Under 9 White

Under 9 White

Coach: Zac Ozolins

Team Manager: Tammy Kowald

**** Match Reports 2020 ****

Round 14 – 26th September – Hahndorf White v Bridgewater

On a cold but clear morning, the Hahndorf under 9 white players fronted up to Bridgewater Oval for the last game of the round against Bridgewater.  The kids spirits were high and the parents were just happy it wasn’t hailing, following last night’s storm in the hills.

Both teams started off strong, moving the ball around in both halves, but neither team were able to convert any attempts at goal into scoring with Connor Ozolins taking on the first stint at Goalie and protecting the Hahndorf end.  It was a wet and slippery affair on the boggy Bridgewater oval and players were going down left and right as wet conditions caused players to lose their footing.  Simran Singh stepped into the path of the ball for a great save for Hahndorf, albeit taking a hard hit to the stomach and needing a short injury sub.  Benjamin Kowald had a heavy clash with a Bridgewater defender but was back on his feet before relieving Ozolins in goals.

Josh Pettitt and Cohen Whinfield had opportunities to score in the first half but were unsuccessful, until finally, in the dying minutes of the first half, Thomas Gould was able to convert for the first score of the game, bringing us into half time at one nil.

The second half started with a considerably muddier Hahndorf side as the Hahndorf Coach Zac encouraged the kids to slide in the mud for a bit of half time fun.  Ozolins hit the ground running right off the whistle, and worked the ball down half the field around the opposition at speed to score the second goal for Hahndorf within seconds of the second half starting.

This opened the floodgates for Hahndorf and they went on a scoring spree with Pettitt, and Gould combining for a further 4 more goals in the second half.

Archie Greene, Winfield and Jamie Timmins all worked hard through the offensive half, moving the ball towards goal but were unable to add to the already high Hahndorf score.  Bridgewater persisted though and was able to sneak one past Goalie Kowald’s fingers half way through the second half, bringing the final score to 6 – 1.

Great team work by the Hahndorf boys to bring home the win… and lots of mud!!

A very big thank you to Coach Zac for the encouragement and coaching of the players this season in good and bad weather.  A special thanks to the Team Manager, Tammy for your efforts throughout the season that kept everyone organized and your military precision subbing system.  And of course a big thanks to all the parents for getting the players to the games each week and cheering the kids on.

Round 13 – 19th September – Hahndorf White v Stirling Districts

Round 13 started the Hahndorf players and families donning black arm bands and observing a minutes silence in remembrance of Rob Kilpatrick, Hahndorf Soccer Club Life Member and significant contributor to junior soccer and the Hahndorf Soccer Club as a whole.

Hahndorf U9 White faced a strong contest from Stirling Districts, which commenced with a quick run from Stirling and a cracking goal save by Josh Pettitt in the opening minutes. Benjamin Kowald then stopped another attack by Stirling in the field before blasting the ball back down the line. Against the run of play, Simran Singh capitalised on a fast break to score the first goal of the match. Hahndorf then settled, with Connor Ozolins and Thomas Gould having numerous shots at goal, the latter particularly unlucky not to score with a great effort that hit the post. At the other end, a fast attack by Stirling looked like a certain goal, but a diving save by Pettitt at full stretch managed to keep the ball out.

In the second half, Singh and Ozolins were both strong in defence, running hard to stop any attacks and following up with long kicks out of danger. Archie Greene arrived late, but was straight into the play, combining well with Jamie Timmins and Cohen Whinfield in the mid field and sending the ball forward to Tyson Bancroft in attack. Pettitt dodged around the opposition to land a solid ball in the back of the net and shortly after scored two more goals. A great effort by all involved in wet conditions.

Round 12 – 12th September – Hahndorf White v Hahndorf Black

Saturday morning’s game saw a scrappy affair between the two under 9 Hahndorf teams with few genuine chances and even fewer shots on target. Tyson Bancroft provided a target up-front for Hahndorf White, but found little time on the ball as it spent the majority of the match being bundled about in midfield. Fighting hard for possession in that area of the pitch were James Timmins and Cohen Whinfield who both made a number of important tackles to protect their goalkeeper Benjamin Kowald from attack. He had an excellent game in goals, and while he wasn’t called on to make any saves, he did well to corral a number of attempts out of play for goal kicks.

​Hahndorf Black finally got the breakthrough late in the first half when the ball spilled out to their forward line, and without anyone in defence, the keeper was powerless to stop Hahndorf Black’s forward from slotting home the goal. They had been threatening in the lead up, and only moments before, Connor Ozolins had made a crucial, last-man tackle to prevent an almost certain goal. The lead almost didn’t hold to half time either with Simran Singh almost equalising on the stroke of half-time, but was dismayed to see his shot go wide of the outside post.

​The second half saw an unusually quiet Thomas Gould come alive with a number of trademark runs, however, the toll of the first half showed in the rest of his team and they struggled to provide him support up front, electing instead to soak up pressure in defence. Josh Pettit and Archie Greene, who had been energetic in the first half had seemingly run out of puff and weren’t able to link up with the forward man as they had done so often in prior games this season.

​In the end Hahndorf Black ran out winners with a 1-0 scoreline.

