Under 14

Coach:  Graham Phillips

Team Manager: Cameron Dimech

Training Time: Wednesday 5.30 to 6.30 pm @ Mylor

**** Match Reports 2019 ****

Round 16 – 17th August – Hahndorf 2 v 8 Stirling United

A bright, sunny and warm day greeted Stirling United to Hahndorf Soccer Clubs home ground at Pine Ave. Hahndorf started off well with Captain Alex Olsson winning the toss and selecting to run upfield to start and sending Stirling United into the first kick off for the match.

Within the first 2 minutes Stirling United showed they were here to play by scoring the first goal only to be pulled up short by the offside flag being raised by the linesman.

Hahndorf’s defensive team of Konrad Michael, Hayden Abrahams, Oakley Lockyer and Ryan Sickerdick were forced to work hard right from the get go and were backed up by the midfield team of Will Dimech, Cameron Norris, Damon Potts and Olsson.

Stirling United had several shots on goals and goalie Tom Boekel was under fire all day long producing many fantastic saves but Stirling United sometimes just proving too strong with their footwork and placement seeing the ball through to the back of the net.

Forward players Harry Coles and Shafiq Herriman managed to run the ball up the field after clearing kicks from Michael and Abrahams, but were unable to score as Stirling United’s defence closed in.

Stirling United kept pushing forward and finding players running into open ground passing the ball well to score more goals.

Toby Boekel came on to help the Hahndorf defence and along with Norris, Sickerdick and Lockyer they kept the pressure on the Stirling attack while both Abrahams and Michael were able to clear the ball back into Hahndorf’s half with clearing kicks on multiple occasions or passing to the forward players Harry Williams and Herriman who would continue to run the ball up the ground.

Kit Erhart-Bruce came on the field with fresh legs straight into the thick of the play defending and running the ball forward. Erhart-Bruce, Dimech, Olsson, Coles, Williams and Herriman never gave up in the mid field pushing back and forward helping the defence where needed and driving the ball forward into Hahndorf’s half but not able to score in the first half.

Norris managed to find himself in a position to have a shot on goal but it was stopped by the Stirling United keeper.

Tom Boekel was still under fire in the goals and quick reflexes saw him still manage to stop more than went through.

Toby Boekel was desperately trying to stop the forward push from Stirling working hard but giving away a penalty shot free kick in his efforts.

Herriman finally managed to score for Hahndorf after a breakaway push after some great defensive work by Hahndorf.

A second break away from Herriman saw him 3 on 1 in front of goals and with a great cross from Herriman to Williams saw Williams score Hahndorf’s second goal.

Hahndorf played well and never appeared o give up, but Stirling United were too strong in the end and ended up winning the match.

It was a great game by all players involved and kept the crowd cheering right to the end.

Round 14 – 3rd August – Hahndorf 1 v 6 Strathalbyn

A great day for soccer at Hahndorf saw the more experienced Strathalbyn team face a Hahndorf team that hasn’t won a game all year. The previous scores between the two teams were 10:0 in Strathalbyn’s favour.

The tone of the game this time was different with the Hahndorf team learning the importance of running the field not only to receive the ball but to pressure the opposition defence. Strathalbyn are a disciplined side following a good game plan. This allowed them the opportunity of 6 – 7 shots on goal in the first half converting three. Hahndorf on the other hand with their adapted running game style saw the benefit of pressuring the defence with passing and run. The Strath defence letting some ball through but no goals.

The Second half demonstrated the benefit of confidence with the Strath lads pushing towards goals and breaking Hahndorf defensive lines. The Hahndorf goalie showing great judgement leaving his lines multiple times to stop the many advances. Well supported by Michael, Dimech and Abrahams.

Hahndorf pushed forward multiple times but slow passes were consistently chopped off. Sideline coaching saw a change from soft to assertive passing and subsequent breaking of Strathalbyn lines. Hahndorf had three separate runs all resulting in shots on goal finally locking away an opportunistic goal by Norris late in the half. Strath through consistent effort and a confident approach on goals slotted three for the half.

Round 8 – 15th June – Hahndorf 2 v 0 Woodside

Hahndorf U14 played a home game against Woodside Warriors on Saturday.  It was cool and cloudy with both teams making a solid start.

Hahndorf started with Tom Boekel as goal keeper who saved Woodside’s first attempt at goal and continued to work hard throughout the match. In the first half, defenders Oakley Lockyer, Konrad Michael, Cameron Norris and Damon Potts put consistent pressure on Woodside.

