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**** Match Reports 2023 ****

Under 17 | Saturday 24 June 2023
Summit hosted our Hahndorf under 17 team against Woodside Red due to unsuitability of our home pitch. Extreme wind conditions, once again in the back pitch and made it quite difficult for both teams. Hahndorf kicked off for the first half to start at exactly 10:54, immediately applying pressure and dominating the centre. Good passing game from our midfielders Oscar Johnson and Zara Tinsley-Smith but unfortunately, just six minutes at the game and a long pass from a Woodside defender, with the help of the wind, found their striker alone with our keeper and he opened the score 0-1 with a close shot. With the momentum at their side Woodside started to apply pressure at our half but solid defense from Rhys Davies and George Papakostas along with Oliver Combe, managed to turn that momentum at our teams benefit and give many opportunities to a very active Toby Thomas, which, a combination of wind and bad luck, didn’t help him to convert. Unfortunately the wind punished us once again on the 31st minute, as a result of a successful fast break from Woodside, saw Hahndorf down 0-2. That would be all for the team as double whistle marked the end of the first half.
Woodside kicked off for the second half and immediately tried to apply pressure to Hahndorf’s fast break led by Davies and Papakostas. Crucial saves from Thomas Boekel kept Hahndorf in the game. And then a monologue started from our team while Woodside was struggling in their half. Mitch Stribley and Stefan Panic at first led a crucial attack with the support of Lewis Johnson, Nicholas Brown and Oscar Johnson giving a very hard time to the defenders of Woodside. The payback for all that effort came shortly, just 16min in the second half, with Stephan Panic stealing the ball in their box and converting the opportunity in 1-2 with a nice shot. And that monologue continued till the end of the game, with numerous opportunities from Thomas and Davies. Three whistles marked the end of the game, with Woodside players relieved and Hahndorf with a bitter-sweet taste. Although it was faraway our best game played so far, the result didn’t reward the players and definitely it doesn’t reflect the team’s performances, with all respect to Woodside Red player’s effort.
Congratulations to all team players and the manager for the game we witnessed today.
Keep up the good work!!!


Under 17 | Saturday 17 June 2023
The Hahndorf under 17 team put a very hard effort against Stirling Districts F.C., as extremely strong wind conditions made it hard for both teams to play at the Summit. The game kicked off at 9:00am, with the wind against Hahndorf’s goalpost. Some early pressure from Nicholas Brown and Oscar Johnson kept Hahndorf in possession of the centre. For the first 24 minutes both teams were even, with equal numbers of opportunities, however, after an unfortunate goal from the penalty area Stirling had the lead by 1-0. Even with the wind against him, Thomas Boekel was able to pull off some amazing saves keeping Hahndorf in the game. But two quick goals from Stirling saw Hahndorf down 3-0. All hope was not lost, as a free kick from halfway by George Papakostas fed Stefan Panic in the right wing, who was able to assist Toby Thomas for a goal, bringing Hahndorf back up to 3-1.
With Hahndorf kicking off the second half, a solid defence along with lots of sprinting from Rhys Davies and Gabe Aylen kept the team in the game. Mitch Stribley was able to give the team some chances on the wing, however, the team couldn’t adapt to the windy conditions. This affected the team’s corner kicks, taken by both Papakostas and Thomas. Lots of opportunities from both teams kept both keepers busy, but after one last save from Boekel, the game ended with a 3-1 defeat to Hahndorf. Although the team lost, they showed a lot of improvement.


Under 17 | Saturday 3 June 2023
Hahndorf’s under 17 team faced Strathalbyn at Rob Kilpatrick Park on Saturday afternoon. Strathalbyn were a few players short of fielding a full team but Hahndorf generously provided some younger players to supplement their numbers. The game got off to a late start but was played in perfect sunny conditions. Strathalbyn took the lead with the first goal scored about ten minutes into the game but Hahndorf drew level with Mitchell Stribley kicking a fantastic goal a few minutes later. Oscar Johnson came very close to scoring with successive shots on goal and then Strathalbyn took the lead with an impressive strike on goal. Subsequently, Toby Thomas just missed out on scoring a goal for Hahndorf, as did Zara Tinsley-Smith with a great effort from a free kick. Strathalbyn scored a nice goal just before half time with some accurate passing breaching the Hahndorf defence.
Strathalbyn scored a fourth goal a couple of minutes into the second half. Soon after, Stefan Panic and Stribley combined to almost score a goal for Hahndorf, as did Johnson and Rhys Davies. The game was briefly interrupted for a drinks’ break which was very unexpected for the first week of Winter. Following this Davies and Thomas each attempted to score goals and then Strathalbyn scored their fifth and final goal with about ten minutes left in the game. So the final score was 5-1 in Strathalbyn’s favour but Hahndorf showed some real signs of progress and improvement. The score would have been very different without some sterling work from Hahndorf’s defence, in particular goal keeper Thomas Boekel who saved many goals. Hahndorf will certainly be helped with the return of George Papakostas (midfielder and chief corner taker) in the next game.


Under 17 | Saturday 27 May 2023
The Hahndorf under 17 team put in a valiant effort to lose 6-0 to the Woodside Blue team at the Summit sports ground in Mount Barker.
Starting with only 10 players, Hahndorf took up the attack and Toby Thomas had an early attempt on goal which was saved by Woodside. Despite some excellent goal keeping from Tom Boekel, Woodside managed to score 2 goals in the first half. Rhys Davies and Oliver Combe both did an excellent job in defence. They were all over the field, with Davies repeatedly chasing down attacks from Woodside’s players. Oscar Johnson and Mitchell Stribley provided solid support in the midfield, intercepting and putting pressure on the opposition. From 20 minutes in, Hahndorf now with their full complement of 11 players were strong in defence and managed a number of unsuccessful attacks on goal, including by Toby Thomas, Lewis Johnson and Nicholas Brown.
The second half started with 3 quick goals from Woodside as they repeatedly broke through Hahndorf’s defence. Hahndorf responded with multiple unsuccessful attacks led by Thomas, Zara Tinsley-Smith, Charlie Zorkovic and Stefan Panic. A final goal to Woodside late in the second half brought the score to 6-0. The skilful save of a penalty by Boekel prevented a further goal in the dying minutes of the game.
Hahndorf played well but were outplayed on the day. Congratulations to Woodside Blue on their win. 

Under 17 | Saturday 20 May 2023
Heavy morning rain cleared into unexpected sunshine at Mt Barker for the game against Blackwood. Hahndorf started strongly with several shots at goal within the first 10 minutes. While Blackwood was able to push the ball forward several times, good defence and a couple of great goal keeper saves from Hahndorf kept them in check. This all culminated with a goal from Hahndorf’s Oscar Johnson at the 15 minute mark. From then on the teams were more evenly matched with both teams having shots at goal before an unlucky tackle near the Hahndorf goal saw Blackwood given a penalty goal kick at the 34 minute mark which they went on to convert. The scores now level, Hahndorf came back strongly from this setback to have several chances at goal with corner kicks and shots on goal.
Blackwood started the second half strongly, with a goal kick hitting the goal post at the 3 minute mark. From then on, good defence from Hahndorf saw both sides more evenly matched until about 8 mins into the half when an unlucky tackle saw Hahndorf now down to 10 players. Blackwood took advantage of the situation, attacking the Hahndorf goal several times. Resolute defence from Tom Boekel, the Hahndorf goalkeeper, who saved one shot at goal, was not enough, and Blackwood scored at the 12 minute mark. Now down 1-2, Hahndorf put in a valiant effort with strong defence blunting Blackwood’s attacks. While Hahndorf was able to push the ball forward several times they were unable to convert these into goals, and the game ended with Hahndorf losing to Blackwood 2-1.


Under 17 | Saturday 13 May 2023
The Hahndorf u17 travelled to Woodside this week on a chilly but fine morning for a 9am game. In only their second game together as a team, they put on a fantastic effort to go down 4-2 in what could have been a lot closer with a bit of luck. Hahndorf started strongly getting plenty of the ball early with Toby Thomas and George Papakostas getting busy straight away. Woodside Red’s attacking was fierce resulting in goalkeeper Tom Boekel getting no rest with some good saves. Woodside scored first to get on the scoreboard, Hahndorf were getting the ball forward a lot through Oscar Johnson and Mitch Stribley resulting in a close header from Stefan Panic. When Woodside was able to push the ball forward, Hahndorf’s defence of Zara Tinsley-Smith and Rhys Davies were quick to diffuse it and get the ball forward again. It took an excellent long range goal from Woodside which Boekel got a hand to but just failed to get over the bar to go 2-0 up. Tinsley-Smith also did a great save herself on the goal line, saving a certain goal. Gabe Aylen playing his first game in 2 years started strongly on the wing. Nicholas Brown was getting the ball forward a lot resulting in a Thomas shot just missing. Hahndorf were passing and using the ball well as a team but couldn’t get on the scoreboard. Woodside went 3-0 up after another long range goal. Charlie Zorkovic, Lewis Johnson and Oliver Combe were getting touches of the ball and soon a great cross from Papakostas to a Panic header scored Hahndorf’s first goal! 3-1. Brown and Papakostas were busy around the centre/forward still keeping the Woodside defence on their toes! Another goal to Woodside saw them go 4-1 up at halftime. The scoreboard did not reflect the evenness of the game!
Hahndorf started strongly again in the second half with close misses from Panic and Thomas. A perfectly delivered corner kick to a signalling Thomas resulted in a great headed goal. 4-2. Some nice play from Zorkovic, Panic and Aylen saw Brown come oh so close to Hahndorf’s third goal but it was not to be! Boekel’s goalkeeping wasn’t letting Woodside score in the second half. The team continued to play awesomely with everyone getting in on the action. Woodside’s goalie was also playing well and continued pressure from Hahndorf couldn’t get past him. The game finished at 4-2. A great second game from Hahndorf played in great spirit and effort. Thank you also to Woodside Red for a great match!





**** Match Reports 2021 ****

Round 15 – 28th August – Hahndorf 5 v 1 Murray Bridge

The Hahndorf U17s travelled to Murray Bridge on the last Saturday of Winter. Whilst it was clear skies, it was still a chilly start to the day especially with the early starting time of 9am, so the Hahndorf supporters were wondering if their team was going to be awake and ready to go.

The last time the teams met, Murray Bridge played exceptionally well and came away with an impressive 4-2 victory, so Hahndorf needed to be play well. The boys had had their weeties and found their rhythm from the opening whistle and in the fifth minute, Cold Play Gibbs was brought down just outside the box and coolly netted the opening goal from the free kick awarded to him and within the space of another few minutes, Gibbs again scored followed by a third added mid-way through the half, giving Hahndorf the upper hand.

Led by Tyler Weyland, who has been playing a lot more in the midfield of late and revelling in this role, Hahndorf dominated the first half of the game. They showed the form that has made them such a successful team over the last couple of seasons, passes were finding their marks, the communication was good, defence was solid and they looked like they were enjoying what they were doing which ultimately is the most important thing. All the boys were playing their roles, with Elwin Aylen and Damon Martin finding their groove after coming up from the U15s.

With a 3 goal deficit to make up after the break, Murray Bridge had some work to do. Unsurprisingly, they were up for the challenge and really started to ramp up the pressure. Fortunately for Hahndorf, the defensive line was also on song with the Rock Raynor providing solid resistance to numerous attacks and Dan McArthur, as always, quick in turning defence into attack

The last line of defence is of course the keeper, Turbo Boekel put his hand up to play this role and is doing an exceptional job. Whilst it may not be his favoured position, he has grown into the role quite remarkably. He is very good at watching the ball into his hands, has an excellent kick, communicates loudly and clearly and comes up with some amazing saves. The goal keeping has been a problem for Hahndorf this season, but the last few games have been different, and Turbo can take credit for that.

Whilst a more evenly matched second half, Hahndorf again was given the advantage through a penalty, again to Gibbs, who slotted it home to give him 4 for the day – a nice return at any level. Murray Bridge to their credit, kept going and were finally rewarded in the 60th minute to peg one back. This certainly had a positive impact on them and Hahndorf, as previously mentioned, had to work hard to thwart the home team.

In the last minutes of the game, Kyle Fenlon, who has been hampered with hamstring problems of late, was able to score Hahndorf’s fifth which saw the game finish 5-1. Murray Bridge and Hahndorf have provided a number of tough encounters this year and have been played in good spirit.

Best on ground for Hahndorf was Tyler Weyland followed closely by Josh Rayner and Toby Boekel in a solid team performance.

