Under 10 White

Coach: Steve Shotton

Team Manager: Jaime Cook & Melissa Stapleton

**** Match Reports 2020 ****

Round 14 – 26th September – Hahndorf White v Woodside Red

The rain held off and the sun came out for the last round of the season, where Hahndorf Under 10 White met Woodside Red at Pine Avenue.

Lawson Shotton, Billy Cook and Harry Wood started the match in the forward.  Jensen Ingram, Daniel Peters and Eddie Bjordal took up position in the back half, whilst Thomas Stapleton guarded the goals.  Woodside started strong, having several attempts at goal, but Stapleton was able to block these attempts and maintained the 0-0 score line.  Ingram performed a number of critical intercepts in the backline to push the ball into Hahndorf’s forward line.  Lawson had a number of shots at goal, but the ball was unable to find the back of the net.

A rotation with the bench saw Joel Bateman take up position in the forward.  He immediately made an impact with some excellent running with the ball through the Woodside defence to convert a shot at goal.

In the second half, Peters moved into the goals, and despite numerous attempts at goal by a strong Woodside team, he ably defended each attempt.  Woodside continued to keep the pressure on, but the defence of Cook, Lawson, and Wood held strong.  Wood was able to push the ball forward and had an attempt at goal, but unfortunately was unable to get it past the Woodside goalie.

In the forward, Bjordal was brilliant in his intercepts and quick footwork.  Will Tully and Bjordal had some excellent passing play, with Tully later making a precision pass to Stapleton who then scored the second goal of the match.

The match was arguably one of the tightest fought contests for Hahndorf Under 10 White this season and was a fantastic show of skill by both teams.  Well done to coach Stephen Shotton and the under 10’s team for a strong finish to the 2020 season.

Round 13 – 19th September – Hahndorf White v Hahndorf Black

It was a local derby at Hahndorf Soccer Club on Saturday as Under 10 White met Under 10 Black. The meet began with a solemn minute of silence in memory of great club man Rob Kilpatrick.

The game kicked off with both Magpie teams strong out of the gates, with a fantastic opening goal by Thomas Stapleton. Joel Bateman closely followed suit with another goal for Hahndorf White. Hahndorf Black returned serve with a goal before half time.  Goalkeeper Eddie Bjordal fiercely defended attempts at goal by Hahndorf Black, strongly supported by Hahndorf Whites wall of defence by Lawson Shotton, Daniel Peters and Harry Woods. Will Tully asserted himself in attack and Jensen Ingram and Billy Cook showcased their strong footwork as they moved in to defence. Both Magpie teams delivered an impressive game of skill, with many of the players showing to be well placed for the move into Competitive play next Winter.

Round 12 – 12th September – Hahndorf White v Mt Barker

Spring was definitely in the air, a beautiful pitch made running for the boys easy.  Hahndorf kept the pressure on from the first whistle.  After a few attempts the first goal was scored by Lawson Shotton.  Mt Barker did some great tackling, but Hahndorf seemed to be everywhere.  An attempt at Joel Bateman was brilliantly saved by Mt Barker goalie followed by another great save against Thomas Stapleton.  Finally Mt Barker #49 had their first attempt at goal but unfortunately missed, I think it woke Hahndorf up and the pressure was on Mt Barker again, bringing another goal to Thomas.  Again #49 put the pressure on Hahndorf.  Some very fancy footwork by Jenson Ingram entertained the spectators.  Great defence by Billy Cook meaning 3 attempts at goal by Mt Barker was stopped.

A great save by Goalie against Joel in the 2nd half.  Again Hahndorf kept the pressure on.  After some great passing Jenson scored the 1st goal of the half.  Joel finally got a goal.  An amazing attempt at goal by Mt Baker got the goalie on his feet.  A good attempt by Harry Wood again kept the pressure on their goalie.  Another good save by Mt Barker goalie denied Hahndorf a goal.  Harry had a few attempts at goal, giving Mt Barker some pressure but Joel put one through in the last few minutes.

A bunch of hot sweaty and happy boys left the pitch today.

Round 11 – 5th September – Hahndorf White v Nairne

The Hahndorf Under 10 White Team made the short journey to  sunny Nairne this morning. The first half was very even between the two teams, Harry Woods, Eddie Bjordal and Lawson Shotton created several chances up front but Nairne were very hard to break down. Lawson eventually put the ball in the back of the net after some good defending from Joel Bateman, Jensen Ingram and Daniel Peters.

Thomas Stapleton was solid in goal. Billy Cook and Will Tully also created some chances.
In the 2nd half Lawson started in goal with Eddie, Billy and Harry making up the defence. After some good build up play Joel and Thomas added to the goal tally. The game was played in good spirit.

Round 10 – 29th August – Hahndorf White v Stirling Districts

It was perfect sunny playing conditions when Hahndorf Under 10 White met Stirling Districts at Aldgate Primary School oval.

