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**** Match Reports 2022 ****

Saturday 17th September 2022 – Round 18

Battling against strong wind and rain, the Hahndorf Under 12’s team pulled together securing a win of 4 – 1 against the competitive Stirling Districts team at Summit Sport and Recreation Park in Mount Barker.

Kicking against the wind in the first half saw Emlyn Gilroy, Joel Bateman and Caleb Earley keep the ball moving through the centre field whilst Thomas Stapleton was kept busy defending goals. Christopher Haynes, Samuel Whitehead and Jacob Gerber worked hard in defence alongside Harry Wood and Billy Cook, with all players working hard through intercepting the ball and keeping pressure on their opponent. Minutes before half-time saw Stirling score the first goal of the match.

Despite the bad weather continuing in the second half, the team were able to reset their game plan which saw the Hahndorf momentum gather, supported by Louis Moran and Jackson Bidgood passing well through the field. This then allowed Lawson Shotton, Bateman and Jensen Ingram to all take kicks for goal. Ingram found the back of the net twice whilst Bateman also secured a goal, taking the final score to 4 – 1, with the addition of an “own goal” early in the second half.

The Hahndorf team demonstrated perseverance and patience resulting in a hard-fought win. The Hahndorf under 12s team wish to thank the Stirling Districts Team for the game played in the great spirit of the game.



10th September 2022 – Round 17

The seventeenth round of the season saw Hahndorf meet Strathalbyn at Hahndorf Recreation Ground. The day started with a poignant moment, with a minutes silence to mark the passing of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll.

Hahndorf displayed their prowess from the outset with strong play from Thomas Stapleton dominating from the whistle. Stapleton was ably supported by Samuel Whitehead and Sonjae Cook  in attack, with Louis Moran, Jensen Ingram and Emlyn Gilroy feeding the play. Lawson Shotton and Cooper Newman with Billy Cook kept the Strathalbyn goals at bay together with goalkeeper Jackson Bidgood.

The second half saw Hahndorf continue to dominate with Caleb Earley, Harry Wood and Christopher Haynes joining the field. Both sides displayed great sportsmanship and spirit and despite the strong scoring by Hahndorf, they provided spectators with a match played in the true spirit of the game.


Saturday 20th August 2022 – Round 15

Rock Paper Scissors determined that Woodside would take the first kick to start the match, which quickly saw solid defence by Hahndorf and a goal by Lawson Shotton within minutes. Excellent skills were shown by Jensen Ingram just as the heavy rain set in, assisting Joel Bateman’s snap for the teams second goal. With particular help by Emlyn Gilroy ensured the ball remained in Hahndorf’s forward, where a big kick by Bateman reflected off the goalies’ gloves, rebounding for Shotton’s taking, securing goal number 3. Ingram and Sonjae Cook had quick snaps at goal, being oh so close and a Woodside player is still probably feeling the sting of the ball from a strong Bateman kick. The boys from both sides were giving their all. With fresh subs on and the rain intermittent Jackson Bidgood found the sweet spot on the ball to centre it for a great pass for another goal attempt. Wood and Caleb Earley blocked a lofty ball and sent it straight back to Hahndorf’s forward, where a shot from Bidgood just missed. Woodside goalie, who’s had his work cut out for him since the start of the game showed a magnificent deflection from a huge goal attempt from Bateman again. 20 minutes into the game Hahndorf’s goalie Cooper Newman had his first touch, sending it straight back into play.

Great teamwork between all the boys saw fancy footwork rallies and fast paced Stapleton running the ball down the line keeping Woodsides goalie under immense pressure. A deflected goal attempt resulted in an open goal which Stapleton snaffled and found the back of the net. Bateman tried hard and crossed the goals but his next touch saw the back of the net. These boys are on fire! As the sun came out it was time for a half time break.