Round 18 – 21st August – Hahndorf 1 v 1 Stirling United

As the sun shone down, illuminating the golden wattle surrounding the Hahndorf soccer field, the Magpies met Stirling in vibrant display of skill and athleticism.
The game began swiftly with both teams hungry for a positive result.  Early tries by Kyle Fenlon failed to convert, with the ball going wide and over the top of the net.  A foul by a Stirling player led to a free kick for Kane Gibbs, followed closely by a convincing run by Xavier Kell, who made another attempt on goal.  Stirling came back hard, and landed the ball in the back of the net, despite a valiant attempt to save it by volunteer ‘keeper, Toby Boekel.  Another free kick was awarded to Gibbs, resulting in the ball once again gliding over the top of the cross bar.  Some long kicks up the field by David Nielsen were made good use of, however the Stirling defense was strong and agile and kept the ball returning back down the field.  On the left wing, Elwin Aylen worked hard and courageously, as did Tyler Weyland in the midfield.  Both teams made more attempts on the goals, but neither had success and when the whistle was blown at half time, Stirling was in the lead.
The second half began with free kicks for Stirling and Hahndorf.  Charlie Hodgeson set up a beautiful play that was followed up by Fenlon, however the Stirling ‘keeper was alert and ready to defend his patch of turf.  This half saw plenty of action at either end of the field, although as fatigue settled in, both teams struggled to keep up their practiced moves, leading to some scrappy play.  The strength of the players was evident, with several kicks from both sides sending the ball over the top of the net.  Hahndorf ‘keeper, Boekel, made a brilliant save when Stirling’s number 6 took a run and shot, as both teams continued to pepper the goals in the hope of evening out or increasing the score.  As frustration mounted during the final minutes, Kell made a spectacular run around the Stirling ‘keeper, putting the ball solidly into the left hand corner and leading to a final score of 1-1.

Round 12 – 20th August – Hahndorf 2 v 1 Strathalbyn

Hahndorf U17 played against Strathalbyn on Friday night.  Hahndorf came out strong from the get go, with Xavier Kell taking a shot at goals in the first 30 seconds.  The game settled, and it was evenly matched, although Hahndorf had more shots and opportunities at goal.  At the 30 minute mark, a cross from Matt Daly to Kell in front of Strathalbyn’s goal, enabled Kell to punch the ball into the back of the net for the first goal of the match.  This fired up Strathalbyn, who quickly responded with their own goal only minutes later.  At the half time whistle the score was 1-1.
Hahndorf once again came out fighting for the second half, and applied a lot of pressure on the Strathalbyn defence.  It was just a matter of time before Hahndorf were able to get a running break that saw Kell once again sink the ball into the net for Hahndorf’s 2nd goal.  Although Strathalbyn played hard till the end, they weren’t able to increase their score. Hahndorf won convincingly with a score of 2-1.

Round 17 – 14th August – Hahndorf 3 v 3 Strathalbyn

Hahndorf under 17’s hosted the Strathalbyn Strikers on a warm Saturday morning. Strathalbyn won the toss and elected to head up hill for the first half, leaving Hahndorf to kick off the game. The game was quite evenly poised with both teams holding an even possession and taking numerous shots at goal, with Hahndorf’s Toby Boekel working wonders between the sticks making some magnificent saves. Hahndorf’s continuous forward momentum and pressure in the midfield, consisting of Romaldi, Gibbs, McArthur, and J.Martin eventually paid off when a lovely ball was played through Strathalbyn’s defense, allowing Xavier Kell put the ball in the back of the net. Strathalbyn answered back late in the half with two quick goals, and ending off the half with a 2-1 lead over Hahndorf.

The second half got underway with Strathalbyn kicking off, with both teams continued to hold even possession of the ball, with contributions from D.Martin, Panich, and Hahndorf’s midfield, they were trying everything they could playing the ball up both sides of the pitch, where finally Hahndorf’s Kyle Fenlon was able to slot the ball past Strath’s keeper to level the scores. However, it wasn’t long until Strathalbyn was able to make a breakthrough, answering back with a goal in the matter of a couple of minutes. The game continued to play out until Hahndorf’s Xavier Kell was awarded a penalty after an incursion by Strathalbyn’s defense, and Kell was able to put it away. Once levelling the scores once again at 3 a piece late in the game. Hahndorf’s Nielsen in goal and the defensive line of Hardingham, Boekel, and Aylen, was held together well by Josh Rayner, denying any more opportunities on goal for Strathalbyn leaving the match to end in a draw.

Round 16 – 7th August – Hahndorf 4 v 5 Woodside

The 2021 season has been challenging for all involved in Hills Soccer, so it was good to get back on the park after a Covid enforced hiatus. The Hahndorf team is very appreciative of Coach James Kerr showing his commitment to the team at the time of a family bereavement.

Hahndorf v Woodside had produced two very exciting close games in the season to date with the ledger square at one a piece. Hahndorf, after a loss to Murray Bridge, were needing a win to keep their title hopes alive for the year, so tension was high amongst the players and their supporters.

Unsurprisingly with a lot at stake, the game started as a physical affair with both teams keen to test each other out. Whilst Woodside were able to score a goal within the first ten minutes, neither team had any great ascendancy with the play ebbing and flowing from end of the ground to the other, mid-way through the half, Kyle Fenlon was able to slot home an equaliser from a good team build up.

A 35th minute penalty to Hahndorf saw Xavier Kell give Hahndorf the lead and what would have thought to be a half time lead, only to see Woodside also be given a penalty in the 40th minute, which despite goalie, Eddie Hardingham, getting a hand to it, it wasn’t enough to stop the goal and a 2-2 halftime score line.

The second half mirrored the first half with both teams sharing an equal amount of possession. A free kick to Hahndorf just outside of the box, saw Kane Gibbs slot the ball into the top corner of the net from what was a sublime strike to see Hahndorf go ahead once more.

Despite some outstanding defensive efforts from Josh Rayner, David Nielsen, Tyler Weyland and Oliver Thorpe (in his first game back since breaking his arm in the opening round) mid-way through the half, Woodside was able to grab two goals in quick succession, with due credit to the heading skills of the Woodside team.

With an ominous looking score line, Hahndorf were going to need something special to stay in the game, and so it was that within minutes of Woodside taking the lead, Gibbs, perhaps with Jurasalem bells ringing in his head, slotted home his second goal from long range. A better goal at any level of soccer would be hard to find, quite brilliant.

Coach Kerr had the luxury of four substitute players for the game and the injection of Stefan Panich, Alexander Romaldi, Damon Martin and Elwin Aylen at different times in the game mixed things up nicely creating a number of chances and the commitment of these younger players was outstanding taking on boys older and considerably bigger.

The ever-reliable Toby Boekel and Jye Martin tested the Woodside fringes creating some terrific go forward and were equally desperate in defence along with Dan McArthur, who as always played a solid mid-field role before donning the goalie top for the second half.

As the clock ticked over into the last 7 minutes of the game, the score line was even, Hahndorf looked to be absorbing the attacking forays but unfortunately another superb header effort saw Woodside go ahead and unfortunately Hahndorf was not able to find an equaliser.

Whilst bitterly disappointed, the Hahndorf boys should be proud of their effort. The ground was heavy and wet making it all the more difficult, but the skill and determination shown was fantastic. With six more games for the year to come, the team has the opportunity to show what they are made of and enjoy the rest of the season.

Best on ground for Hahndorf was Turbo Boekel with Eddie Hardingham & Xavier Kell putting in excellent performances.


Round 11 – 13th August – Hahndorf 0 v 2 

Hahndorf under 17 played against Woodside on a chilly Friday night.  Woodside came out strong from the first whistle, and Hahndorf defenders Edward Hardingham, Daniel McArthur and Josh Raynor really had their work cut out, as Woodside kept up the pressure and continued to push forward.

Kyle Fenlon was goalie for Hanhdorf, and was kept busy keeping the ball out of the back of the net.  Not perturbed, Hahndorf settled, and began their own attack.  Some nice ball work between Xavier Kell and Matthew Daly saw a perfectly placed ball at the feet of Kane Gibbs, who took a shot at goals, but narrowly missed scoring.

It was a back and forth affair, with both teams seemingly evenly matched, however at the 30 minute mark the Woodside front line broke though Hahndorf’s defence to finally score the first goal of the match.  The game resumed, and a tightly fought struggle in the Hahndorf goal square saw Woodside put the ball in the back of the net for their second goal, just before the half time whistle.

Like the first half, both teams came out strongly after half time, but it was Woodside that had the greater opportunities at goal, and Fenlon took some amazing saves to avoid Woodside adding to their score. In the final ten minutes of the game Hahndorf really gave it their all, with their mid field feeding the ball to Gibbs who took some desperate shots at the goal without success.

Both teams played well, but it was a well deserved win to Woodside.

Round 10 – 19th June – Hahndorf 2 v 4 Murray Bridge

Round 9 – 5th June – Hahndorf 4 v 1 Rangers

The new Mt Barker sports summit played host to Rangers and Hahndorf for both teams first game of winter 2021. The Mt Barker council and everyone involved in developing this new community sports hub must be congratulated for creating a fantastic venue. The artificial pitch certainly brings a new dynamic to the game and sets the scene for some great contests now and into the future.

Along with a new venue, Hahndorf also welcomed the inclusion of a number of players to their squad. With the Hahndorf U15 boys unable to continue, the team disbanded. The upside being for the U17s, having struggled with numbers themselves, the inclusion of Tom Boekel, Konrad Michael, Stefan Panich, Alexander Romaldi and Damon Martin to the team sheet, a timely addition as the competition goes into the second half of the season.

With a full complement of players and a winning streak of 8 games, Hahndorf was full of confidence going into the game, and an early 5-minute goal to Eddie ‘the eagle’ Hardingham suggested it would again be a game dominated by Hahndorf.

With no substitutes to rely on, Rangers hadn’t read the same script. It has been a pleasure to see this team develop into a very competitive outfit, and high praise to them for their effort and skill. Whilst the first half saw Hahndorf create a number of opportunities, it was Rangers who appeared the most likely to get on the board, and they were rewarded with a 20 minute goal that came off a terrific team build up. There was no further scoring to either team, with Hahndorf fortunate to have had Xavier Kell doing a great job in goals to avoid being down at the break.

With Hahndorf looking a bit out of sorts, Coach Kerr had to re-evaluate the team second half make up. Ragnar Nielsen was moved into goals and with Romaldi, Panich and Tom Boekel doing great jobs on the flanks the move of Kell back into his more familiar mid-field role was hopefully going to be the antidote in breaking down the Rangers defensive line. It looked like the new set up was going to deliver with some terrific lead up work only to be thwarted by stoic Rangers defence and to be fair, some pretty poor finishing by Hahndorf.

Rangers too had their opportunities, the reliable Hahndorf defensive line was being challenged, and they too were somewhat fortunate not to concede had Rangers been more accurate on goal. Hahndorf appeared to have some ascendency in the game, but the clock was ticking and there was no reward for either team being produced. It was feeling like this was a game that was either going to end in a draw or an unlikely win for Rangers. This feeling grew when Josh Raynor took a nasty blow from a mistimed eagle header which made a number of spectators’ wince, and with the game entering its final phases it didn’t look or feel good for Hahndorf.

Hahndorf however, whilst not at their best, have a number of times this year been able to find a way to win. With 7 minutes left on the clock, the gifted Kane Gibbs played through a beautiful ball from the left side of the field to the ever present Kyle Fenlon, who was able to put away the opportunity and put Hahndorf up 2-1. The Gibbs Fenlon show hadn’t finished yet though, and perhaps with sabbatical thoughts in mind, both players were able to net another goal each to put Hahndorf up 4-1 in the space of a few minutes and out of touch of the brave Rangers outfit.

Hahndorf would be relieved to have the win on the board. It is a tight battle for Kerr’s team this year and they are being challenged by all comers which is great for the competition. Well done again to Rangers, a tough loss for them after playing so well.

Round 8 – 29th May – Hahndorf 5 v 2 Stirling United

An away game for Hahndorf vs Stirling at Mansan oval with the sun out and a slight breeze, perfect playing weather.
The Hahndorf team tired from camp still were egar as ever to play some fantastic football. The whistle blew and both teams determined to put the ball in the back of the net. With Tyler Weyland in goals for the first half meant that the defence had to restructure with Daniel McArther doing an excellent job covering his position. Stirling had it in for Hahndorf fighting that little bit extra, making it hard for Hahndorf to work together. Xavier Kell  never failing to give his all, kept the midfield in shape and always dropped back to support McArthur and Josh Rayner in defence when Stirling moved up the field. Kane Gibbs continuously providing Kyle Fenlon with many goal scoring opportunities but Stirlings defenders kept Hahndorf at bay. The frustration kicked in for Hahndorf until Weyland sent a long ball for Fenlon to run onto opening the scoring. Hahndorf back on there feet kept a tight defence with David Nielson and Toby boekel sticking on Stirlings forwards unallowing shots to be made. Charlotte Hodgson always being an option had a striking chance narrowly being blocked by the Stirling defence before Hardingham and Fenlon desperately tried to catch the leftovers.

