Under 13 Black


Team Manager: Tundra Maxwell

**** Match Reports 2021 ****

Round 18 – 21st August – Hahndorf 10 v 4 Stirling Districts

2 plays 4 in a clash for supremacy in the Adelaide hills Coach Cannavo, Hahndorf Black expecting a tough match started with a 5-3-2 sweeper configuration

Stirling kick off and their center back chipped up field only to be headed back by Jacob Neumann then he followed up with a shot on goal that was saved.

Play continued in Stirlings half before Hahndorf were awarded a penalty for handball, Joash took the penalty with a cross to Ryley Neumann who tapped it in for Hahndorf’s first goal just after the 2 min mark.

Stirling losing their first string keeper to an injury during the play.

The game of chess continued for several minutes with both teams contesting the ball when in the 8th minute a clearing kick from Angus was passed to Ryley and onto to Joash who dribbled through the field and taking a shot from 20m out to scored Handorfs second goal.

Stirling kick off and take the ball deep into hahndorf territory when their stray chip over the top saw hahndorf interim goalkeeper Pepe take a first strike kick back up field into Stirlings half where Jacob then took a shot for a goal in the 9th minute.

From the kick of Stirling pushed hard up field but with Handorf rear configuration and solid efforts from Angus, Will, Liam, Olly and Luca to shut play down and get the ball back upfield this allowed for Toby in the 14th minute and Jacob in the 17th minute to get good shots on goal and in the 18th minute Joash once again showed great foot skills to land one in the back of the net from 20m for his 2nd and Hahndorf’s 4th.

The game steadied in the 20th minute with Stirling playing good solid fast football giving them a great shot on goal that was saved by Pepe, on the counter Handorf returned with a shot on goal by Jacob and Stirling returned fire with another shot that was saved by Pepe again. This mallay of transition play and shots on goal by both teams continued until a skilled passing set saw a cross to Joash who played it onto Toby to tap onto Jacob for his 2nd goal and 5th for Hahndorf.

A handball from Hahndorf inside their half allowed a Stirling push and a corner in the 27th minute that resulted in Stirling’s first Goal.

Stirling continued a dominant run of play with a shot on goal in the 28th minute before putting another one in the net at the 30th minute.

Play continued back and forth until half time.

With Stirling finishing strong in the first half Coach Cannavo had stern words for the Hahndorf team in his halftime tirade.

Pepe ran onto the field in the second half as an attacking midfielder and Liam returned to his favourite position in the goals.

From the kick off Hahndorf were on the front foot with a cross from Pepe giving Jacob a shot on goal and 1 minute later Pepe’s header went over the crossbar for his first shot.

Stirling with confidence building, dug deep and defended well, winning many challenges and with a great passing game were rewarded with their 3rd goal in the 12th minute of the second half.

2 minutes later in the 14th minute of the second half Jacob came to the fore and from a 40m penalty put the ball in the back of the net to get Hahndorf motivated again and back on the front foot and in the 15th minute Jacob again had a shot on goal that was saved.

In the 18th minute Jacob and his brother Ryley combined in a passing set to tap onto Joash for his 3rd and hahndorf’s 7th goal.

Back and forth play continued as sides turned over the ball in defensive play until Joash scored his 4th goal in the 28th minute and Hahndorf’s 8th and then goals to Jacob in the 30th and Henri in the 33rd minute for a final score Hahndorf 10 Stirling 4.

Great game once again by Jacob Neumann. special note to Angus Mifsud who was solid in the back covering and supporting both sides of the field and Ryley Neumann would have to have been the player of the day as he was involved in everything and many a time sprinting back to support the defensive line.


Round 17 – 14th August – Hahndorf 4 v 3 Woodside

The game started with a fast pace under sunny clear skies at woodside for the match between Hahndorf Black and Woodside Red .

Toby Perkins and Jacob Neumann were straight  in the game for Hahndorf , with big kicks and early control of the ball.

The team began well, showcasing a play where the ball travelled from Oliver Dahmke vis Toby Perkins to Joash Ng down the pitch , ending with Ryley Neumann who scored the first  goal of the match early in play .Control of the ball was hard fought , with Woodside and Hahndorf very evenly matched . Dahmke continued with a number of strong intercepts, clearing the ball back to the Hahndorf end.

Pepe Zahra made his entrance to the game with some signature long kicks from defence , before a goal from Woodside equalised the score.

After a great save by goalie Diesel Aho, Woodside scored the second goal to draw ahead . Angus Mifsud was strong in defence , providing a solid line and numerous saves.

Hahndorf’s second goal came off a Joash  Ng pass to Jacob  Neumann  and the score was equalised at 2 apiece.

Continued strong defence from Hahndorf with Mifsud , Liam Sickerdick , Luca Cannavo , Will Viller, Logan Maxwell and Blane Balcom was backed up by Diesel Aho in the goals.

The second half started with a continuation of the closeness of the match . Logan Maxwell had numerous good clearances, Whilst Henri Bjordal and  Pepe Zahra, were strong in defence as the ball spent time in play near the Hahndorf goal.

A good header from Luca Cannavo lead to Henri Bjordal being able to clear the ball, before a third goal from Woodside.

Jet Zahra returned the ball to the Hahndorf goal end in a fast moving play to Toby Perkins. Competition for the ball was fierce and control was constantly  fluid between the two teams. Following strong pressure from Joash Ng, Jacob Neumann scored Hahndorf’s answering third goal in a stunning display of down the pitch  movement  showcasing excellent control of the ball.

Some great play from Pepe Zahra , Jacob Neumann ,Angus Mifsud and Will Viller followed up by strong defence from Liam Sickerdick ensued.

Ryley Neumann kept up the pressure with a fantastic run down the pitch , just pipped at the post from goal, which he followed up with a second goal attempt in keeping up the pressure on Woodside .

As the ball kept being tied up in the even competition , Oliver Dahnke and Angus Mifsud were consistent in their strong intercepts.

Great play from Jet Zahra saw the ball returned to Jacob Neumann for a surprise fourth goal for Hahndorf .Nearing the close of the match , Toby Perkins did a nice header and Logan Maxwell really got strong into some great defensive maneuvers.

During the match it was difficult to get the ball free, with the teams evenly matched which resulted in some close quarters play and stagnant ball movement . The strong defence from Hahndorf and excellent attack when the ball was free allowed for the win to Hahndorf  in a closely competed game.

We would like to thank Woodside for hosting and giving such a great game on the day .

Round 11 – 26th June – Hahndorf 5 v 1 Stirling Districts

It was a chilly start to the midday game between Hahndorf Black and Stirling Districts at the new
Summit Sports and Recreation Park. As the starting whistle blew, both teams were ready and eager
to play. Stirling were persistent at keeping the ball near their goals however their first attempt to
score was intercepted by Hahndorf’s goalie for the match, Diesel Aho. While the ball moved
between the players of both teams eventually Hahndorf gained a strong possession enabling Jacob
Neumann to score the first goal of the match. As play continued Hahndorf’s Liam Sickerdick, Luca
Cannavo, Blane Balcom, Pepe Zahra and William Viller put on an impressive defence. Stirling once
again made an attempt to score only to have Sickerdick successfully blocking the ball. Next, we saw
Henri Bjordal gaining possession of the ball appearing clear and ready to score, however this time it
was Stirling’s defence that was proving to be too strong. As play continued, so did Hahndorf’s
defence with Viller putting on the pressure and Balcom appearing from nowhere to intercept yet
another attempt at goal by Stirling. Ryley Neumann and Jet Zhara displayed great teamwork as they
passed and intercepted the ball multiple times eventually resulting in Jacob Newmann scoring the
second goal in the first half.

As the second half began it was Stirling who was first to score this time.
Hahdorf, however, were quick to retaliate with the assistance of Oliver Dahmke and Joash Ng
providing a strong clear pass to Jacob Neumann, who once again performed a text book kick into the
goals. All players continued to play strong throughout the reminder of the second half, solid in both
defence and attack. As a result, Hahndorf was able to score another two times. The final score being
Hahdorf winning 5-1. An impressive game by all!

Round 9 – 5th June – Hahndorf 5 v 5 Stirling United

There was a cold bite in the air as the first game following the new U13 division split kicked off. The game commenced at a fast pace and Stirling United were the first to score a goal in the first few minutes. Stirling United kept high pressure on Hahndorf from the start of the game and it was clear this would be a tense match to watch. Luca Cannova and Blane Balcom both put in great efforts at clearing the ball to prevent further goal attempts by the opposition and Diesel Aho again showed off his great skills in goals, halting a few attempts by Stirling United. Hahndorf kept the pressure on with Henri Bjordal, and Ryley Neumann working hard to move the ball down the field which was eventually rewarded with a great assist by Joash Ng that resulted in Hahndorf’s first goal by R Neumann. Pepe and Jet Zahra both put in solid efforts in the midfield and Angus Mifsud and Will Viller demonstrated good skills in defence. As the wind picked up, so did the intensity of the game and Stirling United scored the next two goals in rapid succession. This seemed to light a fire in Hahndorf players and J Zahra and Jacob Neumann peppered the opposition goal with attempts that unfortunately kept landing a little wide. The fire in J Neumann’s belly won out and he successfully landed a goal for Hahndorf.  Liam Sickerdick and Reilly Bowden worked hard in the midfield and the efforts from the opposition were difficult to overcome. Stirling United kept pressure on the goal and Aho performed well in the goal square with great support from the defence line. Shortly before the end of the first half J Neumann equalised the score with a goal that snuck between the legs of the goalkeeper.

The second half again took off with a fast start and P Zahra, now in goals, managed to thwart early scoring attempts by Stirling United. Balcom displayed solid efforts in clearing the ball down the line which led to J Neumann displaying great passing, assisting R Neumann in scoring Hahndorf’s fourth goal, bringing them in to the lead for the first time in the game. Stirling United did not let this stand long before they again equalized the match. Hahndorf continued to show solid defence efforts with the team all working hard together to prevent the opposition gaining the lead. The team skills of Stirling United continued to keep the pressure on and their fifth goal was eventually successful. Not to be outdone, Hahndorf fired up again and J Neumann managed his third goal for the match, equalizing the score again. It was a high-pressure game, with both teams evenly matched for a final score of 5 – 5 and great viewing for the spectators.

Round 8 – 29th May – Hahndorf 0 v 6 Southern United

The game between Southern United and Hahndorf under 13’s got off to a quick start at the whistle, with the opening action taking off. United took the offense lead first and Diesel Aho, Hahndorf goalie made his first save in the opening minutes. After a flurry around the net, there was a quick few goals for the United team, including a very nice header by #21 as the visitors took the lead.

Some scuffles for the ball in defence, with good play by Angus Mifsud saw Hahndorf valiant in their attempts to outplay Southern, but the teamwork of the visitors was strong. Luca Cannavo played some good clearance kicks on the ball to remove it from goal and Aho was excellent in goals, getting a workout with the continued firing of the ball to the net by Southern United. The visitors showed themselves to be excellent at converting saved goals to scores, with good team play and fast moves.

During the second half, the saves and scraps escalated. Reilly Bowden was strong on the defence, along with Mifsud and Liam Sickerdick. Hahndorf scored their first and final goal from the boot of Oliver Dahmke to much cheer from the home crowd. Aho continued his strong work in goals, with good runs by Ryley Neumann, Jet Zahra and Joash Ng seeing the ball get down to the Hahndorf goal end on several occasions without conversion. Hahndorf played a stronger defence in the second half, with Pepe Zahra, Cannavo, Mifsud, Blane Balcom and William Villers all getting into the fray of the game to clear the ball from Southern’ s control.

Southern United were strong on the ball and excellent in their collaborative attack and came out strong winners. Hahndorf would like to thank them for the game and congratulate the players on their excellent teamwork.

