Under 8

Coach: Michael Newman

Team Manager: Carly Mickan

Training Time: 

**** Match Reports 2019 ****

Round 8 – 15th June – Hahndorf White v Mt Barker

The Hahndorf under 8 team put in enormous effort playing Mount Barker football team at Anembo park.

From the start of the whistle , Hahndorf controlled the ball with due diligence , thomas Gould led the team with two goals and Henry Eastland following with a side kick third goal .
Jackson Bidgood led the ball for Hahndorf down to the goal each time with great strides . The whole Hahndorf team were so encouraging and supportive of each other .

It was a great second half played by mount barker with near goals . Hahndorf’s consistent strong team led the game 3 -0 in Hahndorf’s favour.

A fantastic effort from mount barker and a great positive team , followed by wonderful coaches ! The Hahndorf team want to thank Mount barker for the game played !

**** Match Reports 2018 ****

Round 17 – 1st September – Hahndorf White v Stirling Districts

Todays match saw Hahndorf take on Stirling District at Aldgate in the last game of the season. Both teams were going to have hard slog as some heavy overnight rain made the pitch very soggie under foot. The 1st half saw both teams battle it out with multiple shots on goal and some good defence from both sides as the rain started to fall late in the 1st half both teams were pushing hard to try and find the back of the net.
As the rain cleared for the 2nd half both teams exchanged in a back and forth battle trying to put their team in front and put the defence under pressure with only a couple slipping through to the back of the net. The game was a very even match between the 2 sides and they can all hold their heads high with a good display of sportsmanship in such wet conditions.

Round 16 – 18th August – Hahndorf White v Strathalbyn

Today the Hahndorf under 8 whites travelled out to Strathalbyn. Although the sun was shining it was still very chilly. But this didn’t stop the hahndorf boys from digging in from the first whistle. The first half proved to be a very tight contest with both teams defending very well in the blustery conditions. Potezny created some good chances. While at the other end in defence Oliver and Timms were solid.The teams could not be split at the half.
As the second have started the game came to life with Beesley netting an absolute rocket from distance. Then Bateman and Potezny chipped in with some more great goals.
Cook was also very good in goal making several great saves. Both teams put in a solid stint and played the game in good spirit.

Round 15 – 11th August – Hahndorf White v Woodside

Round 15 of the unders8’s soccer season saw Hahndorf meet the Woodside Warriors Blue team at Woodside on a chilly winter’s morning.

The Hahndorf attack line started strongly in the first half with goals scored by Joel Bateman, Bodhi Potezny and Levi Beesley.  The second half continued strongly for Hahndorf with further goals scored despite an excellent effort by the Woodside goal keeper who stopped many goal attempts. Well done to both teams on a game well played.

Congratulations to Hahndorf coaches Steve & Kristin Beesley on a job well done.  The team have significantly improved throughout the season thanks to your effort and encouragement.

Round 12 – 21st July – Hahndorf White v Rangers

It was a cold misty start on the Ashton Oval, but luckily there was no wind.  The kids were very brave to play in the cold.
Whilst the ball spent the majority of time on the Rangers side,  Hahndorf put up a good fight. There were plenty of tackles and saves.
The first goal was scored by the Rangers just 3 minutes into the start of the game.  The first half saw around 9 saves of the ball at the goals from Hahndorf and there were 4 goals scored by Rangers.
In the second half there were around another 8 goal saves from Hahndorf, yet another 5 goals scored by rangers, making it a resounding win by Rangers at 9 goals.  Hahndorf put up an amazing fight, and were still in good spirits despite the loss and being almost frozen.  Thanks to Pearl for filling in as a player, and well done to Lachy who was awarded with the donut ticket.

Round 11 – 7th July – Hahndorf White v Mt Barker Lutheran

Hahndorf White under 8 played Mt Barker Lutheran at Anembo Park, kick off was at 9am. It was a competitive match, Mt Baker passed the ball well and we’re unlucky not to covert on more than one occasion. Hahndorf played well, Will Tully was in position to stop quite a few attacking runs from Mt Barker. Billy Cook kept goals well in the second half. Joel Bateman curved one into the back of the net from a miracle angle to add to one from Billy in the first half.

Both teams played really well in muddy condition, spectators were lucky enough to only receive a sprinkle.

Round 10 – 30th June – Hahndorf White v Stirling

For this weeks game we had Hahndorf vs Stirling. This was a very evenly matched game with both teams presenting with multiple shots on goal in the 1st half with Levi And Joel converting for Hahndorf while Stirling managed to sneak one past the Hahndorf goalie. The second half saw both teams make multiple shots on goal again but thanks to some great defence from both teams neither were able to find the back of the net. Great effort by both teams for a very exciting match.

Round 9 – 23rd June – Hahndorf White v Mannum
Today the Hahndorf Under 8 Whites made the big road trip out to Mannum. The conditions at Mannum were perfect although a little chilly. The game got off to a frantic start with Hahndorf really pushing and testing the Mannum defence. While the Mannum keeper proved hard to break down, Levi Beesley eventually made the breakthrough scoring a couple of goals in the first half as well as Joel Bateman sneaking one late. Lachlan Oliver also provided some good runs and shots at goal.

After enjoying a few oranges at the break, the team were keen to get back on the pitch. Billy Cook got the team going with some good attacking runs. After a few missed chances at goal Hahndorf did find the back of the net with goals from Levi Beesly, Bodhi Potenzy and Joel Bateman. Both teams played the game in good spirit under the sunshine at Mannum. A special thanks to Pearl Beesly who helped out and put in a good performance.

