Under 13 White


Team Manager: Helen Peters

**** Match Reports 2021 ****

Round 15 – 28th August – Hahndorf  v Torrens Valley

With the second to last game the boys were determined to keep their winning streak. Hahndorf were straight into the attack with Levi Beesley and Cooper Liddle passing the ball up towards goals.  Torrens Valley’s defence were hard to get pass and soon the ball was going towards Hahndorf”s goal. Some great tackling by Lawson Shotton saw the ball quickly back towards the strikers end.  William Whiting took advantage of a spread out field and kicked Hahndorf’s first goal in the first 8 minutes. Again, some great defending from Torrens Valley saw Hahndorf’s attempts beaten many times, but Harrison Gould weaved past their defence to score a great goal.  Captain Patrick Hinze, Levi Beesley and Daniel Peters defence kept the ball from getting in to goal square, until they managed to push it back to the attackers.  Cooper Liddle got the ball and ran straight at goal scoring his first goal for the day.  Then 3 minutes later from a corner kick, Liddle scored a brilliant bicycle kick into goals.  On a roll, Liddle who received a great ball from Will, kicked his 3rd goal for the day.  Boosted by Liddle’s hat trick, Hahndorf took on the attack again, giving Emlyn Gilroy the chance to score his first goal for the day.  Torrens Valley finally managed to get passed the defence line to give them their first goal of the day.

In the second half Hahndorf found it very challenging to get past Torren’s Valley defence. Oliver Aylen, Dante Man and Christopher Haynes kept passing the ball up towards goal but the defence was too good, finally Gilroy was rewarded with their consistency, his second goal for the day.  Torrens Valley managed to get the goal into the goal area, but Daniel Peters manged to kick the ball away, determined, they had another shot at goal, unfortunately hitting the top bar though. Bringing the ball back to the centre, Ben Romaldi, Jacob Gardner and Hayden Lien managed to pass the ball up to the goal area.  Although Torrens Valley did some great defending Gould managed to slip a ball into the net. Again Torrens Valley came out on attack, giving the goalie Peters a work out, with some great back up from Beesley and Man. Unfortunately the whistle went before Torrens Valley could get the ball back.

Round 18 – 21st August – Hahndorf  v Rangers

If you missed the first half, you missed 8 of the 9 goals scored as this game turned from a goal fest to a defensive battle. Whilst the forwards for Hahndorf would feature on the score sheet the real story of the first half was the Hahndorf mid field stopping the Rangers ball movement and launching counter attacks. The combination of Emlyn Gilroy, Harrison Gould, Jacob Gardner, Cooper Liddle, Ryder Hill, and Ben Romaldi worked tirelessly to ensure Hahndorf enjoyed possession and led to quality scoring opportunities.
Hahndorf captain Levi Beesley opened the scoring with a deft goal scoring touch which was followed by a quick strike from Hayden Lien making it 2-0. A third goal from the eventual Player of the Match, William Whiting, was a powerful strike off from inside the box, coming off a well-constructed corner kick from Harrison Gould, which was followed by Captain Beesley scoring his second goal of the match to make it 4-0. The momentum game changed with the Rangers scoring two quick goals on the counterattack, both goals saw Rangers players get in behind the Hahndorf back line and beat Hahndorf goalie Dante Man.
The Hahndorf midfield was once again able to take control of the game, and this led to two more goals before the end of the first half, both scored by Hayden Lien.
The second half would only feature one goal, but the soccer was still entertaining. The Rangers would launch wave after wave of attacks on the Hahndorf defense but the rotation of Oliver Aylen, Christopher Haynes, Patrick Hinze, Daniel Peters, Lawson Shotting, and William Whiting were able to keep the ball away from the Hahndorf goal. Anything that did get through the defense was well held by Hahndorf goalie Dante Man which ensured the Hahndorf White team would close out the game with a win.


Round 17 – 14th August – Hahndorf  v Murray Bridge

Both teams started off on the attack, but Hahndorf were determined to score.

