Under 10 Black

Coach: Tim Verryt

Team Manager: Rebecca Haynes

**** Match Reports 2020 ****

Round 12 – 12th September – Hahndorf Black v Murray Bridge

Game kicked off at Murray Bridge United’s home ground where the Murray river ran nearby. After a long journey and with maybe too little sleep, it wasn’t easy for many Hahndorf players to catch up with MBU’s speed. In the first 15 or so minutes, most defences were on Hahndorf’s half.  Attackers, Stephen Wang, Sonjae Cook and Oliver Mitchell had to withdraw to assist the defence line which was formed by Nyasha Muradzikwa, Pearl Rooney and Zora Huang, while Jessica Verryt was facing a tremendous pressure keeping the goal frame safe.

Very soon, number 13 of MBU’s showed how fast and how skilful he could be. However, Christopher Haynes stayed shoulder to shoulder which made very difficult for him to shoot. Two shots flew high and missed, phew!

When Huang got a chance and intercepted the ball, Mitchell long-passed to Muradzikwa who was in a space where MBU’s defenders didn’t expect. A powerful shot before MBU’s goal keeper could manage to turn, brilliant goal!

Today, Hahndorf players demonstrated wonderful teamwork. MBU’s players would have found difficult to get rid of Amber Abrahams’ persistent clearances towards the side line; Verryt’s mid-field organising was calm and accurate; Rooney’s aggressive attack was not a easy task for MBU to handle; Turi Pomery’s skills improving in mid field; Cook’s attacker role attracted a lot of attention, as a result he was often under siege by three or four of MBU’s players; Mitchell frequently ran a long range from MBU’s defend line to Hahndorf’s and performed wonderful skills of tackling. Wang played several positions today, from a speedy attacker to a stronghold defender & impressive goal keeping. Each time he responded to several continuous shots one after another within only a few seconds of time. That was amazing!

You all played very well players of both teams! Thank you Murray Bridge for a very fair and well-matched game.

Round 11 – 5th September – Hahndorf Black v Rangers

A warm rainy spring morning Hahndorf Soccer Club Under 10 Black coached by Tim Verryt started the game against The Rangers Soccer Club at Ashton Oval.

The match started before 9am. Hahndorf attackers Sonjae Cook and Oliver Mitchell made a wonderful 1-2 pass and Cook made his first attempt on goal within the first minute. Fantastic! But Hahndorf Blacks were mistaken if they thought this game was going to be a walk in the park. The Rangers came in strong and got their first goal at a very early time. It was not an ideal start. Hahndorf Black players worked hard to take control after that. Defenders Amber Abrahams and Stephen Wang were trying their best and goalkeeper Nyasha Muradzikwa made some great saves. With the help of the solid defending, midfielder Christopher Haynes supported the attackers well. Pearl Rooney got the ball from Haynes and did a great pass to Mitchell, 15m from the goal but he didn’t hesitate to shoot! And he made the first goal for Hahndorf!

Coming back for the second half, it was now Cook job keeping the Hahndorf goal safe. Muradzikwa joined the defenders with Zora Huang and Jessica Verryt. With the players getting more and more into the game, Hahndorf clearly dominated the second half. But maybe not Hahndorf’s lucky day – the Rangers score a second goal. The important thing is the Hahndorf players didn’t give up. They kept putting in a lot of effort, and had a good control over the situation. New team member Turi Pomery had a great improvement in defence. Huang, Abraham’s & Verryt made the Rangers attackers feel headache and Rooney was as good as always. After a series of good teachable moments for all players, Mitchell kicked a corner off, Wang moving at speed down the pitch got the ball and scored a second goal for Hahndorf! Only one minute till the end of the game, the Rangers got their third goal.

Hahndorf Under 10 Black wishes to thank Rangers for the well-matched & exciting game played.

Round 10 – 29th August – Hahndorf Black v Stirling United
Spring arrived early with an absolutely cracking day for the Hahndorf U10 Black vs Stirling United game.