Second half was underway with Hodgson undertaking the keeper position and Weyland back on the out-field. Stirling quick to press Hahndorf’s defence, their efforts provided them with 2 goals grasping them a glimpse of hope as they became the game leaders. Hahndorf lifiting there heads were quickly able
to send the ball into front of goal with McArthur making use of his positioning he was able to slice one past the keeper. Hahndorf now in the lead with no turning back keeping very tight defence not allowing Hodgson to touch the ball. Gibbs sending many balls to Hardingham up front allowed another 2 into the back of the net for Hahndorf. Rayner constantly working hard in the back lines let no one through clearing the ball while leaving no space for scraps. With not much time left Stirling were not giving up but nor did Hahndorf even despite the 4-2 lead. Within the last few minutes Fenlon was able to get past Stirlings defence and tapped it into the bottom corner of the net making it a 5-2 lead before the whistle blew. It was a tough game for both sides but Hahndorf managed to have a game changing come back with heads much higher in the second half.

Round 7 – 22nd May – Hahndorf 6 v 0 Strathalbyn

Hahndorf played host to Strathalbyn on an unseasonably warm late May morning. With Boudica being rested, and still waiting on the return of the injured Ollie Thorpe, Hahndorf again needed to send an SOS to the junior ranks to field a full side with the call being answered by Damon Martin and Tom Boekel. Hahndorf was further boosted by the return of the Kane Gibbs, back after a couple of weeks on the sidelines.

Coach James Kerr has got Hahndorf’s structure set up well, from the defensive line through the mid field to the attacking line, Hahndorf is doing what all good teams do playing a co-ordinated game plan with all of the team playing their roles. An unexpected standout is how well the junior players seamlessly fit into the structure, in both this game and the Murray Bridge game from a couple of weeks earlier, the casual observer would be stunned to know the ring ins hadn’t played before, such was each of their impacts on the games.

Strathalbyn always provides Hahndorf with a tough contest, and the first 15 minutes of the game was evenly matched. But in the space of 6 minutes, some great through balls from the mid-fielders through to Fenlon, perhaps lamenting missed opportunities when these two teams last meant, who was on target to give the home team a 3 – 0 advantage mid-way through the first half.

Despite the score advantage, the remainder of the first half was evenly balanced and it would be fair to say, was becoming quite a physical contest resulting in a number of players pulling up sore, including Jye Martin who sadly had to finish his day just before the break. In the 36th minute, after some nice footwork from outside the 18-yard box, Kell struck a sublime kick that sailed over the goal keepers head into the top corner of the net giving Hahndorf a 4-0 half time lead.

With Hahndorf holding the handy lead, Coach Kerr replaced Rock Rayner in goals with Fenlon. Hahndorf hasn’t been able to find a regular keeper so each of the team is having to step up and play their role. Whilst never an easy job, it has been made somewhat easier by the strong defensive line led by the ‘toe cutter’ Weyland who is enjoying a standout season.

Whilst the half time advantage felt reasonably comfortable, Strathalbyn are one of those teams that can turn things around quickly. They have talented players and an imposing defensive line that, it would be fair to say, was able to get under the skin of some of the Hahndorf players, so a win to Hahndorf was still to be earned. An early goal to the Kane train – all aboard! – appeared to deplete the spirit of the visitors and from there Hahndorf were pretty much in control.

With the assassin in goals, Xav Kell was given more opportunity to attack and was able to add another 3 goals late in the half to give him bragging rights for the day.

The U15’s combination of Martin & Boekel both played great games, with Coach Kerr and the regular players very appreciative of their efforts, with both very close to scoring goals of their own before backing up to play the following game.

In the end, Hahndorf too good on the day with each player doing their bit and doing it well. Strathalbyn tried valiantly all day and will no doubt look to even the ledger in the future.

Round 6 – 15th May – Hahndorf 4 v 3 Woodside

It was a grey and chilly day with a cold wind blowing across the Woodside oval as The Hahndorf Magpies faced off against the Woodside Warriors in Round 6 of the Under 17 season.

At 9:02 am the Warriors kicked off to find that Xavier Kell had taken the ball straight up the wing and almost scored in the first 20 seconds. Woodside found their form and carried back with Hahndorf relying on Charlie Hodgson and Matt Daly with help from Daniel McArthur to keep reversing the flow of play.

Jye Martin drove at the Warriors goal finishing with a beautiful cross which just missed getting in. The Warriors managed to return in fine form and scored the first goal of the match with a clean head off of a corner kick. In return, Edward Hardingham and Tyler Weyland aggressively challenged and took another shot on goal, just missing. Followed by a long outside shot from Matt Daly off of Edward Hardingham’s pass which grazed the Warriors’ Keeper’s nose as it just missed the mark. The Warriors, meanwhile, did not let Hahndorf run the game. Their finely honed teamwork and aggressive offence had them scoring off of another corner kick.

At this point, with a score of 2/nil in the Warriors favour, Hahndorf had to do some soul searching and get back into the game. Following strong and sometimes “last-minute” defence by Daniel McArthur and Josh Rayner and some good saves by the Hahndorf Keeper, Toby Boekel, Hahndorf finally scored with a drive from Kyle Fenlon to Jye Martin and crossed to Matt Daly who kicked it in.

Now, with a goal on the board, Hahndorf found some spirit. David Nielsen stepped up with some great saves while Daniel McArthur was all over the field always just where the Warriors did not want him.

The moment arrived again. The Warriors found themselves in the position of having another corner kick, just suiting their skills at converting these into marks on the board. It was up and beautifully placed, but the Hahndorf team had found themselves and managed to keep this one from getting in. The Warriors, undeterred, drove it back with the Hahndorf Keeper, Toby Boekel, making a great save to keep the score at 2 to 1 at half time.

The second half started at 9.51 with darkening clouds and two teams “fired up” to take control of this game. This excitement turned into some challenging play with a yellow card to Hahndorf. This was followed by Matt Daly being fouled and given a free kick which he brought home beautifully, making the score 2 to 2, and the tension mounted.

Hahndorf feeling that this could be their chance had Daniel McArthur nearly converting a corner kick. Tyler Weyland and Josh Rayner led the defence keeping the Warriors’ strong and precise offence from scoring; while, David Nielsen seemed to come out of nowhere, at times, just managing to upset the attack.

The moment came with Xavier Kell, once again, driving up the wing, passing to Kyle Fenlon who passed to Jye Martin and it became 3 to 2 in Hahndorf’s favour. The crowds erupted with the turnover, and the players increased the intensity leading to a penalty kick againstHahndorf. With Toby Boekel focused, reaching for it and barely missing the ball, the score became 3 to 3 and everyone held their breath with just six minutes left in the game.

In the final minutes of the game Hahndorf found themselves in the position of a corner kick, just the position that the Warriors had found so successful against them. Matt Daly kicked. Kyle Fenlon found the ball just at the outside corner, and it was in. Hahndorf pulled ahead 4 to 3 with three minutes left.

The struggle continued, as neither of these proud teams would give up, but Hahndorf managed to hold their lead with a final score of 4 to 3 in Hahndorf’s favour.

Hahndorf would like to thank Coach James Kerr, Manager James Kell and Narelle Hardingham for their support, and The Woodside Warriors for a good match on the day.

Round 5 – 8th May – Hahndorf 3 v 0 Murray Bridge

Hahndorf were set to field a team of nine but in true club spirit, Ryder Hill & Emlyn Gilroy backed up from the under 13’s to provide a full complement.

With a last-minute shuffle of the line-up, Coach James Kerr would have impressed on his troops the importance of each player playing their role.

The first half started in fine conditions allowing for a free-flowing game. With depleted numbers, the Hahndorf defence were going to be disciplined and play at their best. Hahndorf generally defends as a back four with Tyler Weyland and the Rock Rayner in the middle, with the General and skipper Eddie Hardingham on the flanks. With Murray Bridge fielding some talented attacking players, the Hahndorf back four had a fight on their hands but were up for the challenge. Rayner is a constant thorn in the side of attackers, his positional play has been exceptional this year with a true courage under fire approach to his game.

Apart from a tenth minute penalty kick being rewarded to Hahndorf which Xavier Kell was able to convert, the first half was an evenly matched affair. Pleasing to the Coach would have been the players sticking to their game plan. With the defence strong, the mid-field trio of Turbo, Boudica and Kell were also playing their roles as needed both defending and providing attacking opportunities from all angles.

The half time advantage of the single goal didn’t feel like a game winning advantage, and with a heavy downpour of rain to start the second half, the game was on the line. It felt like something was going to give, but to which side’s favour it wasn’t clear cut. In the 48th minute, Kell made a telling run through the mid-field and like a red hot chilli pepper was able to get under the Bridge’s defence and slot home his second for the game.

Despite the heavy downpour, both teams deserve credit for the level of skill displayed. Whilst Jye Martin had the first half keeping duties for Hahndorf, he was replaced for the second half by Turbo Boekel who must have been somewhat nervous about which way the wet slippery ball would go, but to his credit he was solid, sending the ball back into attack with some powerful kicks.

The U13’s combination of Hill & Gilroy played on the attacking flanks and played out of their skins. Hahndorf has some beaut boys here, how the team would have gone had they not put their hands up, we can only wonder.

Whilst Hahndorf has an array of attacking options, their main go to up front is Kyle ‘the assassin’ Fenlon. With goals in each game for the season, he has killed off the chances of many an opposing team, and today’s game was no different with his 68th minute effort finding the back of the net, a result of some great end to end team play.

With a 3-0 advantage, Hahndorf were able to close out the game with no further score. Coach Kerr was a delighted man at game’s end – and credited the win as being one of the best he had been involved with. This was no small praise considering his lengthy involvement with soccer, and reflected what was a true team effort, playing for each other in a tough but well spirited game.

Round 4 – 1st May – Hahndorf 5 v 0 Rangers

For the first day of May, the beauty of the Adelaide Hills was on full display. Whilst comparisons of the Ashton Oval pitch to the fairways of Augusta National may have been slightly exaggerated, there was no doubt the colours of the surrounding hills were something to savour including various shades of pale from those in the crowd wearing shorts.

The Rangers team have had an addition of new players and benefitted from playing together in the previous season and as such are showing tremendous team improvement, so it was not surprising that, despite the unusually warm May day temperature, the game from the outset was a competitive tussle.

Whilst not unique, a criticism of Hahndorf from time to time has been slow starts to a game, this was not the case for today’s game, with the team finding their groove from the get go. This was evidenced by excellent and accurate ball passing which saw Turbo Boekel get a nice left side break who showed some great finishing skills to net his first for the season in only the second minute of the game.

Any thoughts of a one-sided affair though were put to rest with the Rangers defence solid and their attacking opportunities the equal of Hahndorf. It was only down to some Kane ‘cold play’ Gibbs brilliance that saw a perfectly weighted ball escape the clutches of the Rangers keeper for Hahndorf’s second mid-way through the half.

If managing player numbers is coach Kerr’s cur, the flip side is the dedication and heart shown by his players. This was exemplified by the efforts of Hahndorf’s key attacking forward, Kyle Fenlon who always busts his gut to get to the ball first and is duly rewarded with some great goals as was displayed in the last minute of the first half followed by a second early in the second half to put Hahndorf in a commanding position.

With the exit of a number of players from the successful 2020 campaign, Hahndorf was able to recruit a number of players that have all had a tremendous impact on the team. Jye Martin & Tyler Weyland have previously played for Hahndorf and their return to the fold is a very welcome addition. The Jye ‘masterpiece’ Martin is a very versatile player who can play in any position, very much the ultimate team player. Tyler ‘walk this way’ Weyland is a gun. His collaboration with Josh ‘the Rock’ Rayner at the back has given the team a solid defence and his ability to attack out of defence is as good as anyone, coach Kerr might just need to tell him the aim of the game is to get the ball in the net, not over it.

A welcome addition to the AHJSA U17’s is the mixed team. Most teams appear to have at least one female player on their team and wow! Hahndorf and Rangers both had a female player in their ranks today and both girls had great games, Hahndorf’s Charlotte ‘Boudica’ Hodgson can mix it with the best of the boys, and backs it up playing with the senior women’s team most weekends – well done Boudica.

The final addition to Hahndorf for 2021 has been Dan ‘the General’ McArthur. With JPL experience, Dan controls where ever he is on the pitch and has already provided some best on ground

performances, from defence to attack this is a player you want on your team, this is a very handy Hahndorf pick up.

But back to the game – so the first half ended with a 3-0 advantage to Hahndorf. For the second half, after having Xavier ‘catwalk’ Kell in goals for the first half, ‘cold play’, being someone who never complains, went into goals and despite the early Fenlon goal the remainder of the second half was very competitive only to be broken by a third and final goal by Fenlon in the 70th minute.

Credit then to Hahndorf led by captain Eddie ‘Hardman’ Hardingham who marshalled his troops to a dominant win over a competitive Rangers opposition played in a good competitive spirit (with no yellow cards).

Best on ground from the writer’s perspective was Kyle Fenlon, with Tyler and Turbo putting in excellent performances.