Hahndorf’s goalie Dante Man was put to the test 3 times by Murray Bridge.
With Ryder Hill, Lawson Shotton and Daniel Peters doing some great defence, Murray Bridge were unable to convert any goals.
After 17 minutes of play, Cooper Liddle was able to kick a great goal into the nets.
Again, Man was tested by Murray Bridge, but he still managed to save the goal.
Jeered on by the first goal, Emlyn Gilroy managed to sneak a goal past their goalie.
The ball spent a lot of time going back and  forth, until Hahndorf were rewarded with a penalty for accidental handball. Taken by Hayden Lien, the ball soon found the back of the net.  In the last minutes of the first half Gilroy scored his second goal.
With the lights on both teams came out determined to score.  The ball went back and forth again to each other’s goal area. After 11 minutes Harrison Gould managed to sneak a goal by the keeper.
With Oliver Aylen, Christopher Haynes and Benjamin Romaldi taking the ball to the goalie end Gould managed to score his second goal for the day.
With minutes to go Levi Beesley manged to score the last goal of the day.

Round 13 – 17th July – Hahndorf  v Rangers

It was a cold,wet day at Mt Barker Summit, however the spectators were enjoying the game from the heated indoor grandstand, also just quietly devouring the hot chips and gravy.
Cooper Liddle was Captain today and he won the coin toss.The game started with a determined Hahndorf team. In the first five minutes Hayden Lien shot for goal and only just missed scoring.  Levi Beesley, strong in attack had a shot for goal and just missed the shot. So close though!
Lien scored a goal, then the goals kept coming for the Hahndorf side, all shots were amazing and well deserved. It was a really good game for spectators, for it was full of excitement. Christopher Haynes played midfield and then defence. Strong game in both positions. Patrick Hinze got the donut voucher for the day – great play from midfield. Lawson Shotton was fierce in attack and made goal attempts. Harrison Gould was striker and played well throughout the game and was rewarded with a number of goals.
Goalie for the first half was Daniel Peters and for the second half was Dante Man, both performed really well. Emlyn Gilroy, Benjamin Romaldi and Oliver Aylen were a strong defence side. William Whiting blocked a Basket Range shot for goals and ran a lot of kms throughout the game.
Thanks for the great game everybody.

Round 12 – 3rd July – Hahndorf  v Murray Bridge

It was a muddy pitch and a cold day. Both teams came out with determination to get the ball. After 6 minutes Hayden Lien scored his first goal. The ball spent a lot of time in the air, going back and forth to each side. Some great teamwork and passing gave the set up for Harry Gould to score his 1st goal. Murray Bridge had an opportunity to score their first goal, unfortunately it went to the left of the goal post. With some determination though, Murray Bridge scored their first goal. A rough tackle saw Hahndorf get their third goal from a penalty by Hayden Lien. Hahndorf kept the pressure on and Lien scored his goal. An unfortunate handball gave Murray Bridge a penalty giving them their second goal. Just before half time Lien managed to score his fourth goal.

In the second half again, the ball spent a lot of time in the air. With in 4 minutes though Lien had managed to score another goal. Both teams had some great defence, which saw the ball going to both halves of the pitch. A great corner by Gould saw another goal for Hahndorf. Soon after Gould made another goal. Quickly followed by another goal to Lien. Then Murray Bridge managed to get by Hahndorf’s defence to score the last goal of the game.

Round 11 – 26th June – Hahndorf  v Strathalbyn

It was a surprisingly sunny day, though the pitch was still muddy from the weeks rain.

Hahndorf went on the attach from the beginning.  Some great passing by them eventuated in a goal, unfortunately it was offside.

Strathalbyn did some great defending, but the goalie outshone on the day.  Saving plenty of tries by Hahndorf players, Shotton, Liddle and Gould.

After 18 minutes Strathalbyn scored a great goal, going way over the goalie’s head.

In the second half again Hahndorf was on the attach, A great free kick taken by Gould resulted in Hahndorf”s first goal, After some great passing by Aylen, Romaldi scored the second goal for Hahndorf.  On the attack again Hahndorf had some shots at goals, but unfortunately the ball came off a Strathalbyn player giving Hahndorf their third goal.

It was a great game, with lots of excitement for the crowd.

Round 10 – 19th June – Hahndorf  v Torrens Valley

It was a wet and rainy game at Birdwood oval.

Hayden was the start of the show scoring some great shots, but overall the team effort was outstanding both in defence and attack. Cutting and crossing the boys played amazingly as a team.

It was a huge disappointment for Torrensvalley when they took a strike and scored but had a player offside, however their determination & willingness to keep going was very inspiring,. A big hearted team.

The cheering team on the sidelines were loud and there was a great family turnout for both the teams to support and encourage the kids.