Round 6 – 15th May – Hahndorf 3 v 5 Stirling Districts

It was an overcast morning when each team took to the field for what turned out to be an engaging game for spectators. Pepe Zahra kicked off the beginning of a fast-paced first half and Stirling District were quick to demonstrate good passing that led to the first pressure on Diesel Aho in goal to achieve a good save early in the game. Hahndorf also kept pressure on the opposition throughout the first half which was well defended by Stirling District. The defence line was eventually overcome by the opposition when Samuel Muffet from Stirling District scored the first goal for the opposing team. Joash Ng soon followed this up with Hahndorf’s first goal despite solid efforts by Stirling District’s defence line. Jet Zahra demonstrated some fancy footwork and kept the pressure on the oppositions defence line and Angus Mifsud managed a huge kick from the back half to the goal square that was solidly stopped by the opposition goalie. J Zahra pushed on hard to just miss another attempt on goal, which was closely followed by Ng’s second goal for the home team. Luca Cannavo kept the pressure on the oppositions front and mid lines and Liam Sickerdick and P Zahra displayed solid efforts with teamwork. Blane Balcom and Logan Maxwell put in solid efforts to keep the ball in play and away from the home team goal. Sickerdick kicked a great cross that was well defended by Stirling District’s goalie. The opposition’s, Taj Gore, equalized the game and this was quickly followed by a third goal by John Hewitt for Stirling District. Oliver Dahmke took a fall following excellent tackling efforts and managed to shake it off quickly to get back in the game. A fourth goal was accomplished by Joshua Verryt despite solid efforts made by the home defence team. The score at half time was 2 – 4 for Stirling District.

The opposition kept up the high pressure on goals from the start of the second half and Aho was put to the test. Hahndorf’s defence were working well together and numerous goal attempts were stopped in their tracks. Hahndorf worked hard at moving the ball to the other end and this was eventually rewarded with a third goal for Hahndorf by Ryley Neumann assisted by Dahmke and Ng. Will Viller played his first game for the team and displayed a willing attitude to get amongst the tackles and managed several clearing kicks. Reilly Bowden also put in solid efforts whenever he was near the ball. Harry Mumford kept pressure on the Stirling District defence line and Balcom made an attempt at goal that was well-saved by the opposition goalie. The opposition scored a fifth goal and Hahndorf continued to work hard at moving the ball up the pitch. Stirling District kept the pressure on the Hahndorf defence line with Aho displaying excellent skills as a goalie, stopping most attempts made in the second half. Overall, both teams seemed evenly matched and put in excellent efforts throughout the game with a final score of 3 – 5 to Stirling District.

Round 5 – 8th May – Hahndorf v Torrens Valley

It was an overcast start to a game that moved quickly. Good early play from Hahndorf’s Joash Ng, followed by excellent team passing between Cooper Liddle, Neumann and Oliver Dahmke saw the first goal to Hahndorf, early in the play.

The game remained fast paced, with the ball largely dominated by Hahndorf leading to a quick second score by Ng, followed by a third.  Torrens Valley took control of the play before good defence from Hayden Lien and Angus Mifsud saw control return to Hahndorf. Torrens Valley were successful in stopping a number of near goals before a kick from goalie Diesel Aho in goals to Harrison Gould, was quickly forwarded to Joash Ng for Hahndorf’s fourth goal. Hahndorf continued to pass well between players as a further goal to Hahndorf was foiled by the Torrens Valley keeper.

Jet Zahra played an excellent game with many intercepts of the ball, backed up by strong defence from Mifsud, Luca Cannavo and Blane Balcom. Torrens Valley made a long run toward goal, with the score only being saved by Hahndorf goalie Aho. Ng was dancing around the Torrens Valley players as he deftly controlled the ball back to Hahndorf’s end, a slick pass resulting in Pepe Zahra’s run to score another goal. Quickly on the heels of goal number five, a pass from Ng to Neumann saw goal six scored for Hahndorf. Continuing strong team play saw Zahra, J.’s intercept through to Ng and onto Zahra, P. resulting in the next Hahndorf gaol.

A free kick for Torrens Valley inside the box resulted in a good goal for player 11 and their first score on the board. The game continued on quickly, with a throw in by Zahra, J resulting in goal number 3 for Zahra, P. Hahndorf, in good control of the match, faced some excellent saves by Torrens Valley in the goal area in quick succession.

Half time saw the clouds blackening as the match resumed, with Gould passing to Lien who had an excellent run for another Hahndorf score. In response, Torrens Valley fired back and good pressure from Gould narrowly prevented a second goal to the Valley team. Liddle was in the thick of play as the ball was evenly controlled between the two teams, with strong defence work from both. An intercept from Aho passed to Lien saw a further score for the visiting team. Great team play continued to prevail with Hahndorf coming on strong, with Gould and Zahra, P. setting up a pass to Lien for another goal for Hahndorf.

Balcom and Liddle made some excellent intercepts for the ball to return to Hahndorf’s control. A strong midfield and defence game saw the next goal to Neumann, just sailing past the Torrens Valley keeper. A throw in from Mifsud and a long run from Neumann saw another point added to the tally. By the time the black clouds behind the trees became threatening, the black and whites were all over the ground. The combination of Dahmke to Neumann saw the next goal, a result of strong passing though the front lines of Hahndorf’s attack. Hahndorf were barrelling towards to the goal again, the score well saved by the Torrens Valley keeper.

Reilly Bowden was a wall in defence, passing to Balcom for a strong kick back towards the goal area. Shortly thereafter, Zahra,P. again converted for Hahndorf. The temperature was dropping but Hahndorf were on fire, with Gould and Aho doing long clean runs towards the goal as the rain began to fall. Hahndorf’s strong passing game was paying off as Neumann scored again. Ng continued to dance around the Torrens valley defence, his footwork earning Hahndorf another goal. Torrens Valley kept up the pressure in defence but a strong kick from Mifsud saw the ball back in Hahndorf’s court. Ng kicked to Neumann, who scored again off a header. Just as the rain started to drum down, the play of Aho to Neumann to Aho resulted in the final goal for the match.

Hahndorf would like to thank Cooper Liddle, Harrison Gould and Hayden Lien for their help with the game and Torrens Valley for a good match on the day.

Round 4 – 1st May – Hahndorf v Stirling

Hahndorf applied the pressure early in the game keeping Stirling deep in defence, a close miss by Harrison hit the post from the corner kick in. The Hahndorf team excelled with communication and positioning led to the first goal to Harrison from a long way out. Great team work led to attempts from Oliver and Jacob which were were followed by a goal from Hayden. This was followed up by goals to Levi, Harrison and Hayden, then a second to Levi.

Second half kicked off with further pressure from Hahndorf and great defensive work from Dante and Patrick. A goal to Ryder on his first kick who followed up with a second goal shortly after. Ben made a close attempt as did lawson but were thwarted by the goalie. An impressive corner goal by Harrison and finals to Hayden and Levi finished off a strong game for Hahndorf.

Round 3 – 24th April – Hahndorf 7 v 2 Ashton

Ashton winning the coin toss they started with the center pass, not long into the game Hahndorf pulled together as a team taking the control of the ball taking the ball down to the strikers working well together Jacob had his first shot at goals scoring the opening goal of the game. Ashton defence were all over the scoring end of the pitch ,taking the ball back down the pitch passing the ball off to their striker but with the great goal keeping skills from Diesel he managed to save the ball each time the forwards tried to score. With Hahndorf players working well together they pasted the ball down to the strikers Jacob and Joash they went on to score multiple goals , we also had help from Ryley scoring a goal as well.

2nd half of the game Hahndorf moved their players around creating new goal scorers for the team Jet was on the run scoring a great goal, Joash scoring a goal as well. Ashton also changed around their team and were able to kick their 2nd goal for the game , Ashtons goal keepers played a great game ,they had a strong defence line up. It was a good game to watch . Hahndorf defeating Ashton   7-2.

Round 1 – 27th March – Hahndorf 2 v 8 Woodside Red

It was a home game for Hahndorf playing their first game of the 2021 season in mostly sunny conditions against Woodside Red. The first ten minutes of the game saw both teams attempting to score with many missed opportunities. Luca Cannavo went in hard intercepting numerous balls trying to creep through to the goal square. Joash Ng in Centre Mid kept up the pressure by constantly intercepting and pushing the ball back up to Hahndorf’s half where Hahndorf had a couple of attempts around goal but couldn’t quite push through Woodside’s defence with Woodside finally being the first to hit the scoreboard. Harry Mumford ran tirelessly throughout the first half frequently stopping the ball leaving Hahndorf’s half and running the ball back towards Hahndorf’s goal square. Although Woodside Red snuck through a few goals, there were countless saves by Angus Misfud sprinting down the field to stop balls that were heading for goal, consistent pressure from Jet Zahra as well as a very lucky save by goalkeeper Liam Sickerdick. Hahndorf finally put a score on the board in the last five minutes of the last half with a brilliant goal by Ryley Newmann. Woodside kicked the last goal of the first half taking the score to 1 – 5.

Strong defence in the opening of the second half by Blane Balcom and goalkeeper Diesel Aho saw the visitors miss their first two attempts at goal. Hahndorf maintained their pressure on Woodside by keeping the ball mostly in Hahndorf’s half and had some very narrow misses by R. Neumann who effortlessly outran the opposition. Hahndorf’s last goal for the game was a sensational one by J. Ng, who raced the ball from the half-way line, manoeuvred his way around 3 Woodside players to then kick a spectacular goal. The end of the last half saw a few quick goals by Woodside Red and a narrow miss by Logan Maxwell. The final whistle saw the visitors taking the win 2 – 8.

**** Match Reports 2020 ****

Round 14 – 26th September – Hahndorf White 5 v 2 Stirling Districts Blue

It was a chilly morning, the game started late and the sun came out on the starting whistle. Hahndorf was captained by goalkeeper Ryder Hill. Oliver Dahmke took the first throw in showing great form. Determined Hayden Lien scored the first goal within the opening minute. Play moved quickly and Zoe York took the second throw in for Hahndorf. Facing some pressure in defence, ever-tenacious Oliver Aylen cleared the ball wide. The first corner of the match was awarded to Stirling Districts and was skilfully defended. Jasper Jones showed impressive strength and skill against two Stirling Districts’ attackers. Reliable and focused Dante Man cleared a goal attempt. First substitutions saw Patrick Hinze take to the pitch and work well with Man despite the left-footer being on the right of the pitch. Twelve minutes in and the weather turned dark and grey. There was a great save Hill before Hahndorf pushed back into attack and were awarded a corner. Stirling Districts fought back and looked to score, however, it was not to be as Hill took a spectacular tumble save which also saw the opposition player hit the pitch. Commanding Harrison Gould took a corner and a few plays later, Jacob Gardner scored a goal. Great strategic play from under-utilised York, reading the game well to play smarter rather than harder. A mere 2 minutes before the end of the half a goal was conceded.

The second half saw another goal to Stirling Districts and a demoralised Hahndorf. Gould made a good attempt and Emlyn Gilroy’s scraped the outside post. Harry Mumford was a great team communicator in defence and worked hard clearing the ball. Levi Beesley worked very hard, creating opportunities for himself and his team mates. With only 10 minutes to go, Hahndorf made a renewed effort with three goals in rapid succession from Gould, Gardner and Gilroy. Honourable mentions this week also to Dahmke and Jones, some great soccer lads! It was unfortunate that Reilly Bowden was unavailable for the match.

At the final whistle, the scores were Hahndorf 5 to Stirling Districts 2. Hahndorf Under 12 White wish to thank Stirling Districts Soccer Club Under 12 Blue for the game played Saturday 26 September 2020.