Round 3 – 24th April – Hahndorf 4 v 0 Stirling Districts

The Hahndorf under 17 mixed team hosted Stirling united at home for a 10am kick off. Hahndorf thrilled and eager to begin playing hoping for a positive outcome on the brand-new score board recently added to the Hahndorf recreation ground. The whistle blows for both Hahndorf and Stirling united to begin, Hahndorf first content about going up hill first half. Both teams fighting hard sending balls to either attacking ends, Xavier Kell and Dan McArthur keeping tight controlled play in the middle sending through balls for Kyle Fenlon, but Stirling defenders kept a very tight defences un-allowing shots to be made. Stirling United’s forwards pressed hard sending many long balls, but Hahndorf’s defence kept a very close defensive line allowing either Tyler Weyland or Josh Rayner to control the ball and send it up the field. David Neilson right back also sending many balls along the right side up to Charlotte Hodgson. Stirling came in with many high shots, but Edward Hardingham used his height as an advantage in goals for the first half and was able to keep the ball out of the net. Continuous attacks from Jye Martin pressured the Stirling defence before Kane Gibbs sending a long ball to Kyle Fenlon securing a goal in the back of the net. Half time was called, and it was evident to Hahndorf that we need to fight even harder if we want to secure a good outcome.

As second half began Hahndorf had their heads high keeping it strong in the mid field Kane Gibbs receiving a high ball in attack was able to control the ball and sent it flying to the left of the keeper, into the netting within only seconds of the second half.  Stirling trying to come back sending many long balls to our defence which Neilson was able to clear the ball from the defence to Hodgson receiving a ball along the line passing it through to Kell who was able to strike a flawless pass to Fenlon who was able to finish the play in the back of the net. With only 3 minutes into the second half Hahndorf ecstatic about the 3-0 lead but not long after a free was granted to Hahndorf which Weyland took sailing the ball over Stirling’s defence for Fenlon to finish making it a 4-0 lead. Stirling didn’t drop momentum and continued to press new goal keep Tom Boekel. All Hahndorf players dropping back and supporting the defence clear the ball to increase the lead, but Stirling continued to keep it tight play in the mid. Toby Boekel receiving many balls up front along the left line pressuring Stirling’s defence. Play through the midfield created chances for Stirling which were quickly shut down by young Tom.

The final whistle blew and both teams shook hands walking away with a final score of 4-0 to Hahndorf.

Round 2 – 10th April – Hahndorf 3 v 1 Strathalbyn

Round 1 – 26th March – Hahndorf 4 v 5 Woodside

The Hahndorf U17’s team were roaring to go under the lights at Pine Avenue for the beginning of the season. The whistle blew and Hahndorf were on the attack with near misses from Kyle Fenlon. Woodside scrambled towards goals but the direction of play was changed by the centre backs Josh Rayner and Tyler Weyland with this defensive work leading to a goal for Hahndorf by Jye Martin. Xavier Kell, Kane Gibbs, Dan McArther and Matthew Daly worked hard in the midfield to keep the ball in the Hahndorf attacking half before the halftime whistle blew with a staggering score of 3-3. The second half began with the Hahndorf defenders Oliver Thorpe, Toby Boekel and David Nielson working hard to keep the Woodside wingers at bay. A quick play through the middle left Charlotte Hodgson out wide, beating multiple players before crossing in for a near miss from Fenlon. Multiple attacking attempts from Woodside were thrown towards the young keeper Tom Boekel, who stepped up and provided his hardest efforts for the team. Outstanding efforts were made from everyone within the Hahndorf team, pressing for goals with attempts made by Edward Hardingham. It was a tough fight between the two teams, leaving Woodside victorious and an overall score of 4-5.


**** Match Reports 2020 ****

Round 14 – 26th September – Hahndorf 3 v 0 BHS Forest (forfeit)

Round 13 – 19th September – Hahndorf 5 v 2 Strathalbyn

On an overcast day that threatened rain, U16 Hahndorf faced off at 9 am against Strathalbyn. In the first fifteen minutes Hahndorf pressed and held possession and it seemed only a matter of time before a goal would be scored. Strath had a few good breaks which were plugged by Alex Montagu and Kit Erhart-Bruce. Jackson Doley attempted a goal for Hahndorf which the Strath keeper ably defended (the first of many). The first goal went to Strath from a penalty kick. Another opportunity for Strath came in the form of a free (followed by a header) but was capably defended by Hahndorf ‘keeper James Bagley. Hahndorf’s first goal of the match was from Kane Gibbs, returning after a two week absence.  About halfway through the first half, possession evened up, with Hahndorf resorting to a game of aerial ping pong, with many long shots that didn’t land and lots of action down the centre of the pitch. In the second half, with clouds finally squeezing out some rain, Hahndorf rallied, resulting in a goal by Gibbs, one by Kyle Fenlon, a header by Doley off a corner and a final goal by Gibbs (a hat trick!).

Round 12 – 12th September – Hahndorf 5 v 0 Rangers

Hahndorf U16’s travelled to the Ashton oval to meet the Rangers today in a vital game that would test their depth, with star midfielder Kane Gibbs missing for a second successive week and his equally important sidekick, Xavier Kell, being on restricted playing time after a calf strain in last weeks loss to Woodside.

The match started in warm sunny conditions on a difficult hard and uneven playing surface which made it very hard for players form both sides to control the ball effectively and a highly unusual number of handball calls due to the uneven bounce. The Hahndorf coach rotated normal defensive specialist Jackson Doley into the midfield along with Angus Mason to cover the loss of the above mentioned players.

The first 20 minutes was an even scrappy affair with the conditions making clean play very difficult. Rangers had good chances early with ex-Hahndorf player Shannon Cox proving especially dangerous . However, ‘keeper James Bagley, in his best game for the year, made short work of the challenges with his very clean hands and springboarded many Hahndorf attacks with his powerful throws. The injection of Kell midway through the half settled the team, and his persistence and Doley`s creativity started to lead to the cleaner scoring chances the forwards were desiring. Eddie Hardingham, in a strong captain`s game, opened the scoring with a powerful strike from the right side. Kyle Fenlon added another shortly after with a typical bullocking effort and just before halftime, Doley set up Fenlon with a wonderful set play for a third goal. Halftime came with the scoreline of 3 – 0 not really reflecting the evenness of the struggle.

The second half started and the class and experience of Hahndorf really started to shine through. Defenders David Nielsen, Josh Rayner, Alex Montagu, Oakley Lockyer and Kit Erhart-Bruce completely shut down the Rangers forwards and the ball spent most of the half camped in the Hahndorf attacking zone.  Mason, Kell and Doley dominated the midfield early and Hardingham, when moved there through player rotations, did a terrific job also. Hardingham added another goal midway through the half and Kell added his second shortly after. Coach Kerr gave him the rest of game off thereafter to freshen him up for the important game next week against Strathalbyn.

The final scoreline was 5 – 0 and was a welcome return of confidence for the boys after last weeks disappointing loss. A special mention to the new boys Toby Bockel, Hayden Abrahams, Erhart-Bruce and Lockyer who collectively put in their best performances of the year in difficult conditions and at a time when, for the first time, it looked like the injuries etc may have a role to play in the drive for the title.

Next week should welcome the return of Gibbs in a game where a win will surely wrap up a thoroughly well deserved title for the boys.

Round 11 – 5th September – Hahndorf 1 v 3 Woodside

Top of the ladder Hahndorf hosted Woodside Warriors on a sunny afternoon in Hahndorf. In the first 10 minutes, the intensity was high and both sides had plenty of the ball. Hahndorf’s keeper James Bagley saved a great corner kick from Woodside and the pressure kept mounting. Woodside scored at the 10-minute mark from a good run from the forwards. Hahndorf’s defence was tested early with Josh Rayner, Alex Montagu and Kit Erhart-Bruce stopping the Woodside forwards. Woodside’s 2nd goal came from a perfectly lobbed ball that beat Bagley. Xavier Kell took on the Woodside midfield and twice ran through the defences but was unable to convert. Kyle Fenlon was busy as usual as he pushed forward on a number of occasions. Toby Boekel was brought on and made an impact straight away stopping the Woodside forwards with some great defensive play. Jackson Doley was solid in the midfield and had a crack at the goal near the end of the half, narrowly missing the goal. Woodside scored its 3rd goal with a penetrating kick into the back of the net, which Bagley couldn’t stop. At 3-Nil Hahndorf didn’t stop running and Angus Mason set up Fenlon who penetrated the defence with a nice run and kick, scoring Hahndorf’s only goal for the game.

Hahndorf came out in the second half with something to prove but was unable to find the back of the net, despite having a number of opportunities in front of the goal. Eddie Hardingham made an impact with a few runs forward but the Woodside defenders stood firm. Fenlon tried to break the defence but was out-numbered and stopped on a number of occasions. Josh Rayner, David Nielsen, Oakley Lockyer and Alex Montagu were busy in defence as they also stopped advances by the Woodside forwards. Hayden Abrahams found himself in front of goal from a nicely weighted kick but Woodside’s keeper stopped his attempt. Hahndorf’s coach James Kerr tried a few moves in the second half but his players could only hold Woodside scoreless and the game finished on a sour note with an injury to Kell who was stretchered off before the referee blew the whistle for a 1-3 win to the visiting team.

Round 10 – 29th August – Bye

Round 9 – 22nd August – Hahndorf 6 v 2 Stirling United

After a wet week, it was one of those mornings you would rather be at home in front of the fire, but upon arrival at the Pine Avenue Pitch the conditions were better than expected. The rain had stopped and the sun was trying to poke through the clouds. With a near full team lineup, the undefeated Hahndorf team were ready for anything Stirling had to kick at them.

Hahndorf were quick off the mark to score in the first four minutes, when a cross from Kane Gibbs found the boot of Angus Mason resulting in the first goal. Shortly after, a penalty shot from a handball in the square resulted in Xav Kell making the score two nil. Stirling then responded with a goal to make the score 2-1. As always, the solid defense of Josh Rayner, Jackson Doley and David Nielsen with Toby Bockel and Oakley Lockyer interchanging throughout made this the only goal Stirling scored for the half. The Stirling ‘keeper had a hard day with a goal that slipped through his fingers from Mason and a teabag by Kell that just crossed the line, resulting in a 4-1 score at half time.

During the break the rain began.  The boys ran out into the wet, some of their kit now more black and brown than black and white. Kyle Fenlon, with a quick tap forward, ran onto the ball and scored the first goal of the second half. Stirling picked up their attacking game and scored one more goal. Alex Montagu constantly thwarted Stirling’s attack in the mid and James Bagley was solid in the goals. Hahndorf continued to push forward with Edward Hardingham and Hayden Abrahams. A goal kick from Doley, enabled Gibbs to accelerate with a tap forward and score the final goal of the game, resulting in a dominant 6-2 win.

Round 8 – 15th August – Hahndorf 3 v 0 Murray Bridge

It was a drizzly kickoff for the Hahndorf U16 Vs Murray Bridge United game on Saturday.  It was set to be a tough match between the first and second teams on the ladder.

Hahndorf’s Xavier Kell had the first shot at a goal, followed up with a second unsuccessful attempt by Hayden Abrahams.  The Murray Bridge goal keeper kept Hahndorf waiting for their first goal, saving great attempts by Jackson Doley, Kell and Kyle Fenlon.

Strong defence by Kit Erhart-Bruce, David Nielsen, Joshua Rayner and Oakley Lockyer kept the pressure on Murray Bridge, turning the play around on several occasions. Goal keeper, James Bagley made many excellent saves and Murray Bridge was unable to score.

Fenlon scored the first goal for Hahndorf with the help of Doley.  As the midfield remained strong, Hahndorf continued to dominate and Fenlon was able to score the second goal.

Murray Bridge kicked off following the half time break. Their goal keeper’s skilled hands continued to challenge the Hahndorf forwards, staving off several attempts at goal by players including Kane Gibbs, Edward Hardingham and Angus Mason.

Hahndorf maintained it’s strong defence line and a great kick from the corner saw Toby Boekel almost score.  Alex Montagu along with Mason showed some great skills moving the ball past Murray Bridge players.

Hahndorf scored their 3rd goal with some great ball control by Kell , who made his way down the line all the way from midfield.  Murray Bridge’s goal keeper was kept busy with several attempts by Hardingham but his keeping skills left the score unchanged. Bagley, ever reliable, kept the opposition from scoring.

Thanks to Murray Bridge for a challenging match that was great to watch.

Round 7 – 8th August – Hahndorf 8 v 2 BHS Forest

The Hahndorf U16 boys found themselves in the unfamiliar surrounds of Springbank Secondary School at Pasadena for their round 7 clash against the new team in the AHJSA competition, BHS Forest.

Whilst Hahndorf were undefeated to date, there would have been some nerves coming into the game. Regular captain, Eddie ‘the hardman’ Hardingham was doing penance for his prior week’s indiscretion, rapidly improving forward Toby ‘turbo’ Boekel and the ever-reliable Angus Mason were both unavailable, meaning Hahndorf were without the luxury of any substitutes. Added to this was that upon arrival at the game, it was found that BHS Forest also don the black and white, so having to change into the seniors ‘away’ yellow tops for the game meant the magpies suddenly were more akin to canaries.

