Under 9 Black

Coach: Eddie Hardingham

Team Manager: Candice Perkins

Training Time:

**** Match Reports 2020 ****

Round 12 – 12th September – Hahndorf Black v Hahndorf White

It was a very exciting game with hahndorf black vs hahndorf white. Both teams had a high intensity from kick off, closely matched on the sidelines! Both teams had some great shots on goal, with one from Luca Falvo Lopez that snuck through to put black in the lead. Both teams very evenly matched and there was an epic header from the white team and great body block buy Jhett Frost but the score board remained at 1 -0 to hahndorf black despite some close calls both ways.

Round 11 – 5th September – Hahndorf Black v Stirling Districts Blue

The sun was out again for the clash between Hahndorf Black and Stirling Districts Blue at Pine Ave. Both teams lined up with determination on their faces. An early attempt on goal by Jackson Bidgood was thwarted by Stirling and the ball bounced around the pitch. Rowan Gilroy had another Stella game in defence putting himself in the right place at the right time with a powerful kick back to the Hahndorf end. This time Bidgood lifted the ball and found the back of the net. With play heading down Stirling end, Jhett Frost got a clearing shot on to the ball as his opponents boot went flying through the air. Zack Perkins was determined to keep the ball in Hahndorf’s position with kicks made in a variety of non-standing positions. Coach Eddie then found himself in the centre of the action as the ball was sent flying down the Hahndorf end again. Caleb Early appeared out of nowhere, putting his body on the line on several occasions to keep the ball safe for the Hahndorf team. With half time fast approaching the Hahndorf boys put together a play of the day passing and weaving through the Stirling team with Lucca Falvo Lopez getting his foot to the ball before it ended up in the net.

The second half saw teams increase to 9 a side and many more attempts on goal by the Hahndorf forward line keeping the Stirling goalie on their toes. At one point, Falvo Lopez landed a shot right on the goalies chest! Great passing from Perkins to Hugo Curtis and then to Lachlan Gardiner looked like it had the goods but again it went wide. Hahndorf played a strong defensive team game when the ball threatened their goals with great long clearing kicks returning the ball to their end for some pretty ambitious long attempts on goal. Weaving through the opposition Bidgood finally got the ball where he had been aiming for all game. Hard defence by Curtis pushed the ball back up to Hahndorf’s end where an unsuccessful attempt on goal was then claimed by Gilroy and kicked over the keepers head for the final goal of the game.

A final charge by Stirling towards keeper Connor Castle saw him with the final clearing kick of the game. Thankyou Stirling for the great game and well done Hahndorf on the 3-0 win!

Round 10 – 29th August – Hahndorf Black v Stirling United Blue

For the game between the Hahndorf Magpies (Black) and Stirling United Blue there was no need to kick the dew off the Aldgate Oval as the morning sun was a welcome site for players and spectators alike.

The game started with a fast pace, both teams were playing for keeps. Stirling controlled the play predominantly for the first five minutes in their attacking half but thanks to defensive pressure from Hahndorf they were unable to score. With persistence and a clearing kick from Conor Castle, Hahndorf managed to push forward into attack. At the 8 minute mark, deep in attack for Hahndorf, a clean cross was centered to Caleb Earley. With eyes wide open Earley found the back of the net and Hahndorf hit the lead. Approximately 10 minutes into the half Stirling managed to free some space for one of their players. An impressive strike from about 10 metres out resulted in a Stirling goal. Scores were level.

With scores tied, the intensity lifted. With eyes only for the ball Hugo Curtis had a bad head clash with a Stirling opponent. Both boys were ok and Curtis, with courage, could thankfully continue with his impressive start to the game. Credit were credit is due, I heard one of the Stirling players ask Curtis if he was ok. Great sportsmanship, excellent to hear.

Hahndorf continued to keep attacking with great midfield pressure from Castle, Zack Perkins, Lachlan Gardiner and Jhett Frost. With 5 minutes to half time Lucca Falvo Lopez had an unsuccessful shot on goal followed a minute later with a wild shot from Frost. With 3 minutes left Rowan Gilroy and Jackson Bidgood showed great determination and speed to chase down a Stirling opponent and apply enough pressure to stop a possible Stirling goal. Falvo Lopez was troubling the Stirling defense with two more shots on goal in the final 2 minutes of the first half but was unfortunately unable to convert.

Half time. Must needed rest. Hydration restored. Glucose consumed in the form of flavored, soft dinosaurs.

Within the first minute of the second half Curtis had a shot on goal and a minute later Perkind had one also. Hahndorf were pushing hard for a second goal. Gardiner had three consecutive shots on goal but they just were not quite coming off the boot how he would have liked. Stirling’s defense was on notice. All Hahndorf players were putting in big efforts across the pitch and at times it appeared there were two number 8. Gilroy leading by example. 7 minutes into the second half Hahndorf’s hard work paid off as they managed to pass to Falvo Lopez with space. Looking like he had all the time in the world, Falvo Lopez skillfully put it past the Stirling keeper and Hahndorf had their second.

Without delay Stirling again managed to level the score. Two minutes later Stirling had another shot on goal but this time without success due to a great save from Frost. Perkins, Earley and Castle were a part of the link that had Gardiner and Bidgood clear from defense to give Falvo Lopez another chance to score but this one did not trouble the scorers.