Hahndorf started the game with Lawson Shotton, Will Tully and Billy Cook in the forward half.  While Stirling’s defence was strong, some excellent passing and play by Tully and Cook provided the perfect setup for Shotton, who was able to convert several attempts at goal.

In the backline, Hahndorf’s Jensen Ingram dominated against the formidable Stirling forwards, with some excellent throw ins and fancy footwork to push the ball back into Hahndorf’s forward.  Part-way through the first half, Thomas Stapleton was subbed on.  Stapleton instantly made an impact, contributing with some strong defensive skills and was quick to chase down balls in the backline.

In the second half, Eddie Bjordal was able to steal the ball on several occasions and kept the ball in Hahndorf’s forward.  Harry Wood also moved into the forward line, and was able to break through the strong Stirling defence to score a goal.  He was ably joined by Joel Bateman, who used his skills to manoeuvre around the defence to also convert several goals.  In the end, the Hahndorf defence held strong under pressure, thanks to strong defensive play by Daniel Peters.

It was a tightly contested match and the Hahndorf team played well against the skill level of the Stirling team.  Well done to coach Stephen Shotton and the under 10’s team for an entertaining match played in good spirits.

Round 9 – 22nd August – Hahndorf White v Strathalbyn Red

Seven Shivering Hahndorf Players took to a grassy pitch.  The attack side soon warmed up, keeping Strathalbyn defence on their toes.  Some great passing by the whole team in the first half kept Strathalbyn running around. Harry Woods was strong in defence which made it very difficult for the Strathalbyn to bring it down to their attacking half.

Due to some great passing from Hahndorf, two goals were scored in the first half.  Eddie Bjordal was challenged by the long grass taking a few tumbles, but managing to do some great tackles.  Thomas Stapleton, Billy Cook and Eddie kept the pressure on using their body to block some great kicks.  In the second half Strathalbyn came out strong putting pressure on defence.  Daniel Peters, the Hahndorf goalie, saved a great try by Strathalbyn.  Another try by Strathalbyn , but just missed.  Lawson Shotton in attack scored a goal from way back, followed by two more.

Hahndorf gave some great entertainment for the brave parents.

Round 7 – 8th August – Hahndorf White v Woodside Blue

Cold and damp morning saw Hahndorf U10’s White have a convincing win over the Woodside Warriors. Woodside applied good pressure at the start but Lawson Shotton got two early goals in the first half and Harry Wood scored a great goal from outside the box.  Strong defence from Hahndorf made it difficult for Woodside to score but there were a couple wise kick-ins from keeper Thomas Stapleton. Was pleasing to see how well the attack worked together, Eddie Bjordal chasing hard and doing some great throw ins, but the highlight for the first half was Jensen Ingram bagging a ‘haul’ (four goals).

Big switch up in the second half, with all players in different positions, Hahndorf dominated again with two quick goals from Joel Bateman another two from Thomas Stapleton before both being subbed.  Billy Cook and William Tully both scored. Woodside looked like they might score in the second half but Daniel Peters worked hard in defence and keeper Eddie Bjordal showed courage going out to the play later in the second half.  Both teams played in good spirit and very muddy stripes.

Round 5 – 25th July – Hahndorf White v Murray Bridge

Hahndorf White met Murray Bridge at Pine Avenue, Hahndorf for the third match of the season.
The teams appeared well matched and put on a competitive display. Hahndorf’s defence team of
Lawson Shotton, Thomas Stapleton and Jensen Ingram, with goal keeper Daniel Peters held Murray
Bridge to account in the opening half. The teams scored goal for goal with Billy Cook, Harry Wood
and Edward Bjordal dominating possession.

Murray Bridge returned the favour with a formidable wall of defence in the second half play. William
Tully moved in to attack for Hahndorf and Thomas Stapleton closed the match stunning the crowd
with two successive goals. A game played with great sportsmanship and enjoyed by the players and
spectators alike. Many thanks to the referee and parent volunteers who supported the teams today.

Round 3 – 11th July – Hahndorf White v Stirling United

The weather was forecast for rain and thunderstorms but the only storm today was the Hahndorf U10 White team taking control of the ball quickly out of centre with Joel Bateman’s great ball skills and finding the net for the 1st goal.  Hahndorf once again quickly took the ball off Stirling United with Will Tully and Jensen Ingram in attack and found Bateman to kick his 2nd goal.  Stirling United went in attack and had their first attempt at goal but a nice save by Harry Woods, Hahndorf’s Goalkeeper.  Hahndorf’s defence was Lawson Shotton, Billy Cook and Thomas Stapleton were making it hard for Stirling United to go into attack.  Hahndorf had another attempt with Ingram showing his fancy feet with the ball and kicking the ball into the net for his 1st goal.  After half time we saw Hahndorf attackers Stapleton, Cook and Woods bring the ball forward and attempted to kick the ball into the net but Stirling United Goalkeeper deflected the ball away in a result of a corner for Hahndorf.  Woods took the corner but Stirling United defence took control of the ball and went towards their forward.  With an attempt at goals Hahndorf’s Goalkeeper Shotton made a nice save and quickly got it out of defence with Tully.  Stirling United were strong in attack and tried again at goals but unfortunately Shotton saved it again.  Hahndorf again got it out of defence and Hahndorf forward Stapleton controlled the ball and attempted a kick at goals but again the Stirling United Goalkeeper blocked it.