Round 11 – 5th September – Hahndorf White v Woodside

Beautiful morning at Hahndorf home ground for round 11 of the 2020 season. The Hahndorf white team has shown great progress with their working together skills during the game and stand on top of the table for this season. Today’s game started 8:30am between Hahndorf and Woodside with Hahndorf sporting a full team and sharing a player with the Woodside team who were short.  

Both team started really well for the first half of the game Cohen Whinfield showing some strong play in the midfield. Thomas Gould kicked first shot towards to goal but defensive goal keeper saved it very well from Woodside. Hahndorf kept the ball in Woodside’s half of the ground for most of the first half with Josh Petitt kicking the ball to goal a number of time, but with no success. Hahndorf got the first corner shot but couldn’t convert into a goal. Passes between players from both teams have been great. Woodside crept in Hahndorf’s half for their first kick by number 12 at goal but great save by Simran Singh kept the score nil all. Archie Greene hit the ground running after starting off first sub, with great footwork to take the ball near goal, but another unsuccessful shot at goal. Hahndorf dominated the 1st half but the scores are still nil all.  Benjamin Kowald showed some real improvement this week with some clear passes and great defensive efforts, Tyson Bancroft and Jamie Timmins both taking turns to move the ball down towards the Hahndorf scoring end.  Connor Ozolins returning from illness played a strong game, defending out goal well in the second half in his turn as keeper.

Half time and a break for oranges.

Hahndorf started the second half strong and within the first 2 mins approached the goal with great passes between boys.  Gould lines up and kicks into goal again but another great save by the Woodside goal keeper kept him scoreless. Finally Hahndorf managed to convert off a great kick by Gould for their first goal. The Woodside team comeback straightaway with some strong offence and kick their first goal past the Hahndorf keeper to level the score one all. 

As the game heads into the final stages Gould scores his second and third goals and Petitt boots one past the goalie for his first goal of the game. Hahndorf took aim with three back to back corners but couldn’t covert into more goals. 

Great competitive game from both teams.  Thank you to Bancroft, Kowald, Greene and Timmins for great sportsmanship in taking turns filling in for Woodside.

Round 10 – 29th August – Hahndorf White v Murray Bridge

In a stark contrast to last week’s game, round 10 kicked off for the Hahndorf under 9 White team with sunshine and blue skies as far as the eye could see.  With a few out on sick leave, Hahndorf were down to six players to make the trek out to Murray Bridge.  The Murray Bridge under 9’s were very welcoming and shared two of their 10 players with Hahndorf to even up the sides.

After quick introductions all around, the Hahndorf boys started strongly, moving the ball quickly into their offensive end.  Murray Bridge were solid on the defense, playing a strong line of tall defenders right in front of the goal square to block any shots Hahndorf made at goal.  Tyson Bancroft made a shot pass across the goal front to Thomas Gould who kicked with his usual accuracy, but was quickly blocked by the wall of MB defenders.  Hahndorf recovered the ball again moving forward into offensive for another shot of goal, Gould this time to Cohen Whinfield who booted a blistering kick at goal, only again to be thwarted by the wall of defence.  This was to be a theme of the game, with the Hahndorf boys peppering the MB goal with goal after goal only to be deflected by the MB defence or saved by the goalie. 

Hahndorf never gave up though, working some great passing passages when finally Gould to Josh Petitt resulted in Hahndorfs first goal.  This was quickly followed by Gould again moving into scoring position and putting one through after a pass from Petitt.  After that the goals started flowing with Petitt bringing the score up to four nil at half time.

The second half started with another rocket kick at goals from Whinfield in the first minute to score Hahndorfs fifth goal. Speedy running in our defensive half from Jamie Timmins and Tyson Bancroft kept the ball from our Gould in goalie til late in the second half. Benjamin Kowald getting into the mix of things to tie up the MB offensive.  Another great passage of play saw Petitt get past the wall of defenders and secure another goal for Hahndorf.  MB were working the ball back into their offensive end and Gould had to kick into action with a huge save from a powerful kick from MB.  Halfway through the last half we swapped Petitt into goal and MB made him work for his position, saving a number of goals and clearing out with long kicks down the ground.  Bancroft, Timmins and Gould were there to scoops them up and make a run on goal for Hahndorf but were ultimately unable to convert.

A much more enjoyable morning for the parents and supporters watching the black and whites bringing home the win six nil.  A big thanks to the Murray Bridge players who filled in with great enthusiasm.

Round 9 – 22nd August – Hahndorf White v Mt Barker

Today saw the Hahndorf Under 9 white meet their match. The Mount Barker team came out strong in what were very wet conditions. Mount Barker made the first 2 attempts at goal, well defended by the Hahndorf keeper.

A quick break by MB saw them in shooting range again, which didn’t convert this time.

Some impressive play in the middle, a big pass from Josh Petitt resulted in the ball being heavily contested in the middle of the pitch. Mount Barker were very strong and took control of the ball taking it to goals, but a stellar effort from Connor Ozolins to defend the goals, kept the Mount Barker team scoreless at this stage.

The teams were both applying good pressure with strong passes and then intercepts meaning the play was changing between teams quickly. When Hahndorf next broke free, this was a 3 way combination of Simran Singh, Petitt and Thomas Gould that had Hahndorf take another shot on goals, but the Mount Barker goalie was too strong.

Play continued on, with Mount Barker then able to make a break and take a shot, which Jamie Timmins stopped in its tracks.