Round 13 – 19th September – Hahndorf White 1 v 5 Murray Bridge

It was an overcast yet sunny afternoon when Murray Bridge United Soccer Club Under 12 Blue hosted Hahndorf Soccer Club Under 12 White captained by Oliver Aylen. Hahndorf players all wore black armbands in memory of Rob Kilpatrick, with both teams entering the pitch in ceremonial style before a minute’s silence. Strikers Levi Beesley and Hayden Lien and midfielder Zoe York had a promising start attacking on the centre left. However, it was just a few minutes before Murray Bridge Blue were able to push through defence and score the first goal of the match. Continued pressure from Murray Bridge saw some fearless defending by Oliver Aylen and keeper Ryder Hill. Midfielder Harrison Gould made a decisive pass to York before Murray Bridge once again controlled play and scored. Patrick Hinze in defence made some good passes through to Gould. Hayden Lien endured some rough play like a champion before another goal was conceded. Defender Oliver Dahmke demonstrated some strong skills, working well with Beesley. Defender Jasper Jones switched on with some of the most impressive play from him this season. Not to be outdone, defender Dante Man threw himself into the thick of it, delivering a solid kick sending the ball sailing back into Hahndorf White’s attack. As Murray Bridge Blue pushed back, there was more impressive work from Dahmke and Hill. Exceptional pressure and team work by Emlyn Gilroy, Beesley, York and Gould was frustratingly not rewarded on the score board. Murray Bridge pushed back again and scored. Hahndorf’s hunger for the ball did not subsided. Gould’s attempt on goal devastatingly sailed high above the cross bar, Dahmke’s bounced off the outside of the post and York’s was saved by the keeper. Mostly this first half was quite on the right, translating to not as much ball time for Gilroy, Jacob Gardner and Reilly Bowden as we’ve seen in previous weeks.

Harry Mumford arrived from other commitments in time to take to the pitch for the second half and he certainly brought his A game. Murray Bridge Blue pushed hard and were thwarted by a great save from Hill. Hahndorf White switched on and there was a good attempt on goal by Lien. Defenders Dahmke, Man, Aylen and Gardner really working the offside rule were, hugging the half line whenever Hahndorf White were in attack. Bowden effectively maintained this style of play with the others when he was brought on in defence. There were a couple of other great saves by the unflappable Hill. Mixing up play from some standards saw York take the sideline throw-ins to great effect giving opportunities to Gilroy, Gould and Dahmke to receive the ball. Beesley and York were once again working well together when Beesley was injured but his tenacity saw him stay on the pitch. Finally, Lien’s persistence finally paid off with a goal.

At the final whistle, the scores were Murray Bridge Blue 5 to Hahndorf White 1. Hahndorf Under 12 White wish to thank Murray Bridge United Soccer Club Under 12 Blue for the game played Saturday 12 September 2020.

Round 12 – 12th September – Hahndorf White 6 v 2 Murray Bridge

It was a bright and sunny mid 20s degree day when Murray Bridge United Soccer Club Under 12 Gold hosted Hahndorf Soccer Club Under 12 White captained by Emlyn Gilroy. Initially Hahndorf slipped into defence as they got a feel for the pitch and opposition’s play. Dante Man, Oliver Aylen and Oliver Dahmke each had an early opportunity to stretch their legs and show some good defensive play before Hahndorf commenced with heavy pressure on goals by Levi Beesley and others. This was quickly rewarded with Gilroy and Harrison Gould scoring goals within the opening minutes with support from their team mates. There was a nail-biting moment when Zoe York’s backwards kick narrowly missed. Hayden Lien quickly followed up and scored another goal for Hahndorf. Jacob Gardner certainly put in the leg work and ran hard throughout the half supporting his team mates with a keen eye on the ball. When the opposition managed to push past into Hahndorf’s attack, they were consistently met with solid defensive play and some great goal kicks by Ryder Hill pushing play back to Hahndorf’s attack. Some excellent team work displayed between Beesley and York. Jasper Jones had a few well timed kicks and is not afraid of some of the more dauntingly physical aspects of the game. Patrick Hinze made a great pass to Gould and soon after went in for a strong tackle. The resulting play saw Beesley’s persistence rewarded with a goal. The final few minutes of the half saw Gould score another goal. Overall, the first half saw Hahndorf work through two rounds of three substitutions due to the heat, a move which initially startled the players.

As the second half commenced, one family were put to work refilling all the players’ drink bottles which had all been emptied. Murray Bridge commenced the half with pressure on Hahndorf’s defence in the first minute before pressure by Hahndorf’s attack resumed. In a shock move a penalty was called against Hahndorf resulting in a goal to Murray Bridge despite Oliver Aylen’s valiant effort. Beesley continued with good pressure on the opposition and a header by Hill looked to almost be a goal. There was a good cross by Gould and more solid defence from Man. Another goal thanks to Gilroy and some good work by Reilly Bowden. Good pressure on goal by Lien on left foot backed up by great pressure by Gardner. Another goal was conceded despite Aylen’s best efforts. An impressive kick by York before a goal kick taken by Murray Bridge’s most statuesque player was met by a solid wall of Hahndorf players forming a wall on the half line – only Aylen seemed to stay back in goals! There was more strong play from Hill in midfield. In the end, the second half saw Hahndorf work through four rounds of three substitutions and gave the opportunity to experiment with players in positions they don’t usually play.

At the final whistle, the scores were an equal Murray Bridge Gold 2 to Hahndorf 6. Hahndorf Under 12 White wish to thank Murray Bridge United Soccer Club Under 12 Gold for the game played Saturday 12 September 2020.

Round 11 – 5th September – Hahndorf White 3 v 8 Stirling United

Players and spectators were presented with great weather at the 10.30 game between Hahndorf Under 12 White, and Stirling United at Hahndorf’s home ground on Saturday 5th of September.

From kick-off, Levi Beasley, Harrison Gould, Emlyn Gilroy, and Hayden Lien went on the attack.  Stirling also pushed forward again and again against Hahndorf’s solid defence line consisting of Jasper Jones, Patrick Hinze, Harry Mumford; backed up by goal keeper Ryder Hill.

Stirling achieved their first goal at the 4 minute mark; which was countered one minute later by an absolute cracker goal driven home by Beesley. Soon after Stirling scored its second goal and the game was on.

Zoe York read play well, taking a pass which she forwarded to Oliver Dahmke who punched the ball through the pack of Stirling defenders. Likewise, Hayden Lien and Gilroy, supported by Jacob Gardiner, Harrison Gould, and Dante Man pushed forward time and again but were simply unlucky to not convert their efforts into a goal. Seventeen minutes into the first half, standout play saw an almost certain Stirling goal ferociously blocked by Gardiner’s agile feet.

At the 20 minute mark Stirling’s 4th goal found its mark. It took 3 attempts from close range by Stirling to succeed. Hahndorf goalie Hill reacted and defended like a machine.

Lien’s quick thinking converted a great opportunity into Hahndorf’s 2nd goal.

By half time the score was 5 – 2 in Stirling’s favour.

Two obvious crowd pleasers stood out toward the end of the last half by Hahndorf players. Man shifting to defence, produced a high kick that achieved a goal line clearance that otherwise would have surely resulted in another mark on the scoreboard by Stirling. Also not to be missed was Gilroy’s instinctive cross into goals which was cleverly set up by York and Lien.

By the end of the match the spectators witnessed great determined play by all on field, resulting in a match of soccer to remember. The score was 8 – 3 to Stirling.

Hahndorf Under 12 White wish to thank Stirling United Under 12 for the game.

Round 10 – 29th August – Hahndorf White 2 v 2 Mt Barker Blue

A glorious almost-Spring morning Hahndorf Soccer Club Under 12 White captained by Harry Mumford took the field against Mount Barker United Soccer Club Under 12 Blue. With the sun in their eyes, Hahndorf clearly dominated the first half. Striker Hayden Lien made his first attempt on goal within the first minute supported by strikers Levi Beesley and Emlyn Gilroy. As Mount Barker tried to take back control defender Patrick Hinze made a brilliant pass back to a team mate in the attacking half. A second goal attempt was made just two minutes later with a corner awarded a further two minutes later still. Harrison Gould’s goal attempt frustratingly bounced off the cross bar and back in to play. As Mount Barker United Blues pushed back a free kick was awarded and taken by Gould in Hahndorf White’s defence. Play was returned to Hahndorf’s attacking half and another attempt on goal before a corner was awarded. As the game moved along the left wing, Zoe York took a throw in. Mount Barker United Blues worked hard to take control with Hahndorf Whites hot on their heels chasing down to goal, catching defenders Mumford, Hinze, Dante Man and Oliver Aylen off guard. Keeper Ryder Hill came out, grabbed the ball and threw it far. Play moved quickly with Hahndorf Whites being awarded another corner in attack before the ball was back down in Hahndorf Whites’ defence and another goal attempt was saved by Hill. Moving down the middle of the pitch Gould communicated well and made a solid pass to York, music to the coaches’ ears. Substitutions saw a rest for York and a badly hayfever effected Mumford while Jacob Gardner and Reilly Bowden took to the pitch. In a somewhat nerve-wracking move Aylen switched play from left to right across goals passing to Bowden. Gardner and Gilroy worked well together and ran hard. Moving at speed down the pitch Lien scored the first goal of the match! Beesley made a goal attempt, as did Gilroy whose attempt went just past the post and off the goalie’s hands. Enjoying the opportunity to utilise his skills beyond goalkeeping, Reilly Bowden stopped Mount Barker United Blues attempt to get back into Hahndorf Whites’ defence and helped push the ball back through to the midfielders and strikers for another attempt on goals saved by the keeper. Midfielder Oliver Dahmke worked hard and kept play in Hahndorf Whites’ attack. However, in the last few minutes of the half a goal was conceded despite some great work by Hill. At half time, goals were tied one all.

Coming back for the second half with the sun at their backs, Hahndorf Whites were mistaken if they thought this half was going to be a walk in the park. Mount Barker United Blues came in strong and there was another great save by Hill. Game gave way to a series of rapid transitions from one end of the pitch to the other. Aylen again switched play across field before a fumble by an unnamed player resulted in a penalty kick being awarded to Mount Barker United Blues. A series of good teachable moments for all players. As this was the first penalty Hahndorf Whites have seen this season so tensions were high both on and off the pitch. Appearing cool as a cucumber, Hill saved it! Good tackling by York and another good goal attempt by Lien. Mount Barker United Blues pushed again on Hahndorf’s goal and when awarded a goalie kick Hill decisively took it before players had turned to face it. Unfortunately another goal was later conceded. Good pressure by York on the opposition’s keeper, blocking their view of play while team mates controlled the ball. A little later Beesley made a strong attempt on goal. When play was back in Hahndorf Whites’ defence Gould was injured, dropping to the ground for several moments but adamant to stayed on when the head coach and team manager invaded the pitch to offer assistance. Hahndorf Whites came back strong and were awarded another corner in attack. Lien worked hard and scored another goal. There was a very quick throw in by Gould, reassuring to see how all players are seeing the advantage of taking frees quickly to hopefully catch the opposition off guard and further use it to their advantage. Another convincing save by Hill and some solid defence by Man and Dahmke rounded out the match.

At the final whistle, the scores were an equal Mount Barker United 2 to Hahndorf 2. Hahndorf Under 12 White wish to thank Mount Barker United Under 12 Blue for the game played Saturday 29 August 2020.

Round 9 – 22nd August – Hahndorf White 8 v 2 Stirling Districts

This was always going to be a challenging match for Hahndorf Under 12 White facing up against Stirling Districts Under 12 White. Relocating to Strathalbyn due to pitch condition we were still met with howling winds and rain. Hahndorf Captain Zoe York consulted with Coach Ben Dahmke prior to the whistle to check strategy and game direction. Stirling Districts started strong as anticipated. Keeper Ryder Hill was quickly put to work, making at least eight spectacular saves in the first half alone. Defenders Oliver Aylen and Dante Man were like a pair of terriers strongly focused on the ball. The first goal was unfortunately conceded a mere four minutes in which kicked Hahndorf’s strikers Levi Beesley, Hayden Lien and Emlyn Gilroy into gear with Gilroy making a solid attempt on goal. Stirling Districts regained control of the ball and a second goal was conceded just three minutes later. As Stirling Districts continued pressure on goals, defender Jasper Jones worked hard and cleared the ball well. York took control of the midfield, working well with defender Patrick Hinze before they swapped positions and she made an excellent, well-timed pass to Lien. Hill made another great save before conceding another goal as pressure continued to mount. Beesley came off injured, giving Jacob Gardner an opportunity to take to the field and stretch his legs. Midfielders Harrison Gould and Oliver Dahmke worked well together across the centre right. One of the most impressive saves saw Hahndorf’s reluctant keeper leaping into the air to almost twice his own height. Shortly after Aylen was skittled, having collected a ball to the face which saw both Coach and Team Manager take to the pitch to escort him off, graciously applauded by Stirling Districts’ supporters. Shaking his hair from his eyes, Aylen announced “at least I stopped the goal” – what a trooper! Another great save from Hill followed by some excellent defending by York moving the ball back to strikers Lien, Man and Gilroy.