It was a strong performance by both teams and the second half showed both teams having attempts at goals, defence making it hard for the attackers and showing good sportsmanship throughout the game.

Round 2 – 4th July – Hahndorf White v Strathalbyn White

It was a cold morning with some blue sky at Strathalbyn polo grounds when Hahndorf White took to the field against Strathalbyn White.Both teams opened strongly and both had ample talent.Most of the first half was played in Hahndorf’s forward area but the Strathalbyn defence was strong under constant pressure from Lawson Shotten,Harry Wood and Billy Cook.The main difference between the two teams was the passing skills of Hahndorf .Lawson  scored  late in the half and it was a tight contest at half time.In the second half Hahndorf’s attackers became defenders and the defenders became attackers with a rotation and the pressure  overwhelmed the home team.Joel Bateman who had little to do as goalkeeper in the first half was unstoppable  as a forward and got 4 past the opposition goalkeeper who was valiant under siege and Thomas Stapleton also slotted one home.Edward Bjordal and Will Tully played their parts in a solid team effort that was played in great spirit.Strathalbyn goaled in the second half  of a memorable game which had many highlights most notably including Harry Woods  fearless defence in a particularly  torrid circumstance.

Round 1 – 27th June – Hahndorf White v Woodside Red

The Hahndorf Under 10 White team put in a strong effort to win against Woodside Red in perfect weather at Pine Avenue.

Hahndorf started the game with Harry, Eddie and Joel in the forward, Lawson and Thomas in the back, whilst Billie was goalkeeper.
In the first half there was some precise passing up forward with shots at goal from Eddie and Harry.  Hahndorf then found the back of the net with 3 consecutive goals by Joel.  Lawson and Thomas were strong in defence and Billie made several good saves in the goals.
In the second half, coach Steve swapped the team positions around with Thomas, Lawson and Billy now taking up the forward positions and Joel, Eddie and Harry in the back.  Thomas was able to convert some excellent forward play by Billie and Lawson early in the second half, to score a goal.  This was shortly followed by an excellent throw-in from Lawson, and another goal by Thomas.   Woodside’s defence was strong, but with Billie’s assistance, Lawson was able to find the back of the goals.
In the back, Eddie, Harry and Joel were able to fend off Woodsides attack, with all three making strong passes back to the forward.  Hahndorf’s forwards were able to make several more shots on goal, with 2 attempts converting to goal.
Hahndorf would like to thank Woodside for an exciting first match for the season, and for allowing our Under 10s team to borrow 2 of their players, Charlie and Finn, to meet player numbers.

**** Match Reports 2019 ****

Round 17 – 24th August – Hahndorf White v Woodside Blue

In today’s match, Hahndorf Under 10 White played Woodside Blue at Woodside oval in cold, windy conditions. Both teams ran hard for the whole match, with Woodside taking the lead in the first half, scoring 3 goals. Hahndorf overcame some earlier crowding problems to greatly improve their game in the second half, with many opportunities for goal and 3 goals scored. The whole team made a determined effort, with defence and centre working hard to get the ball to the forwards and the Hahndorf goalkeeper saving a number of potential opposition goals. Hahndorf managed to even the score in the second half, making for a very exciting game.

Congratulations to moth teams on a fantastic game.

Round 16 – 17th August – Hahndorf White v Stirling White

The sun was shining as Hahndorf White met Stirling White at Stirling East Primary School. The match started with a strong attack from Stirling, with Chris Haynes and Cooper Liddle from Hahndorf making some nice early intercepts. There was some good movement of the ball up and down the pitch, with some great plays by Emlyn Gilroy and some excellent saves by Levi Beesley. The first goal went to Stirling. Liddle played some nice defence and there were two near goals by Stirling, fended off by Liddler and Luca Cannavo. Hahndorf did some strong passing and the first half saw great play by all, with Gilroy getting many good kicks in.

Start of the second half began with more strong teamwork from Stirling, which was met with some great plays from Haynes. A goal from Liddle evened the score to one all. Play was even between the ends, between two well matched teams. Gilroy continued his strong game with great blocking and there were some big kicks, from Beesley, Blane Balcom and Liam Sickerdick, with all players for Hahndorf getting involved in the game. Late in the second half saw Stirling score their second goal. Stirling emerged victorious in a strongly played and well-matched game. Great game by both teams, well done to the boys from Stirling.