Attacker Isiaih Avaero took control of the ball and scored the first goal for Hahndorf.  The a new ball had to be found after a kick saw the ball land on the clubroom roof and with some good work from the midfield, Avaero scored another goal soon after. Boekel was brave and another goal was saved to end the first half.

In the second half, the defenders continued to apply pressure and several goals were saved by Boekel. There was some good footwork and passing from Avaero, Norris and Shafiq Herriman in attack but despite some great attempts unfortunately no goals were scored.

Both teams put in a good effort and Hahndorf U14 thanks Woodside Warriors for a challenging game.

Round 7 – 1st June – Hahndorf 0 v 6 Mt Barker

An impressive performance by Mount Barker on a chilly day in Hahndorf against a determined Hahndorf team. The first half was fast moving with possession swinging evenly. However, Mount Barker succeeded in penetrating the Hahndorf defence to go into the changing room with the score in their favour, 2 : 0.

In the second half, both teams showed tenacity but the Mount Barker forwards and attacking mid-fielders proved too strong and fast for the Hahndorf defenders. The Hahndorf team kept their heads high and gave their best but ultimately could not stop the well-coordinated Mount Barker forwards nor find a way through a well-drilled defensive mid-field and back line. Mount Barker took the game comfortably 6 : 0.

The Hahndorf goal keeper Tom Boekel displayed truly amazing athleticism and speed of reaction to save numerous strikes on goal. More than once, he brought the crowd to their feet in admiration of a flying save. The Hahndorf forwards, Harry Coles, Harry Williams and Isaiah Ajeero used clever footwork and coordinated their runs well with Stefan Panic and Shafiq Herriman in mid-field, with support from Cameron Norris, Damon Potts, Ryan Sickerdick and Toby Boekel who all pushed forward creatively but the Mount Barker defenders were up to the task and kept a clean sheet. Despite the pressure of constant, well-coordinated attacks by Mount Barker, the Hahndorf defenders, William Dimech, Hayden Abrahams, Oakley Lockyer and Konrad Michael jockeyed and tackled with determination right to the end. Both teams should be proud of a game that demonstrated skill and a good sporting attitude by all players.

Round 6 – 25th May – Hahndorf 1 v 7 Stirling United

Blustery weather with intermittent bouts of driving rain made for bracing conditions this Saturday morning in the first post-grading, Div-1, Under-14 game between Hahndorf and Stirling United. From the get-go, Stirling United mounted a keen and well-disciplined offence, with Hahndorf forced into the defending position and struggling at times to get a foot on the ball, in spite of valiant defending efforts by Cameron Norris, Konrad Michael, and Oakley Lockyer. In the second half, moves by William Dimech and Harry Williams to turn things around were thwarted by the capable Stirling team. With not much time left on the clock Harry Coles scored Hahndorf’s only goal, ably assisted by Alex Olsson.

Round 3 – 27th April – Hahndorf 8 v 2 Murray Bridge Blue

On Saturday Hahndorf U14s came up against Murray Bridge United Blue in round 3 at Beatty Tce.

A fast paced and close tussle ensued with Stefan Panich scoring Hahndorf’s first 2 goals, and Shafiq Herriman making it 3 by half time. A strong goal-keeper performance by Alexander Olsson, supported by a solid defence during the first half saw only one opposition goal scored by Aubrey Mawere.
Herriman made it a hat-trick with 2 goals early after the break, and a strong team effort put them in a commanding position for the second half. Cameron Norris added another 2 goals, before the fresh legs of Olsson scored taking their tally to 8. The Hahndorf defence remained difficult to penetrate and another strong performance in goals by Tom Boekel saw only a single goal from Mawere conceded during the second half. Hanhdorf finished the game strong with a third goal from Norris in the final minute giving them a 8-2 win at full-time.

**** Match Reports 2018 ****

Round 17 – 1st September– Hahndorf 4 v 6 Stirling United White

Hahndorf hosted top side Stirling United White at Pine Ave for the final game of the season. Hahndorf knew it was going to be a hard ask to win, however they were up for the challenge and were ready to give it a go. The first 15 minutes were hard fought with Hahndorf having several shots at goal, but unfortunately could not convert. Stirling United stepped up and found the back of the net four times, with Nathanial Doyle and Kyle Fenlon scoring 2 goals each in the first half, however they were not easy goals to get as Hahndorf keeper, James Bagley, along with a tight back line of Alex Montagu, Seb Alhburg, Jamie Hamilton and Damon Potts making Stirling work hard for the goals.

