Under 14G

Coach: Georgia Vogelsang

Team Manager:


**** Match Reports 2021 ****

Round 18 – 21st August – Hahndorf 4 v 1 Strathalbyn Red

Under blue skies and with a slight breeze the Hahndorf and Strath Red teams took to the field in a much anticipated match between the divisions big improvers.The Pine Avenue pitch was in very good condition and Hahndorf elected to kick against the wind.

Both teams started tentatively and defensively and Strathalbyn Red graciously played 10 girls as Hahndorf only had 10 fit players to start with.Charlotte Fairley started in goals and was well assisted by Amber Klose,Alex Czulki and Zara Tinsley-Smith in defence.The midfield worked hard with Esther and Jorunn Van De Gaer along with Luciann Tinsley -Smith. and Jade Czulki looking very determined.Strathalbyn Red were the first to score after around 15 minutes and it was game on with both sides lifting their efforts.Around 10 minutes later Amiel Kerber scored for the second game in a row after threatening to do all year.At half 
time it was a goal a piece and the Hahndorf crowd held their breathe as the teams second halves sometimes did not match their first half performances.
The second half commenced and the breeze was a factor.Hahndorf ‘s forwards  were sharp and full of running.Zara Tinsley -Smith joined Ruby Tully and Amiel Kerber and the attack was potent.Passing was a feature and Zara Tinsley-Smith scored three goals in relatively quick succession.Esther Van De Gaer had a long range shot that went like an Exocet missile  and found the bottom of the horizontal bar It was  adjudged as not crossing the goal line on deflection.
It was a fantastic strike.Charlotte Fairley had a strong second half after moving from goals  to the midfield and Jade Czulki showed that she is very capable in goals.The final score was Hahndorf 4  Strathalbyn Red 1 in a game that had many memorable moments  and was played in great spirit by both teams.

Round 17 – 14th August – Hahndorf 1 v 5 Strathalbyn

It was a sunny afternoon with only the slightest of breezes in Strathalbyn when Hahndorf U14 Girls took on the Strathalbyn Strikers on their home turf.

Strathalbyn started with several quick attacks into their goal area, with several attempts at goal that were held off by the first half Goalie Charlie and the back line defenders Jo Van De Gaer, Isabella Czulki, Zara Tinsley-Smith and Amber Klose. Strath were able to find the back of the net a few times that Hahndorf tried to respond to with great pressure in the forward line lead by Luci Tinsley-Smith, Eloise Cutting and Ruby Tully.

At the 35 minute mark the forward line was able to penetrate the tough opposition and Ruby was able to put one in the back of the net for Hahndorf.

Hahndorf put in a good defence after the half time break with Strathalbyn only being able to score once in the half thanks to some great stoppages by the second half goalie Mika Kelly. There was lots of great play by the mid-field Jade Czulki, Jemma Langford, Amiel Kerber and Esther Van De Gaer who got the ball into the forward line who were unfortunate to not be able to convert their attempts at goal.

Strathalbyn proved to be a tough opposition today and despite the great effort by Hahndorf today, the full-time score was 5 -1. We thank Strathalbyn U14 girls for a great game and look forward to meeting them again this Friday!

Round 13 – 17th July – Hahndorf 4 v 2 Strathalbyn Red

Conditions at Strathalbyn were relatively mild compared to the rest of the greater Adelaide area and the Under 14 girls match between Strathalbyn Red and a much improved Hahndorf team got underway with no rain.

The opening was fast for Hahndorf with Eloise Cutting again looking menacing in attack only to have to leave the field with a troublesome and painful knee.Ruby Tully scored following a superb pass from Aniel Kerber and shortly after Mika Kelly found the back of the net with a skilful conversion.The game was being mainly played in the Hahndorf  attack zone but this was largely due to the defence of Jade Czulki, Charlotte Fairley ,Zara Tinsley -Smith,and Amber Klose.Jemma Langford had little to do in goals but was ever alert.Ruby Tully scored again and at half time Hahndorf led 3 to nil
The second half belonged to Strathalbyn who scored twice including a handball penalty conversion . Luciann Tinsley -Smith  was very active for Hahndorf and scored the teams only second half goal but she was ever present along with Aniel Kerber .The later was desperately unlucky not to score as a number of Hahndorf attacks hit the side posts of the goal.Ester Van De Gaer continued on with her more than solid defence and provided opportunities for the attack.Strathalbyn also missed some shots on goal and Amber Klose’s speed was a factor in defence.

Round 11 – 26th June – Hahndorf 1 v 5 Torrens Valley

The fresh breeze kept things cool throughout the match. Hahndorf decimated by illness and holiday timing bravely took the field with 8 players, Torrens Valley graciously agreed to match.
The run of play was firmly in favour of Torrens Valley in the first half with many assertive attempts at goal skilfully trapped by goal keeper Jemma Langford. Fifteen minutes in Jade Czukli relieved Torrens Valley of the ball following through with a brilliantly executed goal. Torrens Valley’s sustained pressure resulted in a reply 10 minutes later. Hahndorfs staunch defence holding the draw to half time.
Torrens Valley started strongly with a goal from the kickoff against desperate defence from Amber Klose that set the tone for the second half.    Despite a spirited defence and prolific goal saves Torrens Valley gained an additional 4 goals in the second half bringing the full time score to 1-5.  Player of the match Langford repeatedly put herself on the line against goal attempts that would have challenged Juventus’ Jan Oblak. A stoic performance by the whole team playing a full match in the cold conditions with notable performances from Lucianne Tinsley-Smith, Amber Klose, Amiel Kerber and Alex Czukli.

Round 10 – 19th June – Hahndorf v Mt Barker 

It was a cold rainy day when Hahndorf Under14 girls met Mt Barker. From the start Hahndorf put on a solid effort.

The first goal is for Mt Barker. Hahndorf attack with Ruby Tully, Amiel Kerber and Zara Tinslye-Smith are trying very hard to get a goal in. While the defence is working on a solid defence Charlotte Fairly in goals.

Good passing to each other and great defence from Amber Klose, Esther Van De Gaer, Eloise Cutting, Alex and Jade Czulki, Jemma Langford.

In the second half we start with a strong defence Morinike Kelly, Lucianne Tinsley-Smith and Jorünn Van De Gaer try really well to keep goals out. A great safe from Charlie. Halfway Mt Barker makes there second goal. Two minutes later the third goal is a fact.

It was a strong effort with skill shown by both teams. Hahndorf Under 14 Girls wish to thank Mt Barker for a great game.