With a goal to BHS in only the third minute of the game, the omens looked like they might be in play, but Hahndorf responded almost immediately with a great combination when Xav Kell crossed a lovely ball to the versatile Jackson Doley who, playing forward, reliably found the back of the net to bring scores level, and then bagged a second to put the visitors in front.

From there, Hahndorf controlled the remainder of the first half. Benefitting from having played with each other over a number of years, experienced Hahndorf forwards and mid fielders, Kane Gibbs, Kell and Kyle ‘scissors’ Fenlon are all having excellent seasons. They are being ably assisted by Hayden Abrahams who has shown great improvement and the tenacious Alex Montagu who drifts between mid-field and defence. This strong combination gave Hahndorf the upper hand and, whilst not all one-way traffic, they were able to add another 4 first half goals before a late BHS goal saw a half time score line of 6-2.

Whilst Hahndorf has the good fortune of having some great attacking players this year, a good team is built on the back of having reliable defence. Hahndorf’s ‘brothers of the watch’ had the combination of Kit Erhart-Bruce and Oakley Lockyer on the flanks with the mid field guarded by David Nielsen and Josh ‘not on my watch’ Rayner, all working hard and smart to thwart what were quite a number of attacking breakouts from the BHS boys.

Hahndorf’s final line of defence is goalkeeper James Bagley. Bagley only re-joined the team recently after having been with them last year. His skill, ability and reliability is a very welcome inclusion for the team, and there is a great sense of relief to have him back with the boys.

The second half again saw Hahndorf in control and another 3 goals were added to the score. With Hahndorf in such a strong position, coach Kerr was able to give a number of his players the opportunity to play in non-regular positions which will be of benefit to all in future games. BHS tried valiantly for the whole game but were not able to add to their tally, which didn’t truly reflect the competitiveness of the game that was played in a very good spirit.

Special mention to Kyle Fenlon, 5 goals, outstanding.

Round 6 – 1st August – Hahndorf 5 v 1 Strathalbyn

Hanhdorf U16 played against Strathalbyn on Sat 1st August.  The game pace was frantic from the first whistle, and both teams attacked the ball aggressively.  However, Hanhdorf’s passes to the ball were a little cleaner, which resulted in several attempts at goal from Edward Hardingham, Angus Mason and Kane Gibbs.  Not deterred, Strathalbyn mounted their own forward attack but great teamwork and strong defence from David Neilsen, Joshua Rayner and Jackson Doley shut down Strathalbyn’s running charges almost every time.  Strathalbyn managed to break through Hahndorf’s defence and take a couple of shots at goals, but the safe hands of keeper James Bagley ensured the ball never saw the back of the net.

It was looking like neither team were going to score in the first half of the game, but some frantic game play inside the goal square saw Kyle Fenlon score the first goal for Hanhdorf in the last two minutes of the first half.

Both teams started the second half aggressively, with strong tackles, but an amazing corner kick from Toby Bockel in the first 2 minutes of the second half saw the ball perfectly curve past the keeper and into the net for Hanhndorf’s second goal.  This fired up the Strathalbyn team who came back strong.  Hayden Abrahams and Kit Erhart-Bruce were put under pressure in the mid-field, and were often required to drop back and assist the Hahndorf defenders as Strathalbyn kept the pressure on.  Eventually the pressure from Strathalbyn was too great, and they managed to score after the ball rebounded from an attempted save from Hahndorf’s goalie.

With the score now 2-1, Hahndorf were undeterred.  Xavier Kell was relentless in midfield, running down the opposition players to take the ball and continued to feed the ball up to Hahndorf’s front line.  One of these plays from Xavier landed at the feet of Kyle Fenlon, who promptly smashed the ball for Hahndorf’s third goal.  As before, Strathalbyn refused to give up and continued pushing forward, which tested the skills of Alex Montagu and Oakley Lockyer.

As the clock ticked down to the final minutes of the game, Kyle Fenlon scored an amazing goal from a bicycle style kick.  The crowd was elated with his athleticism!  The match was restarted and Hahndorf immediately resumed their attack.  An overly enthusiastic push in the back in the goal square on Xavier Kell, meant a penalty shot in the last 30 seconds of the game.  A perfectly placed kick saw the ball in the net for Hahndorf’s fifth goal.  The game ended with Hahndorf taking the win 5-1.

Round 5 – 25th July – Hahndorf 8 v 2 Rangers

On a clear, blue sky day Hahndorf welcomed Rangers to Pine Avenue.

From the very first whistle, Hahndorf dominated their opposition.

The mid-field combination of Xavier Kell and Kane Gibbs provided Hahndorf with a strong engine. The duo set up many chances for Hahndorf forwards to capitalise on, making the most of every opportunity.

Edward Hardingham pounced on a misplay by Rangers to begin the deluge. Kyle Fenlon quickly scored a brace, bringing the score to 3:0 after only 10 minutes play.

Kane Gibbs produced a deadly pass to split the Rangers defence wide open, providing the opportunity for Jackson Doley to slot the ball home.

The next was a spectacular goal from outside the box, kicked with force by Kane Gibbs – there was very little the Rangers goalkeeper could do.

In a rare attack, Rangers bravely scored just before half time from a corner kick.

The second half mirrored the first with Hahndorf scoring freely.

However, Rangers never gave up and their heads never dropped – their fortitude was rewarded with a spectacular goal by Joseph Bellamy towards the end of the match.

Hahndorf comfortably won the game 12 goals to 2.

Round 4 – 18th July – Hahndorf 7 v 1 Woodside

Saturday’s game against the Woodside Warriors saw a blustery early morning start for the yet undefeated Hahndorf U16 squad. Hahndorf opened strongly with a beautifully placed header by Kyle Fenlon in the first five minutes that resulted in the ball finding the back of the net. Hahndorf kept the ball down the opposition’s end throughout most of the first half and attempted numerous crosses, assists, and shots on goal. Fenlon had a number of further attempts, ably assisted by Xavier Kell and Hayden Abrahams. The mid-field stayed rock solid, ensuring the ball stayed down the correct end. A second goal by Jackson Doley, coming up from the mid-field, closed out the half.

In the second half, Woodside rallied to gain a bit of ground but Hahndorf again peppered the opposition’s goal, resulting in two more goals by Fenlon, two by Edward Hardingham, and one by Kell. Defenders Toby Bockel, Alex Montagu, Oakley Lockyer, and Josh Rayner made sure the ball kept heading up the right end.  The return to the team of keeper James Bagley meant that the rest of the players could focus on the job in front of them and they showed great stamina and determination throughout the entire game.

Round 3 – 11th July – Hahndorf 3 v 0 Strathalbyn Red (forfeit)

Round 2 – 4th July – Hahndorf 2 v 1 Stirling United

It was a cold cloudy start to the Under 16’s match between Hahndorf & Stirling United at Pine Avenue. After an early goal by Stirling United, the sun came out and the Hahndorf defensive team of Hayden Abrahams, Kit Erhart-Bruce and Alex Montagu stepped up to the challenge. A corner shot by Jackson Doley was almost converted and Kane Gibbs showed good skills under pressure from Stirling United. Xavier Kell worked hard to set up numerous good balls but unfortunately Hahndorf couldn’t quite convert, although Angus Mason had a great attempt from across the pitch.

In the second half, Kyle Fenlon and Gibbs worked together to line up further shots on goal until Edward Hardingham took a corner that ended up (with support from teammates), being a match equaliser for Hahndorf. David Nielsen, Joshua Rayner, Toby Bockel & Oakley Lockyer kept up the pressure on Stirling United, resulting in a change of possession & quick a run from Hardingham ended in a clean second goal to Hahdorf followed by the excited crowd yelling “come on whistle!”.

A great win by Hahndorf against Stirling Districts.

Round 1 – 27th June – Hahndorf 4 v 4 Murray Bridge

Hahndorf U16’s gave a solid effort playing at Murray Bridge on a sensational winters afternoon.  Match result a 4-4 draw.

Hahndorf came to play today, particularly in the first half, the team was attacking the ball and had numerous shots at goal.  The team worked well together and was aggressive at goals. Forcing the Murray Bridge goalie to work hard.

Hahndorf’s  first goal came from a kick from Jackson Doley deep in defense straight to Kane Gibbs who passed straight  to Kyle Fenlon who found the back of the net.

Murray Bridge responded quickly with a goal.  This didn’t rattle the Hahndorf team who stuck to the game plan and soon answered with a second goal, again from Kyle Fenlon who had to take on 3 Murray Bridge defenders first.

The half time score was 2 -1, it was looking good, but Hahndorf knew Murry Bridge would come back strong, and that they did.

The second half was a different game, Murray Bridge wasn’t going to roll over.  Xavier Kell went for a run out of defense, taking on numerous defenders and drew a penalty kick which was saved by the Murray Bridge goalie.

Murray Bridge then kicked 3 unanswered goals to take the lead by 1.

To Hahndorf’s credit, they didn’t drop their heads, they kept trying and eventually found the back of the net again from Kyle Fenlons boot.

**** Match Reports 2019 ****

Round 17 – 24th August – Hahndorf 2 v 6 Stirling Districts Blue

Hahndorf hosted Stirling Districts Blue at Pine Avenue for the final game of the season. The game was dominated by Hahndorf from the kick off and they had multiple goal scorers including Jack Anderson, Eddie Hardingham, Xavier Kell, Jack Eakins and Angus Mason. Will Bailye put in another great game for Hahndorf and Kell was outstanding in the midfield and up forward including a great solo run through the Stirling Districts defenders to score a goal late in the first half.

Hahndorf’s Josh Rayner, Alex Montagu and David Nielsen were strong in defence and Jye Martin, Jackson Doley, Jamie Hamilton and Micah Edgecombe had plenty of the ball. Hahndorf walked away with a comfortable win and the game was played with great skill and sportsmanship from both sides.

Round 16 – 17th August – Hahndorf 2 v 6 Stirling United

Hahndorf celebrated its 40th year in style at Pine Avenue on a sunny Saturday afternoon. There were many supporters at the club, including the Hahndorf senior men’s team who helped cheer on the Under 16s as they clashed with Stirling United. The first half was a cracker with both sides getting plenty of ball and having a number of shots at goal. Hahndorf’s keeper James Bagley was kept busy with the advances of the Stirling United forwards and saved a number of attempts. Hahndorf’s forwards Jack Anderson, Will Bailye, Eddie Hardingham and Xavier Kell kept attacking until Anderson slotted a goal mid-way through the first half. Stirling equalised with an own goal from an unlucky header from Bailye and followed up with a 2nd late in the half. Hahndorf’s Jackson Doley, Angus Mason and Jamie Hamilton had plenty of the ball and Alex Montagu, together with Jack Eakins and David Nielsen stopped the advances of Stirling United. Eakins’ powerful kick kept Stirling’s keeper on his toes and at half time, the game was poised at 2-1 in Stirling’s favour.

Hahndorf kicked down hill in the 2nd half and had their chances with Tully Probert strong in the midfield setting up Hahndorf’s attacking play. Hahndorf’s Josh Rayner and Jamie Hamilton were solid in defence and Jye Martin found the back of the net from an Eakins free kick. Stirling then dominated the rest of the half, kicking 4 goals including one from a penalty kick and walked away with a 6-2 win in what was an entertaining game played with good sportsmanship & great skills from both teams.

Round 14 – 3rd August – Hahndorf 1 v 7 Stirling Districts Red

A tough game for Hahndorf Under 16s as they faced ladder leaders Stirling Districts Red. The first half was a good contest with both teams getting plenty of the ball. Stirling kicked 3 goals in the 1st half and the 2nd half was dominated by the Stirling team who controlled the play from the opening whistle. Hahndorf’s only goal came from a great run and kick by Will Bailye. Jack Eakins and Tully Probert worked hard in defence and Jack Anderson had plenty of the ball but was unable to score. Hahndorf’s keeper, James Bagley was tested many times as Stirling pushed forward relentlessly. Stirling walked away with a comfortable win.

Round 13 – 27th July – Hahndorf 3 v 4 Murray Bridge

Hahndorf Under 16s were back at Pine Avenue to host Murray Bridge. The last time these two teams met, it was a close encounter and the Hahndorf team were looking for a home win. Hahndorf’s Jack Anderson found the back of the net within 2 minutes of the start and Tully Probert, Jack Eakins and Alex Montagu stopped Murray Bridge’s forwards a number of times before Hahndorf scored again, this time off a corner kick by Micah Edgecombe and Eakins headed the ball past Murray Bridge’s keeper to make in 2 nil. Murray Bridge responded with a long kick, which beat Hahndorf’s keeper James Bagley before Hahndorf quickly responded with another goal by Anderson off a slick pass by Eakins. Murray Bridge scored again just before half time and Hahndorf were 3-2 up at the end of the half.