In the last 5 minutes Stirling were applying a lot of pressure to Hahndorf but Caleb and Bidgood were reliable in defense. Frost saved another Stirling attempt. 3 minutes to play Gardiner had another shot on goal and Bidgood had a corner ever so close to crossing the line. Efforts from Castle, Perkins and Earley saw Falvo Lopez have the final attempt to score of the game.

Full time saw a 2 all draw. Another fantastic effort by all Hahndorf players. Coach Eddie should be proud of the team he is guiding. That elusive win over Stirling persists.

Round 9 – 22nd August – Hahndorf Black v Bridgewater

It was a very windy and wet morning with the game being moved to Strathalbyn due to weather. Fill in coach – Richard Earley taking the reigns while Eddie played his own match.
What was to be a very physical game started when a Bridgewater player accidentally got a ball to the head stopping the game for a minute but he continued on.
A couple of minutes in Hahndorf applied the pressure and Lachlan Gardiner had a good break down the field. Jackson Bidgood was subbed in and made an immediate difference, again applying the pressure inside the Bridgewater half. Caleb Earley was doing a solid job in the first 15 minutes which resulted in a Hahndorf free kick , taken by Gardiner which led to a shot at goal from the Hugo Curtis. Bridgewater had a shot at goal 5 minutes from half time, but was stopped by very solid defence from the Hahndorf team.
It wasn’t long before the tide turned and Gardiner again had a shot at goal which just hit the post. Only two minutes later a good pass from Zack Perkins again to Gardiner for another shot which didn’t quite make it. Earley was consistently good in defence supported by Rowan Gilroy.

2nd half
Hahndorf started to dominate in attack in the second half, starting with a Lucca Falvo Lopez cross and then some great teamwork from Gardiner passing to Falvo Lopez then to Earley for a shot at goal. The pressure was sustained with a couple of shots at goal from Falvo Lopez and when Bridgewater had a break some really good defence from Gilroy, Earley and Frost. At around ten minutes into the second half Falvo Lopez crossed to Frost who put a shot past the keeper, but was disallowed as was inside the box. Bridgewater had a couple more opportunities to score but we’re again hindered by strong defence from the team. Ten minutes in and Frost weaved his way around the Bridgewater defenders and lobbed a direct pass to Falvo Lopez who proceeded to shoot and score what was to be the only goal of the game. Gardiner was strong in defence, along with Gilroy and when Bridgewater had a few more opportunities, Bidgood as goalkeeper really stood up. There was great synergy at the front between Ga
rdiner, Perkins Falvo Lopez and Frost with some further attempts at goal, again too close to the box and there were some missed opportunities for Hanhdorf but the training and improved teamwork was clear. It was a tight and intense game in tough conditions but Hanhdorf once again came away with the win.

A very big Thankyou to Richard for stepping in at the last minute to coach the boys!

Round 8 – 15th August – Hahndorf Black v Stirling Districts White

Stirling Districts kicked off as it began to drizzle. The first half was an evenly matched affair with good passing and use of the pitch from both teams. In the 10th minute Hahndorf had good shots from Jackson Bidgood and Zack Perkins. In the 14th minute a good shot from Lucca Falvo Lopez was blocked by the Stirling keeper into the path of Caleb Earley whose follow up shot missed. In the 16th minute Hahndorf put through a good long ball with the chance of a goal – but the Stirling keeper saved well by coming out of his box and clearing the ball. Rowan Gilroy came to the rescue a number of times in defence for Hahndorf, blocking shots and dispossessing Stirling players of the ball.

In the second half, Stirling began to put more pressure on Hahndorf and kept the ball in their attacking half for prolonged periods. Early on Stirling had a quick break and looked certain to score, but the ball just beat the Stirling attacker into the Goal Box. Soon after, one of the Stirling players had a powerful shot from almost halfway that was just wide of the Hahndorf goal. In the 31st minute, Stirling reacted quickly to a Hahndorf goal kick and scored the first goal of the match. In the 34th minute, Hahndorf lost the ball and quick movement forward by Stirling led to a second goal. Hahndorf was struggling to get into their attacking half, but in the 38th minute Falvo Lopez was able to get clear and get a shot off. Unfortunately it was well saved by the Stirling keeper.

Both teams played hard and well. Stirling’s greater pressure in the second half won the game 2-0 for them.

Round 7 – 8th August – Hahndorf Black v Mt Barker

It was a very cold and wet morning as Hahndorf and Mt Barker met at Anembo Park, but the boys braved the elements with surprising enthusiasm. Zack Perkins wasted no time in leading the charge, dribbling past Mt Barkers defence and taking a shot at goals. Narrowly missing, he went in for the second shot and scored. Mt Barker went on the counterattack but Hugo Curtis was ready in defence and with some clever footwork worked his way through the opposition to score the second goal. Some great passing from Rowan Gilroy and Lachlan Gardner, showing the boys could really work the field, contributed to another goal from Lucca Falvo Lopez. Caleb Earley and Connor Castle also demonstrated some great passing and tactical work, while Jhette Frost was strong in the midfield working both sides of the field and keeping the pressure on the Reds.

In the second half, Jackson Bidgood brought the goods, delivering another two goals for Hahndorf. All in all, despite the less-than-favourable conditions, the boys played some great soccer clearly demonstrating their fast-growing skill and understanding of the game.