Round 9 – 5th June – Hahndorf 4 v 3 Stirling Districts

Hahndorf U14 girls played an exciting game against Stirling Districts at Bradwood Park, with the game commencing at 2:00pm. Hahndorf took off with a strong start, with attacker Zara Tinsley-Smith pushing forward and following through with a great goal only six minutes into the game. Defenders Charlotte Fairley, Amber Klose, Alex Czukli, Jemma Langford, and Jorunn Van De Gaer worked well to keep the ball clear of the goals, but Stirling overcame, with Isabelle Bailes kicking their first goal 14 minutes into the game. Amber working solid in defense, performing a lockdown role on their attack, inhibiting further goals. At the 29-minute mark, Zara, hungry for the ball, kicked Hahndorf’s second goal, taking them into the lead.

Jemma made some great blocks in goals, as Stirling put the pressure on early into second half. Hahndorf worked well as a team and pushed forward with the help of Esther Van De Gaer and Jade Czukli, to score their third goal eight minutes into the second half, with another powerful kick from Zara. Mid fielders Amiel Kerber, Luciann Tinsley-Smith, and Mika Kelly fought hard to keep the ball in attack, putting the pressure on Stirling. 20 minutes into second half, Stirling closed the gap, scoring their second goal by attacker Zoe York. With eight minutes left of the game, Hahndorf pushed through a strong Stirling defense, enabling Ruby Tully to score their fourth goal. In the dying minutes, Stirling fought back, scoring their third goal. With some desperate defending by Hahndorf, they hung on, for a 4 – 3 win.

Round 8 – 29th May – Hahndorf 4 v 3 Strathalbyn Red

On a beautiful sunny afternoon at Hahndorf home ground, Hahndorf came out keen to improve on their last match up result.

Hahndorf began with Charlotte Fairley in goals, Andrea Nicholls, Alex Czukli, Jorunn Van de Gaer and Jemma Langford in defence. Eloise Cutting, Ruby Tully and Zara Tinsley Smith in attack.

In the opening minutes Cutting ran the ball up the wing and crossed it beautifully to Z. Tinsley Smith in the centre who easily put in the 1st goal for Hahndorf. Strath tried to push up with an attempt on goal averted quickly by Fairley.  Hahndorf then made a second attempt on goal by Cutting but it was stopped by the goalie. This was followed up by a
long run on goals by Strath but was well thwarted by Amber Klose and Fairley.

Cutting sent another ball forward to Z. Tinsley Smith who only narrowly missed a second goal. Strath then kept the pressure on Hahndorf’s defence by taking a couple of quick shots on goal but they were stopped by Fairley’s quick hands!

Hahndorf’s Tully in attack now, took a shot at goal but it was stopped by the Strath goalie and then Strath attack took the ball to the other end and had a couple more shots on the goals which were stopped quickly by Fairley’s boot and then gloves. With fantastic defence from Fairley, several attacks were stopped.  A corner then taken by Strath saw the ball slip past several of Hahndorf’s defence to land in the hands of Fairley again!

After several minutes of ping pong between teams, the ball was finally pushed forward and taken by Z. Tinsley Smith to score a second goal for Hahndorf. At the reset, the ball was taken up towards goals by Cutting and crossed to Z. Tinsley Smith who narrowly missed a third goal.

Another attack from Strath on goals was beautifully saved by Fairley.

Cutting took another clear run to goal but didn’t quite have the power off the boot! She quickly made up for it when the ball was handed to her and she popped in an easy goal, making it 3 goals for Hahndorf. Then
just moments before the half time whistle, another run through had Cutting and Tully jostling for a shot on goal. Tully took it but it was stopped by the Strath goalie.

The second half began with Strath on the attack as they went straight for the goals but was stopped by great defence from Hahndorf, but seconds later they attacked hard again with the ball bouncing off the
Hahndorf goalie and then was kicked over her head to score their first goal.

Again Strath went on a relentless attack and after a second attempt, managed a goal past Fairley’s tough defence.

At 2.49 a great goal was kicked by Tully bringing the score to to 4-2 and within one minute, Strath quickly retaliated with a confident goal. After a lot of back and forth play with both teams working hard for another goal, the whistle blew with the ball at Hahndorf’s end.

It was a great game played with skill by both teams with the final score being 4-3 with a win for Hahndorf, who would like to thank Strathalbyn
Red for a great game.

Round 5 – 8th May – Hahndorf 1 v 7 Mount Barker

It was an overcast day in Mount Barker with a light drizzle of rain as Hahndorf tackled Mount Barker United, one of the competition’s dominant teams. The first half was a well fought affair with Hahndorf fighting hard to keep Mount Barker to just two goals. Esther Van D Gaer and Alex Czukli exchanged headers with Mount Barker in an exciting piece of play, while Amber came from nowhere across the goals to completely foil a Mount Barker attempt at goal. Charlotte Fairley did an amazing job stopping a regular stream of shots on goal from Mount Barker, helping keep the away team in the game.

In the second half, Eloise Cutting saw an opportunity and slotted a wonderful goal from long range, keeping Hahndorf’s hopes alive. Despite Charlotte showing her fancy footwork to stop a critical goal and Morenike Kelly working hard in the goals, Mount Barker ran out eventual winners 7-1.


Round 3 – 24th April – Hahndorf 3 v 7 Strathalbyn

The open fields of Strathalbyn were again the venue for the Hahndorf girls having played the other Strathalbyn side there in Round 2.The conditions were favourable with the wind velocity a lot lower than last time.

The Hahndorf side opened strongly and threatened to score in the opening minute with Eloise Cutting looking very sharp.The ball moved swiftly between defences for some time but it was Strathalbyn that scored first after some twenty minutes.Ruby Tully went forward from defence and quickly levelled the scoresHowever ten minutes later Strathalbyn scored again and at half time the score was 2 -1.Morenike Kelly won many awards contests and pushed the ball forward consistently.Hahndorf defence looked strong but the speed of the Strathalbyn forwards always looked ominous.Gemma  Langford Alex Czulki and EstherVanDeGaar  were trying hard .Newcomers Turi Pomery and Andrea Nicholls were also in the game and looked more comfortable playing their part.
The second half was a goal frenzy and Morenike took a hard knock  early on and had to come off for a while.Strathalbyn added 5 goals with their speedy forwards and Hahndorf added 2 with Jade Czulki booting home a memorable goal and Ruby Tully adding another.The score line did not recognise the many attempts that Hahndorf just missed or the fact that both teams had the ball around the same amount of time in attack.
Charlotte Fairley was valiant in goals  against the fast forwards of Strathalbyn.
All in all it was a continuing improvement for Hahndorf on a ground that is always challenging to play on. Both teams played with 10 players  and they all looked tired at the end. One senses that a win  may not be far away for the Hahndorf team.