The second half was a hard-fought contest between two very competitive teams and Hahndorf’s Eddie Hardingham narrowly missed a header from a well-placed corner kick. At the other end, Eakins defended a Murray Bridge shot at goal and headed it just over the crossbar. Murray Bridge continued to push forward but were stopped by some great defensive play by Josh Rayner, David Nielsen, Probert and Eakins. Hahndorf’s Jackson Doley, Jamie Hamilton and Xavier Kell had plenty of the ball but the forwards could not find the back of the net. Murray Bridge equalised deep into the second half and were awarded a penalty with less than a minute to go, which they scored and the referee blew the whistle to end a very entertaining game. Murray Bridge walked away with a very hard-fought 4-3 victory.

Round 12 – 20th July – Hahndorf 4 v 6 Strathalbyn

Hahndorf hosted Strathalbyn on another sunny Saturday afternoon at Pine Avenue. Strathalbyn started strongly and moved the ball quickly to set up early shots at goal. The first 10 minutes were tightly fought before Strathalbyn found the back of the net. Hahndorf’s keeper, James Bagley was kept busy and Jackson Doley, Tully Probert and Jack Anderson had plenty of the ball. Strathalbyn scored twice mid-way through the first half but Hahndorf kept attacking with Anderson kicking 2 goals for the half, the second from a long kick in by Bagley.

At half time, the score was 2-3 to Strathalbyn and the second half was a hard-fought contest between two competitive teams. Strath’s forwards kept breaking through and David Nielsen, Josh Rayner, Alex Montagu and Jack Eakins stopped the advances before Strath struck again. Hahndorf’s Eddie Hardingham, Jamie Hamilton and Micah Edgecombe attacked with no result and Strath was later awarded a penalty, which was saved by Bagley. Hahndorf failed to give up and they too were awarded a penalty, which Anderson converted for his 3rd goal for the game. Strathalbyn’s forwards kept coming and they kicked 2 goals (one from a penalty) before Hahndorf’s Xavier Kell found himself in front of Strath’s keeper and kicked a nice goal. The game ended with a 4-6 win to the visiting team in what was a very hard-fought, entertaining game of soccer.

Round 11 – 6th July – Hahndorf 6 v 3 Woodside

Hahndorf hosted Woodside Warriors on a sunny Saturday afternoon at Pine Avenue. The game started with some strong attacking and defending by both teams and Hahndorf’s Tully Probert was in the thick of it, getting plenty of ball early and Jack Anderson had some early shots at goal. After 10 minutes, Woodside’s forwards broke through and kicked their first goal of the game, beating Hahndorf’s keeper James Bagley. Woodside found the back of the net again before Hahndorf’s Jamie Hamilton received a nice pass from Eddie Hardingham and kicked his first goal for the match. The first half was hard fought and at 1-2, the home team were pleased with their efforts against a very skilful opposition.

The 2nd half was dominated by Hahndorf starting with a great running goal by Anderson to level the scores. Hahndorf’s defenders held back numerous advances by Woodside and Jack Eakins, Xavier Kell, Josh Rayner, David Nielsen, Jackson Doley and Alex Montagu were solid in defence. Hahndorf’s midfield was strong with Probert, Will Bailye, Micah Edgecombe and Angus Mason setting up a number of Hahndorf attacks. Anderson kicked his 2nd goal after a Hahndorf corner and Woodside received a penalty and converted to even up the scores again. Hahndorf’s skipper Tully Probert ran hard and kicked a well-deserved goal and Anderson again out-sprinted the Woodside defenders to kick his third goal for the match. Hamilton scored his second goal with 5 minutes left on the clock and Hahndorf walked away with a great 6-3 victory.

Round 9 – 22nd June – Hahndorf 1 v 7 Stirling United

The sun was shining for the Under 16s battle between Stirling United and Hahndorf at Heathfield High School. Stirling United started strongly and slotted an early goal and despite the efforts of Hahndorf’s defence, they scored again within the first 10 minutes. Hahndorf’s forwards, Jack Anderson and Micah Edgecombe fought hard but could not find the back of the net. Stirling United scored a further 3 goals in a half of football that they dominated, despite the great efforts of Hahndorf’s defence, Alex Montagu, Xavier Kell and Tully Probert. Jack Eakins was strong in the midfield for Hahndorf as well as Will Bailye and Angus Mason who had plenty of ball. Hahndorf failed to give up at 5-Nil and came out fighting in the second half. They had plenty of ball and finally, Eddie Hardingham found the back of the net from a long free kick by Eakins, which was their only score for the day. Hahndorf’s keeper James Bagley was tested a few times by Stirling United’s forwards and he made a number of great saves. Hahndorf’s Josh Rayner, Jackson Doley and Montagu held back Stirling United’s forwards and Eakins assisted Bagley in the last line of defence. Stirling kicked two late goals and walked away with a strong 7-1 win and Hahndorf would like to thank Stirling United for a hard-fought game played in good spirit and sportsmanship.

Round 8 – 15th June– Hahndorf 6 v 3 Torrens Valley

The rain held off for the Under 16s clash between Torrens Valley and Hahndorf at Birdwood. The game started with some good physical contests and due to a great pass into the forward line, Torrens Valley’s Tara Witter kicked the first goal of the match, beating Hahndorf’s keeper James Bagley. Sam Nanasheff crashed through Hahndorf’s backline and made it 2-nil. Hahndorf had to lift and lift they did when Jye Martin found himself in front of goal and chipped one over the Torrens Valley keeper’s head. Hahndorf’s Jack Anderson was busy up forward and kicked his first goal of the game before Torrens Valley found the back of the net again through Joshua Nanasheff. Hahndorf’s Xavier Kell was outstanding, so too was Tully Probert who dominated in the midfield and Micah Edgecombe tied the game with a stunning goal late in the second half.

At 3-all, the second half started with Hahndorf’s Jamie Hamilton and Eddie Hardingham narrowly missing goals but the ever-reliable Anderson broke through and slotted a goal with his strong left foot. Hahndorf’s Will Bailye was kept busy and set up a number of Hahndorf forward plays with David Nielsen, Josh Rayner and Alex Montagu stopping Torrens Valley’s tall forwards. Hahndorf’s attack was relentless and Anderson scored a hat trick followed by his fourth goal late in the game. Hahndorf walked away with a 6-3 victory in what was a hard fought game between two very even sides.

Round 7 – 1st June– Hahndorf 1 v 7 Stirling Districts Red

Round 6 – 25th May– Hahndorf 3 v 5 Murray Bridge

Murray Bridge United hosted Hahndorf Soccer Club and it turned out to be an entertaining, hard-fought game. Hahndorf was awarded a penalty early in the first half and Micah Edgecombe made no mistake slotting the ball into the back of the net. Murray Bridge fought back and equalised after two earlier attempts at goal, which were saved by Hahndorf’s in-form keeper James Bagley. Hahndorf’s Xavier Kell was busy and attempted a long shot at goal only to be denied by Murray Bridge’s keeper while Jack Anderson made a few runs towards goal. Hahndorf’s Jamie Hamilton missed a shot at goal but found the back of the net late in the first half with a great run and chip over the keeper’s head from a slick pass by Anderson.

At half time the game was tied at two all and the second half proved to be as entertaining as the first. Hahndorf’s defence was strong and was tested a few times as the Murray Bridge forwards broke through but Tully Probert, David Nielsen, Josh Rayner and Alex Montagu denied them a shot at goal. Eddie Hardingham was strong in the midfield while Angus Mason made several runs down the right wing and Murray Bridge’s defence stood strong.  Murray Bridge scored with a chip over Bagley’s head and Jack Anderson’s hard work for Hahndorf paid off with a cracking left foot snap. Murray Bridge scored their 5th goal late in the second half and finished with a 5-3 victory in what was a terrific game with great skills and good sportsmanship shown by both teams.

Cup Round – 18th May– Hahndorf 1 v 7 Strathalbyn

Round 5 – 11th May– Hahndorf 0 v 3 Strathalbyn

Strathalbyn and Hahndorf Under 16s met in the Round 5 clash at Strathalbyn. Strathalbyn kicked with the breeze in the first half and started strong, testing Hahndorf’s defence straight away. It wasn’t long before Strathalbyn struck with a close shot at goal, beating Hahndorf’s keeper James Bagley. Hahndorf’s defence was solid and Xavier Kell, Josh Rayner and Alex Montagu stopped a number of Strath’s advances before Strath scored again late in the first half. The second half was much closer and Hahndorf’s Jack Anderson, Will Bailye and Jackson Doley had plenty of the ball but were unable to score. Tully Probert, Eddie Hardingham and David Nielsen were strong in defence and Jye Martin was able hold off Strath’s forwards as they advanced several times. Strath scored their 3rd goal midway through the second half. Hahndorf had a few opportunities to score through Micah Edgecombe, Jaimie Hamilton and Jack Anderson but they were not able to find the back of the net. Strathalbyn walked away with a solid 3-0 victory in what was an entertaining and hard-fought game from both sides.

Round 4 – 4th May– Hahndorf 2 v 7 Woodside

Hahndorf hosted Woodside Warriors in their first home game for the season. The pitch was in perfect condition and the sun was shining. Woodside kicked off the game and from the outset, they started to push forward. Hahndorf’s defence was tested early and Tully Probert, Josh Rayner, Alex Montagu and Jye Martin all held back Woodside’s advances. Hahndorf had a few chances to score but Woodside’s defence stood strong. Hahndorf’s Will Bailye was busy in the midfield and keeper James Bagley was tested and saved a number shots by the Woodside forwards. Jack Anderson advanced but was unable to score while Woodside’s Asher Hammat and Ben Tyas found the back of the net and Woodside went into half time with a 2-0 lead.

The second half was a hard fought battle from both teams and Hahndorf’s Anderson scored with a great run and left foot snap at goal. Hahndorf’s Micah Edgecombe set up a number of advances for Hahndorf but it was Woodside’s Toby Christiansen who broke through for his first of 3 goals for the day. Hahndorf received a penalty kick and Will Bailye made no mistake from the set kick. Woodside found the back of the net through Asher Hammat and Jake Westcott scored deep into the second half. Woodside won the game 7-2 in what was a well-played, hard fought contest between two very good sides.

Round 3 – 27th April – Hahndorf 6 v 2 Stirling Districts Blue

Round 2 – 13th April – Hahndorf 2 v 8 Stirling United

With 4 players missing and a red hot opposition with subs on offer, it was always going to be a tough day at the office for the Hahndorf U16 boys when they took on Stirling United at Aldgate on Saturday afternoon.

With many of the boys from both sides knowing each other from either being team mates from an earlier year or being current year school mates, the game was played in a friendly competitive spirit, seemingly with the main goal of some players to get the best sledge.

From an on field perspective, the Hahndorf boys though were not fazed and were up for the challenge. Whilst Stirling had the better of overall field position, Hahndorf worked hard to give themselves them attacking opportunities and were rewarded from a great team effort with their first goal to Jack Anderson, showing great poise and a nice finishing touch.

At the other end of the pitch, there was a heavy workload on the Hahndorf defenders. James Bagley in goal was outstanding in his determination and effort and was ably assisted by his backline with Josh Raynor pulling off an amazing clearance right on the line to deny Stirling a goal.

Hahndorf received a boost with the addition of Eddie Hardingham late in the first half to give the teams equal numbers, with Eddie’s height and presence boosting Hahndorf’s effort.

Stirling United has a very strong team and many talented players and were able to capitalise on their opportunities seeing them dominate the score board, but to Hahndorf’s credit they really took the fight up to them. Along with Jack Anderson, Angus Mason displayed outstanding determination and skill.

Whilst the score line in the end was not favourable, Hahndorf U16’s should take great encouragement. As a team they show some great skills, and the gelling between them is well and truly developing.

Round 1 – 6th April – Hahndorf 2 v 0 Torrens Valley

It was a warm sunny afternoon when Hahndorf and Torrens Valley kicked off at Birdwood for the first game of the season. Hahndorf came out strong with some great team work resulting in the first goal by Alex Montagu in the first 3 minutes. Hahndorf’s back line lead by Tully Probert, Will Bailye, Josh Rayner, Jye Martin and Goal Keeper, James Bagley was tenacious, holding back a number of Birdwood’s advances. Angus Mason, Xavier Kell and Jamie Hamilton were kept busy throughout the game, providing a number of passes through to Hahndorf’s forward line but the terrific skills of the Torrens Valley’s keeper helped save several attempts on goal. Hahndorf’s attack was relentless and first gamer, Jack Anderson had 3 attempts to find the back of the net but were all saved by Birdwood’s keeper, who had a sensational game. Hahndorf’s Angus Mason hit the top bar with a cracking long range kick in the second half but was denied a goal and another first-gamer, David Nielsen broke through Birdwood’s defence but was denied a goal scoring opportunity by some great Birdwood defence. A foul by Birdwood against Nielsen allowed Micah Edgecombe to convert a penalty kick late in the second half to give Hahndorf a 2-0 win and a great start to the season. Both teams showed fantastic sportsmanship and great skills, which has set the tone for a great season ahead.

