes later, bringing the score to 4-0. Midfielders Lynley Driver, Coulston and Coombe worked hard to maintain possession and continue to feed the ball forward to Maxwell and Shotton who in turn kept the Barossa ‘Keeper under fire. It wasn’t until the 61st minute when Coombe took it upon herself to again make use of the right wing and send the ball sailing into the back of the net. Determined to make it a hat-trick, Coombe made a run once more dodging several defenders to score her third in the 70th minute. Hahndorf ran out the rest of the game on a high, knowing they were through to the next round of The Cup. The final whistle blew with a final score of 6-0 for Hahndorf. The Girls have a bye for Round 4 next weekend and play away against Andrews Farm for Round 5.

8th April – Hahndorf 0 v 6 Metro United

On Sunday 8th of April, the Hahndorf Women’s team headed down the hill to play against Metro United for Round 3 of the FFSA Women’s Division 4 League. After having the first two games postponed due to pitch availability, Hahndorf were keen to play, even in the warm weather. With some severe injuries and players away, the team was complemented with enthusiastic younger players from the junior squads ready for the challenge. However, Hahndorf were still only able to field 10 players, but this did not dampen their spirits. The girls started strongly and held their own against Metro United who sported a full bench of substitutes. The defence line made up of Charlotte Nielsen, Lauren Marwede, Claudia Kerr, and Jessica Coombe worked together as a unit and backed each other up made it difficult for United’s forwards to get through. After 20 minutes of play, the referee called for a drinks break and Hahndorf were only 1-0 down from a fluke of a shot and mishap in the box. After play resumed the girls continued to move the ball around through the midfield of Lynley Driver, Amber Marwede, and Eliza Stone and hold their shape giving Hahndorf a few forward attacks and shots on goal. Keeper Nicola Lieff saved a number of difficult goals, but was powerless to stop a shot over her head. This then left Hahndorf 2-0 down going into half time.

After a rest in the shade and a pep talk from Coach James Kerr, the girls were fired up and came out hard. Young gun Nadia Maxwell made an impressive run down the left wing from the half way line and crossed it in to Kerr, and other young forward Kiora Hemmings who were unlucky not to score. Hahndorf continued to press hard but injury to A. Marwede saw her sidelined and left the team playing with 9. With the day getting hotted and the lack of subs, fatigue began to show for the Dorf girls, and while they continued to fight, Metro United found their feet and ran out the game scoring another four goals. The final score being 6-0, to Metro United. With players returning next week, Hahndorf look forward to playing Barossa in the Div 4/5/6/CWL Cup at home kicking off at 10am.