**** Match Reports 2020 ****

Round 14 – 26th September – Hahndorf 4 v 0 Strathalbyn Red

The sun came out of for the start of the game on a cool grey afternoon. Hahndorf scored a goal in the first minutes of the game with a kick by Jade Czukli which bounced off the Strath goalie to go into the goals. Further attempts on goals were made by Gracie Curtis and Jade Cuzulki. A great save was made by the Strath Goalie on a corner attempt. Another attempt on goal towards the end of the first half was made by Isabella Cuzulki with Hahndorf leading at the Break 1 – 0 .

Hahndorf came out strong in the Second half with a quick goal in the first minutes by Eloise Cutting. Further attempts at goal were made by Eloise, Morenike Kelly, and Gracie Curtis with Curtis hitting the pole. Less than a minute later Curtis scored a goal. Morenike Kelly set up a ball for Ruby Tully to Score the 4th goal for the game. Charlotte Fairley made an attempt at goal in the dying minutes. Hahndorf was too strong for strath with the final score being 4 – 0

Round 13 – 19th September – Hahndorf 1 v 4 Torrens Valley

Warm conditions greeted the Hahndorf and Torrens Valley teams. A minute silence was observed for club legend and stalwart Rob Kilpatrick and the girls were ready to go. Hahndorf’s defence was put under constant pressure from Torrens Valley but the efforts of Grace Haynes, Jemma Langford and Ruby Tully thwarted many attempts at their goals. Gracie Curtis and Amiel Kerber played a solid game in the midfield, always on the run. With their great pace and skills pushed the ball forward many times only to hit a wall of defence from Torrens Valley. Torrens Valley were able to score 2 goals in the first half, not before Charlotte Fairley saved many attempts.

It was another fast paced second half, once again solid pressure from Torrens Valley using the ball effectively to score another 2 goals against Hahndorf. It was a moment of pure hunger and determination from Gracie Curtis to hustle her way through Torrens defence to score a fantastic goal finally putting the Hahndorf girls on the scoreboard. Whilst Hahndorf battled on with many game time injuries it wasn’t enough to fight back with Torrens Valley finishing the 4-1 against a never say die Hahndorf.

Round 12 – 12th September – Hahndorf 0 v 5 Strathalbyn

The game was played in high spirits  on a muggy afternoon with Strathalbyn White dominating most of the game. Lola McKay-Puyo, Eloise Cutting and Gracie Curtis worked well as a team in attack. They passed the ball well creating a few opportunities to score. However, the Strathalbyn defence was too strong. Hahndorf defence was under pressure for most of the game with all the girls working hard against a very strong attack. Whilst they all played well, Gemma Langford,Grace Haynes and Amiel Kerber gave it their all never giving up. The standout player of the day for Hahndorf was the goalie Charlotte Fairley. She had her \work cut out for her with many attempts on goal. She saved many certain goals only letting 5 slip through.

Well done Hahndorf, it was a very good game against a very strong team. The final score was 5 goals to nil Strathalbyn’s way.

Round 11 – 5th September – Hahndorf 3 v 1 Mt Barker

The scene was set for a  tough contest between Stirling and Hahndorf Under 13 girls. Many in the crowd remembered their  last encounter  when Stirling snatched victory late in the game. The weather was perfect, the pitch looked great and the neatness of the line markings a credit to those responsible.

The game had a tense start with both teams defending well and minimising risky plays.Just when Hahndorf appeared to be getting on top Stirling goaded at the 15 minute mark. Six minutes later Gracie Curtis hammered home the equaliser. Earlier Gracie provided numerous opportunities from well placed corner kicks that were well repelled by ever present defenders. It was 1 all at half time.

The second half started with purpose from both teams . Stirling had already demonstrated their ability to score against the trend of play and the Hahndorf defence was up to the challenge. Esther Van De Gaer, Ava Papadopoulos and Isabella Czukli had special moments  and all defenders played their part.Eloise Cutting had a number of  promising attacks and goaled at the 20 minute mark of the second half after support from Jemma Langford. At one time the Hahndorf team had 8 consecutive corner kicks with Grace Haynes taking most of them and providing opportunities to some eager attackers. Hahndorf looked the stronger team  all game and with minutes to go Morenike Kelly kicked a memorable goal. This made it 3 to 1 at full time. The Hahndorf midfield ran hard all day and deserve special recognition as does the goalkeeper Charlotte Fairley who delivered  big clearing kicks following saves.

The game was played in great spirit and both teams gave their all.

Round 10 – 29th August – Hahndorf 4 v 2 Mt Barker

What a glorious day for a win by the Hahndorf U13 girls!

The first half of an evenly matched game, saw the Barker girls putting pressure in the forward half, with two attempts on goal. Gracie Curtis kicked Hahndorf’s first goal in spectacular fashion with a fantastic shot from a tough angle. Trying to keep the momentum going, Morenike Kelly, Eloise Cutting, and Gracie all attempted goals, however Barker slipped one through after reentry from a strong defence by Bella Czukli, Grace Haynes, Ruby Tully and Charlotte Fairley only to be called offside. Gracie finished the first half with a skillful goal with the help of Eloise.

The second half saw the Barker girls fight back, scoring the first goal. After a stoush that saw one of the Hahndorf players on the ground, Gracie took a clean penalty shot, taking the score to 3-2. After some fancy footwork in the midfield by Gracie, Eloise scored Hahndorf’s final goal.

Not to be silenced, the Barker girls fought hard, with the Hahndorf defence working to keep the ball out of the box. After several attempts at goal, Barker were finally able to score, taking the final total to 4-2. Hahndorf with the win!