A penalty issued to Christopher Haynes sent the ball amidst a foot scramble, where Shotton secured the first goal for the 2nd half.  Fast legs and great moves from Newman and Cook were so close at being successful.  Cook received a beautiful cross to score another goal for Hahndorf. It was a match that displayed great skill by both teams. The Hahndorf Under 12s wish to thank Woodside Red for a great game.


13th August 2022 – Round 14

Hahndorf v Mt Barker Blue

The sun broke through the clouds and provided some warmth on the muddy pitch as Hahndorf’s under 12s took on Mount Barker Blue, at Pine Ave on Saturday morning.  The start of the game saw both teams evenly matched, with time spent at both ends of the pitch. The Hahndorf goalkeeper, Christopher Haynes, blocked several attempts from the opposition. A great pass from Louis Moran helped secure our first goal, with Joel Bateman putting the goal away. Bateman secured a hattrick in quick succession, followed by a fourth goal after a great corner pass from Jackson Bidgood. Towards the end of the first half, Hahndorf started to control the game with majority of the play being dictated by the Magpies midfield and forwards.  Cooper Newman, Samuel Whitehead, Harry Wood and Caleb Earley all worked hard in the midfield. Thomas Stapleton was able to bring the ball down the wing several times and attempted a goal, showing great skill. When Mount Barker was able to push the ball forward, Hahndorf’s defence was quick to diffuse it and get the ball forward again with some great saves from Haynes. Mount Barker scored a goal, brilliantly kicked into the top corner. The first half ended with a goalie kick from Haynes, to Lawson Shotton, who kicked it straight into the goals.

The second half saw Hahndorf remain strong as they continued to dominate the visitors. Sonjae Cook showed great teamwork and a great assist. Emlyn Gilroy and Jensen Ingram both scored towards the end of the game. Ending in a strong win for Hahndorf. It was a good effort with great skill shown on both sides. The Hahndorf under 12s wish to thank the Mount Barker Blue team for a great game.


Saturday 30th July 2022 – Round 12

Hahndorf under 12s travelled to Ashton to take on Rangers at a bitterly cold Ashton Oval, with a wind chill factor having to be in the minuses. When I got home it took 4 hours for my bones to thaw out. We also saw the elevation of Steve Shotton from Lines Person to Coach for the day.

The cold could be the reason why the game started out a bit slow and sluggish.  After 10 minutes Hahndorf started to put some great passing together. This passing created Lawson Shotton to have a shot at goal. The ball was parried by the Rangers Goalie to Cooper Newman who then proceeded to put the ball into the back of the net. Rangers then had some good minutes with the ball, however our rotating backs of Chris Haynes, Harry Wood, Emlyn Gilroy and Billy Cook stood tall and repelled all attacks. Thomas Stapleton provided great speed throughout the match from half back and provided lots of balls for out forwards, with Stapleton also having a shot for himself after showing great footwork and then hitting the crossbar. Rangers nearly  scored after their goalie kicked the ball downhill and with the freezing cold breeze, for the ball to bounce in front of our first half goalie Jensen Ingram, the ball then proceeded to go over his head and his out starched arms to then hit the crossbar. From the resulting goal kick Rangers were able to secure the ball and gain a corner. From this corner they scored a goal from a brilliant header that had all players and supporters from both teams applauding a fantastic goal.

The second saw Hahndorf have more of the ball and really played well with good ball movement and teamwork, with Jackson Bidgood and Sonjae Cook providing good balls from the midfield resulting on lots of shots on goal.  From a corner kick, Shotton had a power shot from half way that was well stopped by the goalie. Sam Whitehead back heeled a ball in the box that was also stopped by the Rangers goalie. Gilroy also had a shot saved by the goalie. The pressure was mounting on the Rangers defence, Louis Moran had a shot at goal that was not gathered by the goalie resulting in the rebound going to Ingram, he was able to control the rebound and put in for a goal. Our second half goalie Caleb Earley did have a lot to do too, a couple of times he was put under pressure, however he showed poise and commitment to the ball to be able to prevent any chance of the Ranger forwards scoring. Our last goal came near the end of the game from another Stapleton run down the wing having a shot out wide, with Gilroy being in the right spot for a resulting goal.