Round 9 – 5th June – Hahndorf  v Nairne

It was a shaky start for the new under 13s team: Cooper Liddle, Benjamin Romaldi and Oliver Aylen were kept very busy in defence. Nairne scored 2 goals in quick succession, and the defence on both sides were under pressure.  New team member William  Whiting made some great passes and Daniel Peters and Jacob Gardner kept the pressure on. Several players had a try at goal, and Harrison Gould and Manning Broadbent had control of the ball.
The Nairne goalkeeper was kept busy, with great goals from Levi Beesley and Hayden Lien, that evened up the score by half time.
It began to rain at the beginning of the second half, with Ben Romaldi in as goalkeeper, and Hahndorf was looking more confident. Emlyn Gilroy was next to score a goal,  Daniel Peters and Patrick Hinze made some great passes. Ryder Hill and Christopher Haynes taking possession of the ball and passing it cleanly.
New recruit Manning Broadbent scored a goal, and Oliver Aylen, Dante Man and Lawson Shotton teamed up to create a strong defence.
Goals from Levi Beesley and Harrison Gould got through, but the Nairne goalkeeper valiantly blocked attempts by Will Whiting and Chris Haynes.
Lawson Shotton and Hayden Lien were able to score too, thanks to some excellent passing and teamwork.
Finally, a goal from the Nairne striker got through, just a couple of minutes before the final whistle. The new under 13s  team were really pleased with their result, and look like becoming a good strong team.

Round 8 – 29th May – Hahndorf  v Woodside

A crisp Saturday morning on 29 th May saw Hanhdorf Under 12’s faced off against Woodside Under12’s at the Woodside Recreation Ground.
Hahndorf kicked off but within 5 minutes Woodside broke past Hahndorf’s defence, scoring their
first goal. The game was on in earnest as forwards, Levi Beesley, Hayden Lien, and Emlyn Gilroy
responded quickly, and pushed strongly toward goals aided by mid-fielders, Cooper Liddle, Jacob
Gardner, Chris Haynes.
Hahndorf defenders Dante Man, Lawson Shotton, Daniel Peters, Oli Aylen and goal keeper Ryder
Hill held their ground and supported Hahndorf’s first goal by Liddle at the 7 minute mark.
Woodside had several strong cracks at the goals but luck was not in their favour. The game was
proving very even with both teams not giving an inch.
Near the 15 minute mark Harrison Gould replaced Gardner. Harrison’s ball skills worked well with
Gilroy and Beesley who had the speed to push the ball beyond Woodside defenders, however
finding it difficult to get the ball to hit the target.
At half time goalie Hill took to the defence line swapping with Man who became Hahndorf’s keeper.
As Woodside kicked off, Hahndorf immediately pushed hard with Hill, Haynes, Lawson and Liddle
interrupting Woodside’s attacks.Gould was all over the field and again working well with Gilroy and Beesley.
Fifteen minutes into the last half a perfectly placed penalty shot by Lien gave Hahndorf its 2 nd goal.
Three minutes later Liddle took advantage of an open goal to give Hahndorf their 3 rd goal.
Hinze who had subbed with Aylen was disrupting Woodside by clearing balls on the side line.
Ten minutes to go and a Woodside ball slipped by Hahndorf keeper Man during close contact with
an opposition player. That became Woodside’s 2 nd goal. With 8 minutes to go Lien got his 2 nd goal bringing Hahndorf’s tally to 4. Then another 2 minutes later Woodside scored its 3 rd and final goal for the match. Minutes before the end of the match, keeper Man took firm control of a fast ball aimed at
Hahndorf’s goals.

Although Hahndorf were the victors, spectators and players were rewarded with an evenly matched
game that could have easily gone either way.

Round 7 – 22nd May – Hahndorf  v Stirling Districts

The weather could not have been better for the top of the table clash between Hahndorf and Stirling Districts at Bradwood Park, the two teams did not disappoint as the game was played at a great pace and in the right spirit.

Hahndorf took the early lead thanks to Emlyn Gilroy who picked off a pass near the halfway line, ran towards goal, and thundered a shot which the goalkeeper stopped but couldn’t control the rebound. Hayden Lien was there to tap the ball into the back of the net for a 1-0 Hahndorf lead.