Round 9 – 22nd August – Hahndorf 7 v 2 Strathalbyn

There was a team from Hahndorf and soccer was their game against the
Strathalbyn Strikers and winning was their aim.
The toss was done, the ball was kicked, the game had begun.
We kept on marching to the goal through rain and wind and kept on going
till the first goal was won. Well done Grace Haynes!
From beautiful passes came some solo’s in return (Grace Haynes, Cutting
Eloise and Lola Mckay).
With the pressure now on the Strikers, the Strikers feeling the heat and
the onlookers on the edge of their seat. The free kick was awarded to
Hahndorf. With this free kick in play, Gracie Curtis scored a goal, now
2-0 our way.
Keeping the heat on while the cold wind was soaring, the defence kept
giving new chances for scoring. ( Isabella Czukli , Gracie Curtis,
Morenike Kelly, Ava Papadopoulos, Ruby Tully and Esther Van De Gaer).
Eloise Cutting took her chance, the ball soaring through air and landing
in the Strikers  nets, 3-0 .
To end the first half Charlotte Fairley saved the first ball to hit
their nets.
The ball was kicked the pressure back on, the Strikers did their best,
but to no avail, Gracie Curtis had different plans and scored again 4-0.
Unstoppable, with help of her team ( Jade Czukli, Morenike Kelly), now
Grace Haynes took her talent and scored two more goals to fill their
self esteem  6-0
Keeping the passes going, Hahndorf taking some beautiful turns, Gracie
took off and scored like never before 7-0
What a game, how they fought to go through the defence, the Strikers hit
twice 7-2 while Hahndorf gave it all and won with collar and bow.

Round 8 – 15th August – Hahndorf 0 v 3 Torrens Valley

Round 7 – 8th August – Hahndorf 3 v 8 Strathalbyn White

It was a cold and wet afternoon, as Hahndorf met Strathalbyn on home soil. Strath wasted no time in the attack, with Layla Frahn assertively dribbling past Hahndorfs defence to score in the first two minutes of
the match. With strong defence from Jemma Langford, Hahndorf warded off another goal only moments later as it became clear that Strath were a force to be reckoned with. And reckon with it they did, with some great tactical passing between Eloise Cutting and Amiel Kerber, and some bold manoeuvring from Lola McKay down the Strikers side of the turf. Striking
back, the Reds’ Frahn was all ablaze, swiftly and seamlessly negotiating her passage through the Magpies to deliver yet another, followed by
another from her counterpart on the right wing, Brooklyn Rigney. But Maggies were not to be beat lying down, with some admirable defence from Isabella Czukli, a splash of midfield magic from McKay, and -finally- spectacular goal from Kerber placing Hahndorf on the scoreboard just before the whistle blew half time.
In the second half, Strath continued their relentless assault, scoring another 3 goals as Hahndorf bolster
its defences with Ruby Tully braving the combat with some assertive tackling. With some nimble footwork,  Morenike Kelly dribbled the ball down the wing before passing it on to Esther Van de Gaer who narrowly
missed another shot at goals. Some excellent passing between Grace Haynes and Ruby Tully kept the Reds at bay, setting up for Isabella Czukli to deliver another goal for Hahndorf. In the final minutes of the game, Lola McKay delivered another impressive goal bringing the final score to 3/8.

Round 6 – 1st August – Hahndorf 1 v 4 Stirling Districts

Hahndorf’s Under 13 Girls squad took on Stirling at the Bradwood Park ground on Saturday afternoon.

Hahndorf put pressure on the opposing team right from the get-go and had some close shots on the goal.  The offensive tactic, however, was bypassed by some big kicks from the opposition which allowed them to get control of Hahndorf defensive side.  In quick succession, Polly Harrison and Hannah Noonan, of Stirling, was able to bypass goal defender Ivy Wakelin and score four goals in the first half.

In the second half, the Hahndorf team changed tactics and swapped some of the positions the girls were playing which paid off with the first and the only goal from Gracie Curtis.  Hahndorf kept up the pressure and had quite a few near misses towards the end of the game but was not able to get past Stirling’s defence.  Despite this, it was a well-matched game, and both teams performed well.

Round 5 – 25th July – Hahndorf 4 v 2 Mt Barker

Sun was shining, pitch was dry. Hahndorf came out strong with Gracie Curtis kicking the first goal in the opening minutes.

Hahndorf moved the ball well up the wing creating opportunities for shots at goal. An evenly matched game with lots of to-ing and fro-ing from both sides.  Both sides fighting hard in defence until Jade Czukli of Hahndorf broke through the defence line scoring Hahndorf’s second goal.  Followed closely after with Eloise Cutting scoring the 3rd for Hahndorf.  Lucy McAvaney from Mt Barker United managed to break through Hahndorf’s defence with a goal attempt, thwarted by Hahndorf’s Charlotte Fairley.  Another Hahndorf shot at goal by Gracie Curtis from quite a distance, narrowly missing scoring and sailing over the top of the goal.

After half time oranges, Mt Barker took an aggressive stance on the field.  Their next attempt at goal by Lucy McAvaney, once again stopped by Keeper Charlotte Fairley with a massive stretch. Lots of back and forth left neither side with any score, United’s Maeve McAvaney protecting the goal with fierce determination.  Eventually Hahndorf’s Jade Czukli finding the back of the net past Maeve’s solid defence.

Fast legs and determination by Lucy McAvaney pushed the ball to United’s forward line with Lucy scoring United’s first goal of the match. Sienna Dengler’s concerted effort once again breaking through Hahndorf’s defence scoring United’s second goal. Hahndorf’s Eloise Cutting had another attempt at goal before the final whistle, but to no avail, finalising the game score at 4-2. Hahndorf’s Grace Haynes backed up a good game in defence and United’s Maeve McAvaney deserves a mention at taking on a role no one seemed to want and stopping many attempts.

Round 4 – 18th July – Hahndorf 6 v 0 Strathalbyn Red

The Hahndorf U13G team played a stellar game to win 6-0 against Strathalbyn Red at Pine Avenue on Saturday.

Hahndorf looked confident from the start and dominated the first half. Excellent ball control and passing from all players set up a combined 6 goals from players Gracie Curtis, Ruby Tully and Jade Czukli.  When Strath was able to move the ball forward, Hahndorf’s defence was quick to diffuse it and return the ball to Hahndorf’s forward.

Strath came out fighting in the second half but Hahndorf remained confident. Curtis was busy all day and together with Eloise Cutting and Morenike Kelly made a tight team in attack, contributing to a total 5 goals for Hahndorf in the second half.

Throughout the game Esther Van De Gaer, Amiel Kerber, and Isabella Czukli kept the ball moving through the midfield for Hahndorf. Grace Haynes and Ruby Tully were strong in defence, supported by goalkeepers Ivy Wakelin in the first half and Charlotte Fairley in the second half.

The Hahndorf girls wish to thank Strathalbyn Red for the game.