The game commenced and after an initial intense rally, goalie Christopher Haynes saved the first attempt on our goals by Stirling.

Stirling did sneak a couple of goals in but Oliver Mitchell, Stephen Wang and Sonjae Cook teamed up and ran the ball right up the ground and both Mitchell and Wang fired shots at goal.

Our defence wouldn’t give up and Amber Abrahams, Pearl Rooney, Nyasha Muradzikwa and Zora Huang applied great pressure to ward off the attacks. Jessica Verryt single handedly deflected another attack and ran it out of danger and all the way up the line.

By half time the team had well and truly earned a little break.

In the second half (after a few select words of encouragement from the coach) the team found top gear.  Rooney and Huang both stole control of the ball with smashing clearances. Haynes then woke up the crowd by nailing Hahndorf’s first goal! Huang threw in with missile like speed and accuracy, helping hahndorf maintain possession.  Mitchell had another attempt on goal  and the ball sailed only just over the bar again making the crowd very excited. Verryt and Rooney provided amazing defence to ensure no more Stirling scores were possible in the second half. Haynes crossed to Cook, who converted scoring a second goal for Hahndorf.  Muradzikwa kept the scores level by clearing the ball from the opposition attack at just the right time until the final whistle was blown.

A great game with lots of teamwork by the Hahndorf u10 blacks….well done!

Round 9 – 22nd August – Hahndorf Black v Strathalbyn

It was a cool, windy day as Hahndorf Under 10 Black faced off against Strathalbyn. Our team started well with an early corner but when Strathalbyn made a quick run forward they got an impressively powerful shot on goal away. Keeper Pearl Rooney cleverly got hands to the ball at full stretch, but couldn’t stop it.

Shortly after, an excellent cross from Oliver Mitchell found Sonjae Cook, but Strathalbyn’s keeper was on form, saving this and several more Hahndorf attempts in the first half. The game flowed from end to end with Rooney making further good saves and Jessica Verryt, Amber Abrahams and Nyasha Muradzikwa providing tenacious defence. Christopher Haynes was given freedom as a roaming midfielder and involved in a lot of play, with Hahndorf’s pressure paying off when Cook slipped a great pass through to Mitchell who scored his first goal after a return from injury. Strathalbyn’s striker was in great form however, retaliating with three more goals before a quick clearance from the goals to Verryt ended up with Haynes who scored a much-welcomed Hahndorf goal.

Hahndorf’s defence kept the ball forward for much of the second half, with Muradzikwa especially delivering effective long-range passes to the strikers. Newcomer Turi Pomery showed improvement in defence, including some good throw-ins for the strikers to run on to, while Cook in goals had the crowd’s attention with a number of exciting saves.

Overall, despite the final score the teams seemed very well matched and coach Tim Verryt was pleased with the effort, teamwork and skill displayed this week.

Round 8 – 15th August – Hahndorf Black v Woodside

After a rainy start, the clouds cleared and the sun came out just as Hahndorf & Woodside took to the Woodside pitch. Hahndorf started the first half with some excellent team work from Steven Wang, Chris Haynes and Sonjae Cook resulting in an early goal. It wasn’t long before Woodside challenged the Hahndorf’s defensive line with a leveling goal but excellent work by Jess Verryt in goals and Pearl Rooney, Amber Abrahams & Nyasha Muradzikwa in defence, blocked many further attempts on goal. Turi Pomery, Zora Huang & Rooney continued to work together feeding the ball to the attacking lines resulting in further goals by Cook & Wang.

In the second half, Woodside came back fighting and kept Abrahams busy in goals. The second half was an even contest between the teams. After Woodside scored a couple fast goals, Cook & Haynes produced a lovely cross & executed a great last goal for Hahndorf.

A well played match by both teams!