The lead didn’t last long as Stirling districts applied pressure on the Hahndorf defence with #2 sliding a goal past a diving Hahndorf goalkeeper to knot the score at 1 all. The Stirling District pressure continued which resulted in a second goal in quick time as they bottled up the Hahndorf team who were unable to clear the zone. The Hahndorf defense has not been under this much pressure all season so it took the entire defensive group to keep the score 2-1; well done to Oliver Aylen, Benjamin Romaldi, Lawson Shotten, Dante Man, Christopher Haynes and Daniel Peters.

Late in the first half Hahndorf would pull the score level with a great brilliant kick to space by Harrison Gould, his long bomb put the ball on a tee for Hayden Lien to get his second goal of the game.

Half time was needed as the game had been played at a frenetic pace by both teams.

Early in the second half Hahndorf was awarded a corner kick where, not for the first time this season, Harrison Gould was able to bend the ball from the corner kick for a brilliant goal.

That would be the last goal scored but the entertainment was far from over. Multiple attacks by the disciplined Stirling District forward line were repelled by the Hahndorf defence and anything they couldn’t clear was safely handled by Ryder Hill. The Hahndorf goalkeeper put on a show in the second half with some incredible diving saves that ensured the win for the Hahndorf team.

Round 6 – 15th May – Hahndorf  v Mt Barker

For the first time at the new Mt Barker sporting hub and for most of the team it was the first time on a synthetic pitch. The team were full of optimism, the windchill was high, and Mt Barker won the toss.

The game was quick paced, with lots of fancy footwork early. Hahndorf were able to move the ball through and down the pitch, with Gould passing a lovely through shot to Gilroy who capitalised on a rebound shot and converted it to a goal. Hahndorf on the board early.

Hahndorf kept the pressure up, managing the play and keeping the possession down their half, with strong passing, this time to Gould who made a long shot attempt on goal, but was not successful.

Mount Barker were doing what they could to clear the ball, but unable to move it past the centre line, Hahndorf again with quick passing, saw Little take a shot, when it didn’t quite go in, he was well backed up by Lien who took the rebound and converted it to a goal.

Play continued to be dominated by Hahndorf, Mt Barker making a number of good intercepts but unable to move the ball far down the pitch. Play was deep into Hahndorf’s end, resulting in Gould taking 2 corner shots in quick succession.

Hahndorf defensive players – in particular Little and Gilroy were strong in their positions, making sure the ball did not break through.

The next shot for goals was a pass from Gould to Beesley who made sure of the next goal.

With all of the team playing an important role, we saw Haynes, Aylen and Hinze all make great defensive plays, pulling the ball out wide and sending it back down the line for their team mates.

When Mt Barker did break through, with a very quick run to a striker, Shotton and Peters were in hot pursuit and tackled the ball back and sent it straight back to the Hahndorf scoring end. Hahndorf, not able to convert this time, the ball was won back again by Mt Barker and their player Turner was taken on by 5 Hahndorf players, who eventually managed to get the ball back into Hahndorf control. The play was out wide, Gould taking control and passing to Little who converted a great goal from the right side across the face of goals and in.

Lien and Gardner were well tested with tackles too and fro, play moved to Hahndorf’s goal square and when the opportunity presented Gilroy was able to make a quick goal.

Scores 5 – nil at this stage, when the ball did get to the Mt Barker end, our amazing goalie Hill protected the zone and foiled the Mt Barker attempt.

Hill with a big kick out, saw Gilroy take control of the ball in the middle, pass to Gould who made a quick little pass to Lien who was on the move and then shot for goal and succeeded.

Momentum did then shift, late in the first half, seeing Mt Barker press forward, breaking quickly out of the middle, a strong kick to a very fast Mt Barker player, who made a goal and saw Mt Barker now on the board.

This play was repeated, like a carbon copy and Mt Barker now had 2 goals, in very quick succession.

Unlucky for Mt Barker, the half time whistle then went, giving both teams a chance to regroup.

Half time scores; Mt Barker 2 Hahndorf 7

Second half saw Romaldi right in the play with some important intercepts and passes, Beesley, Peters and Shotton needing to all be on top of their game with heavy pressure coming from Mt Barker. Great play by the boys saw Shotton at the top of the box, ready when the kick came to convert another Hahndorf goal, just 3 minutes into the second half.

Next to shine was some great play from Peters, who controlled the ball and space and did a tricky back heel pass to Romaldi who was ready and sent the ball into the goal square but was unlucky not to score. Shotton remained front and centre and in the play, he made a great pass to Lien who made sure the goal went in this time.