Round 3 – 11th July – Hahndorf 0 v 6 Torrens Valley
Hahndorf hosted Torrens Valley, U13G at Pine Avenue with an impressive and strong win for the Torrens Valley girls. Torrens Valley played as a united and confident side showing their skill and experience led by Claire Levi playing strong in attack. They had an impenetrable defence with Aimee Hogan and Abbey Tutthill showing off their control of that ball! They won 7/0 but their score would have been greater if it weren’t for the committed defence from Charlotte Fairley as Hahndorf’s goal keeper. Hahndorf never gave up and they fought on with confident defence from Bella Czukli and Grace Haynes and relentless plays from Jade Czukli, Esther Van De Gaer, Lola McKay-Puzo and Gracie Curtis who kept moving that ball away Torrens Valley.

There was a great spirit and energy from both teams today – well done!

Round 2 – 4th July – Hahndorf 3 v 4 Strathalbyn

Hahndorf’s U13 Girls team travelled to Strathalbyn to take on the locals in an exciting & fairly evenly-matched contest. The black and whites looked stronger in attack in the first half, with a number of shots at goal finally resulting in scoring success for Eloise Cutting and Jade Czukli. Strathalbyn fought on solidly to equalise the score despite consistent defence from Gracie Curtis, Grace Haynes, Ava Papadopoulos & goalie Ivy Wakelin. An impressive goal by Curtis in the second half put Hahndorf ahead again, but Strathalbyn’s better numbers on the bench eventually gave them an edge and Hahndorf conceded an equaliser as legs began to tire.

Both teams put in a good effort, but in the end Strathalbyn’s focus on following through strongly at every possible opportunity up front paid off, and they took the lead 4-3 not long before the final whistle.

Round 1 – 27th June – Hahndorf 1 v 0 Stirling Districts

The game started off quite even with both sides taking some time to settle into the match. Esther Van de Gaer and Grace Haynes combined well for one of the first shots on goal, which lead to Hahndorf peppering the goals. Lola McKay-Puyo and Charlie Fairley were having some strong battles up forward, whilst Gracie Curtis was a rock in defence with her strong kicking out of defence to set up many attacking opportunities. Eloise Cutting, Lola McKay-Puyo, Jade Czukli and Morenike Kelly and had a number of forward opportunities only to be kept goalless by the Stirling Districts goal keeper, arguably the best on ground.

The second half started with a quick goal from Eloise Cutting. Stirling Districts fought back with a couple of good runs forward only to be called offside to spoil their scoring opportunities. Ivy Wakelin and Charlotte Fairley were strong in defence along with great work from the goal keeper Isabella Czukli that kept Stirling Districts scoreless.  Amiel and Jemma both fought the game out well.

The game was a close contest and played in great sprit by all the girls. For many it was the first game on a full pitch. It was a fantastic game to start the season.


**** Match Reports 2019 ****

Round 17 – 24th August – Hahndorf 9 v 3 Strathalbyn

Hahndorf U13G took on Strathalbyn White on Saturday 24th August. It was a glorious sunny day and a high scoring bonza match for the crowd.
Both sides had a strong defense and impressive attack. The first goal went to Strath followed quickly by a strong answering goal by Hahndorf striker Rose Elston. Within minutes of play Hahndorf struck again with a stunning goal by Kysha Veen followed by a further two confident goals by Rose.
Toward the end of the first half and after pounding away at the Strath defense,Lana Grant attacked with power to kick a 5th goal for Hahndorf. This was followed fast by a corker of a goal by Gracie Curtis.
After both sides regrouped at half time they all came back hard for the second half. Hahndorf’s Gracie again booted in a screamer for their 7th goal, then a classy goal by Charlotte Daly.
After some fantastic defending by Charlotte Fairley, Rebecca, Erin, May and Hahndorf’s goalie Violet Elston, Stath scored their 2nd.
With much ooing and ahhing from theonlookers followed as both teams had near misses and amazing saves Hahndorf came in with some powerful attacking from Amiel, Cyra and Rose to see Rose pop a sneaky one in past the opposition. Some masterful game play by Hahndorf’s attack resulted in a pearler of a 10th goal by Lana Grant.
Strath came back with a 3rd but conceeded an 11th ripper of a goal again by Rose. Just before full time Harper Roberts belted a decisive 12th making the final score 12:3.
Great play by all.

Round 16 – 17th August – Hahndorf 0 v 6 Strathalbyn

Round 14 – 3rd August – Hahndorf 4 v 1 Woodside Warriors

Both sides had a strong defence and aggressive attack. The first goal was scored from the corner for Hahndorf followed by a skillful goal from Hahndorf striker Rose and a strong goal from Woodside made it 1:2 at half time. The second half started with a corker of a goal from Charlotte for Hahndorf which was quickly followed by a near miss from Harper which had both sides ohhing and ahhing.
After some strong defencive play by Hahndorf’s Rebecca, Erin and Cyra Hahndorf broke through Woodside’s guard with another powerful goal by Rose.
At the whistle the game ended with a score of 1:4 to Hahndorf.
Well done ladies.

Round 8 – 15th June – Hahndorf 0 v 3 Torrens Valley

Despite the rain and cold conditions it was a nail bitingly close game between Hahndorf and Torrens Valley. With 0- 0 scores at half time had spectators from both sides on the edge of their seats.
Both teams had excellent attack and defense. Close calls and great saves from Hahndorf’s goalkeeper Violet kept the game close until a goal from Torrens Valley made it 0-1.
During the next 20 minutes of play Hahndorf was close to scoring but a further 2 goals from Torrens Valley secured the win 0-3.
Some great defending and attacking by Erin, Charlotte F, Charlotte D, Rose, Gracie, and Kysha.
A very entertaining game.

