Under 11


Team Manager: Tamara Bjordal

**** Match Reports 2021 ****

Round 16 – 6th August – Hahndorf  v Torrens Valley

Torrens Valley hosted Hahndorf soccer club for Friday night footy under lights at the new Summit Sports and Recreation Park.

Hahndorf went out strong earlier, ably led in attack by Sonjae Cook, Nayasha Muradzikwa and William Tully. The boys delivering early multiple goals, fed by the great team work of Eddie Bjordal and Harry Wood in the middle. Hahndorf’s formidable defence line of Billy Cook, Samuel Whitehead, Jensen Ingram together with Cooper Newman in Goalkeeper thorted a hungry Torrens Valley repeat charges at goal. Both teams are to be commended for playing a great game, in cold conditions with no subs for either side.

Round 11 – 26th June – Hahndorf  v Strathalbyn

Perfect playing conditions greeted players and spectators as Hahndorf Under 11’s took to the pitch against Strathalbyn at Pine Avenue.

The match got off to a quick start, with strong passing between Hahndorf’s attack line, but matched equally with Strathalbyns strong defence.

Midway through the first half, Strathalbyn scored the first goal with a follow up  goal from Hahndorf straight away.

Handorf was able to kick into gear and have multiple scoring opportunities late in the first half and snuck one through strathalbyns defence late in the first half .

Hahndorf jumped out after half time and scored again , with Hahndorf unfortunately  bringing the scores closer with an own goal.

Strathalbyn showed strong defence for most of the day with hahndorf fishing the stronger side with two more late goals.

A well-played game with a great show of effort by both teams.

Round 10 – 19th June – Hahndorf  v Woodside

It was a cold and wet morning when Hahndorf under 11 boys took on the Woodside Warriors at the Woodside home ground. Both teams came out strong with great defense from the Woodside warriors and a great fighting spirit from Hahndorf who made a number of attempts on goal in the first half. 5 minutes from the end of the first half Hahndorf broke the ice with their first goal followed in close succession by another.

The second half saw renewed vigor from both sides who were keen to shake off the cold by engaging fully in the game. Once again Woodside put up a good fight with solid defense, but Hahndorf managed to get three goals past them.

Great fun was had by all. Thank you to the players, officials and parents of both teams.

Round 8 – 29th May – Hahndorf  v Stirling

Under clear skies at Aldgate- Hahndorf lined up against Stirling in a much anticipated fixture.The match opened at a fast pace with Hahndorf forwards pressing for an early goal and resulting in Stirling putting the ball into their own net.Will Tully scored shortly  after.Nyasha Muradzikwa was unlucky not to find the back of the net after a ferocious shot just missed. The Hahndorf defence  of Edward Bjordal,Thomas Stapleton,Billy Cook and Harry Wood were resilient and repelled many Stirling attacks but just on halftime Stirling scored.

The second half started at the same lively place as the first and Samuel Whitehead went into protect the goal and let nothing through.Jensen Ingram took his hard running game to a new level with effective passing.Hahndorf seemed to be having most of the play but Stirling was determined and created a number of opportunities.Joel Bateman covered a lot of ground and was rewarded with a nice  goal.Cooper Newman also scored after continual pressure on the Stirling defence led to the break through.Sonjae Cook had many memorable moments.
This match was played in great spirit and hard but fair tackling was a feature.Spectators commented that it was the best match of the year with the ball moving quickly from end to end and many well struck attempts on goal just missing their mark.Coach Matt Bateman must be pleased with the development of his team which is well drilled and disciplined.
Hahndorf supporters can see that the team is well placed to play on the bigger pitch.

Round 7 – 22nd May – Hahndorf  v Rangers

It was a beautiful autumn morning in Ashton when Hahndorf under 11s played Ashton Rangers Jnr. From the first whistle, Hahndorf played a strong game. Hahndorf started the game with Nyasha Muradzikwa as goalkeeper and William Cook, William Tully and Cooper Newman in defence. Joel Bateman and Thomas Stapleton played the midfield and Sonjae Cook, Jensen Ingram and Harry Wood started off in attack. After a good attempt and miss earlier in the half, Bateman shot a great goal. Muradzikwa worked hard as goalkeeper and blocked the ball well. After the half time break, Stapleton was goalkeeper with Cook (S), Cook (W) and Ingram in defence. Whitehead and Wood were in the midfield and Tully, Muradzikwa, and Bateman worked well together in attack. Bateman shot a goal in the second half and  later, Tully and Ingram worked to bring the ball down together, with Ingram then shooting a great goal. Stapleton blocked the ball from some good shots from Ashton Rangers Jnr. It was a strong effort with great skill shown on both sides. The Hahndorf under 11s wish to thank the Ashton Rangers Jnr team for a great game.

Round 6 – 15th May – Hahndorf  v Strathalbyn White

The under 11s travelled to Strathalbyn to take on Strath White

Strath White started off the better with the Hahndorf players taking time to adjust to the pressure Strath was putting them under. Strath had more of the ball for the first 10-15 min of the game but Hahndorf’s defence held up well with Jensen Ingram, Sonjae Cook and Edward Bjordal holding up strong. Hahndorf started to get more ball as the game continued with Samuel Whitehead having a great shot at goal, but was stopped by the Strath goalie. This effort seemed to inspire the Hahndorf players. Joel Bateman was able to intercept the ball, dribble half the field avoiding several tackles then scoring a goal, almost against the run of play. Not long after, William Tully in the box passed the ball across the front of the Strath Goolie to Harry Wood who scored the next goal. This took us into half time.

The second half saw William (Billy) Cook go into the midfield. This changed the momentum of the game. Billy, along with Nyasha Muradzkwa, controlling the ball in the midfield and forward areas, they did not allow Strath to get much of the ball. This pressure built upon Strath which allowed Joel to secure the ball at halfway, he dribbled the ball then passed it to Jensen who scored the next gaol. From here Hahndorf completely controlled the game with Strath having very little time in there forward half. When they did Cooper Newman was there to too stop their forward enters, with one great stop with his body. He would then send us back forward. The last goal was the best goal of the season free kick taken by Harry 20m out from goal. With a little push pass to Joel who blasted it in to the goal. This goal is going to be hard to beat for goal of the year!!!

Strath played well and pushed the Hahndorf players, but the longer the game went Hahndorf’s skill level and passing skills wearied Strath down. Well done to both teams for giving it all till the end and both teams look forward to a rematch later in the season.

Round 5 – 8th May – Hahndorf  v Nairne

It was any early 8:30 start for the game against Nairne and the team was down to 10 as Joel Bateman wasn’t playing. Hahndorf started well with Eddie Bjordal doing some fine running down the right wing. It was his cross that resulted in a disallowed goal for Harry Wood. However, moments later Harry had a shot on goal, and it was 1-0 to Hahndorf. After the goal Nairne were pressuring the Hahndorf defence but William Cook, Cooper Newman and William Tully worked well together to repel the attacks. Thomas Stapleton was doing some great running from midfield resulting in some further shots on goal from Sonjae Cook before Jensen Ingram got the second goal. Nairne pulled one back to make it 2-1 before Thomas Stapleton got a third goal with a cracking long range shot before half time.

In the second half there was a change in the set up. This allowed Samuel Whitehead to do some great running up front. William Cook was having a blinder with some great tackling and running down the wing. Eddie Bjordal and Thomas Stapleton continued to run hard putting a lot of pressure on Nairne with Tom’s long-range hitting the post. This pressure paid off with Nyasha Muradzikwa getting a brace to make it 5-1. Nairne continue to press forward, but the Hahndorf defence shut down any attacks and Harry Wood had little to do in goals. Overall, Hahndorf’s passing game has improved and the team is continuing to work well together.