At a cold Ashton Oval it was a good game to watch with Rangers trying hard and deserving of their brilliant goal. Hahndorf were able to win with really good passing and team work, with all players contributing .Thank you Steve for coaching.


Saturday 23rd July 2022 – Round 11

Hahndorf took on Stirling Districts at our Home ground this afternoon for what was a fair and well fought match. Starting with Joel Bateman and Jensen Ingram in the attack, supported by Emlyn Gilroy, Chris Haynes and Samuel Whitehead in midfield, Hahndorf kept the pressure on Stirling right to the end. With keeper Thomas Stapleton in goals, supported by Lawson Shotton, Cooper Newman and Louis Moran in defence, Hahndorf were kept equally on their toes fending off a deft offence from their eager opponents. Though keeper Stapleton impressed many times over with a marked skill in deflecting Stirlings fire, a couple of unlucky slips gave Districts the upper hand in the games first half. 

The Magpies corralled to the fight in the second half, with man-of-the-match Bateman landing a shot in goals and providing his team mates an appreciative boost in morale. With the animal spirits now wide awake, the game dialled up a notch and Hahndorf were able to present some of the skills of its longer standing players with some well calculated passing between Gilroy, Haynes and Shotton and some fancy footwork by the talented Ingram. Though this was impressive to see, it wasn’t quite enough to deliver the Magpies the result they’d hoped for with Stirling taking it away with a 3-1 win. Overall, a fair match and good result considering the lads return from school holidays.


Saturday 9th July 2022 – Round 10

Strathalbyn v Hahndorf

Clear playing conditions and a sizable crowd greeted players and spectators as Hahndorf under 12’s took to the pitch against Strathalbyn at Strathalbyn’s home ground.

Hahndorf started the match off strongly, with some clever running play seeing Caleb Early kick the first goal within minutes after the start.  The ball was quick to move back into Hahndorf’s forward, with Sonjae Cook and Chris Haynes displaying quick footwork to keep the ball moving.  Strathalbyn’s defence was strong, however, with their back line players and goalie showing impressive defensive skills to fend off a number of shots at goal by Hahndorf.  During one passage of play, crowding around the goals gave Harry Wood the opportunity to sneak a goal in to secure Hahndorf’s second.  Strathalbyn soon responded, with a quick run and pass from the centre resulting in a successful shot at goal to award Strathalbyn their first goal.  Several more attempts at goal were strongly defended by Hahndorf’s midfield and backline of Billy Cook, Cooper Newman, Samuel Whitehead and Jackson Bidgood.  Goalie Lawson Shotton was kept busy with a number of successful saves.

Strathalbyn continued with a solid defence heading into the second half, putting pressure on Hahndorf’s forwards and midline.  Joel Bateman was quick off the mark passing the ball with accuracy towards Thomas Stapleton setting up some exciting passages of play.  In the mid field Jensen Ingram displayed some impressive footwork and was able to get the ball away from the Strathalbyn attack.  This helped set up several attempts at goal for Emlyn Gilroy, who bravely put himself on the line whilst making several shots at goal.

Hahndorf would like to thank Strathalbyn for a well-played game, with a great show of effort and skill by both teams.


Saturday 18th June 2022 – Round 7

Perfect morning for soccer at the Summit.  Hahndorf U12 playing Mt Barker United Blue.  Hahndorf won the toss but Mt Barker were able to bring the ball down to their forward and have the first attempt at goals but Hahndorf Goalie Chris Haynes was quick to kick it to the Hahndorf’s forward.  Hahndorf were able to get the first goal from Jensen Ingram.  Second goal was from Joel Bateman.  Mt Barker cleared it out of centre and with a good pass we’re able to kick their first goal.  Not long after Hahndorf took it out of the centre with great foot skills from Bateman was able to get Hahndorf’s 3rd for the half.  Hahndorf’s defence in Billy Cook, Jackson Bidgood, Harry Wood and Thomas Stapleton made it hard for Mt Barker to keep in their forward line. Half time it was Hahndorf 4 Mt Barker 1.