Hahndorf were able to keep the ball moving, a clearing kick saw Singh take a shot and score. The first goal for Hahndorf.

With the closing of the first half drawing closer, as were the dark rain clouds, Mount Barker capitalised with a quick goal. At the same time as the hail started…. play continued for a couple of minutes, with heavy hail continuing.

Half time was a quick break to try to warm up the frozen fingers, a quick pep talk from the coach and everyone was back out on the pitch.

The second half started with Hahndorf coming out very strong. 3 very quick shots at goal, but none making it over the line, then another attempt by Petitt, with no luck, until Gould got another chance and this one made it through.

Mount Barker were quick to take another opportunity to score. The hail coming in again, saw Hahndorf all working so well as a team to pass, Cohen Whinfield some big kicks, Timmins some quick footwork, Benjamin Kowald cutting the ball off, stopping Mount Barker from breaking away. Ozolins was very strong in defence, controlling the ball and sending it down to Hahndorf forwards many times. Tyson Bancroft with some fantastic play, controlling the ball and passing right in front of goals, helping to set up a number of shots on goal.

Both teams making efforts to score, but both teams able to defend.

The second half was very nearly over when Mount Barker made their last shot on goal and managed to cross the line.

The kids were all brave in very tough conditions, all working together, with some impressive passing.

Well done to Mount Barker for really bringing a challenge today.

Round 8 – 15th August – Hahndorf White v Strathalbyn

The Hahndorf Under 9 White team put on a solid effort. The Hahndorf under 9 Magpies are growing with each game with fantastic plays, passes and goals.

From the opening whistle, Hahndorf took the attack up to Strathalbyn with Hahndorf peppering the goals with regular opportunities. Hahndorf started with Simran Singh and then Archie Greene in as goal keeper for the 1st half, they were quiet. On the field Connor Ozolins, Benjamin Kowald, Singh, Thomas Gould and Josh Pettitt took advantage of Strathalbyn’s lack of form and worked the ball into the attack regularly. Goals scored by Pettitt, Gould and Singh attacking the oppositions goals with shot after shot until the half time whistle.

The 2nd half began and it was clear Hahndorf were eager to bring it home. Sharing goal keeper duties were Tyson Bancroft and Kowald. Hahndorf dominated the rest of the game with Singh, Gould, Greene, Bancroft and Ozolins keeping the opposition busy, Bancroft and Kowald were great in defence. This was a great game for the team.

The Hahndorf under 9 white’s wish to thank opposition for a fun game.

Round 7 – 8th August – Hahndorf White v Woodside

Adelaide’s weather inspires Hahndorf to keep pouring in the goals at Woodside!

Saturday 10:00am Round 7

A bit of a change in playing conditions to last week but the Hahndorf U9 White team has won convincingly once again smashing goals past a hard fighting Woodside team this week away showing a great combined team effort from all the lads on this bitter winters day, shout out to all involved on and off the pitch and even the mum and dads braving it through the elements.

From the first whistle Hahndorf went at them with pace showing good link up play going forward from the whole team creating a flurry of goals to stun Woodside going in to the break with both Thomas Gould and Josh Petitt scoring hat-tricks in the first half.

But Woodside came out fighting in the second half and made our midfield and defence work hard to get the ball back. There were some excellent passages of play through the driving cold rain down both wings and used the pitch well for most of the game creating more chances up front and Hahndorf sailed away in the pouring rain as easy winners on the day with second half goals by Conner Ozolins, Gould and Archie Greene.

Well done to the goal keepers for some good saves and another clean sheet. A mention to Ozolins for his strong defensive work at the back and driving up the pitch looking for his team mates in the box to play in.

Well done Hahndorf White for displaying a great team spirit and working hard together now let’s carry that on to the next round!

Round 6 – 1st August – Hahndorf White v Stirling

Another amazing sunny morning for winter sport in the Adelaide Hills.  Round 6 saw Hahndorf U9 white plays Stirling white on the Aldgate Oval.

Hahndorf had a full team this week, welcoming Josh Petitt as a permanent player for under 9 and new player, Tyson Bancroft to the side.  The whole Hahndorf team played a very strong game against a physical Stirling side, scoring multiple goals to win the game 6 nil with two goals coming in the first half and a massive four goals in the final half.  Spectacular vision across the field saw Hahndorf complete some fantastic passages of play, passing between forwards for clear shots at goal.  Josh Pettit, Cohen Winfield and Thomas Gould all converted great passes into goals for Hahndorf.  This fantastic effort in offence was supported by our midfielder who were all over the opposition this week, Connor Ozolins and Archie Green and backed up by our defensive line in Benjamin Kowald and Jamie Timmins and Simran Singh.  There was a great sense of teamwork to the game, with players consistently setting up crosses in front of goals and sharing the plays.

Round 3 – 11th July – Hahndorf White v Woodside

The match was off to a quick start with Woodside making the first attempt, well saved by Benjamin Kowald.

This resulted in a quick response from Hahndorf, with Thomas Gould breaking out of the pack, to run through for an attempt at goal, but sadly a miss.

The corner shot from Hahndorf, saw some great passing by Hahndorf that lead to another shot on goals by Connor Ozolins, unfortunately he didn’t convert.