Round 6 – 1st August – Hahndorf Black v Woodside

Another sunny home ground pitch presented itself today for this weeks under 9 clash between Hahndorf Black and Woodside Warriors. Kick off lead to an early attempt on goal by Hahndorf. The ball was returned to the forward line by Rowan Gilroy and Hugo Curtis to be converted to a goal by Falvo Lopez. Play bounced around with strong defence by both teams. Woodside were on the run, pushing the ball down their end but their attempt was thwarted by Zack Perkins and Jackson Bidgood. Play again returned to Woodside’s end and goalie,Lachlan Gardner saved. The passing between the Hahndorf boys pleased their coach and saw them set up a few further attempts on goal before the half time break.

In the second half Caleb Earley was fierce in defence, Jhett Frost popped up in the attack just when needed and Connor Castle protected the last line of defence with vigour. Working together, the boys fed the ball down forward where Falvo Lopez scored again. Now in attack mode, Curtis and Gilroy both made attempts on goal but did not find the net this time. A great game today with good defence by both teams keeping the goal count low.

A massive Thank you to the Castle family for the donation of new goalie gloves for our team!

Round 5 – 25th July – Hahndorf Black v Murray Bridge

A sunny home ground pitch provided the perfect venue for this rounds under 9 clash between Hahndorf Black and Murray Bridge United. After agreeing to play 8 a side play was got under way. An early goal scored by Lucca Falvo Lopez saw the Hahndorf boys with an early lead. Many more shots were made on goal but went wide, with an active forward line of Jhett Frost, Hugo Curtis, Zack Perkins all working to get the ball to the ready for the shot. The half time whistle just caught the Hahndorf boys short of another goal but refuelled with lollies and oranges they headed out again.

The second half saw some excellent defence work by Caleb Earley and Rowan Gilroy returning the ball back to Hahndorf’s end if it dared to cross the midline. Falvo Lopez took a slide and snuck the ball towards the goals where it was very nearly saved but unfortunately for Murray Bridge went over the line. After saving another attempt on goal with his face, the Murray Bridge goalie had one sneak through his legs kicked by Lachlan Gardner. In the last few minutes of the game, play made its way down the Murray Bridge end with good work in goals by Connor Castle keeping the opposition without a goal.

Round 4 – 18th July – Hahndorf Black v Mt Barker

Mount Barker United started the kick-off against Hahndorf U9 Blacks on a mild, slightly breezy Saturday morning.

Some good early movement from both teams saw the ball down both ends frequently with displays of some fine passing and defensive skills. Both sides found some opportunities to get a shot on goals, only to just miss or be saved by the keeper. Conor Castle, picking up goalie position in the first half, saved several early goal attempts before Mount Barker United got one past him at the 8 minute mark.

Not to be deterred, Hahndorf pushed the ball up the offensive end with several good goal attempts throughout the first half. Displaying strong defence, both teams made attempts on goal in the latter part of the first half, with Rowen Gilroy finding an opening and hammering home an equaliser a few minutes before half time.

Hahndorf taking the kick-off to start the second half also saw a change of Hahndorf goalie to Caleb Early. Hahndorf were hot on the attack early on with an quick  goal attempt running just wide of the goal post.

The second half showed some signs of energy levels reducing as ball movement slowed from both teams but a good spread of players including Zack Perkins still allowed the ball to make its way to both ends frequently. Shot attempts for goal slowed down as the defence by both Hahndorf and Mount Barker appeared to strengthen.

The remaining time for the match saw some fantastic defence from Hahndorf’s Gilroy and Lachlan Gardner and good attacking from Mount Barker. With some final goal attempts by Hugo Curtis, Lucca Falvo-Lopez and Jhett Frost from Hahndorf just unable to convert. A great game played by all and thanks to our stand by coach Graham Phillip for leading us through this weeks game.

Round 3 – 11th July – Hahndorf Black v Strathalbyn

Hahndorf defeated Strathalbyn in an exciting game that saw Hahndorf strongly lead for both halves. Lucca Falvo Lopez was a strong forward player for Hahndorf scoring a winning four goals. Lachlan Gardner and Caleb Earley, also scored a goal each. Strathalbyn’s goal keeper worked hard stopping goal after goal and their team kept running up and down the wings leading and calling for the ball. However, Hahndorf’s defence was strong with Zack Perkins and Rowan Gilroy turning the ball around and moving it forward for more goals to be won. Jhett Frost was out of goals in the second half and back in the thick of the action. There were some great passes executed well by Hahndorf, with Hugo Curtis passing the ball to Earley who then successfully scored Hahndorf’s sixth goal for the win.

Round 1 – 27th June – Hahndorf Black v Stirling Districts

It was a cold 4degrees, when coach Eddie Hardingham lead the Hahndorf under 9 black team out on to the Pine Avenue pitch for their round one clash with Stirling Districts. Stirling scored an early goal that set the Hahndorf boys alight and the remainder of the 1st half was spent up the Hahndorf end. Hahndorf has several shots at goals but good goal keeping by Stirling saw that none ended up in the net. At half time, the change of ends saw Stirling take control with a number of attempts on goal. Goalie Conor Castle made some spectacular saves before the play evened out again and the ball went from end to end. Stirling scored again in the final minutes. Both teams played an excellent first game and have promising seasons ahead of them.