Round 6 – 1st August – Hahndorf Black v Mt Barker

The weather was sunny and bright at the Pine Avenue grounds and Hahndorf U10 Black were confident and ready for action against Mt Barker United. The Hahndorf team was in its element – and in total control – right from the start. They were quick to prove that point when the nimble-footed Christopher Haynes charged from the right wing to unleash a shot which found the net in the fourth minute of the game. A few minutes later a clever pass from Jessica Verryt saw Haynes score again. Opposition strikers made a few attempts to break through Hahndorf’s solid wall of defenders but they could not. Goalkeeper Amber Abrahams performed extremely well and Zora Huang, Jessica Verryt and Pearl Rooney did an excellent job to thwart attempts from Mount Barker by clearing long balls effectively. A beautiful pass to Sonjae Cook was nearly converted to goal but unfortunately shot wide under pressure from the Mount Barker United defenders, but then Haynes struck again. Nyasha Muradzikwa reinforced the Hahndorf defence as the onslaught against Mt Barker continued and Stephen Wang displayed some fantastic footwork to make a convincing lead for Hahndorf at the end of the first half. Special mention to Turi Pomery – in her first game – a bit hesitant at first but picking up in defence as she pressured the opposition’s key forward.

In the second half Hahndorf were buoyed by their lead. Wang displayed some very good soccer skills in the attack and Cook gave a lot of headaches with his shots at goal while Rooney continued with her spirited defence. Though Hahndorf dominated most of the game, Mt Barker United managed to break through Hahndorf’s defences to score a goal in the final minutes. It was a thoroughly entertaining match and Hahndorf is clearly showing a lot of potential for the season.

Round 5 – 25th July – Hahndorf Black v Nairne
What a match! Possibly the strongest performance for the U10 Black’s for the season.

From the first whistle Handorf were in control thanks to polished passing and structured defence.

Solid effort all round including Jess Verryt, Pearl Rooney and Zora Huang building a backline that was near impenetrable in the first half. Zora going on to take over the goals in the second half and showing great promise.

Up forward Sonjae Cook pestered the opposition with repeated attempts on goal scoring twice in the game due to his energy and persistence. He’s one to watch as the season progresses. Christopher Haynes was on song with silky skills and a deft touch, helping navigate through a very heavy opposition defence and generally playing beyond his years .

But the pick of the day was Stephen Wang, his two goals only going some of the way to highlight what was a best on ground performance. It was his class and intelligence that stood out.

Nyasha Muradzikwa showed his versatility, moving from goals to a roaming defender drawing opposition players when forward, and creating many opportunities in front of goals for the strikers. Unlucky not to score himself.

Jess and Pearl continued in the second half to not only block repeated attacks but move the ball effortlessly forward for the strikers. Shout out to Jess for overcoming a heavy knock and playing out the rest of the game, and Pearl also showcasing her natural ability as a defender.

All in all a superb effort with no subs and only greater improvements to come. Look out!

Round 4 – 18th July – Hahndorf Black v Stirling

On a windy day at Aldgate Primary, Hahndorf U10 Black were kicking with the wind in the first half. Stirling had some early shots on goal which Pearl Rooney saved well. Not long after, a Stirling player got loose in front of goal and scored.

This spurred Hahndorf into action and a great tackle and pass from Stephen Wang to Chris Haynes resulted in the Hahndorf’s first goal to Haynes. Hahndorf now had the momentum as Sonjae Cook added a good first-time effort from a tight angle and it was 2-1. Soon after a powerful shot from Wang was in the back of the net and it was 3-1 to Hahndorf.

When Stirling got a free kick on the edge of the box Nyasha Muradzikwa made a one-person wall and blocked the free kick late in the half. Muradzikwa, Jessica Verryt and Amber Abrahams were solid in defence, but Stirling got a late goal as we headed into half time 3-2.