Round 14 – 3rd August – Hahndorf White v Nairne

It was a chilly start to the match between Hahndorf White and Nairne playing at Nairne’s home ground, the local primary school. Both teams were eager to begin, but all looked on in surprise as Hahndorf’s Emlyn Gilroy scored the first goal of the match only seconds after the whistle was blown. As the game continued Hahndorf worked well as a team to take possession of the ball once again. Levi Beesley was looking strong in his forward position, making an attempt at goal, but Nairne’s defence stepped up to make a steal.

Both teams continued to work hard, with Angus Mifsud and Luca Cannavo holding their ground in defence and Rikki Henry stopping any attempts made at goal. As the game continued Christopher Haynes put on an impressive display of his passing ability, which was followed by a crowd pleasing goal by Cooper Liddle, only just making it in over the goal keepers head. Although Hahndorf’s Liam Sickerdick, Gilroy, Aylen and Beesley continued to make many determined attempts at goal, Nairne’s defence and goalie, just proved too strong. As play began in the second half it became evident that these two teams were evenly matched. Once again Hahndorf’s defence remained strong as Nairne continued to persist in attack, eventually resulting in a goal for Nairne.

Both teams are to be commended for their display of determination and persistence, well done!

Round 13 – 27th July – Hahndorf White v Stirling Districts

It was a lovely sunny morning when Hahndorf U10 White, met Stirling Districts White at the Aldgate Primary School pitch. Both teams struggled with a very wet, soggy ground, but the game was well balanced with some great highlights.

Hahndorf were down to six players and Stirling kindly offered to lend their players, on rotation, ending up in a 7 a side match.

Hahndorf started with Chris Haynes in goals, who did a great job defending. Luca Cannavo and Angus Mifsud worked will in defence along with Liam Sickerdick. They were kept busy covering ground and defending several attempts at goal.

Hahndorf played a very good first half, fighting for the ball in attack. Players were spread out well over the field resulting in some great passing. Despite 2 or 3 good attempts at goal, it was Stirling leading the game at the end of the first half, with 2 amazing goals from just outside of the box.

In the second half Sickerdick was successful as goal keeper. Mifsud and Oliver Aylen did great work covering and re-launching for their team in defence. Stirling managed to score another goal but Hahndorf countered with goal from Emlyn Gilroy, followed by Mifsud, in what has become his signature move, shooting a spectacular goal from the halfway line.

It was an exciting and well-matched game with great sportsmanship displayed by both teams.

Round 11 – 6th July – Hahndorf White v Murray Bridge Gold

It was a sensational sunny winter’s day as the teams took to the field. The game took off to a good start and the teams look well matched. Ricky Henry in goals for the first half was well supported by Angus Mifsud and Levi Beesley putting up great efforts in defence and preventing the opposition’s efforts at goals. Mifsud kicked the first goal for Hahndorf from the halfway line lifting the team spirits. Luca Cannova made excellent passes throughout the game and repeatedly cleared the ball from the opposition. Liam Sickerdick kept the pressure up on the goal square and his efforts were eventually rewarded. Christopher Haynes and Cooper Liddle were busy in midfield and both displayed excellent ball skills throughout the game. Beesley played a great game and he consistently kept the pressure on the opposition. A sensational header was achieved by Emlyn Gilroy, which was followed up with a couple of goals by Gilroy later in the first half.

Liddle took to the goal in the second half and the opposition eventually succeeded in getting a goal past him after several challenges were made by Murray Bridge. Beesley made several attempts toward goal in the second half but these were all well defended by the opposition and were unsuccessful. As a team, Hahndorf are definitely coming together, and improved skills were observed within each of the team members. It was a fun game to watch and Hahndorf U10 White would like to thank Murray Bridge United U10 Gold for a great game.

Round 10 – 29th June – Hahndorf White v Hahndorf Black

It was a very cold wet morning when Hahndorf U10 White met with Hahndorf U10 Black. From the first whistle Hahndorf White put in a strong effort, playing an excellent defensive game, but Hahndorf Black were ultimately too strong, playing a fantastic game and driving the ball to the goals.

Hahndorf White started the game with Oliver Aylen in as goalkeeper. He was kept busy defending the goals and did a great job. Luca Cannavo and Cooper Liddle were kept very busy in defence. Levi Beesley did a fantastic job in the midfield and covered a lot of ground along with team mate Emlyn Gilroy. In the first half Hahndorf White made several attempts at goal but didn’t manage to get past the great goal defending of Hahndorf Black.

The second half saw Rikki Henry in goal keeper, with Aylen , Liam Sickerdick and Beesley in the midfield. Chris Haynes in attack covered a lot of ground, with some great passing. Hahndorf Black made some fantastic goals in the second half. Just before the siren, Gilroy made a last minute goal which put the White team on the scoreboard.

Both teams were challenged by the very wet conditions, but is was a friendly meeting between the two Hahndorf teams.