Round 4 – 1st May – Hahndorf  v Strathalbyn

Hahndorf U11 team headed to Strathalbyn for this weeks game.  With the forecast 27 they were in for a warm one.  Hahndorf started well and scored the first goal from Jensen Ingram within the first minute. Back at centre and Strathalbyn brought it down to their forward only to be stop by Hahndorf’s defence in Eddie Bjordal who kicked it away and sent it back into Hahndorf’s forward with a nice attempt at goal by Joel Bateman only to be stopped by the Strathalbyn goalie.  Still in Hahndorf’s forward and with the help from Hahndorf’s Sonjae Cook and Thomas Stapleton they passed it to Joel Bateman, who kicked the ball into the net for Hahndorf’s second goal.

Back at centre and Strathalbyn went into their forward. Hahndorf goalie Will Tully was able to save a couple but a corner kick from Strathalbyn forward was able to kick the ball into the net for Strathalbyn first goal.  Hahndorf took it out of centre and Joel Bateman took no time in getting another goal for Hahndorf.  Strathalbyn were able to get it back into their forward only to be stopped by Nashua Wuradzikwa and Cooper Newman who kicked it back into Hahndorf’s forward and saw great foot control from Samuel Whitehead, Thomas Stapleton and Joel Bateman who attempted to kick another goal.

Round 3 – 24th April – Hahndorf  v Woodside

Perfect playing conditions greeted players and spectators as Hahndorf Under 11’s took to the pitch against Woodside Warriors at Pine Avenue.
Hahndorf started the match with a strong forward line of Jensen Ingram, Nyasha Muradzikwa and Harry Wood.  The ball was quick to move up into Hahndorf’s forward, with excellent passing skills on display between the forwards.  It wasn’t long before some great passing provided Muradzikwa an opportunity at goal, but Woodside’s goalie was quick and the ball was intercepted.  Before the ball had a chance to reach Woodside’s forward, Hahndorf took control again.  Wood ran with the ball through the forward and cleverly passed to Ingram, who’s shot at goal proved accurate.  Pressure in the forward was maintained throughout the first half, with Billy Cook and Edward Bjordal performing a number of great intercepts and providing opportunities to Sonjae Cook, Muradzikwa, Samuel Whitehead and Cooper Newman whose shots at goal all proved accurate.  The first half was rounded out with more action in Hahndorf’s forwards, with Joel Bateman proving his skills and accuracy at goals with some clever left foot kicking.

Woodside’s defence tightened in the second half, putting pressure on Hahndorf’s forwards and mid-line.  Accurate kicking was paramount, and an excellent passage of play between Newman and Billy Cook helped break through the tough Woodside defence.  Will Tully and Thomas Stapleton, who had both held up a strong defence line in the first half, relished the opportunity to run the ground and both made several attempts at goal. Woodside then took control of the ball, pushing it down to their forward half, but Hahndorf’s backline held strong with several clean intercepts.

A well-played game with a great show of effort by both teams.

Round 1 – 27th March – Hahndorf  v Woodside

It was a bright and crisp morning when the Hahndorf U11’s took on the Woodside Warriors on Saturday 27 March at 0900 on home ground. After a spectacular start to the game with a goal by Harry Wood in the first minute, Hahndorf continued to maintain possession of the ball for the majority of the first half through great team work and good, solid passes. There were a number of good saves by the Woodside goalie, but 3 more goals by Joel Bateman and 1 by Eddie Bjordal took the score to 5-0 by the end of the first half. Woodside came back with a fighting spirit in the second half with good goal keeping and a solid defense preventing any more goals getting through. Hahndorf displayed great strategic IQ throughout the game. Great fun was had by both teams and the game was most entertaining for the spectators. Thank you to Hahndorf and the Woodside warriors for a morning of great soccer.

**** Match Reports 2020 ****

Round 14 – 26th September – Hahndorf Black 7 v 1 Strathalbyn

Under a clear sky the match got off to an even start, with both teams taking control of the ball in turn to see it reach both goal ends in the opening minutes of the game. Good passing from Luca Cannavo to Cooper Liddle and onto Jacob Neumann saw the first goal scored early for Hahndorf. The strong teamwork continued with Cannavo, Joash Ng, Toby Perkins and Liddle all working well together to get the ball back to Hahndrof’s goal end for the second goal for J. Neumann. Cannavo was strong in his midfield attack and well supported by Jet Zahra and Sam Jansink. The ball remained around the Hahndorf goal with Ryleys Neumann and J. Neumann both skilfull in keeping control for Hahndorf. Liddle displayed strong running, coupled with the good defence fielded from Ng and J. Zahra saw the third goal opportunity converted by J. Neumann. Shortly thereafter Strathalbyn scored an answering goal. The half rounded out with good saves from goalie Angus Mifsud and some long defensive kicks from Ng for Hahndorf.

The second half began with a Hahndorf goal to Pepe Zahra, quickly followed by more cohesive teamwork between Perkins, P. Zahra and J. Zahra. This was followed up by Zack Schwarz and Blane Balcom with long kicks to return the ball down the field to the Hahndorf goal. Balcom passing to Schwarz who converted for a further goal. Liddle continued his excellent attacking game, with J. Zahra on the ball throughout. Cannavo remained a strong player, kicking to clear the ball. The group of Cannavo, Liam Sickerdick and Mifsud were indominatable in defence. The Strathalbyn goalie had some good saves with a few near goals from Hahndorf prevented. Henri Bjordal had an impressive stop of the ball, creating an opportunity for J. Neumann to make a run for a successful goal..Liddle kept up the blazing running, returning the ball for a further score for Hahndorf. Bjordal kept up his work in defence, making it difficult for Strathalbyn to break through. J. Neumann kicked in from the corner and this was quickly converted to goal by Ng.

We would like to thank Strathalbyn for a great game and the umpire for an excellent match to end the season.

Round 13 – 19th September – Hahndorf Black 8 v 2 Woodside

While the weather forecast did not look promising heading into the weekend by the time Saturday arrived the sun was shining and looked promising for a great game.

The players met and held a minutes silence in memory of Rob Kirkpatrick. It was an emotional start showing tribute to a legendary man of the club.

The starting whistle blew and it was game on! Hahndorf came out strong and it didn’t take long before Hahndorf’s Blane Balcom scored the first goal. Angus Misfud, Joash Ng and Jet Zahra were strong in defence with Woodside struggling to get the ball down their end. Balcom was persistent and was rewarded with another shot on goal which narrowly missed. Woodside had a strong throw in with Misfud gaining control for Hahndorf. Toby Perkins and Zahra had several strong kicks in succession ensuring the ball went toward Hahndorf’s end. Ryley Neumann had control of the ball and eyed off the goals but was not able to convert. Luca Cannavo got the ball to Jacob Neumann who scored the next goal. In an exciting match Henri Bjordal had a great tussel with a woodside player and managed to maintain control of the ball and passed to Zack Schwarz who had an attempt on goal and unfortunately the ball sailed over the top of the goals. Woodside managed to break through defence and sneakily got a goal past Pepe Zahra. With only minutes to go Schwarz attempted a final goal with the ball being caught by Woodside.

5 minutes into the second half, Ryley Neumann kicked a fast ball straight into the back of the net. Hahndorfs score was quickly met with a goal by Woodside. Hahndorf was on fire with Liam Sickerdick showing great determination by running the ball to Hahndorfs end with help from Mifsud it got to Neumann, J who converted it into another goal. Within minutes Neumann, J kicked the ball backward over his head, narrowly missing goal where the ball landed to Neumann, R who was unlucky to convert. After some great play by all players on the field Neumann, J was able to score another goal. Sickerdick’s determination was again rewarded with a strong kick seeing the ball sail over the goalies head. Woodside’s goalie threw the ball in where Cooper Liddle gained control and in great skill ran the ball down the field to Hahndorf’s end. The Neumann brothers finished a great game with another goal each to their name.