Stirling were with the wind in the second half and got a third goal early on to make it 3-3. Strikers Verryt, Rooney & Muradzikwa pushed hard in the second half but couldn’t get a 4thgoal. Meanwhile at the other end Haynes was running hard until the end with Cook and Amber Abrahams preventing a 4th Stirling goal. However, it was a string of fine saves from Wang in goals which ultimately kept the final score at 3-3.

Round 3 – 11th July – Hahndorf Black v Strathalbyn

The match begins at 9.30 on wet slippery grass. However, young players are steady on their feet with full energy and high spirits. In the first half, Chris Haynes demonstrates great speed and pass skills in attack while Nyasha Muradzikwa intercepts Strathalbyn’s strikes with his iconic tackles. Zora Huang and Amber Abrahams actively run from back to the midfield providing support to attackers, while goalkeeper Sonjae Cook patiently watches the progress of Strathalbyn’s attack. Stephen Wang runs closely by the side of Strathalbyn’s attackers which makes it hard for them to pass or shoot comfortably or accurately. Despite several opportunities of shooting, Hahndorf misses a bit of luck and the first half ends without a score.

Hahndorf keeps its pace in the second half, even moves the defence line forward. Huang replaces Cook as the goalkeeper with the same patience and sharp eyes monitoring the progress in the field. A few minutes after start, Wang intercepts the ball and passes to Haynes who
gets the ball to stand-in player Emlyn Gilroy. Besieged by four players of Strathalbyn’s, Gilroy passes the ball from the left side of the field to the right
where Muradzikwa stands in a space under nobody’s watch. He passes to Cook just in time when the defenders are drawn to him, with a firm
kick, Cook makes goal! This incredible breakthrough shows fantastic teamwork and players’ awareness of finding gaps and vision of positioning.

Following this success, Hanhdorf runs even faster and the defence line is moved even further to the middle of the field. Soon after, Gilroy makes the second goal assisted by Haynes. Then after Abrahams stops Strathalbyn’s counterattack, Gilroy gets hold of the ball. His unbelievable speed overtakes Strathalbyn’s defenders, third goal! While attackers are busy at finding more opportunities between Strathalbyn’s defenders, Wang and Abrahams give no chance to the counter-attack, several balls are quickly tackled and passed back to the front line. Cook’s flexibility and long range of running draw a lot attention to him, until he is bumped onto the ground by one of Strathalbyn’s defenders who is unproportionally bigger. Seems he isn’t badly hurt. However, this does not stop Hahndorf’s advancing. Gilroy scores the fourth, then Cook made the final score of the match at five.
This match is a great demonstration of Hahndorf U10 Black playing as a team. Players show their fantastic skills, persistence, and caring of each other when Cook is hurt. In particular, Abrahams never gives up wherever there is a threat, Wang judges situation calmly, Huang is always keen to assist other players, Muradzikwa knows very well how to disrupt the opposition from organising attack from their back line, Cook has excellent vision of team members’ positions, Haynes’ speed frequently helps him cut into the gap between the opposition players and the ball.

Round 2 – 4th July – Hahndorf Black v Torrens Valley
9 o’clock, the game of Hahndorf U10 Black vs. Torrens Valley was about to begin. With the fire of excitement burning, no one felt cold on this wet winter morning.

Game started! Everyone could hear Tim – Hahndorf coach – shouting players’ names. It was the first time in years, the coaches were not allowed to get into the pitch running with the players. Tim seemed not like that new rule however, he looked pretty confident. His players are better than last year. They are getting taller, stronger and faster. They know more about teamwork, more advanced understanding of soccer and more useful techniques.

The first half, Hahndorf players put in a lot of effort. As defenders, Zora, Pearl and Nyasha did their job really well. Even though it’s just the first year in this team for Zora and Pearl, they didn’t have any problems cooperating with their new friends. As for Nyasha, his position is always the one you never need to worry about – the opposite players found it’s basically impossible to get past him.