The second half began with Aylen benched meaning Hahndorf were without any subs for the half. There were some good passes to start the half including from Gould and Beesley. A great save from Hill cleared the ball into the attack with Gardner giving chase once it was picked up by Stirling Districts. York was strong in defence and another save by Hill! Gould was strong in attack working with Gilroy who scored a goal!!! Another couple of goals were conceded as well as more great saves by Hill. Jones was strong in defence as was speedy Man, both taking on the opposition fearlessly. Lien showed good form from the centre pass establishing a good attacking stance by Hahndorf. Gilroy scored another goal! Rain started up again, with some players later reporting it was in fact hail, resulting in scrappy play. Gould, York and Gardner demonstrated some good tackling skills. York did not let up and there were some more great saves by Hill. Good passing

from Gardner to Lien to Gilroy. There was a thrown in by Gilroy before a goal was conceded. Hahndorf picked up speed and Gardener was blink-and-you-miss-it quick with a throw in after a sensational run up the field. Again Hinze made some solid kicks up the wing looking for his midfielders and strikers. Good defending by Dahmke and another goal saved. Man and Hill both down as goal conceded. Gardner looked close to scoring a goal but was not rewarded and then a goal conceded. Another convincing save by Hill saw out the match.

As tough as this match was due to the quality of the opposition, the strong winds and rain, it is exciting to see how much learning and hard work has transpired so far this season by the Hahndorf team. At the final whistle, the scores were Stirling Districts 8 to Hahndorf 2. Hahndorf Under 12 White wish to thank Stirling Districts Under 12 White for the game played Saturday 22 August 2020. Thanks also to Strathalbyn Soccer Club for hosting.

Round 8 – 15th August – Hahndorf White 4 v 3 Torrens Valley

As Hahndorf warmed up, the clouds came in bringing patches of rain and bleak skies to an already soggy pitch. There was a strong start by Hahndorf against Torrens Valley. Harrison Gould took the first throw in before Oliver Aylen took the first tumble for the match. Torrens Valley amped up the pressure but where met with a great clear by experienced keeper Reilly Bowden. Unfortunately the first goal of the match was conceded to Torrens Valley shortly thereafter. This was despite some strong defensive work by Patrick Hinze and Jasper Jones, both exhibiting some solid long-range kicking skills. Hahndorf worked to keep play to the wings but Torrens Valley were keen to keep play to the boggier centre pitch and exerted considerable pressure. Bowden made another great save before the second goal for the match was conceded by sailing high above his head and just below the bar. The game continued almost as if in slow motion, slow and muddy. Good positioning by striker Levi Beesley on the left. Ryder Hill was skittled by the opposition, the first of several in what proved to be a very physical game for him. Harry Mumford brought his leadership skills to the game and was consistent in defence, clearing the ball forward to Hahndorf’s strikers. Another great save Bowden! Dante Man followed with an impressive kick up the soggy midfield enabling Emlyn Gilroy a good attempt on goal. Substitutions saw Zoe York take to the pitch and instantly team up with Hill for a series of exceptional plays before he was skittled again. Her leadership in defence was backed up with an impressive kick up the pitch to Beesley. Torrens Valley leapt back into gear and a third goal was conceded for the half. Hayden Lien made some good passes with his team mates, utilising the triangle formations being worked on in weekly training. In the dying minutes of the half, Beesley made another great attempt on goal but was not rewarded.

When play resumed for the second half, it was as though a whole new Hahndorf team was taking to the pitch! Half-time huddle had confirmed it would be good to focus play on the far left side of pitch and all players quickly demonstrated their keen listening. Man, Hill, York and Gould worked well together applying pressure to Torrens Valley. Aylen cleared the ball wide and Jacob Gardner backed up the team with good work in goals. Hahndorf really fired up at this point with team work supporting Beesley to score the first Hahndorf goal of the match. Substitutions again saw a change across each part of the line-up. Striker York displayed great work up the right wing. Torrens Valley applied pressure and were met with a great save by Gardner. As the ball was sent back up through the centre pitch, the goal kick was met with a header by Torrens Valley which was picked up by Hill with a push on goal. Beautiful work with Hinze passing to Hill to York which set up seasoned player

Oliver Dahmke for his first club goal for Hahndorf – team work and a personal milestone all in one! The impressive team work continued with Hill, Dahmke and York up the left wing. Then finally the sun came out, as if to reward Hahndorf’s efforts! Lien and Hinze worked well together, even when Lien lost a boot. Hinze and Dahmke made some good plays together, as did Jones and Mumford. Gilroy spectacularly booted the ball up the pitch during a vocally quite moment. Torrens Valley made another push on goal which again was met with a great save by Gardner. Hahndorf retaliated hard, Gilroy and Dahmke both losing their footing and still Lien was able to push on and score a goal! Followed by another great save by Gardner, who is a great fit in goals as it’s very important to have a keeper with a voice and who controls their defence players. Hahndorf quickly converted the play and Beesley was able to score another goal in the dying minutes of the game. The improvement from all players each week is great to watch – team work makes the dream work!

At the final whistle, the scores were Torrens Valley 3 to Hahndorf 4. Hahndorf Under 12 White wish to thank Torrens Valley Under 12 for the game played Saturday 15 August 2020.

Round 7 – 8th August – Hahndorf White 3 v 4 Woodside

It was a very bleak, wintery start to the match with Woodside taking to the field with only 9 players. Captained by Oliver Dahmke Hahndorf made a strong start. Striker Emlyn Gilroy made his first attempt on goal only 5 minutes into play and there was some good pressure from fellow striker Zoe York. Together with Hayden Lien they utilised triangle formations to the coaches’ delight. Ryder Hill ran hard and was a reliable communicator throughout the first half. Keeper Jacob Gardner took a throw in which was cleared wide by midfielder Harrison Gould. Defenders Patrick Hinze, Levi Beesley, Dante Man and Dahmke had their work cut out for them as Woodside Warriors attacked hard and a goal was conceded. The attack continued and Gardner saved another 2 goals before Hahndorf picked up the pressure once more. Defender Man made an impressive kick returning the ball to Hahndorf’s attacking half.

The pitched proved to be very slippery confirming this was not a game for fancy footwork but rather solid kicks and simple passes. Players from both teams struggled to stay upright and on their feet. Hahndorf was awarded two corners, one on either side of the pitch and maintained good pressure on goal. Excellent passing by Gilroy and York. Beesley continued his great work in defence with a definitive clear in front of goal. Harry Mumford returned to the field and made a great push on goal with Gilroy, the later rewarded with a goal. Woodside returned pressure and Man cleared the ball twice preventing the visitors an opportunity to score. Woodside’s tenth player joined the pitch as Hahndorf took a corner a few minutes before half-time. Gould then scored a goal tight on left corner just before the whistle. At half time the score was Woodside Warriors 1 to Hahndorf Magpies 2.

The cold, grey, drizzly weather did not let up throughout the match and both teams were visibly effected. Unfortunately for Hahndorf the first goal of the second half was conceded within the first minute of play. Hahndorf returned pressure on goal before a corner was conceded in Woodside’s favour. Defender York then passed to striker Gilroy up the centre of the pitch and she continued to push the ball back into Hahndorf’s attack. Fortunately the offside rule kicked in so a goal was not conceded. Good work from Mumford in defence and midfielder Bowden applied good pressure. Again, team mates greatly appreciated Hill’s clear communication. Following a collision which saw both players fall, Dahmke was a great sport and checked his opposition was ok. A goal was later conceded and Gilroy responded with another fabulous run on goal. Although his efforts were not rewarded initially, Gardner followed up with a superb goal – a poetic switch from keeper in the first half to striker in the second. Special mention must go to Hinze for both his enthusiasm and efforts in goal. The final score was Woodside Warriors Under 12 Red 4 to Hahndorf Magpies Under 12 White 3.

Hahndorf Magpies Under 12 White wish to thank Woodside Warriors Red Under 12 for the game played Saturday 8 August 2020. A special thanks also to Hahndorf parents putting in extra effort both setting up and packing down as the only team at home this morning.

Round 6 – 1st August – Hahndorf White 2 v 2 Nairne

A beautiful sunny morning saw players and parents alike squinting as they reached for their sunnies and sunscreen. Nairne Under 12 took the centre pass to get the game started with Hahndorf Under 12 White. Strikers Zoe York, Emlyn Gilroy and Captain Dante Man were quick to respond with Man especially strong in the attack and York strong on the left wing. Midfielder Harrison Gould took the first free for the Magpies, defender Oliver Aylen taking the second with was met with a spectacular header from defender Jasper Jones to keep the ball in Hahndorf’s attacking half. Levi Beesley demonstrated some good defending before a free was conceded to Nairne. Gould took the next free for Hahndorf before Nairne fired up with an attempt on goal expertly thwarted by Ryder Hill in goals. Nairne took a corner which was picked up by Hahndorf with a demonstration of excellent passing that made the coaches’ hearts sing!

Nairne’s next attempt on goal was met with a great save by defender Beesley, and then a great save by Hill. Nairne missed goal – phew! This was quickly backed up with a good goal attempt by Gould and some nice work by Jacob Gardner and Jones in defense. Harry Mumford joined the field to replace Jones. The goal that was then conceded was entirely a credit to Nairne’s attack. As play continued there was a header by Gould and midfielder Oliver Dahmke took a thrown in. Further pressure on goal saw some solid tackling by Mumford. Aylen made some great moves up the wing, impressive agility and speed. Gardner took a header. Hill sustained considerable pressure and then Mumford took a header. Dahmke fired up and made a dramatic attempt on goal which was defended only to then be scored by Gilroy. A scary moment followed with an injured Nairne player before play resumed. Nairne took a corner which was promptly returned to Hahndorf’s attack, including a noteworthy cross pass from Gilroy to York. This was undoubtedly the half for unexpected headers and goals at the halftime whistle were an equal one all to both Nairne and Hahndorf.

The second half saw Hahndorf now facing away from the rapidly rising sun and glare with the attacking goal down the slope. Gardner took up position as goalkeeper and Hahndorf were strong in attack. Gardner made five great gutsy saves within the first 10 minutes during which time a corner was also conceded and Aylen substituted for Gilroy before a goal was conceded. Hahndorf weathered considerable pressure on goal although there was a lot of travel up and down the pitch. Gould and Hill collaborated beautifully with some great passes but the Nairne keeper stopped their attempt. York was substituted off for Gilroy.

Hahndorf had more good pressure on goal with Hill rewarded with the visitors’ second for the match. Hinze again threw himself into the fray and yet another of his spectacular return kicks sailed up the wing. Gilroy was then able to make two mention worthy goal attempts before Nairne promptly returned fire. There was a nail-biting finish which included two more great saves by Gardner even when all supporters eared he was too far out from goal.

At the final whistle, the scores were an equal Nairne 2 to Hahndorf 2. Hahndorf Under 12 White wish to thank Nairne Under 12 for the game played (and the covid19 safe individually wrapped chocolates – what great hosts!) Saturday 1 August 2020.