Hahndorf did a great job at defending and intercepting, the next big play came from Ozolins, Cohen Whinfield and Gould, with a run through the middle, some strong passing and Whinfield took this shot for goals and sadly with missed.  Intense pressure from Hahndorf!

The shots on goals continued, but were unfortunately not converted when Simran Singh made a strong pass to Gould who made the next attempt, the Woodside goalie did a great job stopping a strong shot.

Woodside were then able to make a run and shoot for goals, which was strongly defended by the Hahndorf goalie, not letting it through.

Our kick out then saw Ozolins, take strong possession of the ball, running through multiple Woodside players, take a shot on goals that was defended well by Woodside.

The sequence of play was hard fought, with much pressure from both sides, Gould and Josh Petitt combined well for some good passing and team play. Hahndorf taking a number of shots, that were quickly returned out into play by Woodside.   Woodside also managing to take the ball almost to their end, before some strong intercepting saw their run come to an end.

Our first successful goal was just after half time,  made by Whinfield, who was in the clear, took the shot and made the goal!

The half time break saw both teams come out strong, Woodside pushed hard, finding some strong form. Singh managed to get the ball clear, make a run and took a shot with his left foot on goal, unfortunately off target but a great shot with his non-preferred foot.

Another run on of goals followed, Ozolins, shot but missed. Archie Green made a fantastic intercept, passing to Ozolins again who shot but missed by the smallest of margins. Whinfield then took another shot, which was well defended by Woodside.

Teams then experienced some midfield congestion as both teams dug deep to win possession.

Green really shone through again, strong intercept from him, with a pass to Gould, who cleared, ran on, controlled the ball well, took the shot and scored.  A well placed goal.

As time was quickly running out, Hahndorf made their next move with Singh clearing the ball out, passed well to Gould, who again was in the clear, out the back of the pack, he ran on, lined up and kicked his second goal of the match.

Woodside put on a strong effort, the match was hard fought by all players.

Round 2 – 4th July – Hahndorf White v Stirling

The Hahndorf under 9 Magpies were rewarded with the win after a hard fought battle.  From the opening whistle, both Hahndorf and Stirling took the attack up to each other with both team seizing the opportunity to have shots on goal. Hahndorf started with Cohan Whinfield in as goal keeper for the 1st half, Whinfield was impenetrable saving a whopping 4 shots on goal. Our midfield Benjamin Kowald, Simran Singh and James Timmins took advantage of Whinfield’s impressive goal keeping and worked the ball into the attack. This enabled Connor Ozolins, Josh Pettitt and Thomas Gould to pepper the oppositions goals with shot after shot until Gould’s magnificent goal with a minute left on the clock for the 1st half.

The 2nd half began and it was clear Hahndorf were eager to bring it home. Sharing goal keeper duties were Archie Greene and Thomas Gould. Hahndorf dominated rarely seeing the ball leave the attacking half. Singh, Whinfield, Gould, Greene and Ozolins keeping the opposition busy, Timmins and Kowald were great in defence. Josh Pettitt scores Hahndorf’s second goal to bring the score to 2 – 0 which was the final score. A special mention for Connor Ozolins for his tenacity on the ball and handling of several harsh passages of play. This was a great win for the team

The Hahndorf under 9 white’s wish to thank opposition team for the game played in a passionate spirit on Saturday 04/07/2020.

Round 1 – 27th June – Hahndorf White v Bridgewater

What a beautiful sunny morning for the return to soccer in the Adelaide Hills.  Hahndorf Under 9 White were keen to get out on the field and play hard against Bridgewater.  The boys started out with strong offence, showing some skilled passing efforts from Archie Green.  Thomas Gould fought his way clear early in the first half and with a powerful kick, scored the first goal for Hahndorf.  Gould had a number of great scoring opportunities throughout the game but was unable convert again.  Josh Pettitt ran tirelessly throughout the game scoring Hahndorf’s second goal and had a number of near misses.

Simran Singh and Cohen Whinfield were competitive in the midfield, with big clearing kicks to get their team out of danger.  Benjamin Kowald, Connor Ozolins and Jamie Timmins all took turns in goal keeper and defence and kept Bridgewater scoreless until a free kick from Bridgewater had a lucky line and snuck past the keeper. Encouraging coaching at its best from Coach Zac Ozolins.  A fantastic effort in their first game from the Under 9 White team and great sports in Bridgewater to play against.

**** Match Reports 2019 ****

Round 14 – 3rd August – Hahndorf White v Strathalbyn Black

It was a cool but still morning when Hahndorf U9 met with Strathalbyn Black at Strathalbyn. From the first whistle Hahndorf put on a strong effort.
Strathalbyn also put up a strong defence from the beginning, keeping Hahndorf at bay for much of the first half. Some skilful running and footwork by Joel Bateman gave him an early shot on goal, followed by a further opportunity by Harry Wood. Goalie Amber Abrahams was very strong in defence, making a number of clever saves. Strathalbyn’s forwards were playing well though, and managed to break through Hahndorf’s defence to find the back of the net.
The second half resumed, with Jensen Ingram in front of the goals. Will Tully, Edward Mardle and Pearl Rooney combined to make a strong defence, with all three delivering strong passes back into the forward. Several clever headers by Billy Cook, and fast pace running and skilful passes by Caleb Earley, kept the ball in Hahndorf’s forward. Shots at goal by both Bodhi Potezny and Joel Bateman resulted in goals for Hahndorf.
It was a great effort by Hahndorf against a strong Strathalbyn side, with excellent skills shown by both teams. The Hahndorf Under 9 wish to thank Strathalbyn Black for a great game.