**** Match Reports 2018 ****

Round 17 – 1st September – Hahndorf 0 v 6 Stirling United

The game kicked off on a wet pitch with a threat of more rain to come. Both teams fought hard to gain control in the opening minutes but after three shots for goal Stirling Districts scores their first goal 15 minutes into the first half. Stirling keeps the pressure on with great passing to move the ball forward but Hahndorf’s keeper Will Bailye Making several great save before Stirling Districts scores their next goal.

Good passing by Hahndorf’s players moved the ball forward with Danny Kim And Declan Kilgariff having Hahndorf’s first shot for goal but were unable to score.

Stirling took another fast charge to goal but Hahndorf’s defender Tait Kilgariff tackled halting another goal.

Late in the first half Liam Friebe Intercepts the ball passing to Asher Sieler-Simmons Who again tries to score but is unable to convert.

Tait and Declan team up in Hahndorf’s defence to slow Stirling attack for more goals but Stirling leads at the end of the first half.

The second half sees Hahndorf’ lift the pressure with great charges for goals by Felix Cutting, James Lea and Tully Probert Keeping Stirling from scoring until mid way through the final half. Hahndorf’s goalie Wills takes many great saves making it hard for Stirling to gain more goals.

All Hahndorf players put up a great fight throughout the game, but Stirling had the upper hand coming out winners after a good well fought match.

Round 16 – 18th August – Hahndorf 6 v 0 Torrens Valley

A home game was played in overcast conditions following heavy overnight rain at the Pine Avenue ground. Torrens Valley won the toss and ran with the wind in the first half. However Hahndorf were quickly into attack with a series of cross’s resulting in Angus Mason scoring the initial goal from the left corner of the pitch. Despite several attacking runs by Torrens Valley, the Hahndorf defence held firm. A heavy down pour of rain fell. However, successive crafted team goals by Hahndorf followed, to make the half time score Hahndorf 6, Torrens Valley 0. During the break, the rain cleared and the sun shone brightly through. However, the pace of the second half slowed slightly due to the heavy ground conditions. Hahndorf though, continued to dominate the play with skilful passing and finishing with long range shots, tap ins and through balls scoring 6 more goals.

Despite the high score, the Torrens Valley goal keeper gave a tireless performance making many fine saves in difficult conditions for his team.

Round 15 – 11th August – Hahndorf 3 v 3 Stirling United

Hahndorf travelled to Strathalbyn today for the match against Stirling United, very windy with a bit of rain. Stirling started with the centre pass, with Hahndorf stealing the ball straight away from the centre and working hard to take it up to the goals. Asher Seiller-Simmons scored the first goal within minutes of the game. The ball returned to the centre and both teams played hard to keep the passing short because of the wind. Stirling ended up with a goal against the wind by Kane Gibbs. Hahndorf took the ball to the goals again, taking a shot ending up with the ball in the goals, but the referee called a hand ball from a Stirling player. Hahndorf took a penalty shot with Jack Eakins scoring the second goal for Hahndorf. Stirling worked hard to take control moving the ball to their forward lines to score their second goal, this time by Nathaniel Doyle. Within the last minute of the first half Stirling scored the third goal for the game by Aidan Miller, ending the first half, 2-3

Hahndorf started with the centre pass, working hard to move the ball around, trying to keep the ball in play with rain not helping. Felix Cutting scored the third goal to even the score, 3-3. Shortly after a Hahndorf and Stirling player went up to head the ball, ending in a head collision in the middle of the pitch taking out Felix Cutting for the remainder of the game. In the final minutes of the game, Declan Kilgariff was heading strongly towards goals, but was tackled by a Stirling United player on the wing, resulting in a yellow card being given to the Stirling player.

Final score 3-3.

Round 14 – 4th August – Hahndorf 0 v 6 Strathalbyn

Another great day for soccer with the sun shining on a pitch that was sprinkled with patches of mud.  The first ten minutes saw both teams flexing their muscles and trying to dominate.   However, a quick break was all that Strathalbyn needed and there was nothing Will could do, except watch the ball fly past and hit the back of the net.  Tully almost scored the quick reply that dreams are made of, but couldn’t get the shot off.  Brook Devon scored the first of his hat-trick of goals for Strathalbyn, leaving Hahndorf defenders in his wake in the process.  However, Hahndorf regrouped and had a few opportunities to hit the back of the net, but failed to do so.  Danny, again shooting wildly, high and wide!  The half closed with lots of excitement as Will saved a brilliant penalty shot, but Strathalbyn closed out the half with another goal, making it 3-0 at halftime.

The second half mirrored the first, with Strathalybn again scoring early on, the first a ricochet off the boot of a Hahndorf player, giving the goalie no chance and another quick break and a shot that found the back of the net.  As one parent said, “Hahndorf showed a fighting spirit in the second half!”  For the next 30 minutes it was a real tussle as both sides fought hard and peppered the goals.  Again, as the game to a close, Strathalbyn again scored and came out comfortable winners, 6-0.  

Round 13 – 28th July – Hahndorf 2 v 2 Woodside

Hahndorf started the match on fire with an unlucky shot at goal.

Kyle Friebe kept up the pressure, continually stealing the ball from an in-form Woodside Warriors, before moving it forward to Asher Seiller-Simmons and Felix Cutting where Toby Christiansen for Woodside interceded with a powerful goal.

Nice footwork from Jack Eakins led to a good interplay between Asher Seiller-Simmons, Kyle Friebe and Tully Probert.

Angus Mason followed up, taking the ball up the length of the pitch.

Danny Kim was in the thick of it, keeping the play alive. Declan Kilgariff was constantly harassing in defence, at one point tearing up the pitch from one end to the other.

To their credit, Woodside Warriors kept up the pace throughout the game and Will Baillye had some great saves before the ball was kicked with enough speed to edge past the goalie and the second defender, to go in off the post.

Naheem Seiller-Simmons’ free kick glanced past the goal, then after a great effort from the mid-field, Danny Kim set up a powerful attempt at goal just in time for the half-time whistle.

The second half began with good defence; blocks by Angus Mason and Declan Kilgarriff before a great save at goal from Will Baillye.

Free kicks were given away by both sides before Jack Eakins’ free kick slammed into the back of the net for another goal.

James Lea chipped the ball over the feet of two Woodside Warrior players in a clever assist to Asher Seiller-Simmons who powered it into goal.

In the last minutes of the game the ball went back and forth like it was in a pinball machine before being kicked off the pitch and flying through the air into the creek on the whistle.

Result a draw at 2 all.

Round 12 – 21st July – Hahndorf 2 v 6 Murray Bridge

A greatly improved Murray Bridge defeated an undermanned Hahndorf U16 side at Pine Avenue today. The Bridge pressed hard from the beginning, and made the first attempts on goal, but initially they were unable to capitalise, due in large measure to stout defence from Hamish Maxwell, Asher Seiler-Simmons, and three worthy stand-ins from the U14s, Seb Ahlburg, Fergus Taylor, and Cameron Lennon.

Hahndorf drew first blood in the 10th minute when Micah Edgecombe put a long clearance right on the boot of Felix Cutting, who finished clinically. The Bridge fought hard to win back the initiative, and only desperate lunges and great leaps from goalkeeper James Bagley kept them out. They eventually equalised from a penalty in the 15th minute, and went 3-1 up with further goals in the 19th and 20th minutes.

Hahndorf’s strikers worked together to scramble a second goal off the toes of Cutting in the 22nd minute, with Tully Probert, Devon McAnna, and James Lea all playing their part. Angus Mason also did impressive work in the mid-field.

But the Bridge scored further goals in the 34th and 39th minutes to go into the break 5-2. The damage would have been worse were it not for desperate and gutsy goal-keeping by Bagley.

Hahndorf fought gallantly throughout the second half. It was great to see that their heads never went down, despite the increasingly impossible task of reeling in the Bridge, who were a remarkable 13-2 at the triple whistle.

Murray Bridge def. Hahndorf 13-2.


Round 11 – 7th July – Hahndorf 1 v 6 Bridgewater

It was a chilly winters day when the soccer sides of Hahndorf and Bridgewater set out for a match. Although the sun was shining upon them at times the rain began to fall as they did.  This made for a slippery, muddy pitch and some spectacular slide tackles but unfortunately some of those were unplanned though quite entertaining for the crowd.

The match kicked off with Hahndorf’s Jack Eakins saving a potential goal.  Felix Cutting made a good effort to push it forward again.  Hahndorf’s number Jack Eakins took a powerful free kick towards goal but unfortunately the Bridgewater goalie was in good form and saved it.  Bridgewater Josh Kidman was playing well and got past a few of Hahndorf players to push it forward.  Joshua Joyle scored as unfortunately that slippery mud covered ball slivered through Hahndorf goalie’s hands.  Bridgewater followed it up with successful score immediately afterwards.  Reliable Hahndorf Naheem Seiller-Simmons got one of his monster kicks down the pitch to move it forward giving Hahndorf some hope. Hahndorf’s Hamish Maxwell was playing very strong defence and also managing to push the ball forward but unfortunately Bridgewater’s Josh Kidman was working well with Oliver Hill and they made a great team at pushing the ball their way.

Hahndorf Maxwell worked well with Naheem Seiller-Simmons  to defend and shut down Bridgewater’s relentless number Johnathan Daly. This followed with Bridgewater’s Jackson Erhart-Bruce took hold of a great opportunity and managed to slip in another goal for Bridgewater.  Hahndorf Jack Eakins managed to get in another powerful kick to move that ball away from Hahndorf goals. Good to see Hahndorf’s Alex Eitel back with the team & he was determined to stop that ball with a skillful side kick so it didn’t get past the sideline.  Bridgewater’s Jackson Erhart-Bruce was taking control and managed to maneuver  past many of Hahndorfs defence players. Hahndorf’s goalie was relieved when Bridgewater’s next shot which ended up in the right side of goals for them was called Offside. Hahndorf’s Felix Cutting made a strong effort to place a goal inside but unfortunately a bad mix of defenders and a muddy pitch refused that idea.  Shortly afterwards Bridgewater’s Mathew Daly managed to get his goal in though.  Bridgewater’s Jiah Huppatz followed suit with another one in.  After a lot of hard effort Hahndorf’s Felix Cutting finally managed to secure a successful goal. Once again Hahndorf pushed it down but the Bridgewater goalie was playing well and Hahndorf  managed a corner kick at that stage.   Bridgewater were battling to get another goal in but Hahndorf has been blessed with a brick wall defender called Hamish Maxwell and he just wasn’t letting it past him. Hahndorf’s James Lea had a strong potential shot for goals but unfortunately it didn’t follow through this time. Hahndorf’s Jack Eakins followed the ball all the way home to goalie like a dog with a bone and there wasn’t a chance for Bridgewater’s Johnnie Daly from taking it this time.  However Johnnie Daly  and Josh Kidman worked well together to secure a goal shortly afterwards.  Hahndorf’s Alex Eitel missed a good opportunity due to an unfortunate mud slide to finalise the match with a good win for Bridgewater today.

Round 10 – 30th June – Hahndorf 3 v 5 Stirling Districts

It was late-morning on a mild hills day with the sun spending some time behind clouds and an occasional stiff breeze when Hahndorf Soccer Club took on Stirling Districts for the second time in a week. On the previous Wednesday evening during a Cup match at Birdwood, Stirling had led the game to finish 4-0

With learnings from this loss and the home ground advantage and despite a number of the team being absent, the Hahndorf players were determined to put in their best, and they did just that.

Tully Probert for Hahndorf was strong in the forward lines and played a solid game. He was supported well by Naheem Seiler-Simmons who kept the pressure on the Stirling front line. Felix Cutting along with James Lea and a really sensational effort by Will Bailye in goals, the score was kept to 0-1 to Stirling. The only score in first half resulted from a penalty shoot directly in front of goals by Stirling.

Stirling were unquestionably the stronger team on the day, however this definitely brought out the desire and skills of many on the home team to push back. Stirling took well more than double the goal attempts on the day and the agility and resilience of Will Bailye in goals, who went on to become player of the match for Hahndorf, was well tested.

The Stirling onslaught continued in the second half although Hahndorf continued to fight back and attack. Tully Probert took advantage and scored off a follow-up opportunity after his first attempt was blocked by Stirling goally.

With an even score, it was on for both teams to open a lead. Stirling did this with a second penalty kick directly in front of goals. Both sides were displaying passion and skill and Will Bailye was defending a greater than normal number of goal attempts that came in high, successfully deflecting them over top of goals.

Hahndorf kept the Stirling goal keeper busy, but Stirling’s attack was regular resulting in a further quick two goals, the first of which bounced off the goal top rail and then a goally fumble dropping the next inside the goal net.

Jack Eakins played well in defence and Alex Eitel was strong in mid-field, with a high kick missing the goal after a corner kick from Asher Seiler-Simmons.

Stirling were on a roll and kicked their fifth and final goal followed shortly by a penalty shoot by Hahndorf’s Naheem Seiler-Simmons scoring Hahndorf’s second goal. Micah Edgecombe’s ball skills were on display again with Hamish Maxwell and Eddie Hardingham also putting in a solid game. Devon McAnna’s confidence is growing and his effort is always appreciated.