Round 9 – 22nd June – Hahndorf White v Woodside Warriors

It was a cold sunny morning when Hahndorf U10 White met with Woodside Warriors Blue in Hahndorf. From the first whistle Hahndorf put in a strong effort, playing an excellent defensive game.

Hahndorf started the game with Liam Sickerdick in as goalkeeper. He was kept busy defending the goals and did a great job. Chris Haynes was very strong in defence, and managed to cover a lot of the pitch. Luca Cannavo and Emlyn Gilroy were very active in the midfield, with Emlyn making several attempts at goal. Levi Beesley and Cooper Liddle both made attempts at goal. In the end it was Woodside who scored the first goal right before the half time whistle.

The second half saw Liddle in goal keeper, with Haynes and Sickerdick in the midfield. Once again, Haynes covered a lot of ground, with some great passing. Cannavo in defence, managed to block several goal and Gilroy was very active in attack. Cannavo ran the ball down the pitch with a great pass to Haynes who quickly passed to Beesley and a fantastic goal was attempted, which missed by the narrowest margin.

It was an exciting game, with both teams putting in a very strong effort. Hahndorf Under 10 White wish to thank Woodside Warriors for a great game.

Round 8 – 15th June – Hahndorf White v Murray Bridge

Hahndorf’s U10 White team played a very strong game against Murray Bridge today. The team was very focussed and demonstrated skilful passing and good teamwork. Hahndorf took the lead early in the first half, with Cooper Liddle scoring the first goal. Levi Beesley and Cooper worked together to score two more goals, assisted by great passing from Luca Cannavo and Blane Balcom. The 4th goal was scored by Levi after some incredible tricky footwork to evade the opposition.

Angus Mifsud kept the pressure on and went on to score a goal. Oliver Aylen kept up a strong defence, and Blane delivered a powerful kick that almost reached the goals from the halfway line. Chris Haynes tackled the ball away from the opposition and set up for another goal, scored by Emlyn Gilroy. Rikki Henry showed a strong return after some time away, scoring twice before half time. Great communication and passing by Angus and Liam Sickerdick kept the play away from goals. After the break Murray Bridge stepped up their game, putting more pressure on Hahndorf but were ultimately unable to break through their defence.

Round 7 – 1st June – Hahndorf White v Mt Barker

Hahndorf’s U10 White team had a very well-matched game against Mount Barker today. Both teams showed good ball skills and intense drive after the ball in the first half, with defenders and goalies all working hard to keep the scores nil all despite many attempts by the forwards on both teams. Hahndorf then took the lead early after the break, with Emlyn Gilroy and Chris Haynes breaking through the opposition defence with strong goals.

The muddy pitch and fast running contested play saw quite a lot of tumbles but it was great to see the players showing good sportsmanship and care for each other. Mount Barker continued to provide a vigorous match but struggled to find space for clear shots on goal, while Hahndorf defence and midfielders kept working hard to quickly shift the ball back to their attacking players. Great game

Round 6 – 25th May – Hahndorf White v Rangers

A wet, miserable day met the Hahndorf Under 10 White and their opponents Rangers Under 10 as they kicked off on their match for the day. The rain was relentless, and it did not let up throughout the game. From the outset the teams looked to be evenly matched and this was played out through both halves. Oliver Aylen started out in goals and valiantly thwarted all goal attempts through the first half. There was a lot of action within the midfield through much of the game and great efforts were noted by Christopher Haynes, Blane Balcom and Luca Cannova to move the ball up the field. Angus Mifsud successfully shot the first goal for Hahndorf shortly before the end of the first half after several earlier attempts were well defended by the opposition.

The second half saw Balcom in goals and he was well supported in defence by Mifsud and Cannova, though eventually two goals from the opposition slipped by. Emlyn Gilroy covered huge areas of the field keeping the pressure on the opposition and he eventually equalised the game with his own superb goal. Cooper Liddle kept up a solid pace throughout the game and made several great efforts toward goal. Liam Sickerdick soon followed these efforts with a great goal of his own which was closely followed with another equaliser by the opposition. Hahndorf kept the pressure on throughout the second half and were rewarded with a second goal by Sickerdick shortly before final whistle. It was an exciting game to watch and both teams showed amazing efforts in keeping their energy and spirits up in such soggy conditions. Hahndorf are showing excellent promise as a strengthening team for this season.

Round 5 – 11th May – Hahndorf White v Woodside Blue

It was a chilly start to the morning with the drizzle setting in soon after the first whistle was blown to start the match between Hahndorf White and Woodside Warriors Blue. Hanhdorf White’s players were at the ready with Levi Beesley in goals, Cooper Liddle and Blane Balcom in forward position, Oliver Aylen and Liam Sickerdick in defence and Luca Cannavo, Christopher Haynes and Angus Mifsud in midfield. Both teams consistently applied pressure in both attack and defence to gain possession, it was a constant mess of legs as both teams scrambled for the ball. On many occasions Mifsud stole the ball from the opposition, while Beesley made several successful attempts to save the ball from goals. Despite the team work and pressure displayed by Aylen and Sickerdick in defence, Woodside were first to score a goal. As the game continued it was like watching a pinball machine as the ball yo-yoed from one end to the other. Balcom went for many goals, each time only just missing. Meanwhile Aylen was producing big kicks to clear the ball from the opposition. Emlyn Gilroy was subbed on into midfield and was quick to weave in and out of the players to get the ball down to goal. Balcom once again made an attempt for goal, this time scoring the first goal for Hahndorf White.