Round 4 – 18th July – Hahndorf White 0 v 6 Hahndorf Black

A cool and overcast morning saw the Hahndorf U12 derby. Hayden Lien, Dante Man and Emlyn Gilroy were suitably aggressive strikers. Harrison Gould, Ryder Hill and Jacob Gardner pushed forward to support the attack. Jasper Jones, Captain Patrick Hinze, Zoe York and Levi Beesley spread across defence with Reilly Bowden in goals. Oliver Dahmke and Simran Singh cheered their team on from the bench.

Whites showed a promising strong attack from the starting whistle until Blacks quickly retaliated. Bowden ran out to defend the goal. Blacks were granted a corner which was skilfully cleared down the wing by York. Blacks intercepted and continued with pressure on goal. Bowden’s kick from the top of the square was picked up with a breakaway Lien with support from Gilroy up the wing. Two goal attempts by Whites were skilfully cleared by Blacks. Whites’ strikers made some good passes with Beesley keeping the ball in Whites attacking half. Great footwork by Gould! Blacks retaliated and were met with a good clear from Bowden which was picked up by Hinze and returned to the attacking half down the wing. Working the wing and passing by midfield and strikers looked promising. York and Dahmke were subbed off and replaced by Singh and Man.

Again Bowden cleared Blacks attempt on goal with Hinze picking it up and sending it back down the wing. Blacks returned pressure resulted in a corner and the first goal of the match was conceded. Gardner took the centre passing to Gilroy. Whites defended Blacks corner and as they moved through centre field Lien took a ball to the face and insisted on staying on the pitch. Bowden took another save, clearing the ball to Lien. As Blacks returned on the attack, Jones powerfully returned the ball to Whites’ attacking half. Once again Blacks continued their push on goal and a second was conceded. Following the centre pass, Whites were again in defence with an excellent clear by Beesley. Blacks’ next attempt on goal was offside although expertly saved by Bowden. Jones demonstrated some good defending and another save by Bowden. Young Singh really stepped up to the challenge, stopping and clearing the ball to the wing on several occasions, passing up the field. The first half ended with another great save by Bowden, despite Whites being 2 down.

At the start of the second half Bowden and Singh supported from the sidelines, supporting their team. Man valiantly elected to be in goals. The kick off resulted in the ball being in Whites defensive zone which was forcefully pushed back by York. Blacks’ sustained a mild injury and good

clearing by Gilroy lead a push on goal Beesley. Return fire saw Hinze stop Blacks’ attack, backed up by a strong defensive team effort. Man conceded a goal twice his height.

This provided good opportunity to substitute Dahmke off for Singh and Gardner for Bowden. York and Singh quickly picked up and demonstrated some exceptional team work. Unfortunately another goal sailed above Man’s head. Another corner was taken with a goal conceded. Man backed this up with an exceptional save!

Gardner was promptly subbed for Singh and Gilroy for Dahmke. Blacks’ thrown in resulted in a goal conceded by Whites. Beesley and Dahmke showed good team work and passing with great kicking by Gould. Two great saves by Man, unfortunately the second was not cleared sufficiently and resulted in a goal. At this point Gilroy subbed for Bowden and Singh for Bowden. Another great save by Man was quickly followed by the 5th goal conceded. Hill and Gilroy made a spectacular attempt on goal, demonstrating the very best of team work and communication. Unfortunately it was thwarted. Blacks continued to dominate which gave York a great opportunity defending goal. Excellent leadership was demonstrated by Whites’ more experienced players supporting those new to the game and full pitch. Some of our players who have recently come up from U10s are learning to appreciate the difference in game play from a half to full-size pitch and it will be exciting to watch as they develop over the season.

Final game score was Blacks 8 to Whites 0. Some useful learnings and improvements to communication were demonstrated in this match suggesting an exciting season ahead. Hahndorf Under 12 White wish to thank Hahndorf Under 12 Black for the game played Saturday 18 June 2020.

Round 3 –  11th July – Hahndorf White 4 v 5 Rangers

It was a cool and overcast morning when Hahndorf Under 12 White hosted Rangers Under 12. In typical form, Hahndorf commenced with a strong attack. Hayden Lien, Emlyn Gilroy and Levi Beesley were suitably aggressive strikers. Harrison Gould, Jacob Gardner and Oliver Dahmke pushed forward to support the attack. Captain Jasper Jones, Zoe York, Dante Man and Patrick Hinze spread across defence with Reilly Bowden in goals. Within the opening minutes good teamwork saw Hahndorf’s first attempt on goal. Rangers retaliated rapidly and the first goal was conceded. Hahndorf responded with considerable pressure on Rangers goal. Ryder Hill was then brought on to substitute for Gilroy and Harry Mumford for Dahmke.

Good pressure by Hahndorf with some beautiful passing from York to Hinze to Hill resulting in a corner and subsequent pressure on the Rangers’ goal. Another goal was conceded quickly followed by a great attempt at scoring by Hill.

Rangers retaliated, resulting in a good save by Bowden and some impressive ball control by Jones. Although usually found in defence, Mumford moving to midfield provided a great payoff for the team with some great passing and an elegant goal. Pressure on the Rangers goal continued, including excellent defensive work by Hinze to keep the ball in the attacking half.

Hahndorf defence demonstrated good understanding of the offside rule with great strategies shown by Man and Jones. Hahndorf responded fiercely and an unfortunate handball just outside box in attack was quickly overcome. Another goal was skilfully gained by Hahndorf.

York worked hard and consistently cleared the ball well. Bowden successfully caught those that passed her. Hahndorf responded strongly with two attempts, one by Dahmke. At half time, two goals apiece!

Coming back after half-time saw Gould, Hill and Man take to the pitch as strikers. Bowden, Gilroy and Beesley followed as midfielders. Jones, York, Mumford and Dahmke filled out the defence with Lien in goals. Once again, Hahndorf started with a strong attack with Gould scoring a goal. Rangers were keen to return fire and were thwarted in their attempts with a great clearing kick from York. As the half progressed, Rangers were awarded a free kick which was skilfully saved by Lien. Rangers came back from this with renewed fire and four goals were conceded by Hahndorf. Dahmke and York were substituted off and replaced by Hinze and Gardner.

Good work by Bowden in midfield and a well-executed throw-in from Beesley. Hinze and Jones demonstrated some good skills in defence with increased confidence. From a coaching perspective, exceptional team work with Man passing to Gilroy passing to Hill scoring a goal was a highlight of the match.

Relishing his time in midfield Gardner played defensively as needed which included a great clearing kick. Man continued to demonstrate excellent tenacity and communication, earning him best player.

Unfortunately an own-goal was conceded, however, it was quickly followed by an impressive, leaping save from Lien. More great communication followed which lead to Gould scoring another goal.

Final game score was Rangers 7 to Hahndorf 4. There has been a goal discrepancy and we are working to resolve the issue with AHJSA, we will always defer to our referee. Some useful learnings and improvements to communication were demonstrated in this match suggesting an exciting season ahead. Hahndorf Under 12 White wish to thank Rangers Under 12 for the game played Saturday 11 June 2020.

Round 2 –  4th July – Hahndorf White 0 v 6 Woodside Blue

Hahndorf Under 12 White took to the pitch against Woodside Under 12 Blue under grey skies and a light rain. Starting strikers Harrison Gould, Zoe York and Jacob Gardner along with midfielders Emlyn Gilroy, Levi Beesley and Oliver Dahmke began the match with a strong attacking stance against but were held off by their opposition. Jasper Jones, Dante Man, Harry Mumford and Patrick Hinze saw a lot of action in defence. Reilly Bowden in goals valiantly saved more than were conceded. Dahmke, Gardner, Gilroy, Gould and York’s scoring attempts were all skilfully thwarted by the opposition. There was some impressive footwork by Mumford and Man clearing the ball wide. Hinze confidently took a few free kicks while Jones maintained his keen defensive stance. The first substitution saw Nyasha Muradzikwa replace Jones in defence. Dahmke then came off to be replaced by Jones. At halftime the Magpies were down 5 – nil.

Coming back after half time the young Magpies continued with their keenness to score. Simran Singh replaced Hinze in defence and was quick to demonstrate some strong skills and impressive speed running down the opposition. Mumford’s cool head and experience were once again evident in defence. Bowden held up strong under consistent pressure from Woodside with 5 great saves before conceding the first goal of the second half. Gould, Dahmke and Beesley showed some good footwork. Muradzikwa replaced Singh and he and Jones were strong in defence. Gilroy and York both demonstrated excellent control and maintained pressure on their opposition. Jones was then replaced with speedy Singh who did well maintaining position. Mumford and Man worked effectively together and were able to clear the ball on numerous occasions before it was picked back up by the opposition. Despite some impressive saves by Bowden, another 5 goals were conceded in the second half bringing the final score to 10 – nil. Although in stark contrast to last week’s, the final score was not a reflection of the team’s considerable effort. Honourable mentions must go to Muradzikwa and Singh, stepping up from Hahndorf’s Under 10 Black and Under 9 White respectfully to ensure we had a full side. Both players should be proud of their efforts.

Hahndorf Under 12 White wish to thank Woodside Warriors Under 12 Blue for the game played Saturday 4 July 2020.

Round 1 –  27th June – Hahndorf White 7 v 1 Strathalbyn

Hahndorf U12 White had an impressive start to the season with a convincing win over Strathalbyn.

From the opening whistle, Hahndorf had a strong start to the game with best player of the match Hayden Lien scoring the opening goal within the first five minutes. Strathalbyn promptly took to the attack with a great save by Reilly Bowden immediately prior to conceding the only goal of the match. Bowden backed this up with further impressive saves throughout the first half proving any pre-season cobwebs had been blown away. Zoe York’s ability to read the game was evident with thoughtful play and encouragement of younger players. New player Jasper Jones’ powerful kicks were welcomed in defence alongside Harry Mumford. Similarly, Patrick Hinze demonstrated some strong defensive skills and great sportspersonship. Second goal of the match was scored by Jacob Gardner at quarter time with the third by Harrison Gould scored just five minutes later. A few more near misses lead to the fourth goal of the match by Emlyn Gilroy. New player Dante Man showed a keenness for the ball in defence with Hinze maintaining strong focus.

Coming back after halftime, Hahndorf maintained consistent pressure on the opposition with Gardner demonstrating excellent keeping skills. Lien and Gilroy each scored an additional two goals and Gould scored one skilfully aided by the likes of Ryder Hill. Both Jones and Man continued to display strong defensive skills clearing the ball. There were also some impressive attempts by Oliver Dahmke, Beesley and Hill. Admirable leadership was shown by Hahndorf’s senior players Bowden, Dahmke, Mumford and York throughout the game, providing opportunities for their team mates to score. Final score for the match was 9 Hahndorf to 1 Strathalbyn.

Hahndorf Under 12 White wish to thank Strathalbyn Under 12 for the game played Saturday 27 June 2020.

**** Match Reports 2019 ****

Round 17 –  24th August – Hahndorf White 7 v 1 Strathalbyn

What a way to finish the season! Hahndorf under 12 whites owned the game. From start to finish the team was full of energy and determination. ..and wow what a game. Julian Hack scored 6 goals with the support of Max Oliver, Logan Maxwell and Lucas Leske. Maxwell also scored a sensational goal.

Our defence team were rocking also. Will Whiting scored a goal from a defence position. Oliver Dahmke, Griffin Turnball, Charlie Harvey and Harry Mumford played fast and hard and only permitted Strathalbyn to score once. Zoe York was full of energy and enthusiasm as usual and helped keep Hahndorf in possession.  Riley Bowden as always dived and defended fiercly in goal keeper.  Amazing team work today.
Big thanks to coach Ben Dahmke and fill in coach Jeremy Hack.

Round 16 – 17th August – Hahndorf White 3 v 9 Hahndorf Black

A derby between the under 12s at Hahndorf home ground. Perfect weather and large crowd.
Great sportsmanship was seen between the teams. A great game to watch.