**** Match Reports 2019 ****

Round 14 – 3rd August – Hahndorf Black v Torrens Valley

The first half Jess was in goalie and help save a number of shots from Torrens Valley along with a strong defence from Nyasha, Jeremy, Steven and Isabella. However, the first half was all about the offensive attack. The unselfish play set up a number of goal opportunities. Oli was on fire scoring 3 goals and help setting up a goal by Sanja. Lola had a coupe of shots, using both her preferred foot and a shot with her leftie that was saved by the keeper. The superb passing was a pleasure to watch.

The second half had our star gaolie Jeremy who saved some excellent shots by Torrens Valley. Jess and Isabella teamed up well in attack with Jess bagging a goal. The team work was the best we had seen all year, with the hard work put in by Tim the coach really starting to pay off. Congratulations Hahndorf U9 black on an excellent game of football.

Round 11 – 6th July – Hahndorf Black v Strathalbyn Red

On a sunny morning, Hahndorf U9 Black took on Strathalbyn U9 Red at Strathalbyn.

Hahndorf started out fast, monopolising the ball in offence.

When Strathalbyn moved the ball into their offensive end, Jeremy Sprau was strong in defence, clearing the ball back to Hahndorf’s forwards. Daniel McKay-Puyo took an early shot at goal but missed to the side.

Hahndorf gained control of the ball again and moved into offence Jessica Verryt providing a clear pass to Oliver Mitchell who tried for goal but was saved by Strath goalie. Another interception by Mitchell with a strong pass to McKay-Puyo who took the chance and scored Hahndorf’s first goal.

In short order Mitchell and McKay-Puyo were back in front of goals with a second chance to score, but the shot went past the posts for a miss. Smart controlled passing between McKay-Puyo, Mitchell and Lola McKay-Puyo.

Lola McKay-Puyo then got in on the action with two strong shots for goal, but was unlucky to miss both.

Strath moved the ball into their offence and our defenders sprang into action. Sprau reading the play and clearing the ball, before Strath took a big shot at goal that was stopped with a fantastic save by goalie Sonjae Cook.

Another chance back in offence for McKay-Puyo but just missed to the side. Strathalbyn moved the ball over the halfway line but Sprau was right there with a forceful high kick across the field, chased down by Mitchell who kicked in it for goal….but the umpire ruled it a non-goal, inside the box.

Strath sneaked a goal past the Hahndorf goalie to give us a half time score of one all.

In the second half Sprau moved into goalie and Verryt took a control of the ball in offence, with a number of skilful runs down the field but was unlucky not to convert to goal. Strath picked up their offence, keeping Stephen Wang, Sonjae Cook and Benjamin Kowald busy in defence. Excellent reading the game play and clearing kicks from Wang kept the ball away from the Strath goal with help from a steadily improving Kowald. Back into offence Isabella Iuele moved the ball well through the centre field across to Nyasha Muradzikwa. McKay-Puyo with a forceful kick at goal with an unlucky miss that bounced off the post.

With the final whistle, the score was one all.

A strong game played by Hahndorf with the score not reflecting the strength of their team work today.

Thanks to Strathalbyn Red for a great game.

Round 9 – 22nd June – Hahndorf Black v Strathalbyn White

It was a warm and sunny day when Hahndorf Under 9 black met with Strathalbyn White .

Hahndorf black played a strong attack game with Jessica Verryt took a few shot on goal on the first half it was skilfully saved by the opposition goalkeeper. Daniel Mckay manage to safe two goals on the first half, while Oliver Mitchell and Sonjae Cook kept busy in attract and Jeremy Sprau and Niasha support Daniel on the defence line.

After half time Jessica Verryt scored the first goal for her team with the support of Daniel Mckay and Mitchell on attack. Lola Mckay highly motivated goal keeper manage to saved three goals from the opposition.

It was a good effort with great team work skills shown by both teams. Hahndorf Under 9 wish to thank Strathalbyn White for a great team.

Round 8 – 15th June– Hahndorf Black v Stirling United

In a tremendous team display Hahndorf Black played Stirling United on a misty winters morning at Stirling. In a
fairly one sided affair, Oliver Mitchell lead the scoring with a career high 5 goals , including one 30 seconds after kickoff. He was ably supported by Sonjae Cook with 2 goals. The pair combing on several occasions to give Hahndorf a 5 to nil advantage at half time. The score could have been more with several near misses to Lola and Daniel Mckay-Puyo . Excellent keeping by Zoe York in the first
and Jess Verryt in the second held Sirling goaless for the match. Nyasha Muradzikwa lead the defence in the first
half repelling many Stirling attacks at halfway, keeping much of the play in Stirling’s half.

Stirling rebounded in the second half to make it a more even contest. Stephen Wang made the difference in defence
with many long clearances to send Hahndorf straight back into attack. A highlight of the half was a series of passes
down the left wing from our goaline , unfortunately not resulting in the goal it deserved. Ollie scored his 5th with
another steal and finishing well with a raking right footer. Great defense from Jeremy Sprau, Isabella Iuele and Ben
Kowald kept Hahndorf from disturbing the scorer. A second goal to Sonjae at the death, capped off an great morning
for Tim and the team . Well played Hahndorf !

Round 6 – 25th May– Hahndorf Black v Murray Bridge
The game kicked off in Murray Bridge at 8:30 in glorious weather. Murray Bridge United and Hahndorf Black started fiercely with the game being competitively fought out. Steven made some great saves in goals and Lola, Daniel and Oli peppering the goals in attack. However, it was Niasha that broke the game open with a fantastic goal just after half time. The joy of kicking his first goal for the season was clearly evident in the celebrations. The game was later squared up with some fancy footwork by MB United as the weather turned and rain settled in. The team work and great passing was present throughout the day from both sides, it was a joy to watch.