The second half saw both teams return to the pitch full of determination. Beesley took charge of the ball early on to get to the goals, but Woodside’s defence continued to prove too strong. Woodside took control of the ball, however, once again due to the persistence and team work from Sickerdick and Mifsud, Hahndorf regained possession with Beesley kicking the first goal of the second half. As the ball sped past the Hahndorf players, Woodside had the perfect opportunity to secure a goal, unfortunately for them, Aylen had his eye on the ball and performed an impressive block. As play continued many close-call attempts for goal were made by both teams as spectators watched on in anticipation. As the final whistle drew near Mifsud wowed the crowd with an unbelievable kick from behind the halfway line – quite possibly the goal of the season. All players are to be commended on their persistence, determination and teamwork; well done.

Round 4 – 4th May – Hahndorf White v Stirling

The Hahndorf U10 White team had a perfect cool and clear morning for their game against Stirling.  Hahndorf started their attack on goals early, with first half goals by Blaine Balcom and Levi Beasley despite strong defence by Stirling’s Eloise Knight and Aubrey Adare. A beautiful pass by Chris Haynes then set up Beasley for a second goal. The second half saw Stirling’s Lauren Gregan make some good attacking runs but solid work by Hahndorf defenders Emlyn Gilroy and Haynes kept the visitors scoreless. At the other end of the pitch, Stirling’s defenders and goalie were kept busy by Oliver Aylen, Balcom and Beasley, but persistence and great clearances kept Hahndorf to a single goal in the second half.  Both teams showed good skills and teamwork, well done all.

Round 3 – 27th April – Hahndorf White v Woodside Red

It was a warm and sunny late morning start, as Hahndorf White met Woodside Red on their home turf. Emlyn Gilroy took the first kick off, with Liam Sickerdick wasting no time in running it up past Woodside, displaying tenacity and some clever footwork along the way.

Woodside were strong on the counter-attack, though Hahndorf were ready to defend with Emlyn and Christopher Haynes demonstrating some strong passing, between each other and then to Blane Balcom who gave the ball an almighty kick back to Luca Cannavo and Liam in the attack.

With Woodside landing the first goal of the match, Hahndorf were ready to take up the fight as Oliver Aylen came on field replacing Levi Beasley in subs and wasted no time in getting in there with some fearless tackling. Luca kept up the pressure but Woodside were staunch in the defence, pushing back on Hahndorf and scoring for the second time. This was followed up by a couple of bold saves by Rikki Freer in goals, with Blane delivering a series of big kicks downfield, causing Woodside to retreat.

Heading into the second half, Hahndorf demonstrated some great teamwork with some careful passing between Oliver and Blane. Levi was primed for the attack, running it down to goals nimbly manoeuvring past Woodside in the midfield. Luca was a staunch defender and Emlyn showed some great skill in gaols. Finally Rikki got his chance to shoot at goals, and was so close to scoring that it sent a shot of excitement through the team which carried through and minutes later Blane followed up and landed it in goals much to the delight of his teammates. Though Woodside followed up with more goals, Hahndorf never abated from a vigorous fight and untiring team effort that made us all proud!

Round 2 – 13th April – Hahndorf White v Woodside Blue

Midday saw the teams assembled to begin the match under a mist of light drizzle. From the kick off, both teams were solid in their efforts to get the ball to their end and good play was seen in both ends of the goals. Oliver Aylen had first kick on behalf of Hahndorf and as the half progressed, he was ably backed up by all the team, including some good work by Cooper Liddle in Midfield.

First goal of the match went to Levi Beasley. The Woodside had a strong team and played well, attacking and defending. By the end of the half, we had seen some big kicks from both teams and good foot work. Just before the end of the half, Woodside scored their first with a strong kick to goals to even the score.

The second half saw some excellent saves by Hahndorf goal keeper Ricky Henry, who did a fine job defending his patch from the Warriors. There was good movement up and down the field, with strong work by Christopher Haynes in securing the ball back for Hahndorf on numerous occasions. Nearing the end of the match, Levi scored a second goal that won the match for Hahndorf.

The teams were evenly matched, and it was a great game by all. Appreciation is given to the coaches and umpires for all their assistance, and to the Woodside Warriors for a fantastic match.