Hahndorf were quick to bring the ball down to their forward with Bateman seeing the net for Hahndorf’s 5th goal.  Mt Barker got it out of defence but a big kick from Wood saw it back in Hahndorf’s forward.  Bidgood made an attempt at goal with a good save by Mt Barker Goalie, but with another quick kick from Bidgood saw Hahndorf get another goal.  Mt Barker took the ball to their forward but with Hahndorf’s strong defence in Sonjae Cook, Louis Moran and Goalie B.Cook the ball was brought down to Stapleton who attempted at goal, hit the side post which saw Bateman kick it towards the net for his 4th goal.  Hahndorf Emlyn Gilroy controlled the ball and kicked another goal for Hahndorf.  Moran got the ball from centre and went down forward to kick a goal for Hahndorf.  Mt Barker never gave up and tried one more attempt at goals to have Hahndorf goalie B. Cook saved it at the final whistle.  Both teams showed great skills and teamwork throughout the game.


Saturday 4th June 2022 – Round 6

With great skills shown by both sides it was obvious that this was a top of the table clash. The game started in trying times with both strong wind and heavy rain, with Mt Barker Red winning the first half 3 – 0.

The sun came out for the second half, however, the strong wind continued and at times got a stationary ball moving, making it difficult to take corners at times. Hahndorf’s only goal was scored in the second half when Joel Bateman showed great skill evading four opposition to cross perfectly to Lawson Shotton who kicked into the bottom left corner of the net.

Hahndorf’s Bateman and Jensen Ingram both showed good skill, Emlyn Gilroy showed good passing and control, Thomas Stapleton showed good endeavour, and Cooper Newman showed good man on man pressure. Our goalie read the play well, saving many attempts. The defensive line played well with all players being tested and showed great ability to predict ball movement.

At the end of a fast paced game, Mt Barker’s strength saw them take the win 6 – 1.


Saturday 28th May 2022 – Round 5

Wet playing conditions greeted players and spectators as Hahndorf under 12’s took to the pitch against Rangers at Pine Avenue.

Hahndorf started the match off strongly, with some clever running play seeing Jackson Bidgood kick the first goal at the 5 minute mark.  The ball was quick to move back into Hahndorf’s forward, with Thomas Stapleton, Jensen Ingram and Lawson Shotton following soon after to secure goals.  Rangers’ defence rallied, however, successfully blocking further attempts by Hahndorf’s forwards and performing very well under pressure.  Rangers took opportunities in play to seek each-other out, soon putting pressure on the Hahndorf defence.  Several attempts at goal by the Rangers forwards were blocked Hahndorf’s defence of Cooper Newman, Caleb Earley and Sonjae Cook.  Hahndorf’s goalkeeper in the first half, Harry Wood, was kept busy with a number of critical saves under pressure.  Rangers hard work paid off though, with a kick under pressure finding the back of the next to score their first goal in the last 10 minutes of the half.

Ranger’s continued with a solid defence heading into the second half, putting pressure on Hahndorf’s forwards and mid-line.  Accurate kicking was paramount, and an excellent passage of play between Hahndorf’s Caleb Earley and S Cook saw the ball move into the Hahndorf’s forward.  Precise corner kick-ins by Joel Bateman gave Hahndorf opportunity at goal, but Rangers defence line, in particular the quick-hands of the Rangers goalkeeper, proved too strong.  In Hahndorf’s backline, William (Billy) Cook was chasing down balls and performed a number of successful intercepts to push the ball back into Hahndorf’s forward.  Emlyn Gilroy then made the most of opportunities up forward, secure the final goal of the match.

A well-played game with a great show of effort and skill by both teams.