Round 3 – 27th April– Hahndorf Black v Hahndorf White

It was a bright and sunny morning when Hahndorf Under 9 Black met with Hahndorf Under 9 White. From the first whistle Hahndorf Blacks put on a strong effort.

Hahndorf Blacks played a strong defence game against Hahndorf Whites with versatile players Oliver Mitchell and Lola McKay-Puyo kept busy all game. Hahndorf Blacks started the game with Mitchell in as a highly motivated goalkeeper. L McKay-Puyo and Nyasha Muradzikwain defence while Daniel McKay-Puyo and Zoe York were in attack. Jeremy Sprau made a valiant effort substituting in for the opposition in the first half.

The Hahndorf Blacks midfield of Stephen Wang and Jessica Verryt kept the pressure on the opposition. York broke away from the pack to take a shot on goal but it was skilfully saved by the opposition’s keeper. The two goals lost in the first half were a reflection of the intense attack brought by the opposition.

After the half time break Sonjae Cook started in goals while Sprau and D McKay-Puyo started across the midfield. Cook brought speed and agility but was unlucky with one slipping past after an impressive display of skill and aglity.

Great header from Wang to clear the pack and Muradzikwa showed some strong defence.

It was a good effort with great skill shown by both teams. The Hahndorf Under 9 Black wish to thank Hahndorf Under 9 White for a great game.

Round 2 – 13th April– Hahndorf Black v Strathalbyn

‘You guys need to wake up!’

That was Hahndorf U9 team coach Tim’s voice, after the first half. It was a tough first half. Even though the young players of Hahndorf U9 tried their best, and Oliver Mitchel got a goal, they and their parents could still feel the pressure Strathalbyn made.
Our kids have been growing so fast! They are taller, stronger and faster than last year. The games are getting more and more exciting, sometimes you forget it’s just children’s game! But the players themselves didn’t quite realised that. In the first couple of minutes of their second game of the season, they were kind of ‘dream walking’.
Tim kept encouraging the young players. After had some oranges, it seemed like they understood the situation and got hungry for more goals.
The second half started. Apparently everyone could do better of understanding the idea of positions and strategies. A lot of great passes and off-the-ball runnings. All the players especially the new joined ones Zoe York and Nyasha Muradzikwa were so getting into the game, using their skills beautifully. They were so eager to win!
Strathalbyn was the winner today.  A great game, a good lesson, sweet oranges and lovely parents. What a day!
Go Hahndorf!

Round 1 – 6th April– Hahndorf Black v Woodside

It was a cool morning with a gentle breeze when Hahndorf Under 9 met the Woodside Warriors Under 9 at the Woodside Recreational Grounds. After some quick chat with Tim the coach the team had a quick warmup game behind the behind the goal posts. That certainly seems to have worked because as soon as the match started it was obvious the Warriors team was under immense pressure.

Hahndorf kept piling pressure on their host and in the 8th minute after some beautiful dribbling footwork Oliver Mitchel passed the ball to Daniel McKay who did not disappoint by converting the first goal on the spot.The game started with Nyasha Muradzikwa as goal keeper and Zoe York and Sonjae Cook in defence while McKay and Mitchell were in the attack

The Hahndorf midfield Jessica Verryt and Jeremy Sprau gave their hosts a torrid time. Mitchel took a shot at the goal to register yet another goal, this was yet followed by yet another third goal from Mitchel a few minutes later.

In the second half York was striking and Muradzikwa was in defence McKay and Sprau were I midfield. Woodside Warriors took several shots but were not so lucky. Towards the dying moments of the game York unleashed a spectacular shot to claim the fourth goal for the Hahndorf club!

The teamwork was excellent and both teams displayed great effort and skill. The Hahndorf Under 9 would like the thank Woodside Warriors for a great game

**** Match Reports 2018 ****

Round 16 – 18th August – Hahndorf Black v Mt Barker Red
There was an icy wind blowing this morning at Anembo park where Hahndorf Under 9 Black met with Mount Barker Red. Hahndorf began with a strong attack, with Oliver Aylen scoring a great first goal. As the sun came out, Hahndorf goalkeeper Angus Mifsud managed to stop 3 goals before Mount Barker scored. Some great midfield action from Hahndorf’s Liam Sickerdick and Luca Cannavo while Emlyn Gilroy and Zack Schwarz stayed focused in attack.
Aylen had a few shots at goal before finally getting one through.
After the half time break Sickerdick started in goals, while Riley Hender and  Patrick Hinze started across the midfield. Mifsud put up a good effort in defence, and Sickerdick defended some good fast balls, however the Mount Barker team were strong and fast, and managed to get a couple more goals through. It was a wonderful game to watch, with great skill shown by both teams. Well done lads!

Round 14 – 4th August – Hahndorf Black v Mannum

Was a beautiful saturday morning Mannum and Hahndorf U9 black were energised and ready to play. Liam Sickerdick the captain was in goals and his defenders Patrick Hinze and Angus Mifsud were a trio to reckon with. Strong kicks by Zac Schwarz, Luca Cannavo, Emlyn Gilroy and Oliver Aylen kept Mannum on their toes and with the help of Riley Hender and Edward Mardle the ball stayed mostly in Mannum’s half
After a quick half time and a quick pep talk the boys entered the game with vigour and re-hunger for the ball.
All players played well and in good spirits, a good time was had by all.