Round 7 – 1st June – Hahndorf 5 v 1 Woodside

Round 6 – 25th May – Hahndorf ? v ? Stirling

Cup Round – 18th May – Hahndorf 1 v 5 Stirling

Round 5 – 11th May – Game forfeited by Murray Bridge

Round 4 – 4th May– Hahndorf 6 v 0 Mt Barker

Under some fairly threatening looking clouds, the U13 Hahndorf Girls team kicked off the game against Mt Barker with 9 aside and Hahndorf’s Rose Elston getting the ball moving off the half way line 1.  Not long afterwards Cyra Fillipwitz made a great kick for Hahndorf almost from the centre line only to have it saved by the enthusiastic and capable Mount Barker Goalie.  Soon afterwards Lana Grant set up a great pass to R Elston resulting in a goal for Hahndorf and R Elston’s first of 7 goals for the match.  Whilst Hahndorf were dominating the first half, the Mount Barker girls put up an amazing and sustained defence and thwarted many goal attempts.  Harper Roberts returned a massive MB kick with a Header from almost half way down the field which nearly made it back into goals.  Kysha Vean had a fearsome crack at goals with the ball whistling by only just outside of the goal.   Yet another impressive strike attempt was made by Rose however the MB goalie did the impossible jumping up and stopped the missile just below the top bar.  The Hahndorf attempts were relentless though with R Elston scoring another 3 goals.  Rebecca Abrahams then commenced a play down the field with a pass to R Elston whom set it up nicely for Charlotte Daly converting another goal for Hahndorf.

In the second half May Mansfield set up another nice pass for Daly who scored beautifully once more.  MB mounted an attack but this was quickly thwarted by Violet Elston.  Then MB broke through the defence momentarily until Ruby Tully ran them down.  In the end R Elston scored 7 goals and Daly 2.  A great team effort by the Hahndorf U13 Girls and a great defence from the Mount Barker team with the highlight being their amazing Goalie.

Round 3 – 27th April – Hahndorf 6 v 0 Strathalbyn White

Hahndorf girls U13 White put on a great display of team football against Strathalbyn, with five goal scorers.
The resounding win was secured by a strong defence and some well worked passes in attack, which produced a large number of one-on-ones with the Strathalbyn goal keeper.
The Hahndorf girls have now started with a loss, draw and a win, and will be full of confidence heading into the next round against Mt Barker United.
First-time player May Mansfield enjoyed a strong debut and forward Rose Elston played a pivotal role, scoring several goals. Fellow-forward Kysha Veen also excelled, with three goals, and singles scored by Gracie Curtis, Lana Grant and Cyra Filipowicz.

Round 2 – 13th April – Hahndorf 2 v 3 Strathalbyn

Round 1 – 6th April – Hahndorf 2 v 2 Torrens Valley

It was a warm and sunny afternoon when Hahndorf Under 13 Girls met with Torrens Valley. Torrens Valley started strongly, and Hahndorf’s starting defense of Cyra Filipowicz, Charlotte Daly and Ruby Tully worked hard to keep them out. After a quick transition in play, Hahndorf’s Rose Elston finished off the slick play with a goal.

Players from both teams showed great skills in the even contest. Filipowicz was solid in defense, repeatedly denying opposition attacking runs. Hahndorf’s starting midfield players, Amiel Kerber, Erin Miller and Rebecca Abrahams, regularly transitioned the ball into attack, and on one occasion found Gracie Curtis space on the right wing. Curtis completed a clever cross to Elston, who’s shot was saved.

Mid way through the first half, Torrens Valley capitalized on a fast break, to equalize the score at 1 – 1.

Charlotte Fairley was busy in the midfield, chasing down opposition players and moving the ball forward with good passing. Violet Elston performed very well under pressure in goals and made repeat saves to deny Torrens Valley. Late in the first half, R Elston again found the back of the net to give Hahndorf a 2-1 lead.

The contest remained close in the second half with players from both teams making attacking runs forward. Miller made regular runs down the wing, using her skill to keep possession of the ball. After some strong midfield play, Torrens Valley scored an equalizer.

Desperate defense, and ‘nearly’ moments in attack by both teams had the crowd on the edge of their seats. After a great contest, the game finished as a 2-All draw.

The Hahndorf Under 13 Girls wish to thank Torrens Valley for a great game.

**** Match Reports 2018 ****

Round 17 – 1st September – Hahndorf Black 2 v 2 Strathalbyn

Round 16 – 18th August – Hahndorf Black 2 v 1 Stirling District

It was a challenging pitch with heavy rain overnight but the sun broke through the clouds for the start of the game. As the game began the teams were evenly matched with the play changing sides several times before Hahndorf Black took the first shot at goal only to be denied by Stirling Districts skilled goalkeeper. Then suddenly Lucinda from Stirling Districts stole the ball taking it right down the centre of the pitch through the wall of Hahndorf Black defenders, drawing the goalkeeper out and tapping the ball through for the first goal,of the match.

Both teams displayed superb ball skills, passing amongst their teams with strong defence at both ends resulting in a number of corner kicks, all denied goals by both goalkeepers. The first half continued with Hahndorf Black and Stirling Districts displaying strong team plays and, tough defence but unable to pass the goalkeepers. Then just before the half time whistle, Hahndorf Black stole the ball, weaving and passing through the Stirling Districts defence with a final pass to Haidian who drew the goalkeeper out only to sneak the ball past and into the net for a goal. Half time the score was even at 1-1.

Both teams came out strong again in the second half, all the girls displaying courage and resilience taking many falls in the muddy patches. Hahndorf Black had repeated attempts at goal but all denied by excellent defence and goalkeeping by Stirling Districts. Following another saved corner attempt by Hahndorf Black, Stirling Districts took the ball from the goal kick all the way down for a cracker of a shot at goal only to be pushed just wide by the goalie. Then a quick turnaround by Hahndorf returning to their goal for another corner kick. With only minutes to go, the ball emerged from the centre scrum and Anna booted the ball square into the net to give Hahndorf to a 2-1 win after a well fought match on both sides.

Round 15 – 11th August – Hahndorf Black 4 v 2 Mannum

Saturday’s clash between Hahndorf Black and Mannum under 13 girls teams began as the weather cleared and the sun shone down on a drying pitch. Hahndorf’s coach, Richard Epstein, had plenty of options on his bench and was able to spend the match trying different combinations. Hahndorf began the game strongly with many attacking opportunities placing the Mannum defence on the back foot. Consistent aggression from Charlotte Daly, Sienna Epstein and Cyra Filipowicz meant that the Hahndorf midfield was able to control the play and provide their attackers constant possession with their ground passing. Eventually Hahndorf found the back of the net after a centring pass from Haidyn Ingram was finished off by Monique Bessen. Keeper Mia Saunders pulled in a good save before Mannum soon struck back with a long shot on goal and the first half was deadlocked at 1-1.

The second half began under dark clouds with the heavy skies threatening to open up. The half was only several minutes old before large hail fell on both teams requiring a short break for the players to recover. When play resumed Ingram again found space to score for Hahndorf before a defensive effort from the Hahndorf defence resulted in another Mannum goal. With time running out, Hahndorf again found space on the pitch and the speed and accuracy of their passes allowed Ingram two more scoring opportunities. A well fought out game by both sides played in trying conditions saw Hahndorf the victors 4-2.