Probert made another solid attempt at goal but it was Felix Cutting who scored Hahndorf’s third goal to make a 3-5 score at final whistle.

Well played soccer by both teams. It was a pleasure to watch.

Cup Round  – 27th June – Hahndorf 0 v 4 Stirling Districts

Round 9 – 23rd June – Hahndorf 7 v 1 Torrens Valley

Under 16 boys kicked off at 10 am at home pitch, Torrens Valley had kick off downhill. The first 10 minutes of the game saw both teams playing evenly with neither team gaining the upper hand. Hahndorf had a couple of attempts on goal but no avail. On the 11th minute saw Jack Eakins score off a corner giving Hahndorf the starting lead. Numerous attempts on goal by Torrens Valley were nicely defended by Eakins and Hamish Maxwell. After a competitive run through Valley players, Felix Cutting broke through the pack scoring Hahndorf’s second goal. Shortly after, Cutting kicked a ball through to Micah Edgecombe which he finished off, securing Hahndorf’s third goal. James Lea worked extremely well in the midfield, playing vigorously and determinedly to get the ball through the midfield. Angus Mason scored Hahndorf’s fourth goal after an assist from Cutting. The opposition made a few breakaways but Hahndorf shut them down quickly. Throughout the first half Hahndorf sustained the pressure preventing Torrens Valley from scoring. The last few minutes of the first half Hahndorf saw another attempt on goal, but was unfortunately foiled by Torrens team.

The second half saw an early goal scored by Torrens, seeing a fighting chance, followed by another goal scored for Hahndorf by Will Bailye. Bailye ran the ball down the line assisting Danny Kim, to score the sixth goal for Hahndorf. Mason ran the ball down the right wing, scoring from out wide. After a through ball from defence, Kim had another shot on goals but was thwarted by the goalie. The eight goal was scored by Bailye after he broke through Torrens defence. Bailye set up a great ball to Edgecombe who scores Hahndorf’s ninth goal. Tully Probert exhibited excellent pressure, forcing many mistakes by Torrens. An unfortunate tussle in the Torrens valley box resulted in a penalty which was executed by Naheem Seiler-Simmons. The end of the game concluded with Hahndorf working well as a team and stopping Torrens from breaking through. Well done both team, Torrens Valley putting up a great fight but ultimately losing 10-1.

Round 7 – 2nd June – Hahndorf 0 v 6 Strathalbyn
The Strathalbyn v Hahndorf Under 16’s game commenced with a Hahndorf kick-off. Strathalbyn then took control early on. At this stage Hahndorf defended well to avoid conversion by Strathalbyn with William Bailye providing good defence in goal. Declan Kilgariff and Tait Kalgariff also defended well on pitch. Strathalbyn also managed to defend any goal attempts by Hahndorf and well before half-time scored the first goal. By half-time Strathalbyn were 4 goals to Hahndorf 0.

The second half saw Strathalbyn kick-off. Hahndorf tried to restrict further scores by Strathalbyn early and Danny Kim tried to shoot for goal for Hahndorf without success. Strathalbyn dominated again and scored another goal. Hahndorf had several attempts at goal, as did Strathalbyn, with Strathalbyn scoring. Felix Cutting and Micah Edgecombe provided strong attack by Hahndorf. Both teams played hard but it was Strathalbyn who dominated. Final Score 6-0.

Round 6 – 26th May – Hahndorf 2 v 2 Woodside
Both teams were in it to win when Hahndorf U16 hosted Woodside for the first match of the day.
The match was characterised by vigorous running too and fro and constant pressure from both teams across the field as the players pulled out all their tricks and ball skills in efforts to outwit their opponents.
Despite Hahndorf’s attempts to score early, first by Asher Seiler-Simmons and followed shortly after by his brother Naheem Seiler-Simmons and both Liam Friebe & Kyle Friebe proving themselves forces to be reckoned with in the Hahndorf defence, Woodside scored a second time just a minute before the umpire blew the half-time whistle to take the score to 2-0

The second half started well for Hahndorf when Danny Kim scored from a header, set up by Asher Seiler-Simmons with a corner kick.
Further goal attempts were made by Hahndorf and excellent play along the wing by Tait Kilgariff and Angus Mason. Some of the Woodside players were very fast which gave Micah Edgecombe the opportunity to exercise his fancy foot work and bluff to break free of the Woodside players on a number of occasions.
It was over midway through the second half when tiredness and frustration were catching up with both sides that Tully Probert slipped a quick kick past the Woodside goally to even up the score to 2-2

With both teams now itching to score, a spectacular save by Hahndorf goal keeper Will Bailye and similar excellent goal keeping by Woodside prevented either team from securing a win, ending the match with a draw.

Well done to all players on both teams.

Cup Round – 19th May – Hahndorf 3 v 0 Torrens Valley
It was an overcast day in the Adelaide Hills when Hahndorf Soccer Club prepared on their home ground with plenty of players to take on the Torrens Valley Club. Hahndorf were feeling confident and reliving the favourable score from the last time the U16 teams had met. Torrens Valley on the other hand came prepared to battle it out and their strong team resilience shone through the gloom of the day.

Hahndorf’s first attempt at scoring followed a kick out of the Torrens Valley goal square which was controlled up the left wing by Angus Mason but kicked high over the goals. Continued attempts by Hahndorf to score became a pattern for the game with Torrens Valley goal keeper proving a force to be reckoned with.
Jack Eakins for Hahndorf had many attempts to score and was finally rewarded 30 minutes into the hotly contested match by a lob over the keeper’s head to give Hahndorf a 1-0 lead.
The lads’ skill sets were on display with double headers off a corner kick-in and cunning footwork from both teams ensuring a competitive match. Torrens Valley goal keeper continued to defend hard and fast to prevent Hahndorf’s relentless attacks from producing goals. Even in the scramble after a Hahndorf kick bounced off the post and across the front of Torrens Valley’s goal, the strength of the Torrens Valley defence was remarkable.

It was only in the final minutes of the first half that Hahndorf’s Felix Cutting scored to strengthen the Home teams’ position. When the half time whistle blew, Torrens Valley had made four attempts to score against Hahndorf’s seventeen, resulting in the 2-0 half-time score board.
Both teams came out with renewed energy after the half time break, Hahndorf with an obvious improvement in team work. James Lee for Hahndorf played like a man possessed but his goal attempt rebounded of the goal frame too. The Torrens Valley resilience was truly put to the test by Hahndorf’s thirty five attempts to score in second half resulting in just one more goal for Cutting.
Well done to both teams who showed real grit and determination resulting in a relatively low scoring but highly competitive game.

Round 5 – 12th May – Hahndorf 5 v 3 Murray Bridge
Murray Bridge was the place to be, it was game on, between the Hahndorf and Murray Bridge u16s soccer teams! Murray Bridge kicked-off, going downhill and with the wind, started strongly, attacking early. However, Hahndorf were sound in defense and fighting hard. Neither team were able to capitalise on their opportunities, until Declan Kilgariff received a well waited through-ball, which he pounced on and scored Hahndorf’s first goal, 15 minutes in. Within 2 minutes, Hahndorf had their second, thanks to some fancy footwork and a fantastic cross by Micah Edgecombe, which Danny Kim received and let his thumping foot do the rest! Murray Bridge never gave up, and soon after, as Will Bailye charged out, Jaidyn Willis side stepped beautifully, leaving the goalie all at sea and scored easily. However, Hahndorf responded quickly, thanks to the speed of Angus Mason and finishing work of Felix Cutting who kicked truly. Not to be out done, Murray Bridge scored again, when Takudzwa Mashinge, who had worked tirelessly all half, kicked a stunner, just passing the outstretched fingers of the goalie. The score of 3-2, Hahndorf’s way.

In the second half, it was all Hahndorf early on, yet despite repeated forward movement and multiple shots, they wasted a lot of opportunities. Danny Kim was on fire, but his missiles were landing everywhere accept for the back of the net! Thankfully, Felix Cutting was on target and 20 minutes in, scored his second for the game. But Murray Bridge continued to battle on and 5 minutes later, from the penalty spot, Corey Poulish scored. Hahndorf’s coach kept swinging the changes to ensure he had fresh players on the ground as his team continued to battle on. A late surge by Murray Bridge looked full of promise until Will Bailye, charged out and booted the ball straight to Asher Seiler-Simmons, who with ease caressed the ball into the back of the net, scoring Hahndorf’s final goal for the game. Hahndorf won 5-3, with Felix Cutting, Angus Mason and Asher Seiler-Simmons playing particularly well. Both teams fort hard and fair and played an entertaining game which the crowd thoroughly enjoyed. Great effort!

Round 4 – 5th April – Hahndorf 3 v 5 Bridgewater
Hahndorf had a tussle on their hands from the first whistle against an in-form Bridgewater team this week. Goalie Will Bailye was hard at work with his first save of the game not a minute out. Hahndorf looked strong, with Danny Kim, James Lea and Angus Mason tearing up the field.

Tully Probert, Hamish Maxwell, Danny Kim, Tait and Declan Kilgariff were in amongst it, dodging and teasing the ball away from the opposition. The footwork from both teams was fabulous to watch. Both teams were evenly matched. It was like watching a tennis match for the audience, with the ball dodging back and forth.

There were many tries for goal but Felix Cutting, ably assisted by Tully Probert scored the first goal for Hahndorf. Defence efforts stepped up. Tait Kilgariff stopped a certain goal. Declan Kilgariff backed that effort up with two great saves. Felix Cutting must have enjoyed his first goal because he then galloped up the field to land his second.

A good save from Kyle Friebe and Goalie Will Bailye was followed up by a solid goal by Bridgewater’s Kiran Sedunary. Bridgewater’s Josh Kidman scored a cracking three goals for the match. Asher Seiler-Simmons sent a powerful free throw from the corner to Angus Mason for a try. James Lea, Edward Hardingham and Declan Kilgariff put their bodies on the line before Cutting again scored, with the assist from Declan Kilgariff.

Bridgewater’s Jiah Huppatz snuck in a tidy goal before match’s end in what was a thoroughly entertaining game to watch.

Round 3 – 28th April – Hahndorf 1 v 5 Stirling Districts
Great start to the game with Hahndorf taking centre pass trying to keep precision of the ball with Stirling District taking control moving fast down the pitch towards the goals but Hahndorf goal keeper Jack Eakins deflecting the ball. After many tries from Stirling a mishap from a defence player from Hahndorf put the ball through for Stirling, which started the roll for Stirling scoring another 3 in the first half.

After half time Hahndorf came out fighting hard to keep control of the ball, defence from Hahndorf worked hard, but Stirling was too good on the day scoring another goal. In the last 5 minutes of the game Hahndorf scored a goal, Tully Probert showing his skills pushing forward with the other forward players what a great goal. Hahndorf worked hard all day limiting the score from Stirling. Final score Stirling district 5 to Hahndorf 1.

Round 2 – 14th April – Hahndorf 6 v 0 Torrens Valley
In the glorious first real rain of the year Hahndorf’s under 16 boys faced Torrens Valley at Birdwood. Hahndorf’s Danny Kim shot a goal in the first minute of the game and set the tone of the match to come. Whilst the wind and the natural incline of the pitch aided Hahndorf, they were also playing extremely well. Both side’s struggled with the
ball stopping dead in puddles and veering off course in gusty winds. Torrens Valley did not have luck on their side when an attempt to save a goal early on ended with an own goal. Still they fought gallantly on and their goaly saved many well placed shots at goal. Any attempts Torrens valley made at goal were expertly stopped by Hahndorf’s goalies Liam Freibe and Hamish Maxwell in the first half and Eddie Hardingham in the second.

Well into the first half Naheem Seller Simmons deftly took the ball all the way from the half way line in and out of multiple players all the way home ignoring well meant instructions from spectators to pass it on. Felix Cutting shot several impressive goals some of which were perfectly set up for him by the rest of the team. It was a lit game for under 16 Hahndorf’s boys who have had a poor last season . For Hahndorf it was a well played, well deserved win and it was bad luck for Torrens Valley who happened to be the team versing them.

Round 1 – 7th April – Hahndorf 1 v 5 Bridgewater
This was very much a game of two halves on a bright, sunshiny day at Hahndorf. The first half was a back and forth tussle, with vigorous attacks and counter-attacks as both sides pressed hard. The first real chance for Hahndorf came in the 7th minute. The shot was saved on the ground by Stirling’s goalkeeper, but 2 minutes later a headed pass from M. Edgecombe found D. Kim, and a strong run and finish scored the first goal of the game.

A purposeful Bridgewater did not capitulate, and in the 25th minute M. Daly scored for the visitors. At the half-time break the game was still evenly poised.

But Bridgewater came out firing in the second half, beginning with a superb long goal from O. Hill. Despite some solid saves by W. Bailye, Hahndorf’s doughty defence were unable to prevent a second goal from M. Daly and two goals from J. Erhart-Bruce.

Bridgewater defeated Hahndorf 5-1.