Round 13 – 28th July – Hahndorf Black v Mount Barker Blue

It was a lovely sunny morning when Hahndorf under 9 blacks met with the Mount Barker Blue’s From the first whistle Hahndorf put on a united front.

Teddy Mardle put in a solid effort as goalie in the first half. With Angus Mifsud and Patrick Hinze supporting in defence. Some good passing and team work from Hahndorf saw for three goal attempts from Oliver Aylen which were blocked by Mount Barker. Mount Baker played a solid game scoring the first goal, followed closely with Hahndorf’s first goal scored by Zac Schwarz who was supported to the goal by Luca Cannavo. Mount Barker scoring their second goal marked the end of first half.

Liam Sickerdick held the goals well in the second half with Mifsud and Hinze again preforming well in defence. Good team work from Emlyn Gilroy, Riley Hender, Aylen and Cannavo saw to Schwarz scoring a second goal. Mount Barkers goalie preformed very well blocking numerous goal attempts. Excellent teamwork saw to Hahndorf marking the end of the game with a goal.

It was a good game with a solid effort from both sides. A big thank you to Daniel for his supportive coaching and Aylen Senior for reffing the game. Well done Hahndorf

Round 12 – 21st July – Hahndorf Black v Mount Barker Blue

With a chilly, drizzly opening to the game both teams appeared well matched from the start. Early in the first half, Oliver Aylen made a great first attempt at the goal square which was well defended by the opposition. Big kicks down the field were made by Angus Mifsud and Patrick Hinze while in defence. Luca Cannova and Emlyn Gilroy demonstrated excellent ball skills while they kept the ball in play down the line. Great ball skills were also noted in the opposition holding Hahndorf at bay with each goal attempt made by Gilroy, Zack Schwarz and Hayden Lien. Liam Sickerdick offered up a huge kick from his position as goalie that sent the ball passed the half line and shortly after this Jacob Gardner successfully got the first goal of the game through. Gardner followed this up with another goal quite quickly after this and the teams settled into a solid battle of skills.

As the chill factor increased both teams looked ready to continue their contest into the second half. Mifsud took the goalie position and was noted to make solid efforts while defending the goal square. Hahndorf Black kept up the pressure on their opponents with Cannova and Gilroy displaying great use of their body to keep the ball in play. As the season progresses Hahndorf Black look like they are really coming together as a team with improved tactics in both defence and attack in evidence. Lien’s high pressure at the goal square was rewarded in the second half which lifted the spirits of the whole team. Hinze, Aylen and Sickerdick displayed continued efforts in keeping the ball away from the goal square and superb efforts were ongoing in Garnder, Lien and Gilroy through to the end of the game. The opposition put up a great fight and this was an exciting game to watch as a result.

Round 11 – 7th July – Hahndorf Black v Stirling United

It was windy wet and icy cold when Hahndorf Black met with Stirling United, though the weather cheered up soon after kickoff and remained sunny for most of the game.

From the first whistle Hahndorf put on an excellent effort, taking the attack to Stirling and keeping the pressure on throughout.

Hahndorf started the game with Liam Sickerdick in as goalkeeper; Edward Mardle and Patrick Hinze in defence; Emlyn Gilroy, Luca Cannavo and Riley Hender in midfield and Oliver Aylen and Angus Mifsud in the attack.

Hahndorf were strong with Aylen scoring in the first quarter. The boys continued to work well together as a team with lots of good passing throughout the game. Although Stirling were good on the counterattack in the second half, Hinze proved himself a trustee defender kicking the ball out of goals just in the nick of time.

Hahndorf continued to play energetically right through to the end of the game with Mifsud taking a couple of shots at goals and narrowly missing both. All in all, a great effort from both teams who seemed very well matched and hats off to all for giving it their best despite the ever-changing weather conditions!

Round 10 – 30th June – Hahndorf Black v Stirling Districts

It was a beautiful winters morning when the Hahndorf U9 Black team met with the Stirling District team at Pine Ave, Hahndorf. Stirling started the game very strong in attack however Hahndorf’s Ryley Hender and Pactrick Hinze were a powerful team in defence. Emlyn Gilroy was excellent in goals saving 2 good attempts on goal by Stirling. Zack Schwarz assisted in blocking the 3rd attempt however the 4th attempt saw Stirling score the first goal of the game.

Liam Sickerdick, Angus Mifsud and Luca Cannavo were strong in attack and across the midfield succeeding in regaining control of the ball for Hahndorf numerous times. Nearing the halftime whistle Schwarz ran the ball down the field, passed to Mifsud who had a shot for goal but was unlucky to miss.

After a well deserved half time break and Oranges being demolished Hahndorf was ready for action.

The start of the second half showed another tight battle was in order. Teddy Mardle took over from Gilroy as goalie. Mardle was successful in blocking a goal attempt by Stirling early on. Sickerdick showed great skill in defence while blocking another attempt by Stirling. Oliver Aylen gained control of the ball and ran it down the pitch and went for a shot on goal but unluckily missed. Mifsud was quick for another shot on goal but it also wasn’t to be. Hinze had a fantastic second half providing some very strong defence. Stirling finished the game with a sneaky goal from a corner kick in.

Both teams played well and it was great to see them enjoying the winters sun.