Round 14 – 4th August – Hahndorf Black 2 v 1 Stirling Districts

Round 13 – 28th July – Hahndorf Black 4 v 2 Strathalbyn

Round 12 – 21st July – Hahndorf Black 7 v 2 Torrens Valley

Today’s game was a fight to the end. First goal went to Monique Bessen after enormous build up after the 10 min mark.
Good running by Monique with a sharp pass to Lana Grant who shot but was blocked by Torrens Valley. Haidyn was up next,, chips for goalie for the teams 2nd.
Hahndorf Black U13G’s lost the ball in fierce fair tackle then led to goal.
Such an even match but Hahndorf was getting their defence and game on top. Several offside calls kept the opposition in the Match.
Great through ball from Haidyn by Monique into clear space and raced into the open, the ball into the net.
Lana played through ball to Monique who played it neatly into gaol.
Again running through play shot strongly at the goalie but couldn’t be stopped.
Great efforts from Ruby Tully in front of goal, back heeled by Haidyn, great passing in front of goal.
Anna Lennon in goal stopped many from getting through from Torrens Valley.
A well taken corner by Lana let to passing across goal and a score by Erin Miller.
Another pass to Monique led to crumbs falling to Erin who made sure the ball crossed the line.
Beautiful goal placement at the end followed by Lana from a very tight angle.
Final Score on a cold day in Hahndorf was 7-2 .

Round 11 – 7th July – Hahndorf Black 2 v 4 Hahndorf White

The two Hahndorf U13 girl’s teams faced each other for the third time this season at the Pine Ave Hahndorf grounds. Hahndorf Black were keen to put pressure on their opposition and came out strongly with forward play that was defended well by Hahndorf White. Keira Bowden scored first for Hahndorf White followed soon after by a goal to Haidyn Ingram for Black to even the score at 1-1.

Julia Dama from Hahndorf White did well with a scoring shot from far out that knocked up over the keeper’s head and rolled into goal. Black’s midfielders Lana Grant and Rebecca Abrahams deserve special mention for their strong attacking play. Haidyn Ingram scored a second goal for Hahndorf Black, but two goals before half time allowed Hahndorf White to take the lead 3-2 at the break.

In the second half both teams fought well with particularly good defence from Black’s Sienna Epstein and Cyra Filpowicz, and White’s Charlotte Lyall defended well against her opponent Monique Bessen with many strong tussles by both girls.

A final goal to Hahndorf White sealed their victory but a close and strongly contested game was enjoyed by both sides. Thanks in particular to our tireless, encouraging and positive coach Richard Epstein from Hahndorf Black who always leads the girls so well.

Round 10 – 30th June – Hahndorf Black 4 v 0 Stirling Districts

Todays game started evenly. Haidyn Ingram made a great steal from Stirling moved the ball forward resulting in an unsuccessful shot for a Stirling goal. Stirling displayed some great defence preventing may goal opportunities for Hahndorf in the first half. The midfield was very much a defensive shoot out preventing either side to score.
The second half started with Cyra Filipowicz clearing the ball out of Stirling’s attack that resulted in a cleared corner. Lana Grant’s quick response in front of goal protected the ball from Stirling resulting in an amazing pass to Monique then Hahndorf’s opportunity to score.
Mia Sanders was able to stop every goal attempt by Stirling with both teams fighting hard. A brilliant run forward allowed a successful shot for goal from a long way out by Haidyn, straight over goalies head into to score!
Girls on both sides fought hard and covered the field well. The game finished with a win for Hahndorf Black 4-0.

Round 9 – 23rd June – Hahndorf Black 4 v 2 Torrens Valley
Beautiful sunshine and perfect pitch conditions greeted Hahndorf Black and Birdwood for Saturday’s under 13 Girls match. At first space was hard to find in the middle of the pitch as both teams worked very hard defensively. But it was Birdwood with the first goal after a fast break caught Hahndorf’s midfield watching. It was left to Lana Grant to score the equalizer for Hahndorf after an excellent centring pass. She was soon joined on the scorers list by Haidyn Ingram with her 3 goals for the first half giving Hahndorf 4 goals in total. Hahndorf’s defensive combination of Sienna Epstein, Charlotte Daly and Rebecca Abrahams built a strong wall and were able to repeal many of Birdwood’s attempts to break through. In the midfield Ruby Tully and Anna Burford continually found the ball and were diligent in using their passing to put a teammate into space.

The second half saw changes for the Hahndorf team with coach Richard Epstein swinging Cyra Filipowicz and Anna Lennon into defence to use their strong passing game and continue to pressure the Birdwood attack. Lana Grant and Harper Roberts were outstanding in the midfield with many strong runs through Birdwood’s defence. Haidyn Ingram and Penelope Rainbow continually found space and time in the forward half with their speed and were unlucky not to score on several occasions. It was up to Birdwood to find the back of the net after an excellent saving dive by keeper Mia Saunders denied Birdwood an earlier attempt. The final close score of 4 to 2 in favour of Hahndorf Black typified the skill and run of both teams.

Round 8 – 16th June – Hahndorf Black 3 v 3 Mannum
Both teams played under difficult windy and wet conditions today in Mannum with commitment and skill. Scorers for Handorf Black were Monique Bessen 2 goals and Haidyn Ingram 1 goal.

Communication on the ground was the result of Lana Grant, Anna Lennon and Erin Miller helping to set up goal opportunities for the girls.

Running hard through the midfield and defence today with speed and controlled footwork Harper Roberts, Cyra Filipowicz Ruby Tully and Anna Burford moved the ball forward in constant flow.

The speed of Sienna Epstein and Penny Rainbow kept the Mannum team on their toes. Supporting play in all areas of the ground Charlotte Daly and Rebecca Abrhams presented themselves with strength and agility against a powerful Mannum team, while Mia Sanders in goal made her return after injury.

Well done to all girls with the game resulting in a 3 goal draw.

Round 7 – 2nd June – Hahndorf Black 5 v 1 Strathalbyn
Hahndorf and Strathalbyn met under bright sunshine at Littlehampton and played out a hard-fought game which saw plenty of effort and skill on both sides.

The first half was tightly contested and saw Hahndorf with the slight edge, going to a 2-1 lead.

The Hahndorf girls have worked hard in the past year and improved their skills across the team. New players have settled in quickly under the guidance of coach Richard Epstein.