The goalkeeper Chris is a surprise to us. He judged the situation correctly, caught the ball steadily, and passed it to friends accurately. He just knew what he was doing.

In the middle field, Jessica and Amber mastered the game. They stopped the attacks from Torrens Valley players and kept passing wonderful balls to the Hahndorf attackers Stephen and Oliver. Sometimes Amber and Jessica themselves did a beautiful “2-1”, got everyone’s applause.

Torrens Valley were threatening an equaliser until Sonjae ran into the pitch. He loves soccer so much and kept practising during the lockdown time. People can see his big improvement.

The second half, Chris came to the middle field and Pearl went to keep the Hahndorf goal safe. Stephen and Oliver were still trying their best to get a goal. Around the 6th minute of the second half, the Torrens Valley goalkeeper was trying to clear the ball out of the box, but the ball hit Chris’s leg and reflected into the net! 1-0! You think it’s only luck? Chris was just in the right position! Luck is also a part of strength.

Hahndorf didn’t sit back and relax. They keep pushing. 5 minutes later, Chris kicked the corner and found Sonjae, with the help from Jessica and Amber, Oliver got the ball from Sonjae and shot! That’s another goal! 2-0! As the number one scorer of the team, Oliver never stopped running.

“He’s our gun!” Hahndorf coach Tim used to tell a game reporter.

For the rest of the game, Torrens Valley couldn’t give us a surprise. They tried their best.

Wonderful game! We are looking forward to their even more fantastic performance next week!

Round 1 – 27th June – Hahndorf Black v Woodside

The first game of the season for the U10 Black looked an even match up between the two teams, with a good paced first half energy. As the game progressed it was clear that the solid defence of Hahndorf, with a sustained and gutsy effort from Nyasha Muradzikwa, would be a difficult one to breach. Nyasha commanded the back line, and was aided by Jessica Verryt who impressed with her reading of the play.

Both did well to repel several penetrating attacks from Woodside. The Hahndorf team were no slouches, pushing up forward led by a strong mid field and roaming forward performance by Christopher Haynes. A young player with a deft touch and impressive determination, he held the opposition to account, sweeping back in defence and owning the mid field for much of the game.

But the break came when sustained effort from forward Oliver Mitchell was rewarded with a goal, putting some light between the two teams.
Also of note was Pearl Rooney, a solid effort up forward and one to watch as she comes into post covid form. Other mentions for the first half being Stephen Wang who looks the goods and will only get better as a midfielder and centre back. Stephen worked with focus in the second half to harry his opponents and make some good runs resulting in a well deserved goal from striker Sonjae Cook.

The second half was a compliment of efforts with Amber Abrahams showing some Hahndorf grit, pressuring the opposition when in our half. Newcomer Nunu Huang showed promise and in general the team looked a good balance of skills and focus, taking the honours for the first game of the season.

**** Match Reports 2019 ****

Round 13 – 27th July

Round 12 – 20th July – Hahndorf Black v Stirling Districts White

Hahndorf Black versed Stirling Districts White in the first match after the winter break. Both sides had the bare 7 players, and both coaches did a great job rotating positions so players could take a turn resting in defence.

The match started evenly, with both teams creating opportunities. Stirling were the first to score after an unlucky turnover, however it didn’t take long for Hahndorf to even the score thanks to a powerful left-footed strike by Ryley Neumann from the mid-field into the back of the net.  Almost immediately, Zack Schwarz scored Hahndorf’s second goal with some fancy footwork in front of goal.

Oliver Saracini-Palombo, Jacob Gardner and Toby Files (goal keeper) worked well in defence, preventing Stirling from scoring again in the first half. Hayden Lien linked well with Neumann in the mid-field, running from end-to-end on several occasions, and Patrick Hinze was unlucky in attack, making some great moves into space and delivering passes to team mates.

More rotations at half time saw Hinze taking on the goal keeper role for the first time this season, which proved to be very successful, preventing any further goals by Stirling.