Round 12 – 20th July – Hahndorf White v Hahndorf Black

Both teams were full of energy and ready to show the other team what they were made of.
The whistle blew and within a minute U9W’s Harry Wood, Bodhi Potezny and Joel Bateman took possession of the ball, with good passing and control of the ball it was a goal for the Hahndorf Whites. Jensen Ingram in goals had a tough time on his hands as Hahndorf Blacks were a great side and kept the pressure on. Edward Mardle and Amber Abrahams kept the attackers at bay. Billy Cook and Caleb Earley showed off some fantastic ball skills whilst being pressured by Hahndorf Blacks, Cook even had 3 players tackle him but he was able to keep control of the ball each time.
Well done to both sides.

Round 11 – 6th July – Hahndorf White v Woodside Warriors

It was a clear and sunny morning when Hahndorf U9 White met with the Woodside Warriors U9 Red at Pine Avenue. Hahndorf applied great pressure in the first half and were rewarded with an opening goal by Joel Bateman. Solid team work down the field fed the ball to Pearl Rooney who shot a great attempt at goal.
In the second half Hahndorf’s mid fielders Billy Cook and Caleb Earley fed the ball well to the strong forward line of Bateman together with Bohdi Potezny who delivered great results to Hahndorf. Amber Abraham’s move down the field resulted in a brilliant feed to the front of the goal square. Hahndorf’s strong presence in the forward half would not have been possible without the great defensive play by defenders Will Tully and Rooney together with Teddy Mardle as Goal Keeper.  Great skills were displayed by both teams and Hahndorf White thank the Woodside Warriors for a great game played in great spirit.

Round 10 – 29th June – Hahndorf White v Torrens Valley

Today the Hahndorf Under 9 Whites made the wet and cold trip out to Birdwood. While most of the pitch was under water they managed to find a small dry patch to play. Once underway Hahndorf took control through the midfield with Jensen Ingram, Joel Bateman and Bodhi Potezny linking up well. Eventually Hahndorf made the break through with Bateman scoring two and Potezny with one. Amber Abrahams and Will Tully were solid in defence with Caleb Earley coming on to help. Teddy Mardle was also strong through the middle with Pearl Rooney. While poor Billy Cook was trying to keep warm as goal keeper.
The second half Torrens Valley created a few chances with Mardle making a great save in goal. Ingram scored the final goal after some good play with Cook and Potezny. Earley was yet again strong in defence alongside Tully. In the end the game was played in good spirits at a wet and cold Birdwood.

Round 9 – 22nd June – Hahndorf White v Strathalbyn Red

It was a crisp and cold morning when the Hahndorf U9 White team took on the Strath Strikers U9 Red team at the Strathalbyn Polo Grounds.
There was an enthusiastic start by both teams with 4 shots at the goal made by Hahndorf before Strathalbyn scored the opening goal in the 12th minute of play. This was followed by Hahndorf players taking 6 more foiled shots at the Strath goal before half time.
The second half commenced with renewed vigour from both teams and Hahndorf equalised with a goal by Bateman off a free kick in the 14th minute. Hahndorf continued to take every opportunity to shoot for a goal with 6 more attempts being made before a second goal by Bateman 3 minutes later. There was a excellent save by goalie, Pearl Rooney, in the last minute of the game.
Great fun was had by all and Hahndorf wish to thank the Strath Strikers for a good game.

Round 8 – 15th June – Hahndorf White v Woodside

It was a cold morning when Hahndorf Under 9 White met with the Woodside Warriors. From the first whistle Hahndorf put on a strong effort.

Hahndorf took the attack to the Woodside Warriors with Joel Bateman and Billy Cook who stayed busy all game. Hahndorf started the game with Edward Mardle as goalkeeper and Amber Abrahams and Pearl Rooney in defence while Bodhi Potezny and Jensen Ingram were in attack. The Hahndorf midfield of Bateman and Cook took control of the ball. Hahndorf’s Ingram took a great shot on goal putting the ball into the back of the net followed by 2 more by Bateman before half time.

After the half time break Abrahams defended the goals while Tully and Earley started in the midfield. Wood ran the ball down the pitch and passed it to Potezny who took a shot on goal and shot a strong goal followed by another from Bateman to make it a trifecta for the day

It was a good day with strong skills shown by both teams. The Hahndorf under 9’s wish to thank Woodside warriors for a great game.

A big thank you goes out to Ian Rooney for stepping up and coaching the team and to Caleb Earley who was playing his 1st game with the team.

Round 7 – 1st June – Hahndorf White v Strathalbyn

Perfect playing conditions greeted the team and spectators as Hahndorf travelled south to play Strathalbyn Under9 White at Strathalbyn. After winning the toss, Hahndorf elected to kick to the northern-end of the pitch.

Hahndorf showed some promising early signs with a strong attempt on goal by Billy Cook, followed by further attempts from Jensen Ingram and Joel Bateman. However, Strathalbyn’s defence was solid and finding the back of the net proved elusive. Hahndorf’s defence was also proving strong, with Bodhi Potezny making a number of skilful saves in front of the nets, well supported by Pearl Rooney, Amber Abrahams and Edward Mardle. With strong defence from both teams, and great competitive play, the scene was set for a thrilling second half.