Round 14 – 3rd August – Hahndorf White 4 v 10 Bridgewater

Today’s game saw the Under 12 Hahndorf White take on the Under 12 Bridgewater Junior Soccer team.  Hahndorf had a full team, with Max Oliver back after a few weeks off.

Despite the final score of 4-10, Hahndorf  continued to work hard throughout the game.

Julian Hack and Joshua Verryt were able to score several times and had many more shots on goals.

These goals were not possible without the full support and hard work from each team members, Will Whiting, Matthew Knight, Griffin Turnball, Lucas Leske, Charlie Harvey, Oliver Dahmke, Harry Mumford, Rielly Bowden, Zoe York, Logan Maxwell, whose persistence in working the ball from the defense to midfield to the forwards aided in these goals being scored.

Despite yet another loss, Hahndorf Under 12 White continue to train with purpose and each Saturday bring their “never give up” attitude to their games.

Round 13 – 27th July – Hahndorf White 3 v 9 Mt Barker Gold

Hahndorf fought a gallant game however did not become the victors. Reilly Bowden and then Matthew Knight played goal keeper, with the defence including Lucas Leske, Logan Maxwell and.Griffin Turnball. Midfield included Harry Mumford, Zoe York, Charlie Harvey and attack was Will Whiting, Joshua Verryt and Julian Hack. Oliver Dahmke had to bow out due to injury. Max Oliver should be back next week after an injury also.

Hack was strong in attack scoring 2 goals and Verryt also scored a fantastic goal. William Whiting covered the pitch and must have run a large number of kilometres. All players are improving week on week and are gaining new skills in footwork, teamwork and having fun. Well done team.

Round 12 – 20th July – Hahndorf White 6 v 7 Rangers

Today the Under 12 White played at Ashton Oval against Ranger Junior Soccer Club.  The weather was absolutely perfect with the sun shining for the fist time in 2 weeks!  This week the team warmly welcomed Zoe York as permanent member.  We are very lucky to have her.
Hahndorf unfortunately could only field a team of 10 due to school holidays, regardless of this, played as though they were a full side.
Rielly Bowden took to goals, and it was very obvious from the start that the goal-keeping clinic he has been attending for the past few weeks has helped his game significantly.  He made great saves throughout the game, and confidently controlled his back line.
Charlie Harvey, William Whiting and Harry Mumford set up in the defense, and between the three of them held out the Rangers forwards many times.  This job was made even harder with Hanhdorf playing with only 10 giving Rangers the option to use their extra player in attack. The three in the back continued to play a strong defensive game throughout the entire 60 mins.
The midfield consisted of Griffin Turnbull, Matthew Knight, Zoe York and Julian Hack.  These four played a convincing game, and worked consistently to support the defense and the forwards. This paid off as Zoe York score a goal and Julian Hack score two goals.
Lucus Leske and Josh Verryt took on the role as attackers. These two boys managed to skillfully move the ball throughout the Rangers backline and as a result scored three goals between them.
The game was even in the last 5 minutes of the second half, with both teams at 6 all.  Rangers managed a final goal in the dying minutes of the game, leaving both teams on the edge of their seats until the final whistle.  The nail biting end to the game shows that Hahndorf Under 12 White are absolutely capable of bringing strong competition to any team.  Playing with one player down didn’t reduce the team’s commitment to the game; it only proved to the players how well they play as a team.

Round 10 – 29th June – Hahndorf White 2 v 5 Strathalbyn White

A very wet, windy and wild day at Strathalbyn Polo ground Pitch 2 where Hahndorf whites met Strathalbyn Whites.

Strathalbyn started really strong and immediately but our defensive side under pressure.  Captain Matthew Knight shone in goals for the whole game, and his saves and massives kicks were an asset. Charlie Harvey, Oliver Dahmke, Will Whiting and Zoe York were our defensive line. These players marked their opposition and were kept busy.

Harry Mumford, Griffin Turnball, and Julian Hack played midfield and Josh Verryt, Lucas Leske and Max Oliver played attack.  Riley Bowden was left wing in the second half and bought much needed stamina to the team.

The second half of the game, Hahndorf found their feet. The team slowed down the strath players and they started to dominate. Our first goal was by Verryt and our second goal by Hack.  We played a good game and the team should be proud of themselves.

Round 9 – 22nd June – Hahndorf White 0 v 6 Hahndorf Black

Today was the under 12 derby for Hahndorf.  The sun was out and both teams were excited to play. Reilly Bowden took on goalkeeper in the first half and pulled off some spectacular saves.  Will Whiting, Oliver Dahmke, Charlie Harvey and Matthew Knight set up in the defence and worked well together to shut down the Hahndorf Black forwards. Julian Hack, Lucas Leske, Griffin Turnbull and Logan Maxwell pushed hard in the midfield and worked the ball to the forward combination of Joshua Verryt and Max Oliver. Unfortunately Hahndorf under 12 white came off in the first half five goals down, but that didnt dampen their spirits and the team came out with renewed energy.  Matthew Knight took on the goalkeeper role and fearlessly shut down many attempts on goals. The rest of the team kept their position with the exception of Bowden who positioned in the midfield and Zoe York who took over from Maxwell.

Despite our loss, the team continues to work together and extend themselves. We look forward to next weeks game.

Round 8 – 15th June – Hahndorf White 3 v 5 Mt Barker Red

Today’s game saw Hahndorf White under 12 take on Mount Barker Red at home.  We were fortunate to have perfect playing conditions with not a drop of rain.
Coach Ben Dahmke was away this week so the team was very luck to have Jeremy Hack take charge.  Thank you Jeremy.
Reily Bowden once again took on goalkeeper, and as usual produced many saves throughout the game.  The back line consisted of Matthew Knight, Max Oliver, William Whiting and Charlie Harvey.  These four players consistently shutdown the Mount Barker forwards, only allowing Mount Barker to get through to goals five times. Charlie Harvey, who was awarded one of the best players for the day played his center back role with efficiency and strength.
Hahndorf midfielders-Griffin Turnbull, Julian Hack and Zac Schwartz moved the ball cleverly between each other, delivering well timed passes to the foward pairing of Joshua Verryt and Rieley Nuemann. These passages of play set up the three goals Hahndorf scored.
Logan Maxwell and Jacob Gardener played a solid game in the forwards and midfield, which also attributed to the Hahndorf goals.
Today’s game proved that the each week this team is getting stronger and more confident.  They are showing significant progress in all aspects of the game.

Round 7 – 1st June – Hahndorf White 8 v 5 Bridgewater

Today was the day of the “Js”! Hahndorfs sensational team work today permitted the 3 “Js” to score and score again! Well done to the J boys – Julian Hack (4 goals), Joshua Verryt  (3 goals) and Jacob Gardner (1 goal). Of course, these goals are the result of both great skill and great team work.
We had three great subs today Riley Neumann, Zack Schwarz and Jacob Gardner ( and thank you to Toby Files for supporting the team – next time we need you too). Thank you boys for assisting our team. Your extra energy gave us the boost we needed. What a win!
Riley Bowden provided his usual outstanding goal keeper skills and saved many of potential Bridgewater goals. Matthew Knight followed this up in the second half and blocked Bridgewaters attempts and provided massive kicks back into the Hahndorf end of the pitch.
Oliver Dahmke, Harry Mumford, Lucas Leske excelled in this game marking their players and attacking the ball. The boys must have clocked up a lot of Kms during this game. Logan Maxwell was great attacking today and was on the ball. He made a beautiful cross pass which Verryt was able to get into the net.
Griffin Turnball played his best game this season. Totally on form and ready to attack or defend when required. Max Oliver was well placed in attack. He has proved again how speedy he is. Charlie Harvey despite an injury played well and passed and defended along the defence line to block the opposition.
All round a great, well matched game against Bridgewater. Such an enjoyable game for all players and supporters. Well done to both teams. A great win for Hahndorf.

Round 6 – 25th May – Hahndorf White 3 v 9 Murray Bridge Gold

Hahndorf played their best team game today. They held their positions and worked well together. All Hahndorf supporters were proud of the team today as they worked to play their smartest game.
Murray Bridge Gold started strong on the wet and wild morning and their fast attackers were quick to score.
 Our defensive players were Griffin Turnbull ,Oliver Dahmke, Charlie Harvey and Zoe York.They were kept busy with the strong Murray Bridge attackers. They held their positions then sprinted out when required. Dahmke did exceptionally well with great moves today. York also made some great blocking moves. Matthew Knight was great in goals in the first half and then Reilly Bowden stepped in and stopped many of Murray Bridges goal attempts.
Logan Maxwell and Max Oliver ran the midfield and attack today, marking their players and keeping the ball with Hahndorf.  Both boys scored goals today!  Great shots by both players!
Hahndorf attack side who are skilled and agile included Julian Hack,  William Whiting and Lucas Leske. These boys ran, tackled and took shots for goal. The boys were rewarded with a beautiful goal by Hack to the delight of the crowd.
Murray Bridge was a fast attacking team but Hahndorf fought to the end. The boys demonstrated a great game by working together as a team,  Well done team Hahndorf Whites!

Cup Round – 18th May– Hahndorf White 1 v 7 Strathalbyn Red

The cup game was on Hahndorf home pitch with perfect weather conditions. The Strath team were a strong and mighty team and  they started the game with fierce determination.
Hahndorf defensive side of Griffin Turnbull , Oliver Dahmke, Matthew Knight and fill in Zoe York were kept busy with the strong Strath attackers. Reilly Bowden again shone in goals and stopped many of Straths goal attempts.
Harry Mumford , Logan Maxwell and Max Oliver ran the midfield marking their players and keeping the ball with Handorf.
Hahndorf attack side who are incredibly speedy and agile included Julian Hack,  William Whiting and Lucas Leske. These boys ran and ran and took shots for goal. The boys were rewarded with a beautiful goal by Hack to the delight of the crowd.
Strath were a much stronger team but Hahndorf fought to the end. The boys are learning so much each about working together as a team and improving the soccer strategy.  Well done team!

Round 5 – 11th May– Hahndorf White 1 v 7 Mt Barker Blue

Hahndorf Under 12s White started strong with a fast goal score by Julian Hack. After last weeks win the team were confident and excited to be playing together again. The Mt Barker team worked well together and wanted to win.
In Goal for the first time was Matthew Knight who was great at blocking goals and delivery strong balls back into play. Rielly Bowden returned to goal for the second half and made many saves including a spectacular leap to stop a high goal.
Lucas Leske and Joshua Verryt were our attackers and William Whiting and Hack were the mid attack. These boys worked really well and passed between them to keep the ball with Hahndorf.  Oliver Dahmke, Bowden, and Charlie Harvey worked hard to defend against the strong Mt Barker attackers. The boys supported each other to keep the ball away from Mt Barker.
Griffin Turnbull, Harry Mumford, Max Oliver and Logan Maxwell were defensive mid players throughout the game. The boys were marking their opposition and kept the game competitive.   A great game to watch. Thank you Mt Barker!

Round 4 – 4th May– Hahndorf White 7 v 3 Murray Bridge

Todays game saw Hahndorf Under 12 White take on Murray Bridge at home.  Hahndorf looked very strong from the beginning, forcing the ball through the Murray Bridge defence as soon as the whistle was blown.  Julian Hack, William Whiting, Joshua Verryt and Logan Maxwell moved the ball quickly and precisely between each other setting up many shots on gaol, which were rewarded with Verryt, Whiting and Maxwell all scoring in the first half.
Max Oliver and Harry Mumford were work horses in the midfield, providing support to the attackers, but also coming back and defending when needed.
Matthew Knight, Charlie Harvey, Oliver Dahmke and Griffin Turnbull provided a solid defensive line, managing to hold out the Murray Bridge attackers for goalless first half. These defenders were constant throughout the game, and all worked well together.
The second half saw Reilly Bowden come out of goals and play in the midfield. Here he showed that not only is he a competent goal keeper but also able to hold his own on the field.  Lucus Leske took on goal keeper in the second half.   Murray Bridge attackers grew in confidence and had several shots at goal.  Leske managed to keep out most of these,  however Murray Bridge did score 3 well earned goals.
Hahndorf  continued to play a strong attacking game with Hack, Whiting, Verryt and Maxwell constantly pressuring the Murray Bridge defenders, and as a result 3 more goals were scored before the final whistle.
Coach Ben Dahmke was extremely pleased with his team,  and the final result.  This game has definitely lifted team spirits. A great game played by all.