Hahndorf would like to thank Woodside for a great game and the Umpires and Coaches.

Round 12 – 12th September – Hahndorf Black 6 v 0 Stirling Districts Blue

The match got off to a cracking start with first goal to Ryley Neumann in the opening moments of the game. Jacob Neumann followed with a second score minutes later. Stirling was playing in defence to Hahndorf’s attack. The ball remained in fast play down around Hahndorf’s goal, with some good saves from Stirling’s goalie. The ball made its way down the pitch before some great defensive work by Angus Mifsud set the scene for J. Neumann to score again. Pepe Zahra was in a strong battle for control of the ball, before clearing it and kicking it down the field. The Hahndorf team played well together, Jet Zahra was strong in midfield with Henri Bjordal playing well in attack. The strong defence from Mifsud, Joash Ng and Luca Cannavo saw the ball return again to the Hahndorf goal end. Bjordal had a smooth run to goal, scoring beautifully after the opposition goal was left wide open. Shortly another Hahndorf gaol was scored after a pass by Blane Balcom to P. Zahra. Towards the end of the first half, Stirling regained some nice control, seeing the ball back in their goal area.

The second half started with some nice headers and numerous corner kicks from Hahndorf. R. Neumann scored his second goal with an efficient manouevre. P. Zahra showed his kicking prowess in defence, sending the ball well down the field. Many Hahndorf players saw good touches to move the ball – J. Zahra, J, Neumann and Ng careering play towards the goal, with good defence from Stirling stopping the score. J. Zahra remained good at clearing the ball, with passes to Sam Jansink and Cooper Liddle seeing the ball continue in fast play. A kick from the Stirling goalie was stopped by a header from Balcom, which was then taken up by Ng and converted by J. Neumann into a goal. Stirling got the ball close to a score, but this was prevented through a good save by Hahndorf goalie Zack Schwarz. Hahndorf’s defence and midfield played well together, with great passes from Mifsud, Liam Sickerdick and Cannavo to move the ball back into play for the team. Cannavo showed some good moves stopping the ball and changing direction back into Hahndorf’s control. The last minutes saw a lot of action around the goal square. A good kick from Sickerdick was converted into a goal with a mighty header from Toby Perkins. In the final moments of the match, the last score was for Hahndorf by Balcom.

The match was well played and we would like to thank Stirling Districts Blue and the referee for a good game.

Round 11 – 5th September – Hahndorf Black 6 v 0 Murray Bridge

Hahndorf Black under 12s travelled to Murray Bridge for a 6th vs 8th duel. Conditions we’re absolutely divine and clear 17 degrees with a light south easterly breeze that would favour Murray Bridge for the first half. The pitch was a lot firmer than our team expected, in stark contrast to the sodden pitches the Hills present each week. Sam Jasnik made his return for his second game of the season and took upon the captain duties for the day. Hahndorf peppered the goals early on to assert their intentions to come play.  Into the 5th minute it appeared that Hahndorf had runout of a little puff as Murray Bridge gained more control and possession in their half.  Joash Ng took it upon himself to repel the fleeting advances with his solid clearing kicks relieving the pressure. Luca Cannavo’s support in defence with his watchful eye enabled him to spot our forwards downfield and hit targets down the line. 8 mins in, Murray Bridge’s defence had to seek solace in the goal line and force a corner. Jacob Neumann went the short option pass to Cooper Liddle. A fortunate hand ball call and free kick proceeded. Long short passing drills certainly paid off as Cooper converted with a wonderfully lofted ball curling its way into the back of the net.

A tangle of legs at the 10 min mark within the penalty box was capitalised by Henri Bjordal who slotted Hahndorf’s second goal past the helpless keeper.

Jett Zahra’s fresh legs off the bench provided some much needed run as he weaved his way past 3 would-be defenders deep into our forward. Murray Bridge then surged forward once more to split out defence but Joash’s chase and pace prevailed to clear it so Hahndorf could reset. Blane Balcom’s control and composure in the forward provided Zack Schwarz with a one on one opportunity against the keeper to extend the lead 3-0.

Toby Perkins held his position well and kept on providing forwards with opportunities thanks to his booming left kicks over the mid field. Liddle and Liam Sickerdick were instrumental in providing forward pressure and locking the ball in our half. This supported the untroubled Pepe Zahra as first half keeper keeping a clean sheet.

Murray Bridge surged for the first 5 minutes of the second half despite now going uphill and into the stronger developing breeze. They found resistance from Angus Misfud who brushed aside any advancements that came his way in defence.

Just as there seemed to be a stale mate in play between the two teams, Schwarz toed a lob shot on goal that sailed over the keeper’s head to make it 4-0.

Ryley Neumann took the liberty to weave a corner kick into the dangerous hot spot in front of goals where Bjordal almost put it past the keeper with a header. 2 mins later P Zahra struck a bouncing ball flush on the second bounce from 30 metres out to make it 5-0. He then followed this up with composed conversion that caught the keeper out of position, Hahndorf 6-0. At the 50 minute mark J Neumann sized up a bouncing ball and launched it into the cross bar and landed behind the goal line for Hahndorf’s 7th. It was a satisfying result for the team who all contribute and play their roles for the team.

Round 10 – 29th August – Hahndorf Black 6 v 0 Murray Bridge

The match between Hahndorf Under 12 Black and Murray Bridge United U12’s Gold got off to a cracking start in beautiful conditions for play at Pine Avenue. Early on the first goal for Hahndorf was scored by Henri Bjordal. Following play saw Cooper Liddle strong in attack and excellent defence from Joash Ng. A second goal soon followed for Bjordal. Murray Bridge got the ball down to their end however strong defence by Angus Mifsud and some good saves by goalie Liam Sickerdick helped to regain control for Hahndorf. Jacob Neumann, Liddle and Bjordal worked in great harmony up in attack, with Toby Perkins passing to set up a goal for Zack Schwarz. Sickerdick continued with his strong work in goals, preventing Murray Bridge from a number of close scores. J. Neumann scored his first goal of the match, followed by Ng, Perkins, Pepe Zahra and Jet Zahra all working the ball away from the Murray Bridge team and back to the Hahndorf end, where Ryley Neumann scored. J. Neumann was excellent in keeping up the pressure and strong team work from Hahndorf saw the next goal achieved by P. Zahra. Shortly thereafter Bjordal got a third score. Murray Bridge got the ball back to their gaol, but great defence from Mifsud combined with strong kicking soon saw the ball back in Hahndorf’s goals. J. Neumann converted a free into a score and Cooper Liddle got in some great plays, which saw him bag the next goal. Liddle followed this up with a big kick and a second goal. The opposition goalie did a valiant job, making numerous excellent saves  before letting one through from J. Zahra.

The second half began with more good saves from the opposition goalie, followed up by a first goal for Mifsud. Hahndorf’s goalie Blane Balcom defended the goal and a big kick down the field saw Hahndorf back in control. R. Neumann handled the ball well down the field, and some excellent passing to P. Zahra resulted in the next score, shortly followed by a goal for Ng. R. Neumann played well in defence and Perkins, P. Zahra and Mifsud were key in keeping the ball in the control of Hahndorf. J. Neumann was displaying some fancy footwork to almost dance with the ball as he set up a pass to Ng for a goal.  Hahndorf continued to be strong with their passing game and the good teamwork between J. Zahra and Sickerdick gave Luca Cannavo an opportunity at goal, which was well saved by the opposition keeper. Schwarz and Bjordal were good in their defensive roles, and a pass by Schwarz to J. Neumann was converted to a score. R. Neumann got in and took control of the ball from the Murray Bridge team, returning it to Hahndorf with some fast moves. A further score for Hahndorf was achieved by Ng, who played an excellent game. J. Neumann continued his fine match,  showing good control of the ball, his skills allowed the final goal of the match to be Hahndorf’s. We would like to thank the Murray Bridge team for the game and hope everyone enjoyed the time in the sun!