Haynes and Hill – who was now out of goals and in the middle making a strong impact, moved the ball through the middle, sending the ball down to a well positioned Shotton who took a spectacular shot from the top of the goal square and converted yet another goal.

Mt Barker continued to pressure Hahndorf, the score board didn’t reflect the effort of their team, they were great at intercepting and remained focused with high energy. Mt Barker did make a break through shot, but were not able to get the ball past the strong defence of Romaldi, who was ready and didn’t waiver.

Play seemed to slow a little at this stage, the ball moving back and forth, nobody able to clear it sufficiently until Beesley was able to capitalise on a moment, but sadly not able to make the goal, quickly followed by Little taking another shot on goal, but Mt Barker were able to defend.

Hahndorf were again rewarded for their efforts when Gilroy took control after a hard fought tackle for possession and converted a goal.

Mt Barker, digging deep, managed to get through a strong defensive line seeing their player Turner convert a goal.

Mt Barker with some spring in their step, passed to their strong player Turner who almost broke free, however Hill managed to stop him in his tracks and get the ball back in Hahndorf control and back down to the Hahndorf end. Contributions from Gould, Peters, Hinze, Aylen and Shotton all moving well with the ball but not able to convert.

With the ball out of play, Gould took prime position to make a corner shot, indicating that he would shoot for goal, he connected well with the ball, that hit the near side pole and unfortunately ricocheted straight into a Mt Barker player. Luckily for Hahndorf, the ball moved out of the playing field and Gould was again lined up to take the corner shot. Gould with 2 corner shots this year already, indicated for the goal and connected well with the ball, that speared through the air and went into the goals.

This saw the Hahndorf team really moving their play, continuing to press forward, poor Man not seeing much action from the Mt Barker team down in their goals. Next to make a goal was Haynes who was quick in the pack and converted.   Then Beesley taking a shot, that first hit the cross bar, he was quick to keep control of play and sent the ball back in, this time making the goal. Hill, still making his mark on the game, joined the goal kickers – attempted a goal, that was well defended by Mt Barker.

Mt Barker were then able to make a break when Turner and Gould tackled, but Turner broke free and ran on to make a shot for goal. Well done to Man who did not let it past!

Last to make a shot on goal was Beesley, sadly it didn’t quite go in as the final whistle went, ending the Hahndorf run.

Round 5 – 8th May – Hahndorf  v Murray Bridge

It was a perfect morning for soccer at Pine Ave and the teams put on an exciting game to watch. Hahndorf’s Lawson Shotton found the net in the sixth minute and it was game on. Murray Bridge’s Lachlan Johanson and Kur Kur were hard at work across defence and midfield, with Zedino Muderhwa and Deng Choi trying to break through in attack, but Hahndorf defended strongly and used the pitch well, passing accurately and putting pressure on the Murray Bridge keeper until Levi Beesley got a second through for Hahndorf. A fired-up Murray Bridge drove a strong attack and were rebuffed once before the speedy Choi made an impressive fast break and put Murray Bridge on the scoreboard.

The rest of the first half was mostly Hahndorf’s attack against a spirited defence however, with Dante Man, Jacob Gardner and Emlyn Gilroy each finding a way through to the net. Hahndorf defence also showed plenty of skill, with Patrick Hinze and Oliver Aylen stand out players. The second half was a similar story, with Murray Bridge scoring two more goals from Choi’s fast breaks and defenders Johanson and Kade Sauerwald working tirelessly to rein Hahndorf in, but goals came from Hayden Lien and Ryder Hill, plus three more from Beesley. Overall, great skills and determination were demonstrated by both sides, but Hahndorf’s use of space and commitment to the ball carried the black & whites to a convincing win.

Round 4 – 1st May – Hahndorf  v Stirling

Hahndorf applied the pressure early in the game keeping Stirling deep in defence, a close miss by Harrison hit the post from the corner kick in. The Hahndorf team excelled with communication and positioning led to the first goal to Harrison from a long way out. Great team work led to attempts from Oliver and Jacob which were were followed by a goal from Hayden. This was followed up by goals to Levi, Harrison and Hayden, then a second to Levi.

Second half kicked off with further pressure from Hahndorf and great defensive work from Dante and Patrick. A goal to Ryder on his first kick who followed up with a second goal shortly after. Ben made a close attempt as did lawson but were thwarted by the goalie. An impressive corner goal by Harrison and finals to Hayden and Levi finished off a strong game for Hahndorf.