Round 8 – 16th June – Hahndorf White v Woodside
Round 8 of the under 8’s soccer season saw Hahndorf meet the Woodside Warriors at Pine Avenue Hahndorf on a cool winter morning. The rain during the week meant the teams experienced a wet and soggy pitch for the first time this season.

The game started at a quick pace in the first half and both teams had attempts at goal with Woodside scoring the only goal of the half. The second half saw Woodside score another goal. Hahndorf scored a goal through a strong attacking play by Joel Bateman. The teams were evenly matched and there were many instances of excellent attacking play and strong defence. The game was well played by both teams in the true spirit of the game.

Round 7 – 2nd June – Hahndorf White v Hahndorf Red
Under cloudy skies at Pine Avenue Under 8 White fielded a full team of enthusiastic players against Hahndorf Under 8 Red. BowieTimms took the role of goal keepe rand the eight aside game was on. Joel Bateman was the first to beat the Reds keeper after defenders Andrea Nicholls, William Tully repelled some Red attacks. The midfield consisting of Levi Beesley, Bohdi Potenzy, Billy Cook and Lachlan Oliver was very solid. Levi got one past the goal keeper. The second half began at a feverish pace with most of the play in the white attacking half. Levi Beesley snuck another beauty – the Redteam tried valiantly but Levi found another way through. A game played in great spirit.

Round 6 – 26th May – Hahndorf White v Murray Bridge
The Hahndorf White U8 team again put on a solid effort against Murray Bridge on Saturday. From the opening whistle Hahndorf’s forward line of Billy Cook and Bohdi Potezny had some great early attempts at goal where they were met with a strong defence by Murray Bridge. Hahndorf’s Joel Bateman likewise did an excellent job protecting opposition goals in goal keeper. During half time great team spirit was displayed with Hahndorf Whites “boots in” tradition. Levi Beesley scored a great goal immediately in the second half. Strong defence by Lachie Oliver and Will Tully supported by Andrea Nicholls in the midfield enabled Hahndorf to continue to dominate play throughout the match.

Cup Round – 19th May – Hahndorf White v Nairne
Hahndorf U8 White travelled to Nairne this Saturday. Despite the wet and cold conditions both teams remained enthusiastic. A lessened Hahndorf squad played a great game with great goals scored by Joel Bateman, Billy Cook and Levi Beesley. The goal scorers were well supported by their team mates Laclan Oliver, Bohdi Potenzy and Will Tully, the boys shared the ball around and displayed how well they have grown as team. Thanks to coach Claudia Kerr and parents and supports for coming out on a rainy day.

Round 5 – 12th May – Hahndorf White v Hahndorf Black
Hahndorf White were out gunned by a talent laden and well drilled counterpart Hahndorf Black.

White were often courage’s in defence and unlucky not to have converted a few opportunity’s in attack.

Levi Beesley kept well in the second half and Andrea Nicholls enjoyed a run in attack. First gamer William Tully positioned himself well in defence. White lifted in the second half and ran the game out well.

Round 4 – 5th May- Hahndorf v Stirling Districts
The first half proved to be even between both sides, stirling got the early jump on hahndorf with some early shots on goal but with some great defence from these proved unseccessfull. Then once hahndorf had warmed up they turned some great defence into some great offence and put stirling under some pressure with some shots on goals of their own coming close on several occasions. It was a very hard faught out first half between both sides with both teams applying non stop pressure which made it hard for either team to score, and at the end of the first half it was still all tied up. which only ment the second half was going to be a cracker with either team keen to get that 1st goal.

The second half started off right where it ended with hahndorf and stirling exchanging in more shots on goal but neither team wanted to give up and inch and great defence preventing any score. then just after half way through the 2nd half with a great shot on goal stirling found the back of the net to go one up. The only made Hahndorf more determined and shortly after with 3 minutes to go they got their break through goal to tie it all back up. Hahndorf’s attack was relentless for the remainder on the half with a few more ver close attempts on goal but time just got the best of both teams with it all tied up at full time.

Round 3 – 28th April – Hahndorf v Strathalbyn
After two weeks without play Hahndorf U8 were looking forward to their round 3 match ..against Strathalbyn. Strathalbyn graciously assisted Hahndorf by allowing two of their players to play for Hahndorf who were down to a squad of five.

Joel Bateman and Lachlan Oliver led Hahndorf’s strong line of attack resulting in the first goal of the game. Bowie Timms, Levi Beesley and Billy Cook worked well together in defence but despite their best efforts Strath were quick to follow Hahndorf with a goal.

Today’s match was a good effort from both teams, Hahndorf White would like to thank Strathalbyn for the game played in the true spirit of the game.

Round 1 – 7th April – Hahndorf v Nairne
The start of the soccer season brought a fresh Hahndorf Under 8’s White team to Nairne keen and ready to play. Hahndorf started strongly with Joel Bateman and Bodhi Potezny combining to provide a strong attack line with 2 goals scored by Bateman in the first half. Both Hahndorf and Nairne had further attempts at goal but excellent goal keeping prevented them from being converted.

Half time provided Hahndorf coach Graham Phillips with the opportunity to change players positions and provide expert guidance to the young players. The second half saw 2 further goals for Hahndorf scored by Bateman and William Cook. The game was well-played in the true spirit of the game by both sides and was an excellent start to a competitive season ahead for the Hahndorf team.