Round 9 – 22nd August – Hahndorf Black 4 v 0 Nairne

A last minute change of venue saw Hahndorf Black playing Nairne at Strathalbyn. Hahndorf started the game strongly with a very early attempt at goal from Hayden Lien. The Hahndorf offence managed to gain control of the ball for much of the first half with near misses at goal from Blane Balcom, Henri Bjordal and Jacob Neumann. Nairne’s goalkeeper worked hard, making some excellent saves.

The first goal of the match was kicked by Jet Zahra, with some great passing from Ryder Hill. Luca Cannavo, Angus Mifsud and Joash Ng worked well together in defence, with Mifsud executing some skilful tackling. Balcom continued to cover a lot of ground, and was often first to the ball. Cooper Liddle was also strong in the midfield. When the ball managed to reach him, Pepe Zahra, in goalkeeper, made some fantastic saves.

The second half saw J. Neumann in the goals. Nairne started strongly in offence and J. Neumann was kept busy, managing to keep the ball away from the nets. Bjordal was very active in attack and was close to the ball for much of the time. Toby Perkins made great passes in the midfield and Balcom continued as strongly as he started. After some great passing from P Zahra, an own goal  was the third goal of the day, which was soon followed by another goal from Hill.  Final score Hahndorf 4 – Nairne 0

Hahndorf wish to thank Nairne for a great game. Special thanks to Lien and Hill from U12 White, who filled in to make up the team this week.

Round 8 – 15th August – Hahndorf Black 2 v 1 Mt Barker Blue

Saturday the 15/8 saw Hahndorf black take on Mount Barker United blue at Anembo Park.

Hahndorf started well with Ryley Neumann’s shot in the first 30 seconds just going over the top of goal. Henri Bjordal scored the opening goal after a good pass from Neumann. Plenty of offensive pressure from Cooper Liddle, Angus Mifsud and Blane Balcom saw numerous shots on goal. Jet Zahra got into the action after a good pass from Bjordal. Outstanding defensive work from Liam Sickerdick, Luca Cannavo and Joash Ng saw the score remain 1-0 at half time.

The second half saw some position changes with Pepe Zahra relishing the move from goalkeeper to forward, scoring the teams second goal after good passing again from Bjordal and Liddle. Zack Schwarz, along with P.Zahra  and Ng continued peppering the Barker goals but with no success. Despite some solid defending from Sickerdick and Toby Perkins, Mt Barker managed to peg a goal back. Final score 2-1 to Hahndorf.

Round 7 – 8th August – Hahndorf Black 1 v 2 Stirling Districts White

Hahndorf were met with overcast conditions and a sodden pitch at Bradwood Park for their game against Stirling Districts White. Hahndorf were quick to take possession of the ball with Henri Bjordal displaying some impressive offensive pressure, particularly throughout the first half. Cooper Liddle showed fierce determination in offence with his first attempt at goal narrowly missing to the left side but soon after Liddle kicked the first and only goal for Hahndorf. Joash Ng played a very solid game in defence repelling many attacks. There were numerous saves by goalkeeper, Pepe Zahra with a spectacular save on the opposition’s 3rd attempt at goal. There was an amazing save in the last line of defence by Jacob Neumann who earlier in the game had a good try for goal with a narrow miss.  Jet Zahra too had a narrow miss for goal and also did a great cross to Liddle for one of Liddle’s attempts at goal. There was a great strike by Ryley Neumann again with a narrow miss for Hahndorf. In the second half Stirling Districts came back strong with some great stoppages by Ng but Stirling Districts managed to sneak through two goals. Luca Cannavo was particularly strong in the second half providing some great stops at the halfway line. Liddle continued playing a very solid game right through to the final whistle.

Round 6 – 1st August – Hahndorf Black 4 v 1 Torrens Valley

The game got off to a cracking start, barely a minute into play and Hahndorf’s Ryley Neumann scored the first goal of the match. As evenly matched teams, the play was strong, back and forth along the length of the field. Pepe Zahra showed off some good footwork before the opposition evened the score with a good goal from #13.

Liam Sickerdick got the goal back to Hahndorf’s end with strong kicking, and the team was well supported with fast footwork from Neumann, R and strong defence by Henri Bjordal and Joash Ng. Jacob Neumann was on the action, stopping and kicking the ball with ease and Hahndorf’s passing game was excellent, with Cooper Liddle shining. Jet Zahra did well in goals, coupled with more defence work and strong kicking from Angus Mifsud. Liddle treated the spectators to two headers in a row, while Ng made sure he was in the action, running well to the ball in play.

The first half ended one goal a piece and the second began with a huge kick from Neumann, J to goals from close to half-way down the pitch. Footwork continued to be strong with the Hahndorf team, with Zahra, J getting the ball back up the line efficiently to Hahndorf’s goals. Good defence was supplied by Neumann, R and Mifsud was excellent in the goals, with strong saves and long kicks.

Play continued to be very evenly matched before a good line up by Bjordal and excellent passing saw Zahra, J score the third goal for Hahndorf. There was good passing throughout the team, with Blane Balcom passing strongly and some nice touches by Liddle. Zack Schwarz got into the action with some good defence to regain control of the ball from Hahndorf after some good moves by Torrens Valley.

The ball continued to be in play well around the field with Luca Cannavo getting in on the action and a great save on a penalty shot by goalie Mifsud. The match continued at a frenetic pace, with more headers from Bjordal and in the last minutes, a final Hahndorf goal from Balcom.

We would like to thank the umpire and our opponents, Torrens Valley, for such a well fought and enjoyable match.

Round 5 – 25th July – Hahndorf Black 1 v 3 Woodside

It was a crisp, sunny morning as Hahndorf Black prepared to play against Woodside Warriors Red. Woodside were quick to take possession of the ball, however Hahndorf were remaining strong and working as a team to put pressure on their opponents. Hahndorf were eventually able to move the play after Jacob Neumann produced an impressive kick towards the centre of the field. Woodside fought back strong, being the first team to make an attempt at goals, albeit unsuccessful. Henri Bjordal and Neumann J. worked well together to once again move the play to Hahndorf’s end allowing Bjordal to take a shot at goals, however roles were soon reversed and the Woodside team remained strong in their defence. As play continued both teams were performing strong in attack and defence as the ball ping-ponged from one end to the other.

Hahndorf was once again faced with a tense moment while trying to clear the ball from their opponent’s goal and after much persistence they finally broke free. Pepe Zahra and Joash Ng continued to apply pressure allowing Angus Mifsud and Zack Schwarz to get on top of the ball immediately after being subbed on to play. As the half time whistle blew both teams were yet to score. Play once again began and both teams continued to put up a fight making several attempts at goal. Woodside eventually broke away from the Hahndorf defence and took another shot at goals and despite all of Schwarz’s efforts to hit the ball out of the goals, it was on the rebound that the Woodside player would be successful at scoring the first goal of the game. As play continued Woodside were able to score again despite the pressure being applied by the Hahndorf team. As the end of the match was approaching Neumann J. and Ryley Neumann pushed on hard together working together giving Neumann J. the opportunity to score Hahndorf’s first goal. Both teams played extremely well in an even levelled match. Well done!