Round 3 – 27th April – Hahndorf White 1 v 7 Nairne

Hahndorf was short of players so we were lucky enough to have some outstanding players from the under 10s fill in. Big thank you to Zoe York, Tyler Neumann, Jacob Gardner, Harry Gould and Christian. These younger players provided a strong support for our team.
Goal keeper Riley Bowden took the goals first half and his confidence in this role is growing each week as was evidenced by his great saves. Charlie Harvey saved some goals in the second half in this position and has strong clearing goal kicks which we used to our advantage.
Griffin Turnbull , Matthew Knight and Oliver Dahmke started out as the defensive lineup.  They had a very difficult job containing the Nairne forward,  but continued to work hard.  Coach Ben Dahmke made the decision to bring William Whiting and Harry Mumford into the back line and move Turnbull and Knight to midfield. With the new defence lineup of Whiting , Mumford and Dahmke to provide difficulty to the  Nairne players.
Max Oliver was playing as the right wing and moved the ball skillfully down his side of the pitch to set up shots of goal for our forwards.
Julian Hack and Joshua Verryt had great team work moving the ball between each other which created several shots at goal and in the second part of the first half Verryt successfully converted a shot to goal.
Logan Maxwell provided solid defensive and attacking play throughout the game.
Hahndorf wishes to thank Nairne for a well played game. Despite Hahndorf losing we can all see the players skills improving and each child is growing in confidence and each child is enjoying playing the game.

Round 2 – 13th April – Hahndorf White 1 v 7 Stirling Districts

 Ben Dahmke was back as coach and lead his team, Hahndorf Under 12 White, in their first home game for the season against a strong Stirling Districts side.
For the first half Reilly Bowden once again took on the job as goal keeper and proved, yet again, how fearless he is in the goal box. In the second half  Reilly joined the attacking lineup and Logan Maxwell had a turn as goal keeper.  Logan demonstrated a gutsy effort, keeping out many shots on goal.
The solid defensive set-up of Matthew Knight, William Whiting, Oliver Dahmke and Charlie Harvey made it difficult for the opposition to break through. With Matthew and Charlie controlling the Stirling Districts wingers, William and Oliver worked tirelessly in the back line stopping many attempts on goal.
Hahndorf’s midfielders Harry Mumford, Julian Hack and Max Oliver displayed clever movement of the ball throughout the game.  Julian and Harry broke through the opposition defenders several times and took several shots at goal.  With the midfielders skilful movement of the ball, the attacking trio of Logan Maxwell, Lucus Leske and Joshua Verryt were given the opportunity to take possession and infiltrate the opposition goal space.  Logan proved solid when he had the ball at his feet, and the Stirling defenders found it hard to take the ball away form him.  Lucus and Joshua used their speed to their advantage and often beat their defenders.
The attackers had many shots at goal, with Joshua successful in the later part of the second half with a beautiful strike at goal which proved too good for the Stirling Districts goal keeper.
Despite the end result, the Hahndorf Under 12 White team never gave up and work hard for the full 60mins. The team is growing in confidence, and with the boys getting used to play together their cohesion is becoming very evident.

Round 1 – 6th April – Hahndorf White 0 v 6 Stirling United

Hahndorf under 12s White played their first game together as a team at Aldgate Community Oval against Stirling United. We only had  ten players, and Stirling showed sportsmanship in allowing us to play 10 against 10. Despite it being apparent from the beginning that Stirling were the stronger team, Hahndorf under 12 whites never gave up.
Rielly Bowden took on the task of goal keeper and was fearless and denied the opposition many shots at goal. Julian Hack began the game as a forward but was quickly bought into the defensive line and impacted greatly by shutting down many attacks on the goal. Matthew Knight, Max Oliver and Joshua Verryt battled the defensive line against the unrelenting Stirling.
Midfield was William Whiting, Logan Maxwell and Harry Mumford who supported the defence throughout the game and managed to break free and put pressure on the Stirling defence. They showed the skill and control of the ball by putting pressure on the Stirling attack.
Charlie Harvey and Lucus Leske supported both the defence and the midfield throughout the game.
Big thanks to Jeremy Hack for taking on the role of the first game of the season. His calm and positive approach helped the boys stay focused and work hard throughout the whole game.

**** Match Reports 2018 ****

Round 16 – 18th August – Hahndorf White 6 v 2 Murray Bridge Blue

Hahndorf White hosted Murray Bridge United Blue on a pitch best described as “heavy”. Hahndorf were the first to adapt to the sodden ball with Alex Olsson scoring from a run down the pitch to put the first score on the board. Murray Bridge United then launched serval counter-attacks placing the Hahndorf defence of Fynn Langford, Ryan Thorpe, Mitchell McGregor and Damon Martin under pressure but was kept scoreless due to some solid saves by goal keeper Brayden Parkinson.

Accurate passing through the mid field by Damon Martin to Stefan Panich resulted in Hahndorf’s second which was then quickly followed by a precision pass by Alex Olsson to Harry Williams to add another to the Hahndorf tally. Players were struggling to stay upright in the mud in the mid field but a ball sent forward by Murray Bridge United found the Hahndorf defensive line out of position, putting their first on the score board. A contested ball won by Charlie Moule-Hooworth in the mid field and sent across to Alex Olsson put Hahndorf in a strong position leading 4-1 after the first half.

Hahndorf came out attacking in the second half but the Murray Bridge goalie who was small in stature knew how to defend a ball. Eventually a cross from Brayden Parkinson to Fynn Langford resulted in a goal. Murray Bridge United added to their tally through an uncontested run from the back lines to the back of the net. It was a competitive match played under difficult conditions but Hahndorf White was too strong on the day.

Round 15 – 11th August – Hahndorf White 6 v 0 Stirling Districts Red

U12 Hahndorf White hosted Stirling Districts Red, a change of venue saw the game played at Strathalbyn due to poor pitch conditions at Hahndorf’s home ground.
The game got underway with Hahndorf midfielder Charlie Moule-Hooworth passing to Alex Olsson with Harry Williams scoring a goal in the opening minute. Hahndorf defenders Ryan Thorpe, Flynn Langford, Mitchell McGregor and Brayden Parkinson worked hard in the cold windy conditions to prevent Stirling from scoring. Hahndorf midfield players Damon Martin and Jacob Neumann kept the ball following to the forwards with Olsson scoring the second goal before half time.
The second half saw a goal added to Hahndorf’s tally with a cross in from Langford but deflected of the foot of a Stirling player for a own goal. Hahndorf had plenty of action across the front of the net and attempts at goal but found it difficult to break through the Stirling defence line. Hahndorf’s Julian Hack passed off with Stefan Panich scoring the goal. Another goal from Langford followed quickly by a goal from Parkinson took Hahndorf’s total to 6. Goalkeeper Gary Files played well to keep Stirling scoreless despite a competitive match.

Round 14 – 4th August – Hahndorf White 7 v 2 Hahndorf Black

It was another sunny winter morning for the U12 Hahndorf V Hahndorf game. Right from the start Hahndorf White applied plenty of pressure on the Hahndorf Black defence with several chances being saved by Blacks’ goal keeper. A little way into the first half Brayden Parkinson made a fast run through the midfield passing the ball to Alex Olsson who capitalised on a great pass to score the first goal for the White team. It was not far away until Jacob Neumann scored Whites’ second goal playing a pivotal role in attack for Hahndorf White. Hahndorf Black fought back,  pushing forward to score their first goal for the game bringing the scoreline to 2-1. Neumann once again scored for White with great pressure applied also from Harry Williams who was able to score also from a fast run from midfield to score another goal for White.

In the second half Charlie Moule-Hoowarth came out strong looking to capitilise on open spaces from the Black team. A great run forward from Fynn Langford was turned into a goal by Moule-Hoowarth bringing another goal to White to make the score 5-1. Neumann was able to score another 2 goals for White with the Black team also putting the ball in the back of the net with the end scoreline being 7-2. Hahndorf White played well out of defence with Mitch Mcgregor, Ryan Thorpe and Stefan Panich applying plenty of pressure all game. Midfielders Charlie Moule-Hoowarth, Alex Olsson and Julian Hack constructed many plays in attack all game. Despite the end scoreline it was a great game to watch for the Hahndorf Club with great intensity all game.

Round 13 – 28th July – Hahndorf 2 v 1 Woodside Warriors Red

Cracking day for the reverse rubber against Woodside Warriors at Pine Avenue. The Warriors were looking to make amends from the previous week at Woodside.  Reminiscent of the 80’s famous Eight Ball Deluxe pinball machine the ball was distributed back and across and up and down the field as both sides strove for advantage. 

Julian Hack fresh from a recent midweek mishap on his bike kept the ball moving through to Zac Ahlburg, Fynn Langford and Damon Martin. The Moule – Hooworth brothers (Charlie and Max) were in the action and fed the ball through to Jacob Neumann and Stefan Panich.  Brayden Parkinson, Ryan Thorpe and Harry Williams all had touches. Gary Files and Mitchell McGregor were resolute in repelling any advance from the Warriors.

With score at 1 – 0 to the Warriors, Hahndorf’s Jeremy Hack’s stand in role as Coach was looking to be a one week affair however the second half proved he had secured his tenure for another opportunity in the future.  Hahndorf settled into a familiar attacking routine and there were numerous attempts to find the back of the net.  However, Mac Olsson was resolute in front of the bins until his older brother Alex Olsson squeezed one past him with Harry Williams giving it the final touch.

To this author’s eyes there were even a few passes which ended up where they were intended to go and the Hahndorf side managed several passages of play whereby the ball was passed from player to player in a triangle formation which would have had the vacationing Senior Coach thinking the cold nights at Mylor were starting to reap some rewards.

The game seesawed as did the emotions of the adjacent parents on the sidelines.  The result was the same, the margin was closer from the previous week but it was a well fought tight game.

Round 12 – 21st July – Hahndorf 8 v 2 Woodside Warriors Red

On a cold, drizzly morning Hahndorf White played Woodside Red at Woodside. In the first few minutes, a pass from Alex Olsson to Harry Williams resulted in the first goal for Hahndorf. The play continued, mainly in Woodside’s defensive half. Hahndorf’s second goal was scored by Charlie Moule-Hooworth. This was followed with a run by Mitchell Mcgregor up the sideline, past several woodside players, passing the ball to Alex who scored the third goal. After several more attempts, Charlie lofted the ball over the heads of many players, straight into the goal. Woodside managed to get the ball into their half, but an attempt on goal was saved by Brayden Parkinson. Harry scored one more goal before the half time break, leaving Hahndorf ahead 5-0. The second half saw most of the players change positions on the field. Mitchell again ran the ball down the line, passing to Stefan Panich who scored Hahndorf’s next goal. The play continued with both teams taking shots at goal. Harry, in the goals, saved some good attempts by Woodside. Woodside’s goalie saved several attempts, but Stefan got the ball past him for a goal. In the last few minutes, Finn passed the ball to Mitchell who kicked the ball towards goal. Despite the Woodside goalie’s best efforts, the ball came off his hands and into the net. The final score was 8-2.

Round 11 – 7th July – Hahndorf 6 v 0 Mt Barker Blue

Hahndorf started with 10 players, but it was good to see Oscar Harvey and Max Moule-Hooworth back in the black and white stripes. It was a lacklustre start by the Magpies, who all looked as it they would prefer to still be playing Fortnite than be braving the coolish conditions during school holidays. There wasn’t a lot of run or commitment, but eventually United were opened up with Alex Olsson pressuring the goalkeeper and defence to slot the first 2 goals from close range. One highlight was seeing young Riley Neumann come on for a run with  some nice touches and ultimately a goal. The support and recognition from teammates was great to see. Harry Williams did slot a nice goal from a solo run to end the half 4-0.