The second half saw a tight fought battle with Hahndorf keen to get on the board. They finally broke through with a passage of play by Jackson Doley, Josh Rayner, Rhys Coles with Harry Moule-Hooworth crossing the ball to Fergus Taylor who found the back of the net. Hahndorf were finally on the board and this was the turning point for the team, who where now eager to score again and score they did. The next 2 goals came through some great passes by Toby Boekel to Harry Moule-Hooworth who slammed the goals home.  Stirling United came back strong through goals by Anton Levings and Joshua Liddicoat. However, Hahndorf refused to give up and were rewarded with a late goal and hat trick to Harry Moule-Hooworth. The game was played in great spirit with Hahndorf congratulating Stirling United on the win today and their unbeaten season. Well done Stirling United.

Round 16 – 18th August– Hahndorf 4 v 3 Woodside

Round 15 – 11th August– Hahndorf 0 v 3 Murray Bridge Gold

Round 14 – 4th August– Hahndorf 2 v 7 Mt Barker

Round 12 – 21st July – Hahndorf 4 v 6 Rangers

Hahndorf and Rangers met at Pine Avenue and in what was again an entertaining and hard-fought game. Rangers found the back of the net 2 times before Hahndorf’s Harry Coles scored from a run down the left wing. An unfortunate own goal gave Rangers it’s third goal late in the first half and Hahndorf’s keeper, James Bagley was beaten again before the break. The second half saw Hahndorf’s intensity increase and Jackson Doley found himself in front and slotted through a great goal. Hahndorf once again knocked in an own goal but fought back through a running goal from Fergus Taylor. Rangers kicked their 6th goal deep into the second half before Jamie Hamilton booted a great team goal to make the final score 4-6. Once again, these two teams played with great skill and sportsmanship, which made this game very enjoyable for all that attended.

Round 11 – 7th July – Hahndorf 2 v 8 Strathalbyn

Cup Round – 4th July – Hahndorf 1 v 2 Rangers

Round 10 – 30th June – Hahndorf 1 v 6 Stirling Districts

It was a nice sunny morning at Pine Avenue when Hahndorf took on Stirling Districts. In an entertaining game, both teams defended well and attacked the goal often. The game was dominated by Stirling Districts Andrew Blewden who found the net 4 times when he broke Hahndorf’s defence and powered forward to beat Hahndorf’s keeper, James Bagley. Jackson Doley popped one in the net from a Hahndorf corner kick late in the first half but it was all Stirling Districts from that point on, as they booted another 4 goals in the second half to post their 5th win for the season. Both teams showed great sportsmanship and respect for each other in a very entertaining game of soccer.

Round 9 – 23rd June – Hahndorf 1 v 6 Stirling United Blue
Hahndorf came out strong in the first half with some sensational defensive work against ladder leaders, Stirling United Blue. The Hahndorf back line defence lead by Seb Alhburg, Josh Rayner, Macklin Walsh, Damon Potts, Alex Montegu and Goal Keeper, James Bagley was tenacious. The pressure applied to the Stirling forwards, by Hahndorf, was relentless. Hahndorf, through Jamie Hamilton, Jackson Doley and Harry Moule Hooworth managed to move the ball forward on a number of occasions and were rewarded early on in the first half when the mid field of Jye Martin, Rhys Coles and Fergus Taylor set up Toby Boekel , who then slammed a goal into the back of the net, scoring the first goal of the game. Stirling United Blue regrouped and managed to finally break through Hahndorf’s “Wall of Defence” to score two quick late goals in the first half. Stirling United had to bring on their A game in the second half to battle Hahndorf’s strong back line and midfield play. In the end Stirling United proved too strong and ended up putting 4 more goals away with Raphael Schmidt scoring a hat trick, Calen Mccormick finished up with 2 goals and Eli Nightingale with 1 goal for the match.