Round 4 – 18th July – Hahndorf Black 6 v 0 Hahndorf White

The overcast day started out with a guaranteed win for a Hahndorf team as the under 12 White met the under 12 Black team in the first showdown of the season.

Both teams moved quickly with some great initial offense by Jacob Neumann and Riley Neumann, supported in defense by strong kicks from Joash Ng.

First goal was converted by Neumann, J and was followed by some good action up and down the pitch, seeing Toby Perkins, Henri Bjordal and Zack Schwarz showing great team work to move the ball down toward their goal end.

Defence was strong from Ng, Angus Mifsud and Blane Balcom and some long kicks saw the ball remain in strong play. A great save by Neumann R led to the set up of a second goal for Hahndorf from Perkins. Luca Cannavo was in the thick of the action leading up to the half time break, securing many good interactions with the opposing team.

The sun briefly broke through the blackening clouds to start the second half. The Hahndorf black team of Zahra P and Perkins effectively moved the ball up the pitch to the goal area, with Hahndorf White responding by returning the ball to their side with good offensive play.

Neumann R showed some great control to return the ball to the black end, with some good intercepts by Schwarz. A big kick from Bjordal resulted in a goal for Hahndorf Black. Neumann J showcased some formidable kicking which was backed up by good intercepts from Ng. A long kick from Neumann R resulted in a goal.

Perkins played an excellent running game, consistently returning the ball to the Hahndorf Black goal end. A further goal was converted by Bjordal as strong teamwork saw Hahndorf black move ahead. Hahndorf white again displayed a good running game, to return the ball to play down their end.

A further goal was converted by Zahra, P, followed by some great saves from the opposition goalie. Hahndorf black finished strongly with a goal from Ng shortly followed by a goal from Neumann J. Jet Zahra did strong work in the goals, with great saves preventing a goal from Hahndorf white.

Some good running up and down the lines saw the ball move quickly between ends before the final siren. We would like to thank the Hahndorf White team for a match played with great vigour.

Round 3 – 11th July – Hahndorf Black 0 v 3 Mt Barker

While many woke up to rain by the time the team met at Anembo Park the rain had stopped. The clouds were grey but the teams spirit certainly wasn’t.

The players from both teams got into action quickly after the first kick off. The ball was heading to Mt Barkers end when Pepe Zahra made a good save. Copper Liddle sprang into action and ran the ball down closer to Hahndorfs’ end however Mt Barker were able to reverse that.

In fast action Mt Barker had two quick attempts on goal with Hahndorfs’ goalie, Blane Balcom, managing the save both times. He was unlucky when shortly after Mt Barker snuck in a sneaky goal for the first of the game.

Liddle had control of the ball and passed to Toby Perkins for a shot on goal but he wasn’t able to convert to a score. The ball reached Mt Barkers end with a solid goal being slotted through.

Half time saw the team fuel up on Oranges and with some further direction and encouragement from the coach they were ready for the second half.

Zack Schwarz kicked the ball out from centre finding Liam Sickerdick and with some quick footwork and team effort they were looking for their first goal. Perkins had an attempt on goal but Mt Barkers goalie was able to make the save.

Joash Ng and Luca Cannavo put some good pressure on Mt Barker to keep the ball in play for Hahndorf.

Jett Zahra was kept busy in goals making some good saves. Mt Barker got one last ball through for the final result Hahndorf 0 – Mt Barker 3. Thank you to Zoe York and Oliver Dahmke for filling in for our team and doing a great job. Well done to all players and thank you to the umpire.

Round 2 – 4th July – Hahndorf Black 1 v 3 Stirling United

In stark contrast to the preceding week, Hahndorf U12 Black took to the pitch at Ashton to face Stirling United U12 in very grey, drizzly, and cold conditions. Both teams displayed high energy despite the weather and looked to be evenly matched opponents. Hahndorf put in great effort in defence with Blane Balcom, Angus Mifsud and Toby Perkins preventing many goal attempts made by the opposition throughout the first half. Pepe Zahra achieved some excellent saves in goals when he was slammed by the opposition three times in quick succession. Jacob Neumann of Hahndorf held firm and managed to kick the first goal for the game just before half time.

Great efforts were made by Henri Bjordal, Ryley Neumann and Joash Ng in moving the ball up the field to assist Neumann in further goal attempts in the second half but all of these were well defended by the opposition goalie. Zahra was again placed under strong pressure in Hahndorf’s goal and the onslaught eventually proved too high and Stirling United’s Sam (no 10) and Henry (5) scored goals in quick succession. This was then followed by a well-placed header goal by Corby (19) to see Stirling United win the game.

Both teams put in great efforts on the day and it looks like Hahndorf are in for a great season as they further develop their skills as a cohesive team.

Round 1 – 27th June – Hahndorf Black 5 v 3 Rangers

The morning was sunny and mild to welcome back soccer at Pine Avenue. Hahndorf under 12 black put in a solid effort to win 5 – 3 against the Rangers, in a well-matched game.

Hahndorf mounted a strong attack early with Jacob and Ryley Neumann both using good passing skills from the outset. The first goal was scored by the Rangers, number 28. Hahndorf responded well with some strong kicks by Pepe Zahra. Hahndorf’s first goal was from Jacob Neumann. The first half saw good defence from both teams and a good movement of the ball up and down the pitch.

The second half belonged to Hahndorf. Joash Ng scored Hahndorf’s second goal and the movement of the ball was evenly matched between the teams. The Rangers equalled the score to 2 all with a goal from player number 4. Jacob Neumann played a fast game and continued his good work of getting the ball down to the goals, well supported by his brother Ryley Neumann, which saw Jacob score Hahndorf’s third goal. There was numerous close calls and good saves by the Rangers goalkeeper. Hahndorf’s Angus Mifsud played well in defence and another Hahndorf goal followed from Pepe Zahra. The Hahndorf team displayed strong kicking skills and some good passing during the later parts of the second half, with Toby Perkins passing well and running down the line strongly. A fifth goal to Hahndorf was scored by Jacob Neumann. The final goal of the game was scored by Rangers number 32, leaving the final score at 5:3 in Hahndorf’s favour.

It was a great opening game of the season and Hahndorf wish to thank the Rangers for the great game played 27th of June 2020.

**** Match Reports 2019 ****

Round 16 – 17th August – Hahndorf Black 9 v 3 Hahndorf White

Today’s derby between the two under 12 hahndorf teams was playing in perfect conditions at pine avenue.

The game was played with great sportsmanship and spirit amoungst all players. Hahndorf Black played as a team, and converted their opportunities well. Hahndorf White ran hard all day, and were dangerous when pushing forward.

Round 14 – 3rd August – Hahndorf Black 7 v 1 Murray Bridge Blue

Today’s match between Hahndorf Black and Murray Bridge Blue was played in Murray Bridge at Beatty Tce. Both teams ran hard all game, with Hahndorf coming away with the win.

All Hahndorf players contributed to the victory. A strong team effort from everyone, and a pleasure to watch. Hahndorf’s coach switched things up a lot in the second half, giving players a run in some unfamiliar positions.

Round 13 – 27th July – Hahndorf Black 6 v 0 Rangers

Today’s match was played in mostly sunshine at Ranger’s home ground in
Ashton. Both teams ran hard all game, and Ranger’s defended well, but
Hahndorf came away with a well earned win.

Round 11 – 6th July – Hahndorf Black 3 v 1 Murray Bridge Gold

Today’s game was played at pine avenue, in perfect winter weather. A
very close game between two very evenly matched sides. Hahndorf came
away with the win today. Hahndorf had a depleted squad with 3 regular
players away for school holidays. Chris and Emlyn from U10 filled in
with great enthusiasm and courage. And it was another all around team
effort that produced today’s result for Hahndorf.