After a slow-ish start to the second half, Hahndorf found their groove and put together some great passing plays.  This great work soon paid off, with Neumann scoring his second goal in a similar left-footed manner.  Lien scored the final Hahndorf goal after single-handedly disposessing the Stirling defenders and finding the back of the net.

Another great team game by Hahndorf Black, with weekly improvements of passing, talking and moving down the sideline.  The Otto’s bakery voucher for this week was awarded to Ryley Neumann for his great midfield play and two fabulous goals.

Round 8 – 15th June – Hahndorf Black v Stirling United

What a wonderful sunny morning on the Hahndorf pitch hosting Stirling United. Hahndorf did a magnificent job on the soggy field with some strategic passing by Toby Files and Harrison Gould. Excellent defensive midfield from Stirling.  Zack Schwarz was proactive in defence, a great support for Oliver Saracini-Palombo who was standing in goals. Great pressure from Thomas Filipowicz and Ryley Neumann! Effective tackling by Patrick Hinze. Hayden Lien and Jacob Gardener did a wonderful job in attack. Congratulations to Lien for scoring Hahndorf’s first goal.
The second half saw brilliant goals from Neumann and Gould. A well played game by both teams.

Round 7 – 1st June – Hahndorf Black v Murray Bridge Blue

It was a crisp morning when the Hahndorf Under 10 Black team met with the Murray Bridge United U10 Blue team.

From the first whistle it was evident that we were in for a great game of soccer at the Hahndorf Soccer pitch.

Jacob Gardiner and Harrison Gould started the game in a spectacular manner with both attempting early shots on goal. Both times the ball was saved by Murray Bridges goalie. After some great play by Patrick Heinze, Thomas Filipowicz and Ryley Neumann the ball ended up with Gould who kicked a strong goal.

Oliver Saracini-Palombo was fantastic as Hahndorfs goalie and did not let a ball get through!

Neumann gained control of the ball and skilfully passed to Toby Files who was unlucky not to score with a fantastic shot on goal.

Heinze played a solid game in defence and gained control back of the ball on numerous occasions. The first half finished with Gould putting the ball to the back of the net again.

After an energy fuelling orange break and with some encouraging words from the coaches the team were ready for the second half.

Gould started off as the goalie for Hahndorf. After some great teamwork Files found the ball and lined up a shot on goal. After a very strong kick he was exceptionally unlucky to miss the goal.

A kick in during a corner saw the ball head towards Gardiner who in turn shot for goal and narrowly missed. Great spirit and hard work saw Files, Heinze and Saracini-Palombo bring the ball back near attached and Zack Schwarz lept forward and kicked his first goal for the game. It was not long after that Lien followed suit for another Hahndorf goal.

Neumann and Schwarz both saw the way clear in getting the ball through for another goal each.

It was great to see the Hahndorf team work so well together. Thank you to the coaches, referee and the Murray Bridge team for another fantastic game.

Round 5 – 11th May – Hahndorf Black v Rangers

Under cool and over cast conditions Hahndorf started by showing some strong early attack with Hayden scoring off his second attempt at goal. Then good defence from Hahndorf stopped a move forward by the Rangers before Zac scored Hahndorf’s second goal shortly thereafter.

A great chase and pass by Hayden resulted in another shot at goal by Zac. Rangers moved a rebound forward quickly and scored their first goal in the 12th minute of the first half.

The Rangers defence was heavily tested by numerous forward moves by Hahndorf and they held strong despite Hahndorf peppering the goals late in the first half.

Hahndorf started the second half in the same way with early shots on goal by Hayden and Oliver before a strong break out of defence resulted in Riley scoring Hahndorf’s third goal.

Rangers replied soon after following rebound out of Hahndorf’s defence. A smart throw in by Jacob followed with Hayden’s second goal for the match. Shortly after, Tobi made a successful medium range shot for Hahndorf’s 5th goal.