Round 1 – 6th April – Hahndorf White v Stirling United White

It was a cold, grey start to the morning as Hahndorf U10 White met with Stirling United U10 White to kick off the 2019 soccer season. Both teams took positions as the drizzle began to fall and from the first whistle both teams put in solid efforts. Emlyn Gilroy and Levi Beasly displayed strong balls skills as they worked hard at moving the ball up the pitch during the first half and Blane Balcom and Christopher Haynes were kept busy across the field. Liam Sickerdick displayed great efforts in goal and performed some excellent saves before Stirling United successfully got a goal past him toward the end of the first half.

Luca Cannova put in solid efforts in midfield while Oliver Aylen and Angus Mifsud shot some big kicks in defence to keep the ball away from goal. After the half time break, Cooper Liddle started in goals while Mifsud and Sickerdick were in midfield. Hahndorf took the attack up to Stirling United and Beasley and Balcom made attempts at goals, but these were well defended by the opposition goalie and were unfortunately unsuccessful.

It was a strong effort and a good start to the season with solid skills displayed by both teams. The Hahndorf U10 Whites would like to thank Stirling United U10 White for a great game

**** Match Reports 2018 ****

Round 16 – 18th August – Hahndorf v Murray Bridge Gold

A cold and windy morning greeted us at Murray Bridge . Hahndorf started strongly with an early goal from Zac Ahlburg . The play went straight down the other end and there was a great save by Toby Perkins . The play was evenly contested which saw both goalies working hard . Murray Bridge scored with the ball going over Toby’s head . The back line of Max Oliver and Oliver Dahmke worked hard and Logan Maxwell , Joshua Verryt and Zac Ahlburg were strong in the forward positions .

The second half saw the battle resume with strong attacks from both sides and the Logan scored a goal closely followed by a goal by Joshua goal . Murray Bridge fought back and scored and had our defence Max and Oliver and goalie Zac on their toes ! There were some great runs by our forwards Logan , Joshua and Toby .

The game was very even and quick and very entertaining for the cold spectators .

Round 13 – 28th July – Hahndorf v Murray Bridge Gold

Anyone would have been forgiven for thinking it was a fine Spring day during our U10 game with Hahndorf versing Murray Bridge United Gold as part of Adelaide Hills JSA.

The  game started with Rohan Turner as Goalie, Zac Ahlburg and Josh Verryt Strikers with birthday boy Charlie Harvey in defense alongside Toby Perkins with Oliver Dahmke and Max Oliver as midfielders. The strength of team play among this Hahndorf team resulted in a goal in the opening moments by Hahndorf’s Zac Ahlburg, which was quickly followed up by two more goals by Ahlburg before half time. A number of great goal attempts by Hahndorf’s Josh Verryt but a narrowly missing the goals. Fancy footwork by Ahlburg kept the ball in Hahndorf’s play.

Second half saw more strong team work from Hahndorf, resulting in two more goals by Ahlburg. A great goal attempt by Turner which also narrowly missed the net. Murray Bridge’s No 8 Michael narrowly missed his goal attempt with Hahndorf’s Perkins as Goalie.

Murray Bridge United Gold is a team made up of new players this year. The strong sense of team spirit and strong sportsmanship is this team’s strength and it will serve them well in years to come as they develop their skills. There was many a pat on the back from Murray Bridge players checking on the welfare of their opposing team.

Ahlburg, with help from strong  midfielders Dahmke, Turner and Verryt, scored another goal in eth closing minutes of the game with a strong win due to the strong team work that this team has been displaying throughout the season.

Round 10 – 30th June – Hahndorf v Mannum

A windy but sunny day greeted us for the ABJSA Hahndorf vs Mannum under 10’s game. Hahndorf striker Zac Ahlburg had a strong attempt quickly followed by a goal in the opening minutes of the game. Hahndorf’s Striker Logan Maxwell ploughed down the centre with another attempt at goal. Hahndorf’s strong team play took the ball down Hahndorf’s end for a number of attempts at goal by Zac Ahlburg but stopped in his track’s by Mannum’s goalie, Alex Vidler-may.
Also great goal saves by the Hahndorf goalie, Oliver Dahmke.
A lovely series of passes by the Hahndorf team with Toby Perkins, passing to Max Oliver, on to Rohan Turner and then on to Maxwell who scored another goal for Hahndorf. A couple of long, high goal attempt by Hahndorf’s Rohan Turner, culminated in a hit to the goal post. Charlie Harvey fed a top pass to Max Oliver who shot down the wing with a great attempt at goal by the birthday boy, only to be stopped in his tracks by the Mannum goalie .
The second half saw Hahndorf’s Rohan Turner scoring a goal within the opening moments. Great positioning by Hahndorf led to more goal attempts by Ahlburg. Smooth goal by Josh Verryt and a sneaky goal by Ahlburg and a valiant attempt by Oliver Dahmke.
mannum’s Amalia Treloar  had a lovely attempt at goal but saved by Hahndorf Goalie, Oliver.
A great game for spectators- even a pair of Whistling Kite’s took in most of the game from above .