Round 9 – 23rd June – Hahndorf Black v Murray Bridge
With a beautiful sunny winter’s morning both teams were off to a good start as the game kicked off at the Beatty Tce pitch. Edward Mardle was well supported in goals during the first half by Patrick Hinze and Angus Mifsud making solid efforts in defence. Luca Cannova and Emlyn Gilroy did well to keep themselves on the ball as it moved up and down the field and both displayed keen determination to keep the ball in play. Oliver Aylen was also noted to take great strides in moving the ball upfield to allow for Zack Schwarz and Gilroy to make several attempts at goals that were well defended by the opposition. Riley Hender was subbed in from the sidelines and provided good assistance while in defence to help keep the first half of the game goal-free and Mardle did a fabulous save in the goal square with his shoulder. Murray Bridge and Hahndorf Black both kept the pressure on their opponents throughout the game.

With Liam Sickerdick in goal for the second half, Hahndorf Black kept up the pressure on the opposition and Schwarz kicked the first goal of the game early in the second half. This was quickly replied to by Murray Bridge as the opponent’s first goal slipped by Sickerdick. Their next attempt was well defended by Sickerdick and he followed this up with a huge kick downfield. Mifsud moved in to midfield and solid efforts were seen by him, Cannavo and Aylen in goal kicks but these were all met with great defence strategies by Murray Bridge’s goalie. While in defence, Hinze and Hender did well at clearing the ball away from the goal square. Great efforts by both teams and a fun game to watch.

Round 8 – 16th June – Hahndorf Black v Hahndorf White
Hahndorf had a head to head match in this week’s draw between U9 Black and U9 White at the Hahndorf Soccer Club.

Hahndorf Black, started the game with Edward Mardle in goalkeeper. He was kept on his toes throughout the first half and defended strongly with some fantastic goalkeeping on display. Liam Sickerdick and Angus Mifsud were also strong in defence with Emlyn Gilroy making a couple of great attempts at goal.

The second half saw the team making several position changes. Oliver Aylen moved to goalkeeper and worked well to defend the goals. Luca Cannavo did a great job in defence, moving around the pitch well. Patrick Hinze and Riley Hender played well in midfield and Zack Schwarz was strong in attack.

Both teams coped well on the muddy pitch and showed some great team work.

Round 7 – 2nd June – Hahndorf v Strathalbyn
It was a brisk frosty morning when the Hahndorf U9 Blacks met the Strathalbyn Strickers U9 Whites on pitch. Everyone was shivering and trying to stay warm as the match started. The Strickers got off to a great start running fast and kicking hard, kicking the first goal of the match. Followed by a couple more kicks which were expertly blocked by Teddy Mardle.

Zack Schwarz and Oliver Aylen did some excellent running and managed to get the ball down on several occasions. Some good kicking from Angus Mifsud and blocking from Luca Cannavo, Liam Sickerdick and Riley Hender saw for a good few goal shots from Schwarz and Aylen. Although Straths goalie proved to be a skilful keeper.

The team shared some oranges and some team spirit with Patrick Heinze giving some words of encouragement to his team mates. The sun started to shine, the team thawed out and was ready to rumble for the second half.

They got off to an incredible start with Aylen swooping in for a goal kick although it was stopped by the Strath goalie in an impressive block. The blocked goal was quickly followed by two successful goals by Schwarz with some good team work getting the ball where it needed to be. Again, with excellent blocking.

The team showed some good team work on the pitch today with nothing slowing them down, not even a ball to the head could keep Aylen from cheering on his team mates. Excellent playing today with supportive coaching. Good work Hahndorf!

Round 6 – 26th May – Hahndorf v Woodside Blue
Woodside and Hahndorf were fairly well matched in the first half, with Oliver Aylen in typical fighting form taking a couple of shots at goals before scoring in the first ten minutes. Woodside fought back and scored, the ball slipping narrowly between Liam Sickerdicks legs. Emlyn Gilroy proved himself strong in defence preventing Woodside from scoring again, but Woodside came straight back again taking another shot which was this time saved by Liam. Zac ran the ball up the field, dodging Woodside players all the way and took a shot at goals but just missed. In the second half, Woodside came back emboldened and scored another two goals, but Bridgewater put up a reasonable fight with Luca in goals and Emlyn in defence. Although defeated in the end, Bridgewater kept fighting till the end and worked well as a team.

Cup Round – 19th May – Hahndorf v Strathalbyn
After a drizzly start to the morning, it proved to be a pleasant morning when the Hahndorf U9 Black team met with Strathalbyn. From the first whistle it was obvious that it was going to be a good game. Early into the game Hahndorf had got the ball down their end and Zack Schwarz aimed for an early goal but it was not meant to be. Strathalbyn then got the ball to their end where Hahndorf’s goalie, Teddy Mardle, showed great skill during an impressive save. Emlyn Gilroy threw in the ball for Hahndorf and was fast in running back on the pitch and joined in kicking the ball to Schwarz who had another attempt on goal yet once again was unlucky to miss. Showing great teamwork, Liam Sickerdick kicked to Riley Hender who passed the ball to Oliver Aylen which allowed Gilroy to have a shot on goal which proved unsuccessful. Patrick Heinze and Angus Mifsud worked tirelessly during the first half across the midfield.