The absence of half time oranges sparked something in the team, and with a restructure of positions the second half showed a better level of focus and effort from the team. The play was largely in the Mt Barker defensive half and the pressure mounted with firstly Mitchell McGregor forcing a defensive error for the first goal of the half. The assault continued with goals coming in quick succession to Oscar Harvey, Fynn Langford, Charlie Moule- Hooworth and Jacob Neumann. A nice header from Jacob was unlucky to miss when it hit the cross bar too. Charlie Moule-Hooworth took a strong long shot on goal and extracted a penalty due to a hand ball and there was much debate as to who should take the shot. Second half goalie Alexander Olsson got the nod and calmly slotted the goal. A couple more goals followed for the Magpies before the final whistle went.

Round 10 – 30th June – Hahndorf 7 v 0 Nairne

A bright Hills winter morning greeted the teams from Hahndorf and hosts Nairne Soccer Club at the Nairne Primary School ground.

Right from the kick-off, Hahndorf went into the attack with good pressure up front from Charlie Moule-Hooworth and Alexander Olsson. Both were ably assisted by Harry Williams on the right wing who continued to push forward in attack. Within 4 minutes Alex had managed to thread a kick through the melee for his first goal.

Nairne continued to counter-attack but Hahndorf repeatedly turned the flow of play around and kept the Nairne goalie busy. Accurate passing between mid-fielders Mitch McGregor, Ryan Thorpe, Damon Martin and Stefan Panich resulted in Jacob Neumann lofting a ball from about 30 meters out to score. A couple of well executed corners and continual probing in the goal box resulted in Charlie scoring 2 goals in quick succession followed soon after with Alex’s second goal in the 25th minute. Half time score 5 – 0 Hahndorf.

Apart from a quick goal from Alex just after the starting whistle, Nairne was a much more settled team in the second half and had a succession of probing runs. New volunteer Hahndorf goalie Stefan made a number of very good saves and solid defence by Brayden Parkinson, Fynn Langford and Garry Files kept the opposition without a goal. Hahndorf began again to build up attacking pressure resulting in a 4th goal for the day from Alex.

Round 9 – 23rd June – Hahndorf 9 v 2 Stirling Districts Red
Stirling Districts Red hosted Hahndorf White for the first time this round at Bradbury Park. Both teams started off nervously each turning it around at either end of the pitch. Hahndorf was the first to reach the back of the net through a skilled intercept by Damon Martin after initially taking a corner kick. Hahndorf’s defence of Brayden Parkison, Fynn Langford, Stefan Panich and Damon Martin ensured that Stirling Districts Red worked hard to get the ball anywhere near their attacking third. Hahndorf continuously put the Stirling Districts Red defence under pressure with a goal from Harry Williams and two from Charlie Moule-Hooworth taking the lead 4-0 into the half time break.

Hahndorf started the second half where they had left off with Oscar Harvey scoring within thirty seconds of the game restarting. Stirling Districts Red managed to score twice on fast breaks through the Hahndorf defence but Hahndorf replied quickly through good feeds coming from the Mid field from Mitchell McGregor and Ryan Thorpe. Stirling Districts Red remained competitive but Hahndorf’s movement of the ball and constant attacking pressure were too strong on the day. Final score 9-2.

Round 8 – 16th June – Hahndorf 7 v 2 Mt Barker Red
Hanhdorf U12 White Div 2 hosted Mt Barker Red. The match started with lots of back and forth of the ball through the midfield as both teams tried to take control. Hahndorf’s midfield players Ryan Thorpe, Charlie Moule-Hooworth and Oscar Harvey kept the ball flowing towards the forward’s Flynn Langford, Stefan Panich and Mitchell McGregor who found the back of the net first. Another quick goal followed for Hahndorf kicked in by Panich. Hahndorf found momentum with a further goal from Harvey and a second goal by Panich. Goal keeper Brayden Parkinson saved a number of attempts towards the net but Mt Barker was able to respond with a goal scored before the half time break.

The second half saw the Hahndorf team continue with a strong defence line up consisting of Damon Martin, Alexander Olsson, Harvey Williams and Gary Files making it challenging for Mt Barker to score. Hahndorf was able to add another 3 goals to the scoreboard , 2 from Langford and another from Harvey. Mt Barker also scored a goal, the final score to 7-2 didn’t reflect the tight contest displayed by both teams.

Cup Round – 13th June – Hahndorf 0 v 2 Murray Bridge Gold
It was a combination of brave players and spectators who braved the icy conditions for Wednesday night’s cup game between Hahndorf and Murray Bridge. Hahndorf started strongly maintaining possession throughout most of the first half with attempts at goal from Alex Olsson stopped by a defiant Murray Bridge goalie. When Murray Bridge had the ball in striking distance it was thwarted by Hahndorf’s strong defence of Fynn Langford and Ryan Thorpe who quickly returned the ball to the midfield. Damon Martin was solid throughout the midfield with plenty of runs down forward but Murray Bridge’s defence was too strong to break through. At the end of the first half both teams were scoreless.

It was a consistent Murray Bridge team in the second half who kept pressing forward to eventually score the first goal for the game from a penalty shot in the box. Hahndorf kept their heads up with Charlie Moule-Hoowarth narrowly missing a header in front of goal with bridges defence holding strong once again. Olsson also had another solid attempt to score but bridges goalie was always on the ball. Murray Bridge scored a late goal in the second half to seal the game. Gary Files played one of his best games as Hahndorf goalie stopping at least 4 solid shots at goal and consistently providing that last wall of defence for Hahndorf.

Round 7 – 2nd June – Hahndorf 6 v 0 Murray Bridge Blue

Round 6 – 26th May – Hahndorf 0 v 6 Torrens Valley
Match kickoff was at Birdwood Park under cool, cloudy conditions with a light breeze from the northern end of the ground.

The first corner went to Hahndorf which was well crossed in by Fynn Langford but with no result. Continued solid attacking play by Hahndorf resulted in several attempts at goal by Harry Williams, Charlie Moule-Hooworth and Alexander Olsson with a couple of near misses.

Several more shots at goal were made in quick succession with one called ‘offside’. Finally Olsson scored in the 12th minute from a corner and via a header from Moule-Hooworth.

Several penetrating runs down the left wing by Damon Martin resulted in Williams scoring in the 17th minute.
A determined restart by Torrens Valley was held at bay several times by solid defence by Ryan Thorpe, Langford, Brayden Parkinson and Stefan Panich.

In the 21st minute an opposition goal kick came straight to Williams and he skilfully lofted a beautiful goal into the back of the net. Williams scored again after a long run from his half in the 23rd minute.

Continued good pressure down the centre from Julian Hack and Panich saw Olsson net a goal in the 29th minute.

Hahndorf was dominant in the first half with 5-nil at half time.

The second half start Parkinson scoring in the 31st after a lengthy run down the paddock. He followed this with another good attempt. A slightly scrappy period of play ensued with Torrens Valley gaining the upper hand more often. A couple of good saves by Williams stopped the opposition capitalising.

Another good attempt by Torrens Valley came off our crossbar but counter attacking runs up the middle by Gary Files and up the right wing by Neumann plus a corner shot, kept the pressure up. A lobbed shot by Moule-Hooworth just cleared the their crossbar.

The Hahndorf front line did not let up their assault and
scrambling defence by the opposition Couldn’t prevent both Moule-Hooworth and Langford scoring in the 59th and 60th minutes respectively.

A moral boosting effort by Hahndorf. Final score Hahndorf 6-0.

Cup Round – 19th May – Hahndorf 3 v 2 Mt Barker Red
It was a drizzly start to the game between Hahndorf White and Mt Barker Red U12s. Hahndorf started quickly with a few attempts on goal by Harry Williams and Alexander Olsson being saved by Mt Barker defence. Hahndorf gave away a penalty which resulted in Mt Barker scoring the first goal for the game. Shortly after, Brayden Parkinson kicked long down the field, resulting in Damon Martin passing to Harry Williams who kicked the ball into the net to level the score at 1-1 at half time.

During the second half Brayden Parkinson, as goalie, took a long kick, which was picked up by Damon Martin who ran it down the pitch, passing to Julian Hack who kicked the second goal for Hahndorf. Mount Barker levelled the score at 2-2 so the game went into extra time. With the sun starting to shine through the clouds, the first half of extra time saw a good battle between the teams, but no goals scored. Fynn Langford, Mitchell McGregor and Gary Files were strong in the defence line. The second half saw another great battle, but Jacob Neumann managed to run the ball in and score a goal to seal the win for Hahndorf.

Round 5 – 12th May – Hahndorf 1 v 2 Woodside Blue

Round 4 – 5th May – Hahndorf 0 v 6 Stirling Districts Blue

Round 3 – 28th April – Hahndorf 1 v 6 Strathalbyn
Strathalbyn met Hahndorf White at the Strathalbyn Polo ground in perfect conditions for soccer. Strathalbyn started the game quickly taking Hahndorf’s back line by surprise and drawing first blood on the score board.

Harry Williams combined with Charlie Moule-Hooworth and Julian Hack was strong in attack for Hahndorf and were unlucky a few times early on not to revenge the Strathalbyn goal, but good use of the ball through the midfield and constant pressure on Hahndorf’s defence resulted in two more goals for Strathalbyn.

A ball turned over in Hahndorf’s backline by Mitchell McGregor and sending it into the attacking zone was run onto by Harry Williams who scored Hahndorf’s first goal, taking the score to 3-1 into the halftime break.

Strathalbyn continued to build on the momentum they had created in the first half. Hahndorf’s goal keeper Gary Files was gallant in front of the net, deflecting many attempts for goal from the Strathalbyn Strikers but Strathalbyn proved to be too strong on the day, defeating Hahndorf 6-1.

Round 2 – 14th April – Hahndorf 1 v 7 Rangers
Rangers U12 Div 1 hosted Hahndorf White at Ashton oval in foggy, wet and windy weather making playing conditions challenging for both teams as the game got underway.

Hahndorf forwards Jacob Neumann, Charlie Moule-Hooworth and Oscar Harvey kept the ball flowing close within striking range of the net early in the game but the Ranges defense kept deflecting the ball back towards the mid field. Rangers forwards were able to quickly score 3 consecutive goals despite Hahndorf’s best efforts by defenders Cameron Lennon, Max Moule-Hooworth, and Alexander Olsson.Hahndorf goalie Gary Files saved many other attempts towards the net but the Rangers continued to find momentum with the home team up 6 goals at half time. In the second half Hahndorf midfield players Julian Hack, Fynn Langford, Ryan Thorpe and Harry Williams kept the ball flowing back towards the strikers but the Rangers displayed good ball control which added another 3 goals to their score. Hahndorf kept up their enthusiasm and it eventually paid off with a goal from Damon Martin in the closing minutes of the match.

Round 1 – 7th April – Hahndorf 2 v 3 Murray Bridge
Hahndorf U12 boys took on Murray Bridge for the first game of the season. Hahndorf applied plenty of pressure in attack with several attempts at goal being unsuccessful due to great keeping by Murray bridge. Stefan Panich was strong through midfield thwarting many running attacks from Murray bridge and being able to turn over the ball and put it to great use. Brayden Parkinson scored the first goal after great teamwork from Hahndorf but Murray Bridge evened the score shortly after.

In the second half it was Murray Bridge that came out aggressively to score another two goals. Hahndorf’s defence was put under lots of pressure to keep Murray bridge at bay until Jacob Neumann of Hahndorf scored in the last minute of the game to finish 3-2 with the victory going to Murray bridge. It was a solid team effort from Hahndorf with lots of new faces but very promising signs for the coming season.