Round 8 – 16th June – Hahndorf v Woodside

Winter is truly here with the game played in freezing, but thankfully dry, conditions at the Woodside home ground. Despite that a full team turned up raring to continue the fine form that has been displayed in the weeks leading up to the break.

The game started with Charlie Harvey in goal and Charlie Fox in attack, a fine pair of bookends for the team. It was clear from the outset that the boys had goals on their minds as they continually moved forward, putting the pressure on the Woodside goal. Lovely balls from the midfield of Oliver D and Max O were giving our forwards opportunities and eventually one of these balls from Oliver found Logan and with a combination of strength and touch, he found the back of the net. The rest of the half continued in the same vein, and was dominated by a couple of Ronaldo like runs from Charlie Fox which resulted in two divine goals. Who needs the World cup when we have this quality of play?

The second half saw a more determined Woodside team playing to the scoring end, and the pressure was on. Zac Ahlberg in goal was tested plenty of times, but continually repelled the attack. His skill, combined with the concentration of Charlie (the rock) Harvey, Max O and Toby in defense meant that Hahndorf was able to keep a clean sheet for the game. The occasional foray forward gave Josh V a couple of opportunities, but he was thwarted by a solid Woodside defence. A great result for the boys and the great teamwork that they have been displaying continues.

Cup Round – 19th May – Hahndorf 4 v 0 Murray Bridge Gold
Drizzly conditions met us at St Michaels Primary but that didn’t slow down either Hahndorf or Murray Bridge Gold .The play was swapping from end to end very quickly . A great stop from goalie Max Oliver and constant attacking from Zac Ahlburg and Olliver Dahmke and lots of shots at goals ! Hard work paid off with Zac scoring a goal . Pressure from both teams and both goalies were working hard .

The second half started very strongly for Hahndorf with Zac Ahlburg scoring another goal quite quickly . The Murray bridge keeper was working hard but Logan Maxwell got one past him for a fantastic goal and a couple of strong runs from Murray bridge saw our defence line show off their skills but Logan Maxwell got one past him for a goal . Our forward line kept working together with some amazing passes and Josh Verryt pressed and passed off to Zac Ahlburg for another goal .

The boys worked brilliantly as a team , and there was some very fancy footwork on show for a strong win .

Round 5 – 12th May – Hahndorf v Nairne
On a cold morning at St Michael primary school Nairne and Hahndorf kicked off for an under 10’s clash.

Early in the first half Hahndorf was in control with multiple attacking runs forward. Josh for Hahndorf made many forays forward with the Nairne defence holding strong. The Nairne goalkeeper kept many goals out in the first half. 9 for Nairne in the midfield was holding his own and 31 was making nice runs from the backline, with a great rebounding goal. Hahndorf then kicked a nice goal in return through 14.

At the start of the second half the tight tussle between both teams continues with Hahndorf again in the attack and Charlie Fox taking three shots on goal. The second half sees Hahndorf miss many goal opportunities and similar to the first half Nairne remaining tough in defence and great goalie saves.

Hahndorf score two more goals towards the end of the second half through Logan Maxwell and 14 (second for the match) and the game ended with a win for Hahndorf .

Round 4 – 5th May – Hahndorf v Rangers
Under 10’s score their first win!

The sun may have hidden behind the clouds but the under 10’s certainly shone today! Lining up against a very tall Rangers team it was sure to be anyone’s game. Hahndorf’s training paid off as all areas of the field worked together to score their first 2-0 win. Many goals were attempted with Logan making two shots hit home in the first half.

Round 3 – 28th April – Hahndorf v Stirling District Blue

The sun was shining on Aldgate Primary pitch on Saturday morning. The Stirling District Blue and Hahndorf under 10 team we’re ready to play.

It was a quick start from Stirling with a fast goal early on. Hahndorf set up their strong defences from that moment and made Stirling work for the ball each time their skillful players went on the attack. Stirling worked hard and eventually found a break in defence and snuck a second goal through despite the Hahndorf goalies best efforts. Several more attempts were made by Stirlings attack but Hahndorf had good defence set up and held them off.

Hahndorf went on the attack and made a great goal attempt but just missed the net. This spiked Stirlings efforts and they struck back under great defensive pressure and hit the back of the net for a third time.

Hahndorf showed great resilience and team play under great pressure from the tight unit of Stirling District Blue team but despite considerable effort by every member of the team Hahndorf were unable to score or stop Stirling from scoring another 2 goals.

Round 1 – 7th April – Hahndorf v Murray Bridge United Blue

United winning the toss ,great centre pass ,Hahndorf takes control of the ball with many attempts at goals but United to good getting the first score of the game
Hahndorf takes back the ball Zac trying to score .Half time United up 2-0

Second half both teams came out fighting for the ball great start ,both teams trying to score ,taking a small break due to heat , coming back from break teams playing hard many try’s from Hahndorf to score with the great goal keeping from United .