Round 7 – 2nd June – Hahndorf 4 v 4 Woodside
Both Woodside and Hahndorf were keen for a win today, this was reflected by the 8 goals scored in a close fought match. Woodside got of to a flying start with 2 early goals by Ryan Boyes-Flynn. Hahndorf regrouped to scored a goal through Harry Moule-Hooworth, his first of 4 goals scored for the day. With the scores 2-1 at halftime, Hahndorf came out strong in the second half to level the scores with a great passage of play by the mid field of Alex Montagu, Jackson Doley, Toby Boekel and Rhys Coles. Together they all assisted Harry to find the back of the net for a second time. Woodside pushed back with another goal, by Jett Tonkin, to go 3 – 2 up. This was the setting for the remainder of the game with Hanndorf equalising midway through the second half with Harry’s 3rd goal, with the assistance of Fergus Taylor and Seb Ahlburg . The back line of both teams had their work cut out for them, with Hahndorf’s back line of Macklin Walsh, Josh Rayner and Jamie Hamilton helping to support the terrific work of the keeper, James Bagley, who was kept busy by Woodside and helped to keep Hanhdorf in the game with some terrific saves. In the end both Harry Moule-Hooworth of Hanhdorf and Jett Tonkin of Woodside scored again to finish the game with a 4 all draw.

Round 6 – 26th May – Hahndorf 6 v 3 Murray Bridge Gold
Murray Bridge Gold hosted Hahndorf at Beatty Terrace and Hahndorf started strong with several attempts at goal before Hahndorf’s centre forward, Harry Moule-Hoowarth kicked 2 goals and Fergus Taylor followed by kicking 2 goals from the right wing. Murray Bridge fought back in the 2nd half kicking 3 goals from close range, 1 being an unfortunate own goal off a Hahndorf defender. Moule-Hoowarth kicked his 3rd goal late in the second half and Hahndorf walked away with a 6-3 win and their first win of the season.

Cup Round – 19th May – Hahndorf 0 v 3 Rangers

Round 5 – 12th May – Hahndorf 2 v 6 Mt Barker
It was a beautiful sunny morning at Pine Avenue and the pitch looked perfect. Mount Barker were dominant in the first half kicking 5 goals but Hahndorf found the back of the net through Harry Moule-Hoowarth after he got clear of the Mount Barker defenders. The second half was a close fought battle and both teams had plenty of scoring opportunities. Small forward Anthony Palma was quick and skilful kicking 2 goals for Mount Barker and Hahndorf’s Harry Moule-Hoowarth kicked his second goal late in the second half. The game finished at 6-2 in favour of Mount Barker United in what was a very competitive match.

Round 4 – 5th May – Hahndorf 3 v 3 Murray Bridge Blue
The pitch looked a treat at Pine Ave after a spot of rain, perfect condition for soccer. Murray Bridge Blue were limited to 9 players and had a job to do from the start. Both teams started well with Hahndorf attacking early through Harry Moule-Hoowarth, Toby Boekel and Fergus Taylor, however it was Murray Bridge Blue who got on the board first with Andrew Ferreira showing tremendous speed and skills. Hahndorf scored an equaliser when Harry Moule Hoowarth took advantage of the keepers slip in the 18 yard box. Although there were many attempts on goal, Hahndorf just couldn’t get pasted the skilful Murray Bridge keeper. The game went into half time at 1 all.

The second half had everything, Murray Bridge scored first, via Andrew Ferreira again with Hahndorf following up with a goal soon after through Rhys Coles. It was a tightly fought battle with the teams showing great skills and with both teams finding the back of the net for a third time through Andrew and Rhys. Hahndorf’s Keeper, James Bagley did well to prevent many attempts by Murray Bridge’s forwards, as did the Murray Bridge keeper.

Round 3 – 28th April – Hahndorf 1 v 8 Rangers
These two teams were keen to get a win under their belt. The rangers got off to a good start, getting on the board first, with both their backs and forwards showing good skills which allowed them to hit the back of the net on a number of occasions. Hahndorf didn’t give up and found the back of the net through a goal by Rhys Coles in the first half.

The Rangers kept up their strong defensive line and stopped a number of Hahndorf attempts on goal, with Hahndorf narrowly missing 4 shots. Rangers proved too strong in the second half by scoring another 4 goals. Both teams showed some great skills, which made it a great game to watch.

Round 2 – 14th April – Hahndorf 1 v 7 Strathalbyn
On a day that would even test Noah’s Ark, the under 14’s teams of Hahndorf and Strathalbyn braved the elements at Pine Ave. In wet, windy and slippery conditions, Strathalbyn found the net 5 times in the first half. Hahndorf regrouped in the second half with Jye Martin scoring their only goal. All players showed true grit under extremely difficult playing conditions. Strathalbyn played well and handled the wet weather conditions best, which enabled them to score freely and win the game.

Round 1 – 7th April – Hahndorf 2 v 8 Stirling Districts