After the half-time break, the game resumed with Will Tully making a strong impact in defence. The ball made its way to the Hahndorf forward for much of the last half, with a number of attempts at goal being blocked by Strathalbyn. Quick and accurate throw-ins by the team enabled Hahndorf to keep the ball in their forward. With only a minute of play left, a skilful passage of play by Hahndorf resulted in Harry Wood securing the only goal of the match.

Well done to all players and the coaching team on a well-played match.

Round 6 – 25th May – Hahndorf White v Stirling United

On a cold, foggy, wet morning Hahndorf U9 Whites lined up with U9 Stirling United hungry for the ball and eager for the game to start.

The whistle blew, the game started with Amber Abrahams in goal with Harry Wood, Pearl Rooney and Edward Mardle as her defence who played well and kept Stirling United out of their half.

Great passing saw Joel Bateman, Bodhi Potezny, Jensen Ingram and Billy Cook keep Stirling United on their toes and dominated their half with some well executed goal.

Both teams played well, in good spirit and had fun.

Round 4 – 4th May – Hahndorf White v Murray Bridge

The Under 9 White team made the road trip to a sunny Murray Bridge this morning. The team got off to a strong start with goals in the first half to Joel Bateman and Jensen Ingram. While Will Tully, Harry Wood and Teddy Mardle were strong down back which lead to some good link up play between Billy Cook, Amber Abrahams and Pearl Rooney. Bodhi Potezny was between the sticks in the first half and was solid.

After a few oranges at half time, the team were back into it. Ingram started as goal keeper and after a few attempts from Murray Bridge the Hahndorf team then settled and Potezny scored a further 2. ln the last few minutes Cook scored after a nice passage of play. The game was played in good spirits.

Round 3 – 27th April – Hahndorf White v Hahndorf Black

This week Hahndorf U9 White met Hahndorf U9 Black on a clear sunny Saturday morningat Pine Avenue. The inter club meet proved to be a competitive match with great team work displayed by both Hahndorf teams. Pearl Rooney started the match with a great attempt at goal, with two goals then secured by Joel Bateman ably supported by Billy Cook and Jensen Ingram. The attack was secured by the strong defence provided by Will Tully and Bohdi Potezny. Hahndorf White celebrated a final goal kicked by Harry  Wood. A great contest played in great spirit was provided to the many spectators supporting the Hahndorf junior teams at Pine Avenue.

Round 1 – 6th April – Hahndorf White v Woodside Red

Welcome back to the first round of U9 Soccer Hahndorf White vs Woodside U9 Red. Right from the get go there was some really good quality soccer from both teams and both teams were playing good attacking and defensive games, not giving either much space to get a clear shot on goal.

By the end of the 1st half Woodside was up 2 goals to 1, but for Hahndorf it was only a matter of time with several near misses.

In the second half there was a lot more open passing and running up and back from both team when Hahndorf found the back of the net to equalise the game and make it a 2 all draw to finish a very good quality game for the first of the season by both teams.  (Josh Potezny)

**** Match Reports 2018 ****

Round 17 – 1st September – Hahndorf v Stirling Districts

The first day of spring brought both sun & showers to Hahndorf’s home ground.

Hahndorf’s first goal attempt by Ryley Neumann just missed the net and went back to Stirling’s attack.  Great chasing of the ball by Ollie Saracini through the mid field led to passes to Cooper Liddle and Toby Files.  Emmett Mickan showed strong skill in his sideline throw ins.

Goalie Ben Romaldi saved Stirling’s first attempt but a second effort by Stirling resulted in a goal.

The second half brought further goal attempts by Neumann which were saved by the Stirling goalie.  Mickan had an immediate effect up forward and along with Thomas Stapleton both scored the team a goal.  Great passages of play between Lawson Shotton and Thomas Filipowicz resulted in an undefeated season for Hahndorf and a great competitive match with Stirling today.

Round 16 – 18th August – Hahndorf v Stirling Districts

With a fast start to the game Stirling District worked hard in defence through the sludge of the pitch at St Michaels this morning.

Tough competitive play through the middle prevented either team to score in the first half until Thomas S shot one through a minimal gap in goal. Stirling Goalie stopped many further goals sending both teams into a low scoring game. Ryley, Ben, Toby and Lawson were run off their feet chasing and getting secure control of the ball. Emmett fought with true grit weaving in and out fiercely diffusing a strong hold from Stirling resulting in another goal for Hahndorf White. Oliver, Cooper and Lawson provided a defence line that was tight to not let Stirling get the upper hand. Both Thomas F and Oliver were on the ball as Goalies for Hahndorf White.

A fabulous game to experience with both teams skills growing throughout the season. Well done team to secure a win through a tough match

Round 14 – 4th August – Hahndorf v Murray Bridge
Another sensational play by Hahndorf’s Under 9’s. The morning began with skilled passing by Lawson Shotton resulting in a first attempt at goal by Ryley Neumann and another by Thomas Stapleton. This is all while our substitute players were showing their support by doing the floss.