Round 10 – 29th June – Hahndorf Black 4 v 3 Mt Barker Red

Today’s match was played in very wet and very cold conditions at Pine Avenue in Hahndorf.

A very well balanced and competitive match between these two teams. A good team game from the whole Hahndorf side produced a well deserved victory today. Ivy, Angus, and Gracie ran hard and defended with courage all game. Callum, Manning, and Damon were excellent in mid field, and provided a number of opportunities on goal. Tom had another great game in goals, in very difficult conditions, and showed great courage with some outstanding saves.

Cup Round 9 – 22nd June – Hahndorf Black 1 v 7 Nairne

The cupround 2 match today between Hahndorf Black and Nairne was played at pine avenue.

A very competitive game today, played with great spirit from both sides. Nairne proved too strong overall, and deservedly moves into the semi finals for the cup.

Round 9 – 22nd June – Hahndorf Black 6 v 0 Hahndorf White

Today saw the Hahndorf derby between it’s two under 12 teams played in perfect winter conditions at pine avenue. Both teams played hard and ran all day. Hahndorf Black played with energy and had a strong game, and came out on top this time.

All players from the Hahndorf Black team contributed well, and looked confident. Esther and Ivy tackled strongly, and competed fearlessly for the ball in defense, as did Ryan and Angus, with Angus playing his best game of the season, and Gracie also had a great game with lots of clearances. Courageous help from Chris during the first half was a pleasure to watch. Ryan was a good team player today, moving up and back from defence to attack, when asked, and scoring a goal.

Tom had a strong game together with Jacob in goals, each player saving some very difficult shots, and Tom also had a run in centre mid, which he did with energy, and contributed with a goal.

Callum kicked his first goal of the season, and will no doubt enjoy many more in the games ahead.

Round 8 – 15th June – Hahndorf Black 1 v 2 Bridgewater

A great game today between two very evenly matched teams. Hahndorf had a lot of the ball, and attacked all day, but Bridgewater’s defense were hard to overcome. And Bridgewater also converted their opportunities very well when they came.

Round 6 – 25th May – Hahndorf Black 6 v 0 Rangers 

The first round of the division 2 regular season was played at the Hahndorf Soccer Club’s home pitch on Pine Ave in Hahndorf, in the most difficult conditions to date. Very wet. Very cold.

The good will and strong sportsmanship between these two teams showed again today. And the scoreline belied a much closer match.
Damon Martin was awarded 3 votes this week for the hardest work ethic. While Grace Haynes and Ryan Schwarz were awarded 2, and 1, votes respectively. For excellent setups, and intelligent play on the pitch.
Orland Retig and Manning Broadbent showed flashes of brilliance in front of goals, combining for 7 goals between them.

Overall it is clear both teams are improving with every week, being the second week in a row they faced each other. And the games have been enjoyably played in a friendly spirit. And, it is obvious to all watching how hard all the players work and run, all game.
Great game!

Round 1 – 6th April – Hahndorf Black 0 v 0 

**** Match Reports 2018 ****

Round 17 – 1st September – Hahndorf Black 0 v 3 Mt Barker Red

Hahndorf and Narine face off at the Nairne Primary School and although teams look keen to finish the season with a bang, Hahndorf’s Harry Coles scores a quick easy goal for the Hahndorf team. Konrad Michael, once again, showing his skills in the defence lines. William Whiting and Alexander Romaldi showing great team work in the Mid field and setting up great game play for Hahndorf. Nairne score a sneaky goal taking the score to 1 all. Ryan Schwarz and Konrad Michael stared off great game play to Ryan Sickerdick who scores an epic goal, from almost the centre line, for the Hahndorf side. Half time Hahndorf 2 Nairne 1.

Both sides start the second half hungry to get some goals. Nairne score the first goal for the second half. Griffin Turnbull for Hahndorf keeps his eye on the ball not letting it through the mid field. Thomas Boekel in the goals saves some fantastic goals. Nairne score another goal taking the scores to 3-2. Hahndorf’s Isaac Pfitzner scores a fantastic goal for Hahndorf from a corner kick in scores are level as the full time whistle marks the end of the game.

Round 15 – 11th August – Hahndorf Black 5 v 1 Torrens Valley

A very wintery morning at Cornerstone College for Hahndorf Black and Mount Torrens. Hahndorf were off to an early start with some great team work by Lachlan Pfitzner, William Whiting and Donovan Newton in the mid field. Heavy rain doesn’t dampen the enthusiasm from both teams. Mount Torrens have some early attempts at goal but Thomas Boekel has strong hands on the ball. Quick feet from the Hahndorf mid field Ryan Schwarz, Ryan Sickerdick and Kit Erhart Bruce passes the ball to Harry Coles who then passes to an open Isaac Pfitzner who carries the ball to the goals for a first goal for the game. First half whistle sees Hahndorf Black 1 to Torrens valley 0.
The second half begins with both teams strong in the mid field. Hahndorf’s Alexander Romaldi and Kit Erhart Bruce help an enthusiastic William Whiting to score another goal for the Hahndorf side. Lachlan Pfitzner showing some stand out ball skills pays off with a hard hitting goal taking the Hahndorf team to lead by 3. Torrens Valley finally get a goal for the side seeing the score 3 Hahndorf to 1 torrens Valley. A fumble on the goal lines sees Hahndorf’s Kit Erhart Bruce get another goal for the Hahndorf side. Harry Coles follows soon with another goal for the Hahndorf team. Final whistle sees the Hahndorf team win 5 to Torrens Valley 1. Stand out performance by all players with what was arguably the worst conditions for the season.

Round 14 – 4th August – Hahndorf Black 2 v 7 Hahndorf White

Under 12’s Division two teams saw Hahndorf White play against Hahndorf Black. An early goal by the Hahndorf white team, saw the Hahndorf Black team quickly align their defensive side. Hahndorf’s Black Thomas Boekel was showing early signs of not giving in to the strong Striking positions Hahndorf White team possessed. Hahndorf Blacks Lachlan Pfitzner held a very strong defence against the Hahndorf White team. Hahndorf White prove that persistent pressure in the goals pays off, with another goal to the Hahndorf White side. Hahndorf’s Black team Hayden Abrahams and Elwin Aylen worked as strong force to recon with and start a great game play for an epic setup for a goal kicked by Hahndorf black’s Isaac Pfitzner. Two more impressive goals kicked by the White side saw the half time score at Hahndorf White 4 Hahndorf Black 1.

The second half starts the play with both sides looking strong. Hahndorf White side still showing signs of not slowing down kick an early quick goal for the half. Hayden Abrahams and Kit Erhart-Bruce along with Lachlan Pfitzner set up another goal for Isaac Pfitzner where through ball knowledge saw the Black team get another goal. Ryan Schwarz, Kit Erhart Bruce and Konrad Michael proving as great mid field players for the Black side. Hahndorf Black apply huge defensive tactics to the White side. Hahndorf White Score another two goals but not with out the game getting intense. Final whistle sees Hahndorf White 7 defeat Hahndorf Black
Well done to both teams.