Saturday 21st May 2022 – Round 4

The Hahndorf Under 12’s team put in a strong team effort against a competitive Stirling Districts team at Bradwood Park Sports Ground.

The first half saw Jacob Gerber off early with a minor injury. Hahndorf then went on to score an early goal from Lawson Shotton followed up by a 2nd goal by Emlyn Gilroy. The strong attack of the team were supported by the midfielders and defenders including Billy Cook who was strong in defence and Joel Bateman as goal keeper. The opposition team were hungry for the ball, seeing Christopher Haynes, Jensen Ingram, Cooper Newman and Harry Wood demonstrated their footwork skills to intercept the ball and then seek opportunities to pass to their teammates.

Hahndorf continued their momentum into the second half with strong passing from Caleb Earley, Thomas Stapleton and Samuel Whitehead. B. Cook, Stapleton and Sonjae Cook continued the strong defence who along with Jackson Bidgood in goals kept the Stirling team to one goal. Gilroy and Shotton worked hard to score a goal each. Stirling soon responded, breaking through Hahndorf’s defence to score a goal.  Bateman’s fast running and timely passing assisted him to score 2 goals to finish off the second half.

The 14 strong Hahndorf team demonstrated teamwork with fairness leading to a convincing win.  The Hahndorf under 12s team wish to thank the Stirling Team for the match played in the great spirit of the game on Saturday 21st May 2022.


Saturday 14th May 2022 – Round 3

The third round of the season saw Hahndorf meet Strathalbyn at Pine Avenue. Hahndorf display their prowess from the outset with strong play from Joel Bateman dominating from the whistle. Bateman was ably supported by Samuel Whitehead and Sonia Cook in attack with Louis Moran, Jensen Ingram and Emlyn Gilroy feeding the play.  Lawson Shotton with Billy Cook kept the Strathalbyn goals at bay together with goalkeeper Jackson Bidgood.

The second half saw Hahndorf continue to dominate with Caleb Earley and Jacob Gerber joining the field. Both sides displayed great sportsmanship and spirit and despite the strong scoring by Hahndorf, they provided spectators with a match played in the true spirit of the game.



Saturday 30th April – Round 1

At midday on a partly overcast day, Hahndorf U12’s kicked off for the first time this season against Woodside.

Joel Bateman broke the ball away early with Cooper Newman and Emlyn Gilroy showing great skills for an early goal shot which unfortunately didn’t quite find the net. Persistence paid off and Gilroy scored the first goal.

Hahndorf kept the pressure on with much of the play around the goal square and Hahndorf’s defence waiting for some action to come their way. Another shot at goal by Gilroy, being caught by the goalie. Fast legs and a big kick by Jackson Bidgood stopped Woodsides advancement.

Teamwork was on fire, there were great shows of effort and passing.

Excellent pressure by Sonjae Cook saw a throw in followed by some fancy footwork by Samuel Whitehead. A long rallying effort, Hahndorf’s defence saw the ball not progressing beyond the halfway mark, Louis Moran made a strong attempt at goal.

A sprint to block Woodsides first attempt at goal, defending Bateman and Cook stretched their legs, where the shot was made but it found goalie Caleb Earleys gloves.

From the centre Christopher Haynes’ big kick ensured Woodsides goalie was kept busy and then a smashing goal by Newman sent the team into cheer. Moments into the second half saw Gilroy’s 2nd goal.

A quick attack by Woodside was met by strong hahndorf goalie defence, with the next attempt not so lucky and Woodside scored their first goal.

Recovering quickly, the ball was brought back into Hahndorf’s end where Bidgood found the ball and skilfully scored the 4th goal and quickly Earley added to the score with a brilliant goal. Another snap goal by Woodside sees the pressure back on. A big kick by Bateman blindsided the goalie and hit the back of the net for his 2nd goal. Cook made a nice cross also seeing his 2nd goal. An outstanding effort with a Hahndorf victory. Thank you to all involved.