First goal went to Murray Bridge who displayed a strong attack in the first half. Yet all the while Hahndorf’s Ben Romaldi did well in trying to intercept the ball. Stapleton did his Hahndorf team members proud with an excellent, well positioned goal. Oliver Saracini-Palombo, Thomas Filipowicz and Cooper Liddle did extraordinarily well in defence. Neumann scored before the half time buzzer.

The second half showed several skilled attempts at goals again by Stapleton, Emmett Mickan and Toby Files. Mickan then scored for Hahndorf. Another fantastic win for Hahndorf.

Round 12 – 21st July – Hahndorf v Strathalbyn

The U9 Hahndorf white Team hosted the Strathalbyn Team at St. Micheals oval.  Strath won the toss and started with the ball but it was not long until the Hahndorf Forwards, Ben Romaldi and Thomas Stapleton attempting at goals which kept the Strathalbyn goalie on his toes.  The game was going from the Hahndorf forward and then going back into the Strathalbyn forward but with the Hahndorf defence players Emmett Mickan and Riley Neumann it was making the Strathalbyn team unable to attempt for goal. Both teams were controlling the ball down the ground until a great kick from the Strathalbyn forward player who kicked the ball into the net for the first goal of the match. Hahndorf brought it out of centre with Riley attempting at goal but unable to score.

Half time saw the Hahndorf change there goalie with Thomas Stapleton. Emmett went up forward with Lawson Shotton and early in the half saw Emmett pass the ball to Lawson who kicked the first goal for Hahndorf.  Back in centre the Strathalbyn players tried to kick forward but with Hahndorf defence in Cooper Liddle, Ben and Thomas Filipowicz saw the Hahndorf players kicking down forward to Emmett who saw the back of the net for Hahndorf’s second goal.  Both teams had some great passages of play but with a corner kick for Hahndorf and ball control from Emmett saw him kick another for Hahndorf.  A great team effort by both Hahndorf and Strathalbyn.

Round 7 – 2nd June – Hahndorf v Woodside
A crisp winter morning was the setting for Hahndorf’s U9 White to face Woodside Warriors on their home turf.

Quick movement of the ball between the Woodside forwards meant the Warriors scored a goal in the first minute! Lawson Shotton’s strong and accurate pass to Ryley Neumann enabled a quick response by Hahndorf and Neumann scored his first goal.

Woodside showed well-drilled ball skills in their forward, however Emmett Mickan in defence was able to kick the ball free back to Hahndorf’s attack. A further goal attempt by Cooper Liddle was saved by the Woodside goalie, before it then headed back to Woodside’s forward and a missed attempt was cleared by goalie Thomas Filipowicz.

Hahndorf’s Toby Files and Ben Romaldi gained momentum and kicked the ball to their forward where Neumann scored a further goal before the half time break.

Romaldi proved a handy goalie in the second half saving a couple of Woodside attempts. Ollie Saracini set up in defence and Tommy Stapleton seemed to never run out of energy as he continued to run down the lines and make multiple goal attempts before securing his first. The final Hahndorf goal was scored by Mickan in a great game supported by an enthusiastic crowd.

Round 6 – 26th May – Hahndorf v Mannum

It was a cool cloudy morning when Hahndorf White took on Mannum at Mannum.

Toby captained the Hahndorf team, Lawson, Ben and Emmett, started in the forward line and Oliver Cooper, and Ryley in Defence. With Thomas F in goals.

Mannum won the toss and took the first centre pass but Hahndorf quickly recovered the ball and passed off to Emmett who scored the first goal. Mannum kept attacking Hahndorf’s defence for the rest of the first half with success from Mannum’s number 51 scoring in the last minutes.

The final half saw ‘Hahndorf rearrange the team. Thomas S into the forwards with Emmett and Thomas F.

Ben shifted into goals and the backs were strong with Ryley, Oliver and Cooper. Both teams were very competitive and hard fought for a non-competitive game. Hahndorf back line had some great clearing kicks from Ryley and Cooper which had ‘Hahndorf capitalising with 2 goals from Thomas S. Mannum scored the last goal in the closure of the game. Hahndorf 3 – 2

A good, persistent effort by the Hahndorf players despite playing quite a strong Mannum team.

Cup Round – 19th May – Hahndorf v Woodside
With the season well under-way, it was Woodside Warriors who hosted Hahndorf Under 9 White.
The scene was set for a wet and slippery game, but the conditions didn’t deter Hahndorf from gaining an early lead thanks
to a perfectly placed kick by Oliver Saracini-Palombo.
No sooner had play re-commenced, the Warriors were caught by surprise when Ryley Neumann who received the ball in the centre of the ground and
scored a goal after a fantastic solo run.
Emmett Mickan produced another masterful display resulting in at least one well deserved goal.
As much as Woodside had it’s chances, many a goal was thwarted by Cooper Liddle who maintained a “clean sheet” at the conclusion of the first half.
The second half saw a rock-solid performance in midfield by Toby Files whose clearances helped set-up many a forward attack.
Thomas Stapleton again displayed his ever-reliable style both in defence and attack, whilst Lawson Shotton was constantly intercepting any wayward passes
by the Warriors.
New recruit Benjamin Romaldi was ever present when the ball needed to be cleared out of defence, and was duly assisted by the great skills of Thomas Filipowicz.