Strathalbyn defended well in the second half and had their shots blocked by Hahndorf goalie Harper Roberts. The home team got on top late in the game with more goals from fast forwards Haidyn Ingram and Monique Bessen, who worked well together.

Hahndorf’s passing and defensive play was very strong and with improved aim in front of goals this season the girls have emerged as strong contenders in the top half of the league at this point in the season.

Round 6 – 26th May – Hahndorf Black 1 v 1 Hahndorf White

Cup Round – 19th May – Hahndorf Black 3 v 1 Mannum

Round 5 – 12th May – Hahndorf Black 1 v 1 Mannum
The sun shone for the home game at Pine Ave for Hahndorf Black against Mannum. There was an early charge by Haidyn Ingram that resulted in Harper Roberts scoring with quick reflexes on a deflection by the Mannum goalie. Not long after Mannum were able to equalize with a slow rolling ball that resulted in a goal. Mia Sanders was solid in her role as Hahndorf Black goalie and came out from the goals to stop quite a number of Mannum forward moves.

Hahndorf Black’s defense was particularly strong with great moves by Anna Lennon, Charlotte Daly, Rebecca Abrahams and Sienna Epstein to send the ball back to the midfield. Pene Rainbow showed her guts and determination yet again wining the ball in the middle. Further forward attacking play by Erin Miller, Monique Bessen, Lana Grant and Haidyn Ingram allowed for many attempts on goal however the Mannum defense was strong and united and were able to stop any more goals by Hahndorf. The middle of the second half was particularly tense as Hahndorf had lots of close attempts at scoring again. Monique had a handful of shots that were stopped well by the Mannum goalie, and soon after Haidyn broke through the defense to just miss putting the ball away for a goal.

The final result was a draw with both teams putting in a great effort. Thanks to the fantastic effort of Richard Epstein for coaching the girls with skill and positivity.

Round 4 – 5th May – Hahndorf Black 2 v 1 Torrens Valley
The game started with strong defence with two early goal saves by goalkeeper Mia Sanders, followed by good ball skills and control from Sienna Epstein stopping further forward movement from the opposition on numerous occasions. Shortly thereafter Haidyn Ingram scored the first game of the match after strong forward movement following a throw in. Erin Miller showed some very skilful foot movements to keep the ball forward. #9 from TVSC scored soon after to level the score one all.

Monique Bessen moved the ball forward again with a combination of great vision and ball skills from 10, 16 and 13 but good defence from the opposition thwarted a further goal. Good defence from Harper Roberts stopped TVSC moving the ball forward again and led to a strong run from Monique nearly achieving another goal. Another display of great defence, this time from Rebecca Abrahams, stopped a forward penetration by TVSC close to the half time whistle.

Early in the second half great defence from 15 saw the ball move forward and an attempt at goal by Erin. Strong pressure from 10 down the line stopped a near forward move by TVSC. Harper showed more great footwork that led to another shot for goal. Shortly after well-coordinated teamwork saw the ball move forward once again with a strong kick from Haidyn resulting in Hahndorf’s second goal. TVSC responded immediately after and some good defence from Sienna stopped forward movement and another goal. Erin followed up with two more goal attempts.

Strong body and footwork again from Sienna defended another forward move by TVSC. The ball returned to Hahndorf’s attack and a series of quick corners saw a number of unsuccessful shots for goal. Great defence from Mia stopped a near certain goal halfway through the second half and Cyra Filipowicz followed up with a great kick to clear the ball forward. Monique almost single handily went on to attempt to score Hahndorf’s third goal through some brilliant forward ball movement but was stopped by a wall of TVSC defenders.

A final late forward move by TVSC was held back by some great team defence by Hahndorf.

Final score: Hahndorf 2; TVSC 1.

Round 3 – 28th April – Hahndorf Black 4 v 4 Strathalbyn
Perfect conditions greeted players for Saturday’s match between Strathalbyn and Hahndorf Black under 13 girls. As the first half was underway Hahndorf coach Richard Epstein encouraged his players to use their passing skills to find teammates in space. Defensive pressure was clearly evident as Charlotte Daly, Sienna Epstein, Cyra Filipowicz and Rebecca Abrahams worked well to prevent Strathalbyn scoring easily. Lana Grant and Erin Miller were outstanding in the midfield, ably supported by Anna Lennon as they looked to find Monique Bessen and Hayden Ingram in space to score. It was Strathalbyn who opened up the Hahndorf defence to score first with an excellent drive down the middle of the pitch. Coach Epstein used his bench to bring Penelope Rainbow and Harper Roberts into the game, which had immediate results as Rainbow found Bessen with a pass to score a quick reply. Bessen again found the back of the net after some outstanding team defence which resulted in Hahndorf finishing the first half 2 goals to 1.

The second half saw some changes to the Hahndorf line up as Anna Burford entered the midfield to support the Hahndorf transition from defence. But it was Strathalbyn which started the second half full of running scoring two quick goals and exploiting the middle of the pitch. Hahndorf regrouped and focused on defensive efforts in a bid to regain control of the game. Bessen again scored and was joined by Ingram after Hahndorf controlled possession of the game with relentless pressure. Hahndorf goal keeper Mia Sanders made many excellent saves to deny Strathalbyn the equalising goal but eventually it was a score from a corner which resulted in a 4 all draw. Both teams played an entertaining and skilful game, much to the enjoyment of all supporters.

Round 1 – 7th April – Hahndorf Black 0 v 7 Hahndorf White
Under 13 girls Hahndorf Black and White teams met in 32C heat and, with three reserves on White’s bench to zero on Black’s, White ran out the winner 7-0.

White started strongly with more running and directness, scoring three early goals.

With some handy foot work by Black right forward Lana Grant, and a strong showing from Black’s first-time goalie Cyra Filipowicz, Hahndorf Black showed glimpses of promise.

But White cycled reserves through the game and sustained a much stronger half, going into the break 4-0.

In the second half, promising runs from Lana Grant and Haidyn Ingram for Black threatened a break-through goal but it never arrived thanks to strong defending by White.

Hahndorf Black’s second half goalie Harper Roberts – playing in that position for the first time – showed great reflexes and positioning in stopping two late goal-attempts from White forwards, which would have made the scoreline even more one-sided.

With a long season in front of both teams, and similar heat levels unlikley, Hahndorf Black will improve and surely be much stronger in the next Hahndorf derby.

Hahndorf White played very well and showed fitness and skill in a strong opening match.