Very quickly into the second half saw Schwarz pass the ball to Aylen who zig zagged around 2 of Strathalbyns defenders to score the first goal of the game. Mifsud displayed great footwork as he ran the ball down the pitch with excellent precision. Aylen showed great calm while there were 4 Strathalbyn players all wanting the ball yet he managed to get the ball free. Hender got in the mix and passed the ball to Gilroy who kicked a strong goal. To add to the excitement of the game Mardle passed the ball to Aylen which resulted in another quick goal for Hahndorf.

Sickerdick playing in goals had several great saves during the second half. Hahndorf finished the game with another great goal by Aylen.

Round 5 – 12th May – Hahndorf v Bridgewater
Battling road detours and cyclists, Hahndorf made the trek to the wind-swept Basket Range oval for the 10am game. Kicking with the wind, Bridgewater were able to put early pressure on the Hahndorf defences, with Angus Mifsud and Liam Sickerdick providing solid defence in the back line, and Emlyn Gilroy making some spectacular saves in goal. Teddy Mardle, Zack Schwarz and Patrick Hinze provided good support in the midfield, working hard to get the ball through to Oliver Aylen and Riley Hender in attack. Bridgewater made the most of their strong possession, scoring two goals late in the first half, with Zack and Oliver unlucky not to score for Hahndorf from great counter-attacks.

With the change of direction for the second half, Hahndorf came out strong to take the game up to Bridgewater. Riley took on the job of goal-keeper and performed some great saves to prevent Bridgewater from scoring. At the other end, Emlyn, Oliver and Zack combined on several occasions in attack, which ultimately resulted in a goal being scored by Oliver. Liam, Angas, Teddy and Patrick continued their strong support from defence and midfield, propelling the ball forwards at every opportunity. Despite numerous attempts in attack, Hahndorf ran out of time to score the equalising goal.

Lots of improvement shown by the whole team again this week, thanks to the efforts by coaches Darcy and Daniel.

Round 4 – 5th May – Hahndorf v Mt Barker Red
Despite a very wet end of the week, the sun came out in force on Saturday morning for a well-balanced game between two teams that, being neighbours, know each other quite well (some players arguably too well!). Mt Barker played with the wind in the first half, and despite this advantage, Zack Schwartz broke through their defences early on for a good shot that was just wide of the mark. Mt Barker replied with numerous attacks, and, despite Oliver Aylen’s strong defence and Teddy Mardle’s presence in goals, on one occasion a good shot hit the post, allowing them to capitalise on the lucky rebound. Angus Mifsud cleared well from the back, allowing Zack, Emlyn Gilroy and Riley Hender on three separate occasions to make solid runs and clear shots for goal, but without result at the half-time whistle.

With tall Patrick Hinze now in goal, Hahndorf’s new lineup was hopeful for an equaliser, but early on Mt Barker took control once again and scored. Hahndorf came straight back at them with solid teamwork and a strong attack, and almost found the net. Finally, with Oliver and Emlyn fighting tooth and nail in Mt Barker’s danger zone, Emlyn scored. With both sides mounting relentless counter-attacks, there wasn’t a moment to rest, and Mt Barker almost scored again from an acute angle. Liam Sickerdick then had a very powerful shot that left their goaley stranded, but it was just shy of the post. Numerous further attacks and counter-attacks that nearly resulted in conversions showed just how even these two teams were, but literally in the dying seconds Mt Barker sealed the result with a final goal. Well done all players for an thoroughly entertaining game!

Round 2 – 14th April – Hahndorf v Woodside Warriors Blue
In stark contrast to the unseasonably sunny and warm weather of last week’s game, the players (and supporters) had to contend with torrential downpours and high winds that effected visibility throughout the game and made for a cold and soggy morning. Despite the conditions both teams took to the pitch with positive energy. Luca Cannova started out in goals for the Hahndorf black U9’s and made some great saves before the first goal of the game got through. Zack Schwarz and Angus Mifsud were noted to make solid attempts at pushing the ball to the other end of the pitch but Hahndorf were unsuccessful at goal efforts on these occasions. Patrick Hinze also moved around the pitch with long strides, getting his foot to the ball regularly. Woodside Warriors Blue kept the pressure on their opponents throughout the game and displayed excellent defence and attack strategies.

With Edward Mardle in goal for the second half, Hahndorf Black tried valiantly to place their opponents under pressure and Oliver Aylen and Emlyn Gilroy put in great efforts in the mid field. Riley Hender worked hard as part of the defence team but today the Woodside Warriors Blue proved too tough a match for the Hahndorf Blacks. Excellent efforts at team work were observed across both sides.

Round 1 – 7th April – Hahndorf v Mannum
It was an unusually warm start to the soccer season, with Hahndorf U9 Black facing Mannum Community Collage at the St Micheal’s pitch in Hahndorf.

Hahndorf Black commenced play with Oliver Aylen in goals who displayed some great saves preventing any score being achieved by the opposition throughout the first half. Zack Schwarz was also strong in defence.

The competition was tight throughout the entire game and great ball skills were observed at several points throughout the game by both teams. Jacob Gardner and Hayden Lien worked well together and set up some excellent shots at goal, which were well defended by Mannum Community.

The second half saw Liam Sickerdick as goalkeeper. The play continued to me mathced closely between the two teams. Patrick Hinze made some great kicks and Luca Cannavo and Angus Mifsud were solid in defence. In the final minutes of the game Gardner made a successful shot at goal.

It was a great start to the season and both teams showed great communication and teamwork.