A special mention to all the players from Woodside Warriors for a valiant effort, and whose skills and sportsmanship did not go unnoticed by all who were present
to witness this brilliant display of the World Game!

Congratulations to both teams and their staff!

Round 5 – 12th May – Hahndorf v Strathalbyn
The pitch at Strathalbyn was looking a treat, perfect for the Hahndorf U9’s game versus Strathalbyn. The weather was overcast with no chance of sun shining through for those brave enough to endure the cold lakes breeze. Emmett Mickan started as goalie for Hahndorf. Both teams were evenly matched with good movement on the ground, no one was prepared to give away any ground. Thomas Stapleton opened the scorecard for Hahndorf with a goal slotted nicely into the back of the net. Ben Romaldi and Thomas Filipowicz worked the midfield like pros and moved the ball forward for Hahndorf. Strathalbyn showed great defence during the first half, slowing down the Hahndorf attacks. Excellent defence from Ryley Neumann, Toby Files and Lawson Shotton.

Cooper Liddle had some great runs up the line with the ball with his shot on goal saved by Strathalbyn’s goalie. Lawson had a strong run forward and finished with a goal for Hahndorf. Oliver Saracini-Palombo on for Hahndorf made an immediate defensive impact stopping the Strathalbyn attack in its tracks. A couple of goal attempts were made by Strathalbyn but strong defense by Hahndorf and a couple of solid saves by the goalie, Emmett. What a first half, pin point passing and rock solid team work shown by Hahndorf, the crowd was electric with excitement in anticipation of the next half.

Toby opens up the second half with a couple of good strikes at goals. Ryley, Toby and Emmett moved the ball forward for Hahndorf with an amazing goal from a tight angle. Strathalbyn had another run on forward and were rewarded with a goal for their team efforts. Thomas S and Thomas F provided a defensive wall while Cooper drove another ball out of defense to Lawson who moved the ball to Emmett and finished with a left foot goal. Thomas and Ben have some great shots on goal between them and another pass onto Emmett added a goal for Hahndorf. Oliver was the Hahndorf goal keeper for the second half. Strathalbyn showed great resilience on the pitch against the Hahndorf attack. A great game was played by both teams with sportsmanship the winner of the day.

Round 4 – 5th May – Hahndorf v Mt Barker
A cloudy day didn’t deter the Hahndorf under 9’s from playing another enthusiastic game of soccer. The first Hahndorf goal was scored by the very talented Lawson Shotton. There was excellent passing and crossing by Hahndorf’s Toby Files, Thomas Filipowicz, Cooper Liddle, Thomas Stapleton, Ben Romaldi and Oli Saracini-Palombo. Although the opposition Mt Barker provided a strong defence they were no match for the likes of Emmett Mickan and Ryley Neumann who were able to power through the opposition’s defence line and score numerous goals. Overall, a fantastic effort by all of the Hahndorf team!

Round 3 – 28th April – Hahndorf v Stirling
Today’s game was hosted by Stirling on a stunning morning, with both teams showing their love for soccer and sportsmanship.
Thomas S had a fabulous start to the game within seconds taking his first goal of the day. With fabulous team support from Emmett and Toby, Ollie was able to kick a spectacular goal almost form the centre line.

Brilliant team work and dedication assisted in all Hahndorf boys delivering goals they should be proud of.
Fancy footwork and excellent communication by Stirling prevented our team from getting through the back line many times.
Goalies for the match were Thomas F and Lawson – both keeping an eye on the incoming.

Well done Hahndorf White!

Round 1 – 7th April – Hahndorf v Murray Bridge
It was midday and the sun was shining for Hahndorf U9 White’s first game for the season against Murray Bridge United. Hahndorf took control of the ball early and with excellent movement of the ball between Emmett Mickan, Ryley Neumann and Ben Romaldi allowed the first goal attempt by Hahndorf’s Thomas Filipowicz.

Not allowing it to go too far from Hahndorf’s goal we saw some great dribbling skills from Ryley, who attempted several kicks at goal and Emmett attempting a few more making the Murray Bridge United goalie work hard but eventually Emmett with a brilliant kick saw Hahndorf score the first goal.

Murray Bridge brought it down their end but with Hahndorf’s defence in Cooper Liddle and Toby Files, it was difficult for Murray Bridge to have any attempt at goal. Still in the Murray Bridge forward and with their first attempt at goal saw a fantastic dive and save by Hahndorf goalie Thomas Stapelton. Murray Bridge attempted another goal but with the great team work and defence from Thomas F and Emmett saw the ball back in the Hahndorf attack. Coming off the bench was Lawson Shotton and Oliver Sarancini-Palumbo who took no time in helping their team mates with some good intercepts and keeping the ball in the Hahndorf attack.

The second half Hahndor’s Ben went into goalie and with the help from his teammates moved the ball away from defence and towards the Hahndorf goal where a great pass from Thomas S to Toby allowed Toby to kick a magnificent goal. Back in defence Murray Bridge tried hard to even the score but the Hahndorf defence were too strong and it was soon back in attack with a few attempts at goal by Thomas S. The Hahndorf teamwork down the ground continued to see good passages of play into the attack end and eventually seeing the ball once again in the net by a great kick from Ryley. Both teams showed great ball skills and played their best with the hot conditions to finish the game with great teamwork and respect for each other.