Round 12 – 28th July – Hahndorf 2 v 5 Torrens Valley
What felt like a spring morning , the game kicked off with strong domination by Hahndorf, with great team work from Donovan Newton and Harrison Coles, Coles started the game off with an early first goal of the game.
With Ryan Sickerdick and Newton holding their line in midfield, Torrens Valley were challenged to get through but with persistence, they squeezed through and managed to make the score 1-1 .
With another shot at goal shot Coles barely misses, retrieves the ball and passes to Hayden Abraham’s who is pressurised from the defence to have a shot.
Keeping Torrens valley on there toes with strong tackles from Griffin Turnbull ,Hahndorf defence were doing there best to keep them out , but a quick sharp shoot from Torrens valley resulted in their second goal of the game.
Feeling the score pressure Coles was determined to make this even and scored a beautiful far shot, making the score at half time 2-2.
Coming back on the field Torrens valley managed to score another 2 goals, Hahndorf feeling the pressure and tiredness , Coles is stopped by a trip and awarded a free kick, what should of been his hat trick of the game, hit the bar.
Hahndorf defence struggling to keep the opposition out , Torrens valley took there last corner and scoring their final goal of the game, making the end result 2-5, to the away team.
Evenly matched and nail bitting to watch.

Round 11 – 7th July – Hahndorf 3 v 3 Murray Bridge Blue

Hahndorf and Murray Bridge start play at the Hahndorf home venue. Both teams are off to a fantastic start seeing attempts at goal neck and neck. Hayden Abrahams for Hahndorf has an early attempt at goal but Murray Bridge score the first goal. Thomas Boekel, in goals for Hahndorf,  has firm hands stopping some more tries for the Murray Bridge side. Donovan Newton, along with Ryan Schwarz and Ryan Sickerdick, has control of the defence line and sets up the start of great game play to harry Coles to Isaac Pfitzner to Lachlan Pfitzner with an attempt at goal but a hand ball from the Murray Bridge side sees Isaac Pfitzner score a penalty goal for the Hahndorf side. Murray bridge score another goal taking the half time score to Murray Bridge 2 Hahndorf 1.
The second half starts and so does the rain. Alexander Romaldi is looking the goods in the mid field but Murray Bridge prove too strong against the Hahndorf team seeing them score another goal. The next while of play sees many attempts at goal for both sides but an almost half way goal from Lachlan Pfitzner sees the Hahndorf team take the goal of the day. Hahndorf’s Isaac Pfitzner is not long after his brother to score another goal for the Hahndorf side. Final whistle sees the score even with 3 all to both teams.
Well done to both teams.

Round 10 – 30th June – Hahndorf 4 v 3 Strath

This weeks game is at Strathalbyn Polo Grounds, with a sunny start for 9:00 am start. Hahndorf’s Manning Broadbent showing early signs of strong mid field defence. Alexander Romaldi also holding strong defence in the mid. Hahndorf starts off with William Whiting trying for goal but unfortunately misses but a great start to the Hahndorf side. Harry Coles and Isaac Pfitzner work well as a strike team but Hahndorf’s Manning Broadbent comes through with a fantastic first goal for the day. Strathalbyn fight back with a quick goal soon to follow. Konrad Michael and Ryan Sickerdick proving to hold their own in the defence line and they start off  the progression for another goal to Hahndorf kicked by Isaac Pfitzner. Ryan Schwarz, as always, holding his own in the back defence line. Elwin Aylen also helping Ryan to keep Strath out of the goals and strong hands from Thomas Boekel catches some big tries from Strath. Kit Erhart-Bruce is subbed on and he is instantly known on the field. Half time Hahndorf 3 Strath 1.
Second half starts with Hahndorf’s Lachlan Pfitzner passing a through pass to his brother Isaac to attempt at goal but misses. Isaac has another attempt at goal and he goes long for an over the head goal that keeps all the spectators in suspense. Kit also has a few attempts at goals and Tom holds strong in the goals as goal keeper.
Full time sees Hahndorf win 4 to Strathalbyn 3
Well done to both teams, thanks to all the helpers.

Round 9 – 23rd June – Hahndorf 2 v 4 Torrens Valley
Both teams get off to a fantastic start at the Torrens Valley home grounds of Birdwood Park. Hahndorf’s midfield to forward transitioning is threatening with many unsuccessful attempts on goal. The back four of Ryan Schwarz , Elwyn Aylen, Konrad Michael and Donnie Newton are proving hard for Torrens valley to penetrate through. Eventually Torrens Valley score. A fantastic through ball from harry Coles to Isaac Pfitzner equalises. Again torrens valley respond with a goal. The midfield of harry Coles , lachie Pfitzner and kit Erhart-bruce are impressing with some quality passing to each other and the forwards. Half time 2-1 down.

The second half starts the same as the way the first half finished with Hahndorf threatening to score with chances by Alexander Romaldi and William whiting but unfortunately Torrens valley score again. Hahndorf re group and score with a great strike from harry Coles. Captain for the day Griffin Turnball kept pushing the passes down the wing and many more chances went begging. A stand out performer again was the goal keeper Thomas Boekel with some courageous and skilful saves on goal. A great team effort and performance that left the boys unfortunately with a 4-2 loss but a fantastic show of skill and development.

Well Done to both teams.

Round 8 – 16th June – Hahndorf 6 v 0 Nairne
Rain held off for the start of the game held at Hahndorf’s pitch at Pine Ave. Both teams get off to a good start before a powerful strike from Ryan Sickerdick found the back of the net. Because of the strong defence from Elwin, Ryan Schwarz and Konrad Nairne could get forward. Another two goals for Hahndorf’s Isaac Pfitzner and Harry Coles sees the half time score at Hahndorf 3 Nairne 0

The start of the next half sees Harry Coles gain momentum and kicks two quick goals for the Hahndorf side. Alexander Romaldi also kicks a fantastic goal for the Hahndorf side. The end of the half takes the final score to Hahndorf 6 Nairne 0.

Round 7 – 2nd June – Hahndorf 3 v 3 Mt Barker Red
The game against Mount Barker and Hahndorf is off to a great start. Both teams have faced each other this season, so both teams know they are in for a chance. Both teams are very similar in the defence line and both sides keep a strong line of commitment. Both Mount Barker and Hahndorf have attempts at goal but Hahndorf’s Isaac Pfitzner is the first to score. Mount Barker follow with a goal taking the half time score to Hahndorf 1 Mount Barker 1.

Game starts off again with both teams wanting the next goal. Mount Barker keeps their subs in high rotation but this creates opportunity for Hahndorf’s Harry Coles to score a fantastic goal down the centre line. Mount Barker follows with another two high paced, intense goals. Mount Barker are in the lead by a goal nearing the end of the match and Hahndorf’s Lachlan Pfitzner scores and epic goal seeing out the final whistle at 3 Hahndorf 3 Mount Barker.

By far the best game of the season to watch. Well done to both teams.

Round 6 – 26th May – Hahndorf 2 v 2 Stirling Districts Red
A great start to the match at Bradwood Park. Hahndorf and Stirling both applying equal pressure on the defensive sides. Hahndor’s Thomas Boekel is holding strong in goals and stops a few of Stirling’s goals. Eventually Stirling proves too strong for the Hahndorf defence and sees Stirling kick a goal taking the half time score to Stirling 1 Hahndorf 0.
The second half started with the Hahndorf side proving they can keep with Harry Coles kicking a great goal taking the scores to 1 all. Both Stirling and Hahndorf’s Lachlan Pfitzner score goals taking the final score to 2 all.

A great game to watch well done both teams.

Cup Round – 19th May – Hahndorf 1 v 7 Stirling Districts Blue
A sunny day started the cup round game at the Bradwood Park venue. Hahndorf and Stirling Districts teams started with Stirling keeping the ball at the attacking end, but Hahndorf showing strong defence keeping the ball out of the Stirling goals. Thomas Boekel showing great skill to keep some strong Stirling goals out of the nets. Hahndorf get an early break with Hayden Abrahams stealing the ball from Stirling, showing great ball skills passing to Isaac Pfitzner scores an impressive first goal for the game. Stirling proving too strong for Hahndorf and go on to score 4 goals bringing the half time score to Stirling 4 Hahndorf 1.