Rangers got past Hahndorf’s tight defence to score their 3rd goal and a regrouped defence cleared a further chance for Rangers before Tobi launched the ball over the goals.

With the clock against them Rangers scored their 4th goal before Hayden had another shot for goal that hit the right post. Hahndorf’s goalie, Thomas Filipowicz, made a save right on the final whistle.

Round 4 – 4th May– Hahndorf Black v Stirling United White

The game kicked off at a fast pace with good ball movement between Hayden Lien and Ryley Neumann.  Lien had two cracking attempts at goal early in the piece however Stirling’s defence was able to deflect a result.
Jacob Gardner attacked well with Patrick Hinze well-positioned .
Stirling had multiple goal attempts in the first half however Hahndorf goalie Zack Schwarz was able to save.
Neumann’s continued reading of the play allowed him to weave some magic and score Hahndorf’s first goal.
The half time break saw Hahndorf’s Thomas Filipowicz as goalie, and he was terrific in saving more attempts at goal from Stirling.  This helped to set Lien up in scoring the Magpie’s second goal.
Brilliant running from defence and into attack by Neumann, and defensive play by Oliver Saracini-Palombo made it difficult for Stirling to score, however they did get celebrate a goal late in the second half.
Great game played by all.

Round 2 – 13th April – Hahndorf Black v Woodside Warriors Red

Under overcast conditions Hahndorf started off showing some strong defence with Ryley Neumann making a great save early in the game before Hayden Lien had an attempt at a long shot for goal.

Some more great defence from Harrison Gould and Thomas Filipowicz resulted in the ball moving forward for another shot for goal by Lien.

After breaking through Hahndorf’s persistent defence, Woodside scored their first goal for the game. A great run by Lien resulted in him being awarded a free kick in front of the goals but Woodside’s defence held up.

Zac Schwarz came on the field a few minutes later and almost immediately kicked a goal to level the scores 1 all.

Neumann continued to make a number of great saves as Woodside penetrated Hahndorf’s defence on numerous occasions.

Hahndorf cleared the ball forward resulting in Jacob Gardner having a shot just out of the square.

Woodside made a fast clearance from the goal kick and scored their second goal.

Neumann made another great save off a Woodside corner as light rain began to fall.

Oliver Saracini-Palombo showed some great balls skills in defence shortly before Neumann made another great save.

More great defence from Patrick Hinze and Lien stopped Woodside moving the ball forward just before the half time whistle.

Neumann moved forward in the second half and scored Hahndorf’s second goal from a long shot.

Lien made a great cross to set up a shot on goal just before Woodside scored their third goal from the rebound.

A fast break from the middle resulted in Woodside’s fourth goal minutes later. With Hahndorf’s defence being tested Woodside’s fifth goal wasn’t far behind.

Hahndorf continued to pepper the goals with Lien, Gould and Toby Files all going unrewarded.

Woodside responded quickly with a series of attempts at goal but Gardner proved his abilities as goal keeper.

Some great passing set up Gould for Hahndorf’s final goal.  As the rain continued, Schwarz made a last ditch run forward before the final whistle blew.

Round 1 – 6th April – Hahndorf Black v Woodside Warriors
The season for under 10’s Hahndorf Black kicked off with mighty enthusiasm on Saturday morning against the very talented Woodside Warriors.

Ryley Neumann continued to demonstrate the skills reminiscent of the world’s greatest soccer players. Lovely leg and foot work by all boys certainly demonstrating some positive coaching by Adrian Files and Christian Neumann. Great passing from Hayden Lien as well as Toby Files. A great attempt at a goal in  second half by Neumann and another by Files. The Black’s first goal was put away by Zac Schwarz. There was another attempt at goal from the mid field by Oliver Saracini Palombo but was skillfully saved by the opposition. Patrick Hinze, Jacob Gardener, Thomas Filipowicz and Harrison Gould all played well and we look forward to another positive year of soccer in 2019!