Second Half starts and Stirling have the upper hand on Hahndorf and the pressure is too much for Hahndorf. Stirling go on to score 8 goals. Final score is Stirling 12 Hahndorf 1.

Round 5 – 12th May – Hahndorf 6 v 2 Murray Bridge
A fantastic sunny day started the day off to Hahndorf’s pitch.

Hahndorf were off to an early start with Harry Coles scoring an early goal. Ryan Schwarz and Hayden Abrahams in defence together with Thomas Boekel in goals creating heavy pressure for Murray Bridge. Isaac Pfitzner scored the next goal with strong help from Ryan Schwarz, Manning Broadbent and William Whiting. Ryan Sickerdick has many attempts at goal but his attempts come too many for Murray Bridge and a left footed goal is a pure spekky for onlookers. Half time score 3 Hahndorf 0 Murray Bridge.

The second half starts with Murray Bridge kicking an early goal. William Whiting, Isaac Pfitzner and Harry Coles all come back with easy goals. Second half is finished with final scores Hahndorf 6 Murray Bridge 2.

Round 4 – 5th May – Hahndorf 4 v 3 Strathalbyn
It was a beautiful and sunny morning when Hahndorf U12 Black met with Strathalbyn at the Strathalbyn Polo grounds.

The match was off to flying start with Strathalbyn setting their sights on an early goal however Hahndorf’s Goalie, Tom Boekel, was well prepared and caught the ball. Hahndorf then gained control of the ball and ran it to the other end of the pitch and in fine form Isaac Pfitzner scored the first goal of the game for Hahndorf. Strathalbyn had a strong attacking line who ensured that they got the ball back to their goal area for another shot on goal. Boekel yet again showed his goalie skills in saving another goal.

Kit Erhart-Bruce had a shot on goal however was unlucky to miss. Strathalbyn managed to get the ball to their end and had 2 more shots on goal but Boekel proved to good and saved both goals. Ryan Schwarz kicked the ball to Erhart-Bruce who in turn kicked Hahndorf’s second goal of the game.

Strathalbyn managed to break through Hahndorf’s tight defence line to sneak in their first goal of the game.

The second half saw Harrison Coles score a well-deserved goal for Hahndorf. The standard of the game was exceptionally high. Lachlan Pfitzner provided amazing defence moves clearing the ball numerous times with well executed and a powerful kicking style which placed the ball into the attacking line for Hahndorf.

With the skill of the Strathalbyn attack they managed another 2 quick goals which brought the game to even scores late in the second half.

It wasn’t long before Harrison Coles passed the ball to Isaac Pfitzner for yet another amazing goal for Hahndorf.

In an absolute heart stopping last few minutes Strathalbyn’s attacking line made a solid final effort to score. Under tremendous pressure Boekel saved a fast paced attempt on goal not only once but twice.

Hahndorf came out on top 4-3.

It was wonderful to see both teams play fairly and with excellent sportsmanship.

Round 3 – 28th April – Hahndorf 4 v 3 Torrens Valley
Hahndorf hosted todays game against Torrens Valley and Hahndorf didn’t waste any time asserting the pressure. The midfielders Harry Coles, Alex Romaldi, Travis Neller and Hayden Abrahams kept the ball moving forward to strikers Konrad Michael and William Whiting. The first substitution was made bringing Isaac Pfitzner and Donovan Newton on the pitch, with immediate impact, Isaac had shots on goal before finding the back of the net. After some incredible goalkeeping from Thomas Boekel, Torrens Valley finally equalised . half time 1-1.

The second half started with Isaac scoring in the first 5 minutes followed by Kit dribbling past defenders and into the bottom corner. Although the strong defense of Konrad, Ryan Schwarz and Travis was solid, Torrens Valley scored past Lachie Pfitzner in goals. Isaac again found the goals completing his hat trick. Torrens Valley again pressed through the midfielders of Harry, Tom and Donnie to score a late goal.

Final score 4-3.

Once again the improvement of all the players to create a quality team was fantastic to watch.

Round 2 – 14th April – Hahndorf 6 v 0 Nairne
Hahndorf were off to a great start. Good clean passes from players William Whiting, Alexander Remaldi, Donovan Newton, and Isaac Pfitzner. The first kick for goal was within moments of the game commencing, and was well saved by Nairne’s goaly.

The field was wet and sloshy around the edges. Plenty of cloud and more rain showers began to set in.

Nairne played excellent defence, intercepting several of Hahndorf attempts at goals, and Hahndorf responded with ball retrieval and play between players Alexander, Ryan Schwatrz, Isacc, and Manning Broadbent, and eventually the first goal was kicked by Hahndorf player Isaac.

Hahndorf stepped up the pressure with players Travis Neller, Harrison Coles, Hayden Abrahams and Lachlan Pfitzner working the defence line to bring the ball back to player Isaac, who took the ball all the way down the field for another goal shot by William, which again was well saved by Nairne’s goaly.

Plenty more attempts at goals were made by Hahndorf players Isaac and Lachlan, but Nairne’s goaly was too skilled at saving Hahndorf from scoring.

There was plenty of even mid field play, and sometimes where the ball play just couldn’t leave the sloshy sidelines, but the players handled that patiently and eventually it ended up in fluid ball play once more.

Hahndorf players, Manning, Lachlan, Isaac, Kit Erhart-Bruce, Elwin Aylen and William worked together to perform some clean clear strategic play which was a joy to watch. Resulting in Hahndorf player Donovon kicking the second and third goals back to back.

The field became even more sluggish as the rain continued right through the first half, with the wind picking up, this meant conditions were quite unpleasant for spectators!

Players Hayden, Harrison, and Ryan helped to keep the ball play down Hahndorf’s goal end in the second half of the game, with player Isaac scoring the fourth goal.

Soon after by an interception by Hahndorf player Manning, who passed to player Isaac who with a big play down the field passed to player Elwin, and then to player Harrison, who kicked the fifth, and then sixth goals for Hahndorf.

Nairne did not shy away from the pressure. Their stamina helped the, to keep pace with some lovely defence, but sadly couldn’t Nairne could not follow through at their attacking end of the filed. Hahndorf defence were too tight and the ball only made it past the midfield on occasion.

Some competitive scuffle produced a penalty shot which was taken by Hahndorf player Elwin who scored a clean seventh goal. Seconds later Hahndorf player Isaac scored the eighth goal. And, again minutes later a final goal for Hahndorf by player Lachlan, resulting in the end game score tallied at Hahndorf 9 – Nairne 0.

Hahndorf players gained confidence and momentum in this game, however it was met equally by the strength of character amongst Nairne players who persevered to work together with much effort and grace.

Well done everyone!

Round 1 – 7th April – Hahndorf 2 v 4 Mt Barker
Hahndorf was off to a slower start than Mount Barker with Mount Barker scoring a quick goal early in the half.
Defence for Hahndorf was strong in the middle but not quite enough for Mount Barker to score another 2 goals.
Hahndorf gaining momentum against Mount Barker sees Donovan Newton proving too strong for Mount Barker with an impressive goal.
Hayden Abrahams holding strong in the goals stopping Mount Barker from scoring, Hahndorf gains possession of the ball and Isaac Pfitzner
shoots a big long shot for goal and scores.

Half time score 3 mount Barker 2 Hahndorf.
The second half starts with the playing field is looking even but Mount Barker too good with another sneaky goal.
Hahndorf and Mount Barker looking neck and neck but the final whistle has Mount Barker win the match for 4-2.
A great first game by both teams.